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Stick Finger Soccer Stars Champions League 2018 1.1
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Stick finger soccer stars league is a brand new pocket soccer gamewhich will give you a chance to become soccer star of championshipleagues 2018. Accept the challenges from worldwide champion leaguesacross the globe. Just flick the ball and dodge the footballlegends to win the pro soccer championship and lead your ownwinning eleven toward world cup 2018. If you love to play soccergames and have passion for indoor football games then avail thisgolden chance and free download soccer stars league championship.The indoor soccer 2018 comprises simple and addictive football gameplay with user friendly GUI and smooth controls. This finger soccergame will surely make you addicted, so test your football skills inthis free soccer game and become champion hero of soccer starleague 2k18. What’s New? The stick finger soccer stars leagueallows you to join multiple national football clubs andinternational soccer leagues. Accept the soccer strike challengefrom football leagues of 10 countries and take part ininternational football tournaments to win the world cup trophy. Youcan also play this football star league against CPU AI or can matchwith your friends and family members by playing 2 player mode.Enjoy the classic style retro football game with astonishingvisuals and supreme quality graphics of real arcade football games.Just download this finger soccer game for free and play the bestsoccer game without internet. 3 Amazing Free Shot Football Modes: *Play single player mode against CPU AI to challenge your free kickfootball skills.* Match with your friends by playing the 2 playermodes.* Join the soccer tournament to win the world cup 2018. 10Challenging International Soccer Leagues:* Syria* Egypt* Lebanon*Jordan* Saudi Arabia * Kuwait* Bahrain* UAE* Oman* Qatar StickFinger Soccer Stars League Game Features:* A new finger soccer gamewith multiple language support.* Three soccer play modes andfootball champion tournaments.* New player formations and footballteams available to purchase in game store.* Customizable playerformations and match duration.* Real football simulation withperfect CPU AI.* Amazing fun and adventure soccer game for kids.*Marvelous music and sound effects.* Compatible with all androiddevices.* Offline football game without internet.Stick FingerSoccer Stars League Gameplay:* Select desired soccer mode i.e.single player, 2 player or tournament.* Choose your favoritefootball team from 10 different countries.* You can also set thetime duration of each football match.* Swipe your finger acrossdevice screen to aim and strike the foot ball.* You can change theplayer position by setting the formation patterns.Feel free toshare the “Stick Finger Soccer Stars League” with your friends andfamily and don’t forget to rate us.We don't collect any personalinformation; any non-personal information collected by our partnerslike Google is used for analytic and game improvements.
Raft Slug 1.0
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Grab some deadly weapons and start the most adventurous andchallenging venture of your life as a sea commandant to strike backthe enemy. Be ready for the ruthless naval operations whilecontrolling a modern raft or a submarine on the endless tides of abig ocean. Perform the surgical strikes on the enemy base camps anddestroy their naval headquarters by using the advanced weaponryalong with the fast-paced action. You will surely come across manynew and jaw-dropping marine missions. So, gear up and be ready toface a brutal warfare action.Finish off the enemy paratroopers,dodge the mines and avoid getting destroyed by the fighter jetbombardment on your submarine. Open the hellfire on your enemies byusing the rocket launchers and flamethrowers and use the laser gunto demolish them all. Keep an eye on the health bar during yourrafting journey and be cautious from the enemy snipers. #### Simpleand intuitive Gameplay ###The raft slug game is simply designedwithout any complexities or boring stuff. Just strike and defenduntil you are done. Enjoy a lot of upgrades and other cool stuff tocope will all challenges of this naval warfare game.### AdvancedWeaponry ###A lot of modern and tactical weapons are available tomake your rafting fun more exciting e.g.# Laser Gun# Pistol#Machine Gun# Rocket Launcher# Shotgun# Flamethrower### SevenDifferent Slugs to Raft ###Switch between seven new playercharacters to have better gaming experience.Sammy: The recruitmentofficer. Comes handy when the mess is getting out of hands.Mabmo: Aguy born to kill. Do or die seems normal to him.Rose: Tons ofglamour, her beauty is famous in battle.King: Name explains all, heis the king of war.Arnold: He is a futuristic guy. If he asks foryour boots, run!Black Amber: Nobody can beat Amber, not even therose.Drakhelis: She has a pet dragon, thus saving on heating. ### Alot of fun rides ###Vintage Car: Available in various colors.SpeedBoat: Glide through the water and dodge the bullets.White Shark:Have an awesome ride of the giant shark.Shielded Police: Get anextra life with the defensive shield. Flying Surfboard: Jump twiceas high as you can.Sea Hippo: Jump and he will breathe fire!CuteSubmarine: Destroy pesky submarines by firing torpedoes.LuxuryYachi: It’s raining money.ST George Dragon: The dragons can fly.Did you know?Top Multiple Features of Raft Slug Game:- A unique andhighly addictive rafting fun.- Tons of weapons, multiple charactersand vehicles.- Bonus packs, coins and reward videos.- A lot ofupgrades available.- Objective and mission-based gameplay.- Goodsound quality and catchy music.- High compatibility with allAndroid devices.- Deadly and challenging commando missions toaccomplish.- No internet or Wi-Fi connection required.- Free todownload and play.How to Play:- Select your favorite weapons andplayer character.- Tap your device screen to make the raft jump.-Try to catch maximum bonus packs by shooting the boxes.- Accomplishmultiple tasks to finish each mission. - Collect all the coins andcash rewards.We don't collect any personal information; anynon-personal information collected by our partners is used foranalytic and game improvements.
Highway Race Fury 1.0
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Saddle up for the fastest and the furious highway adventure ofyourlife in which your battle is against the clock. Rush like crazyonthe pitched-black highway racing tracks and take part in anendlessventure to become the champion of the drag-rally. Thisdragadventure is only for those expert racers who got somestrongnerves and excellent racing skills. Have a breathtakingexperienceof deadly and fury race while whizzing through theextreme highwaytraffic. Go bumper to bumper while overtaking thebig rigs and theSUVs without getting much damage to your vehicle.Enjoy the crazyhighway hitchhiking while having the fun ride ofvarious modern andspeedy rally cars and have the most addictiveracing fun of alltimes. This classic style drag race is perfectlydeveloped withrealistic vehicle simulation and excellent carsuspension system.Just download and play this free car racing gameto test ityourself.Endless Drag Car Rally:The highway race fury isan endlessdrag car rally with extreme action and adrenaline-fueledstuntaction to be performed on infinite highway tracks. Jump onthedeadly ramps and convert your rally cars to the superawesomemonster trucks and have a wild experience of racing onbumpyhighways while riding special vehicles. HighwayPolicePursuits:Dodge the city traffic police and the beat thechopperswhich are heading down the way and keep racing at thelightningspeed. Avoid being in the range of spotlights of gunshiphelicopterelse you will lose the car health. Special CarsandVehicles:Upgrade your rally cars with turbo engines andcustomizethem with high power speed boosters. You can also unlockthespecial cars, tanks, planes, fire trucks and UFOs by usingthediamonds and coins. Multiple Racing Terrains:Enjoy the fury raceinmultiple terrains including the desert bumpy roads and metrocityhighways. Keep driving in extreme highway traffic and avoidbumpingwith opposite lanes vehicles. Take the deadly and sharpturns tokeep your drag car in the exact lane.Turbo BoostersandMagnets:Collect turbo booster during the drag rally tocovermaximum distance and mark your name at the first position ontheleaderboard. Daily Spin and Win:Daily spin and win allows youtocatch some special bonuses and other bonus packs. GameFeatures:•Special rally cars and other vehicles like tanks, UFOsetc.•Multiple racing tracks and furious highways.• Smoothanduser-friendly game controls.• Extremely fast action andthrillingracing fun.• Speed boosters, coins, magnets, anddiamonds.• Spinand win daily bonus packs.How to Play:• Select yourfavorite rallycar and highway track.• Tap left/right buttons tosteer the ride.•Use diamonds to customize and upgrade thevehicles.• Clear eachcheckpoint to get time and fuel.If you likethis game, please tryour other games by clicking “More fromDeveloper” or by visitingour publisher account. And don’t forget torate and review.We don'tcollect any personal information; anynon-personal informationcollected by our partners is used foranalytic and gameimprovements.
Ultimate Dino Land Flying Adventure 1.2
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Brace yourself for the real thrilling and ultimate dino landflyingadventure while rushing through the ancient temples andbeautifullandscapes. Enjoy the furious ride of a flyingtyrannosaurussimulator along with multiple flying pterodactyls andsurvive inthe dino world which is territory of fire breathingdragons. Unliketypical flying animal simulator games, experiencethe mostrealistic dinosaur simulation for the first time andperform themid-air amazing stunts to avoid crashing with hurdlesandobstacles. Rush like crazy on the most impossible tracks andswipethe finger across your device screen up and down to bypasstheangry flying dragons and other furious creatures. Thisendlessrunning game is all about survival in the beautiful dinoland whichis designed with stunning high quality graphics andamazing 3Danimation. So, unleash your inner dino and immerseyourself in theworld of endless flying adventure and fun.Theultimate dino landflying adventure is one of the best pterodactyldinosaur game whichallows you to ride on real 3D flying pterodactylsimulator in thejungle zoo. Conquer the dino land like a realdragon master and usethe perfect combination of speed and balanceto control your flyingfury dinosaur. Use the multiple camera viewsto enhance your dinoflying skills and get your fury dino to the skyhighs. Riding aflying dinosaur simulator is a quite toughchallenge, especiallywhen you have to survive against the guardiandragons of ancientcity. So accept this breathtaking challenge andfly as fast as youcan without falling down in the abyss. Just likesubway surfinggames, you have to cover the longest distance to makesome new highrecords. Ultimate dino land flying adventure gameallows you toexperience the multiple furious rides like FateDragon, UFO, BMXand Stolen Cape etc. Select your favorite ride fromthe game shopand use the gems to unlock the more amazing gamefeatures. You canearn unlimited gems during your endless runningadventure. Collectas many gems and jewels as you can to buy morepower ups and speedboosters. Also, you can unlock the survival modeusing the bluediamonds to experience the real breathtaking survivaladventure inthe various amazing terrains. So don’t wait anddownload thisamazing flying dino game for free and play this dinoland game evenwithout internet access.  Key Features of UltimateDino Land FlyingGame:- Endless running adventure through ancienttemples.- 4amazing rides to cover the longest distance.- Magnetcircle, doodledoo, big bite and protective shields.- Incrediblehurdles andobstacles to fly.- Smooth controls and user friendlyGUI.- Multipleterrains with detailed textures. - Free to downloadand workswithout internet.Gameplay:- Swipe your finger across thedevicescreen to control the moves.- Jump or slide down to bypassthe firebreathing flying dragons. - Make the highest score bycovering thelongest distance.- Collect as many gems as you can.Wedon't collectany personal information; any non-personal informationcollected byour partners like Google is used for analytic andgameimprovements.
Legend TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight Tournament 1.2
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In this Legends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvP Tournament2018, you will enjoy real championships between superheroesimmortal comic characters which use different fighting stylesChinese and Japanese including karate, Kungfu, Muay Thai. UseUser-friendly controllers to control your hero fighter in superherofighting games. Legends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvPTournament 2018 performs to defend their team by opponent awesomefighting styles which want to kill you. Karate Grand ImmortalsSuperheroes’ Arena war performs peristyle and knockout beautyround. Use unique fighting styles and show flying kicking,superkick, and martial arts skills. These styles show truthfulfighting enjoyment. Every round of fighting, Last round is winninground. Show your bravery, power and fight skill to defeat anopponent in superhero ninja assassin deadly battle. Peristyle vsknockout counter fighting, superhero man vs superhero woman, herovs bat superhero. All martial arts fighting action well known inthis Legends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvP Tournament 2018.The monster league is an amazingly realistic game with the battleenvironment. Around the battle, you have the chance to showyourself is brave, honest and real superhero robotic flying hero.That’s fact that you can be in danger but don’t worry you may havepowers for face adventure in the battle against rabbit superhero,combo heroes, and terrorist superhero. Paul Superhero on carslightning and become bike rider. play as shadow games and fightinggames and enjoy hill king superhero games. This Legends TAG TeamIron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvP Tournament 2018 is freestyle and freeof cost game provide from games track on play store. When you willplay this game, you will realize and feel yourself like a superherowho have different real powers of superheroes, who will movespeedily with sharp speedy power and become hero mashers like steelrobot fighting, immortal robot and speedy flash. Legends TAG TeamIron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvP Tournament 2018 game is real superheroultimate fighting and amazing action racing game where you are atrue us military robotic army commando, immortal superhero fighterin Legends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvP Tournament 2018.Get ready to face the superhero army to prove yourself PerfectLegends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvP Tournament 2018 inthis fight of Paul VS superhero flash hero. Download now for FREEone of the best Legends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvPTournament 2018! This is perfect gameplay of Pauls boxing, karate,Kung Fu, wrestling, and other arcade and action games availabletotally free on google play. Legends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung FuFight PvP Tournament 2018 Features : ◉ Detailed textures andstunning HD graphics. ◉ Multiple combos with advance new fightingtechniques. ◉ Most realistic moves and real stunts with flipping. ◉Training mode and the story mode. ◉ High-Quality music and realfighting sounds. ◉ Get the maximum powers and skills by knockingout all the supreme fighters. ◉ Ultimate death fight with multipleMMA techniques. ◉ Realistic flying hero city fighter view ◉Realistic fighting character and advanced shadow street kung fufighting modern city ◉ Easy and smooth controls with multiplestreet kung fu fighting styles ◉ Real superhero’s fighter ◉Multiple characters for immortal action ◉ Ninja unique superheroaction Legends TAG Team Iron Fist Kung Fu Fight PvP Tournament 2018How to Play: ◉ Select your favorite hero at desired location. ◉ Usethe virtual joystick to control the movements. ◉ Tap the combobuttons to fight. ◉ Complete the story mode to defeat the boss. Wedon't collect any personal information; any non-personalinformation collected by our partners is used for analytic and gameimprovements.