Gamethics Apps

Flying Rob The Robot 1.1
An endless, free Space Adventure game where ROB (the ultimateflying robot) is swinging on his hoverboard escaping from the scifi high voltage poles to achieve the moment of pride with a HighScore. It is a simple and highly addictive game increasing yourcuriosity to play again and again to beat your own or your friend'sHigh Score. It seems to be easy but hard to master. You willdefinitely enjoy this game and will like its cool graphics withglittering fire effects of hoverboard which helps ROB to fly. Ithas a simple one touch control so you can play easily . Just touchto jump a bit and pass through the gap between the sci fi highvoltage pole hurdles. The gravitational force is pulling ROB down,so don't let him fall or strike on the poles and score as much asyou can . See screenshots for any game help. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: FOLLOW US ON BLOGGER:
Eraser Pencil 1.0.12
No one is perfect that's why pencils haveerasers.Eraso Penci welcomes you in a world of Erasers, Pencils, Sharpener,rounder, scale, D in an action packed casual game where you play asan eraser avoiding all the pencils, pencils tip and rounder in thismind-blowing journey. The game gets harder and harder as youprogress and you will be amazed to see what challenges , twists andturns we brought to you with these beautiful assets which are partof our lives, especially in schools and colleges.How to play:Playing Eraser Pencil is very easy but is difficult to master.Touch anywhere on the screen and drag left or right to move theeraser. Avoid pencils,penci's tip, rounder, and other obstacles inthe game or otherwise your eraser will be destroyed. Sharpener,Scale, D all are supporting you along the way. Collect points byerasing the numbers and alphabets and unlock new erasers.
Flat World - Kitkat/Lollipop
A fast-paced adventure platformer game forallthe Kitkat and Lollipop users.Here's the short storyGuri and his disciples (Agent 'A' and Agent 'Z') are enteringthebad world of Lakdaa to rescue Guri's best and closest friendPinga.They need your support to beat the dangerous world ofLakdaa.Features:- 20 amazing and difficult worlds (more to come)- Achievements list- Two characters to choose from- Nice lovable soundtrack and eye catching graphics.Music by Eric Matyaswww.soundimage.orgEnjoy the game and let us know if you have any suggestionsorfeed backs for our game and if you like it, don't forget tolikeand share our page.