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Slayin Soul Knight 2.1
Funcore Games
Slayin Soul Knight is a minimalist action game with humorousstyle.Our hero, the obese knight, embarks on an adventure to savehisbeloved princess. Game features: * Roguelike ARPG * Easy toControl* Minimalist action game style * Humor and Fun elements *Variousenemies * Challenging BOSS Battle * Mysterious businessmenNPC *Classic and retro Arcade game experience Find our latest newshere:
Fishing Games-Fisher Cat Saga! 1.41
Funcore Games
Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as you canon your way up! Upgrade your gear to catch more fishes and to divedeeper, make rare finds and discover new species!Start youradventure now! Fish&Cat Games features: - Different hooks fordifferent fishes! - Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap, cast downand catch as many fish as you can! - Upgrade your net to grab morefish and to reach deeper depths! - The naughty cat will continue toearn money for you when you’re away! -180+species and a fancyundersea world! Can you discover the mysteries that lie in theocean? Go Fish! Now go and explore the ocean and all it's hiddentreasures! You'll get hooked before you know it! Contact Us:Facebook@FuncoreStudio Twitter@FuncoreGames
Crystania Wars- Tower Defense Games 1.3
Funcore Games
Prepare for battle-the Dark Lords' army is about to invadethecrystal kingdoms! Lightsaber Warrior, Iron Knight, DragonWarrior,Archer, Sniper, White Mage, Summoner, Wizard, DragonMage,Huntress, etc. Various Guardians with unique skills arewaiting foryour commands! Hire Guardians and defend the crystal!CrystaniaWars contains RTS elements, Tower Defense rules, and a MMOstylecombat system. In combat, players can operate front-rowcharactersto confront enemies or avoid enemy attacks, whileback-rowcharacters assume the roles of damage, control, heal and soon. Aplayer can switch the jobs of the rear characters according tothecombat situation and must protect the crystal from beingdestroyed.FEATURES: *Exciting combat system *Various and exoticskill types*Challenging Levels *Retro pixel art style CONTENTS *110Guardianswith special skills *1800+challenging levels *1000+skilltypes*200+talents with tactical upgrades *500+monsters *andmore...! Weare planning to add moreGuardians,Temples,DarkLords,skills,monsters, talents, missions andmore game modes! HaveFun! Contact us:
Fishing Games-Fisher Cat Saga 2 1.10
Funcore Games
Become a cat and hunt down fishes with harpoons&Guns! Play withvarious harpoons and items as you enjoy fishing. Encounter allsorts of fish, ranging from the cute to the bizarre. Reach thedepths and catch as many fish as you can ! Upgrade your gear tocatch more fishes and to dive deeper, make rare finds and discovernew species!Start your adventure now! Game Features: *SimpleControls - Aim and fire your harpoon to catch fish. *Various Fishes- Catch over 100 species of fish and complete your collection.*Cute Graphics - Experience the unique and charming art ofFishercat. *Hidden Secrets & Events - Discover all sorts ofsecrets as you experience various events while playing. *UniqueEquipment - Try different harpoons and fun support items to catcheven the toughest fish. *The naughty cat will continue to earnmoney for you when you’re away! *180+species and a fancy underseaworld! Contact Us: Facebook@FuncoreStudio Twitter@FuncoreGames
Super bomber bros 2.1
Funcore Games
Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosivebombsto blast your enemies from across the map! And don't worry ifyouget blasted, then the fun has just begun! Pocket Bomber is asimpleand fun adventure game! FEATURES: ●Simple and Fun gameplay.● CuteMonsters. ●BOSS battle with tension and challenge. ●Twocharacterswith different skills. ●Fun power-ups. ●Sceneinteractive elements.●Can have enough fun without purchasingin-game items. A newadventure begins at Gupo island where ourpretty princess waskidnapped there. Defeat the Evil Lord and saveour princess! We arecounting on you bros!! Find our latest newshere:
Shadow Blade: Action and Fighting Games 2.5.8
Funcore Games
The Blades, the Galaxy Empire’s top agents, are forced into exileto a lost planet. For survival, you must eliminate all the threatsthere!! This is the game you have always wanted in yoursubconscious. Endless dungeons, collect crazy weapons, slay themall ! Extremely easy and intuitive control; super smooth andenjoyable gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements. Best actiongame you will find on the mobile store so far. Features: *Auto-aim&slash mechanism for super intuitive control. * 120+weapons waiting for you to explore. * Randomly abilities, newexperience every time. * A never-ending Abyss, a cutting-edgecombat system. * A simple Violence Aesthetics show. * Uniquepets,ultimate mecha,various complex tactics. Terms of service Policy Us: Twitter@funcoregamesFacebook@funcorestudio