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Nuotykiai su vokiečių kalba 1.5
Kartu su meno ekspertu Vincentu Mirano Jūsleisitės į jaudinančią kelionę po Vokietiją. Ar seniausiaspasaulyje žinomas dangaus piešinys, 4000 metų Nebros dangausdiskas, buvo pavogtas?Šis Goethe's instituto nuotykinis žaidimas padės Jums gerintiskaitymo ir klausymo įgūdžius. Pasikartosite A1 ir A2 kalbosmokymosi lygmenyse įsisavintą svarbų žodyną, o daug dialogų ir mažitekstukai, kuriuose reikia įrašyti tinkamus žodžius, padės Jumstobulinti vokiečių kalbos žinias.Šis žaidimas puikiai tinka tiems žmonėms, kurių vokiečių kalboslygis yra aukštesnis nei A2. Taigi, norint surasti dangaus diską,nėra būtina labai gerai mokėti vokiečių kalbą.Visas žaidimas yra įgarsintas. Taigi, Jūs galėsite tekstus tiekskaityti, tiek jų klausytis vienu metu.Paspausdami Jūs galite pasirinkti kurį norite dialogą. Jūssprendžiate, kaip turi vystytis istorija. Taip pat Jūs galite betkada pakartoti tekstą, jei ko nors nesupratote.Žaidimo metu Jūs mokotės bendrauti kasdieniame gyvenime įprastosesituacijose, į kurias galite patekti apsilankę Vokietijoje(užsisakyti maisto ir gėrimų restorane bei apmokėti sąskaitą,paklausti kelio, užpildyti anketas).Visi pratimai – tai patrauklios nuotykių istorijos sudedamosiosdalys. Todėl mokytis niekada nebus nuobodu!Virš 2 valandų gryno žaidimo laiko.
Deutsch.Land.Flug 1.0
"Deutsch.Land.Flug" is an online game by theGoethe-Institut for German as a foreign language at the level A1 toA1+. This adventurous trip is designed primarily for children from9 to 12 years. This free game provides knowledge about the regionsof Germany. It offers new experiences and interesting informationabout nature, environment, leisure, culture and traditions inGermany as the focus of the game.The online game "Deutsch.Land.Flug" is a part of the conceptthat also includes Goethe-Institut‘s board game "Adventure trip toGermany" developed in cooperation with the Ravensburger GamesEditing House. The language acquisition takes place intuitively, inthe process of the game, based on playful repetitions andmotivation elements such as the Germany puzzle.The online game includes:• 3 routes: Engineering, Nature and Culture, which vary in lengthand difficulty• information on 26 cities• Information about 15 German inventions, other technical facts,figures and superlatives• Information about environment, landscapes in Germany and modernoutdoor hobbies• Information about selected cultural features and culturalassets• Information about 25 gifts and souvenirs from Germany as well aslucky charms in Germany• Professional native speakers voice recordings, various repetitivesentence structures on the language level A1.
德语学习冒险游戏——星盘的秘密 1.5
在游戏和体验紧张历险的同时学习德语!跟随艺术专家文森特•米兰诺一起踏上横穿德国的激动旅程。世界上已知最古老的星象图,有着4000年历史的内布拉星盘失窃了么?通过歌德学院的这个冒险游戏,你可以提高自己德语的阅读理解和听力能力。你可以复习A1 和A2级别的重要词汇,并且通过很多对话和填空来练习德语。游戏非常适合A2水平的学习者。你不需要会很多德语就能够发现星盘的秘密。* 整个游戏中伴有音频。这样你可以阅读并听到全部课文。* 你可以点击全部对话。故事中要发生什么事情或者如果有没有理解的内容,想随时重复看某段都由你来决定。* 你可以在游戏中练习德国逗留期间遇到的典型情况(在餐馆点餐付账、问路、填表格)* 所有的练习都被纳入一个紧张的历险故事中。因此,学习绝不会无聊!* 超过两个小时游戏时间。
SOS Baltic Sea 1.0.0
"SOS Baltic Sea" is an online game consistentwith the Goethe-Institut interdisciplinary approach to teachingGerman as a foreign language (at the level A2+). This productionwas created as part of the international project "Balticcooperation" (for more info, see www.goethe.de/ostsee). In shortmissions, young people discover new knowledge about the Baltic Seaand its environmental problems. In addition to playing technique,the knowledge of German and Baltic specific terms are transmittedduring these missions, as well as tests and review in a playfulenvironment. The title of the game which is also the project‘slogo, "SOS Baltic Sea", represents the main message of the project:Take care of the Baltic Sea, think of it and explore its problems,across all borders.• 2 Game Characters• 4 Environmental Missions• 4 interactive exercises in the logbook• Technical terms: engineering, animals, pollution,environment• Various specialized information on the Baltic Sea• Built-in game instructions, intuitive control• Point calculation according to environmental improvementresults
美術の専門家ヴィンセント・ミラノといっしょに、ドイツを巡るエキサイティングな旅に出かけよう!宇宙を表した世界最古の図である4000年前の天文盤、ネブラ・ディスクは盗まれてしまったのだろうか?ゲーテ・インスティトゥートのこの冒険ゲームでは、ドイツ語を読み、聞く能力を磨くことができます。ヨーロッパ共通参照枠のA1とA2レベルの重要な単語を復習でき、たくさんの対話と穴埋め問題でドイツ語の練習ができます。このゲームはA2レベルからの学習者に最適です。まだあまりドイツ語ができなくても、天文盤の謎を解くことがきっとできます。ゲームのテキストにはすべて録音がありますので、いつでも聞きながら読むことができます。自由に、どの会話でもクリックしてください。物語がどんなふうに展開するか、よくわからなかったテキストをいつ繰り返すか、選択は自由です。ゲームでは、ドイツに滞在すると普通に出会うシチュエーション(レストランで注文したり、支払ったり、道を訊いたり、書類に書き込んだり)の練習ができます。すべての練習問題は、楽しい冒険の物語に組み込まれています。だから、きっと勉強もおもしろくなるでしょう!ゲームの所要時間 二時間以上Embark on an excitingjourney that together experts and Vincent Milano of art, and overGermany! Astronomical board of 4000 years ago is a view of world'soldest representing the universe, Nebula disk I wonder has beenstolen? In this adventure game the Goethe-Institut, you can honethe ability to read German, listen. You can review the importantwords of level A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework ofReference, you can practice the German language in thefill-in-the-blank question with a lot of dialogue.This game is perfect for learners from the A2 level. If you can notspeak German very still, you can surely be solved the mystery ofastronomical board.Because there is recording all the text of the game, you can readwhile listening at any time.Freely, please click on any conversation. when you can eitherrepeat the text the story to expand in what way, I did not knowwell, the choice is freedom.In the game, you can practice (you can order in the restaurant,you can pay, you can hear the road, write to documents) of thesituations that you normally encounter when you stay inGermany.All exercises are incorporated into the story of fun adventure. So,studying will surely get interesting!More than two hours duration of the game
Lernabenteuer Deutsch 1.5
Insieme all’esperto d’arte Vincent Miranointraprenderai un emozionante viaggio attraverso la Germania. Èpossibile che il Disco di Nebra, la più antica rappresentazione delcielo che si conosca risalente a 4000 anni fa, sia statorubato?Con questo gioco d’avventura del Goethe-Institut potrai migliorarele tue capacità di comprensione scritta e orale in tedesco.Ripasserai il tuo lessico al livello A1 e A2 e ti eserciterai nellalingua tedesca grazie a molti dialoghi e piccoli testi dacompletare.Il gioco è ideale per studenti a partire dal livello A2. Non èquindi necessario sapere il tedesco perfettamente per riuscire ascoprire il mistero del Disco di Nebra.L’intero gioco è in versione audio, per cui potrai leggere eascoltare tutti i testi.Potrai cliccare ogni dialogo. Sarai tu a decidere quel che dovràaccadere nella storia e quando ripetere un testo perché non haicompreso qualcosa.Nel gioco ti eserciterai in situazioni tipiche, utili durante unsoggiorno in Germania (ordinare qualcosa al ristorante e pagare,farsi indicare la via, compilare formulari).Tutti gli esercizi sono inseriti in una storia avventurosa eappassionante, così apprendere non sarà mai noioso!Oltre 2 ore di gioco.Along with art expertVincent Mirano you embark on an exciting journey through Germany.It is possible that the Nebra sky disk, the oldest depiction of thesky that is known dating back to 4000 years ago, has beenstolen?With this game adventure of the Goethe-Institut you will improveyour reading comprehension skills and speaking in German. You'llreview your vocabulary at A1 and A2 level, and you will practicethe German language thanks to many dialogues and small texts tocomplete. The game is ideal for students from A2 level. You do not need toknow the German perfectly to be able to uncover the mystery of theNebra sky disk.The entire game is audio version, so you can read and listen to alltexts.You can click any dialogue. You decide what will happen in thestory and when to repeat a text because you have not understoodsomething.In the game you will practice in typical situations, useful duringa stay in Germany (ordering something at the restaurant and pay,take state route, fill in forms).All exercises are placed into an adventurous and exciting story, solearning will never be boring!Over 2 hours of play.
Almanca öğrenme macerası 1.7
Sanat eksperi Vincent Mirano ile birlikteheyecanlı bir Almanya gezisine çıkacaksın. Bildiğimiz kadarıyladünyanın en eski gökyüzü tasviri olan 4000 yıllık Nebra gök tekeriacaba çalınmış mıdır?Goethe-Institut’un bu macera oyunuyla Almanca okuma ve dinlemebecerilerini geliştirebileceksin. A1 ve A2 düzeylerine ait önemlisözcükleri tekrarlayacaksın, çok sayıda diyalog ve küçük boşluklumetinler yardımıyla pratik yapacaksın.Oyun, A2 ve üstü düzeylerde Almanca bilen öğrenciler için uygundur.Bu demek ki gök tekerinin sırrını çözmek için çok fazla Almancabilmen gerekmeyecektir.Tüm oyun için dinleme parçaları mevcuttur, dolayısıyla tümmetinleri hem okuyup hem dinleyebileceksin.Tüm diyaloglara tıklayabilirsin. İstediğinde ya da anlamadığındabir metni tekrarlayabilirsin. Hikayede olup bitenlere de sen kararvereceksin.Oyunda Almanya’ya gittiğinde sana faydalı olabilecek tipikdurumların (örneğin lokantada sipariş vermenin ve hesap ödemenin,yol sormanın, form doldurmanın) uygulamalı örneklerinigöreceksin.Tüm alıştırmalar heyecanlı bir macera hikayesi içerisinde yeralmaktadır, dolayısıyla öğrenmek hiç sıkıcı olmayacaktır!Salt oyun süresi 2 saaten fazladır.An exciting trip toGermany with art expert Vincent Mirano mount them. As far as weknow, the 4000 years of the world's oldest depiction of the sky AreNebra sky-wheel wonder stolen?German adventure game of the Goethe-Institut to develop readingand listening skills. Repeat all of the important words in the A1and A2 levels, a large number of texts with the help of dialogueand practical do a little hollow.The game is suitable for students who speak German A2 and higherlevels. This means a lot to solve the mystery of the celestialwheel will not need to know German.All parts are available for the game listening to, and thereforeable to listen well and have read all the text.All dialogue can click. Wants to repeat the text, or does notunderstand. You decide what is happening in the story.Typical situations that may be useful to you in the game went toGermany (for example, to give orders and account paymentsrestaurant, ask for directions, form filling), you will seepractical examples.All exercises are included in a thrilling adventure story, andtherefore will not be boring to learn!Game time is 2 hours to read.
مغامرة تعلم الألمانية 1.7
ستنطلق بمعية خبير الفنون فينسنت ميرانو في رحلةعبر ألمانيا. هل تمت سرقة أقدم صورة معروفة عالمياً للسماء )قرصالسماء من نبرا) المصنوع قبل 4000 عاماً؟من خلال لعبة ألغاز معهد غوتة هذه يمكنك تطوير مهاراتك في قراءةوسماع اللغة الألمانية. ستعيد كلمات مهمة بالألمانية من المستويات A1و A2، وتتدرب على اللغة في حوارات عدة ومن خلال نصوص الكلماتالمفقودة.اللعبة مناسبة للمتعلمين ابتداء من المستوى A2، ليس عليك أن تكونملماً باللغة الألمانية لتحل لغز قرص السماء.كل الحوارات والنصوص صوتية، هكذا يمكنك دائما قراءة الكلماتوسماعها أيضاً.يمكنك النقر على جميع الحوارات. أنت تقرر ماذا يحصل في القصة ومتىتريد إعادة النصوص التي لم تفهمها.في هذه اللعبة تتدرب على حالات نموذجية قد تتعرض لها خلال إقامتكفي ألمانيا (الطلب في المطعم والدفع، السؤال عن الطريق، تعبئةالإستمارات).كل التمارين تم إدخالها في قصة على شكل لغز مثير. لن تكون الدراسةمملةً بعد الآن!أكثر من ساعتين من اللعب المتواصل...Will be launched togetherwith arts expert Vincent Mirano on a journey through Germany. Arethe theft of the oldest known image of a global view of the sky)tablet the sky Nbra) made 4000 years ago?Through the game mysteries of the Goethe Institute this you candevelop your skills in reading and listening to the Germanlanguage. Will bring important German words from levels A1 and A2,and practice language in several dialogues and through the texts ofspeeches lost.The game is suitable for learners from level A2, you do not haveto be familiar with the German language to solve the mystery of thesky disc.All dialogues and audio texts, so you can always read the wordsand hear them as well.You can click on all the dialogues. You decide what happens inthe story and when you want to re-word that you do notunderstand.In this game you practice typical cases may be exposed to duringyour stay in Germany (in the restaurant and demand payment, thequestion about the road, filling out forms).Each exercise was entered in the story in the form of a sexypuzzle. The study will not be boring anymore!More than two hours of continuous play ...
Učilačka avantura - nemački 1.7
Zajedno sa ekspertom umetnosti VinsentomMiranom krećeš na uzbudljivi put širom Nemačke.Da li je pre 4000 godina ukradena stara nebeska mapa iz Nebre,koja je širom sveta poznata kao najstariji opis neba?Sa ovom avanturom Gete-Instituta možeš da poboljšaš svojerazumevanje čitanja i slušanja nemačkog jezika. Ponavljaš važanrečnik sa nivoa A1 i A2 i vežbaš nemački jezik sa puno dijaloga ikraćim tekstovima sa prazninama.Igra je idealna za učenika čiji je nivo znanja od A2 pa nadalje. Ne moraš dakle da toliko dobro znaš nemački kako bi otkriotajnu nebeske mape.Celokupna igra je podešena kao audio. Na taj način uvek možeš dačitaš i slušaš sve tekstove.Sve dialoge možeš da klikneš. Odlučuješ, šta se u priči dešava ikada želiš da ponoviš neki tekst, ako nešto nisi razumeo.U igri vežbaš uobičajene situacije koje mogu da ti pomognuprilikom boravka u Nemačkoj (kako da naručiš i platiš u restoranu,kako da pitaš nekoga kako da stigneš negde, kako da popunišformulare).Sve vežbe su ugrađene u jednu uzbudljivu avanturstičku priču. Naovaj način učenje nije nikada dosadno!Preko 2 sata pukog vremena za igru..Along with the art expertVincent Miran moving at an exciting time throughout Germany.Prior to the 4000 year old stolen celestial map of the Craft,which is known worldwide as the oldest description of the sky?With this adventure Goethe-Institut, you can improve yourreading comprehension and listening to German. Repeat importantvocabulary to levels A1 and A2 and practice the German languagewith a lot of dialogue and short texts with blanks.The game is ideal for students whose level of knowledge from A2onwards. So you do not have to know German well enough to revealthe secret of the sky maps.The entire game is set as the audio. That way you can alwaysread and listen to all the lyrics.All dialoge can not click. You decide what happens in the story andwhen you want to repeat a story, if you did not understandsomething.In the game you practice common situations that can help youduring your stay in Germany (how to order and pay at a restaurant,how to ask someone how to get there sometime, how to fill outforms).All exercises are built into an exciting avanturstičku story. Inthis way, learning is never boring!More than a mere 2 hours of playing time ..
德語學習探險遊戲—星盤的秘密 1.5
在遊戲和經驗緊張探險的同時學習德語!與藝術專家文森‧米蘭諾一起踏上橫越德國的興奮之旅。世界上已知最古老的天象圖,有著4000年歷史的內帛星盤失竊了嗎?你可以藉著歌德學院的這個探險遊戲,改善自己的德文閱讀及聽力。過程中你可以複習A1 和A2級別的重要字彙,並在許多會話和填字當中練習德語。遊戲非常適合A2級數以上學習德語的人。你不需要會很多德語,就能夠發現星盤的秘密。* 全部遊戲都有音效。因此你可以閱讀並聽到所有課文。* 你可以點選所有對話。故事裡要發生什麼事,或者因為没聽懂某部分,何時想重複一篇,都由你決定。* 你可以在遊戲中練習一些在德國停留期間會遇到的典型狀況﹝在餐廳點餐付賬、問路、填表格)。* 所有練習都納入一個緊張的探險故事裡。所以,學習絕不會無聊!* 遊戲時間超過兩小時。
Dobrodružství s němčinou 1.5
Spolu s odborníkem na umění Vincentem Miranemse vypravíš na vzrušující výpravu po Německu. Byl 4 000 let starýastronomický disk z Nebry, nejstarší známé zobrazení oblohy nasvětě, ukraden?S touto dobrodružnou hrou Goethe-Institutu zlepšíš svoji schopnostčíst a poslouchat v němčině. Zopakuješ si důležitou slovní zásobu zúrovní A1 a A2 a procvičíš si německý jazyk v mnoha dialozícha krátkých doplňovacích textech.Hra je ideální od úrovně A2. Abys objevil/a tajemstvíastronomického disku, nemusíš tedy ještě umět tolik německy.Celá hra má audiostopu. Všechny texty tak můžeš číst i poslouchat.Na všechny dialogy můžeš klikat. Rozhodneš, co se v příběhustane. Pokud něčemu neporozumíš, můžeš si text nechatzopakovat.Hrou si procvičíš typické situace, které se ti budou hodit připobytu v Německu (objednávka v restauraci, dotázání se na cestu,vyplňování formulářů).Všechna cvičení jsou včleněna do napínavého dobrodružného příběhu.Učení tě proto rozhodně nebude nudit!Přes 2 hodiny čistého herního času...
Deutsch bitte - ドイツ語でどうぞ 1.2
動画を見た後、色々な練習問題を解いたり、万博レストランのメニューをクリックして、料理のドイツ語の発音を聞くことができます。いくつかの料理は、きっともう聞いたことがあるでしょう。さあ、すぐにドイツ語で初めての注文をしてみましょう。この短いけれども効果的な学習プログラムは、外国語習得と外国語教育法の最新の研究結果と、ゲーテ・インスティトゥートの基準に添って作られています。では、Deutsch bitteをお楽しみください。韓国ゲーテ・インスティトゥート
Przygoda z niemieckim 1.5
Wraz z ekspertem do spraw sztuki VincentemMirano udasz się w pasjonującą podróż po Niemczech. Czy liczący4000 lat Dysk z Nebry, najstarszy ze znanych obrazów nieba, zostałskradziony?Gra przygodowa Goethe-Institut pomoże Ci poprawić rozumienietekstów czytanych oraz rozumienie ze słuchu w języku niemieckim.Powtórzysz podstawowe słownictwo z poziomów A1 i A2, a takżepoćwiczysz niemiecki w licznych dialogach oraz uzupełniając krótkieteksty.Gra jest doskonała dla osób od poziomu A2. Wystarczy zatempodstawowa znajomość niemieckiego, żeby zgłębić tajemnicę Dysku zNebry.Cała gra jest udźwiękowiona. Możesz czytać wszystkie teksty, atakże słuchać ich.Możesz klikać na wszystkie dialogi. Ty decydujesz, co się zdarzy, ikiedy dany tekst ma być powtórzony, jeśli coś byłoniezrozumiałe.W trakcie gry ćwiczysz typowe sytuacje, które mogą Ci pomóc podczaspobytu w Niemczech (zamawianie i płacenie w restauracji, pytanie odrogę, wypełnianie formularzy).Wszystkie ćwiczenia osadzone są w kontekście pasjonującej gryprzygodowej. W ten sposób nauka nigdy nie staje się nudna!Ponad dwie godziny grania.
LiteraTOUR 1.0.2
- “LiteraTOUR” propõe um passeio por históriasclássicas e curiosidades alemãs para treinar o alemão e sedivertir!- Em “LiteraTOUR”, quatro histórias – inspiradas em Fausto, ACanção de Hildebrando, Rei Rother e A Metamorfose – são contadas erecombinadas de acordo com as escolhas de cada leitor, criandosituações engraçadas e até mesmo bizarras. São mais de sessentacombinações possíveis!- Criação do Goethe-Institut São Paulo em parceria com a StoryMax,“LiteraTOUR” está disponível em alemão e em português, paradivertir e ensinar sobre a língua e a cultura alemãs.- Em cada tela, leitura em voz alta, efeitos de som, animação einteratividade engajam os leitores, ajudam a aprender a pronúncia ea escrita e revelam curiosidades e atualidades da Alemanha commuito bom humor.- Seu feedback é importante para nós!- Aguardamos suas sugestões e opiniões eminfo@saopaulo.goethe.org- Para mais dicas e novidades, siga-nos:- Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/goethebr- "Literatour" proposes atour of classic stories and curiosities to German train German andhave fun!- In "Literatour" four stories - inspired by Faust, The Song ofHildebrand, King Rother and The Metamorphosis - are counted andrecombined according to the choices of each player, creating funnyand even bizarre situations. There are more than sixty possiblecombinations!- Creation of the Goethe-Institut São Paulo in partnership withStoryMax, "Literatour" is available in German and Portuguese, toentertain and teach about language and German culture.- On each screen, reading aloud, sound effects, animation andinteractivity engage readers, help them learn the pronunciation andwriting and reveal curiosities and news from Germany in goodspirits.- Your feedback is important to us!- We look forward to your suggestions and opinions ininfo@saopaulo.goethe.org- For more tips and news, follow us:- Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/goethebr
Hallo Deutsch 2.2.1
Want to rediscover Hong Kong and learn German at the same time?This app is exactly what you are searching for! At five differentMTR stations, you will learn German vocabularies and practice thegrammar through various games: Buy grocery in Yau Ma Tei andclothes in Causeway Bay. Look for an apartment in Central andfurnish it. Take a walk in Mong Kok and Aberdeen. Every time youlearn a new word, you will win trophies and "euros" which allow youto shop. The vocabulary list with pictures and texts will also helpyou memorize the words. Now with the updated version 2.0, you canlisten to the pronunciation of the German words as well. The gameis ideal for German learners at the level of A1/A2 (Beginners).
Sekreti i Diskut Qiellor 1.5
Së bashku me ekspertin e veprave të artit,z.Vincent Mirano, do të ndërmarrësh një udhëtim tepëremocionuespërgjatë Gjermanisë. Vërtetë është vjedhur DiskuQiellor4.000-vjeçar i Nebrës, që është edhe paraqitja më e vjetëreqiellit në të gjithë botën?Me këtë lojë aventure të Goethe-Institut do të jesh në gjendjetëpërmirësosh aftësitë e tua të të lexuarit dhe të të dëgjuaritnëgjermanisht. Do të përsërisësh fjalor të rëndësishëm të niveleveA1dhe A2, si dhe do të mësosh gjuhën gjermane përmes shumëdialogëvedhe teksteve të vogla me plotësim.Loja është ideale për nxënës që nisin nivelin A2. Pra, nuk kenevojëtë dish shumë gjermanisht për të zbuluar sekretin e DiskutQiellortë Nebrës.E gjithë loja është edhe me audio. Kështu ti mund t’i dëgjoshdhet’i lexosh përherë të gjitha tekstet.Gjithashtu ti mund t’i klikosh apo prekësh të gjithë dialogët.Këtuti vendos se çfarë do të ndodhë dhe kur ke dëshirë tapërsërisëshnjë tekst, nëse ka diçka që s’e ke kuptuar.Në lojë do të mësosh situata tipike, të cilat janë të dobishmenësedo të shkosh në Gjermani (të porosisësh dhe të paguashnërestorant; të pyesësh për rrugën; të plotësosh njëformular).Të gjitha këto detyra janë të ndërthurura në një historiemocionueseaventure. Kështu të mësuarit nuk të mërzitetkurrë!Mbi 2 orë të tëra lojë...
신나는 모험을 통해 배우는 독일어 1.7
예술전문가 빈센트 미라노와 함께 떠나는 방방곡곡 독일여행! 전 세계에서 가장 오래된천문 원반으로 손꼽히는 4천년 된 네브라 스카이 디스크는 과연 도난당했을까요?괴테 문화원에서 제공하는 본 게임을 통해 독일어 읽기와 듣기 능력을 향상시킬 수 있습니다. A1과 A2 레벨에준하는중요한 어휘를 반복할 수 있으며, 다양한 대화와 빈칸 채우기를 통해 독일어를 연습할 수 있습니다. 본 게임은 A2레벨이상의 학습자에게 적합합니다. 따라서 스카이 디스크의 비밀을 밝혀내기 위해 독일어를 아주 잘 할 필요가 없습니다.게임전체는 오디오 지원되므로 모든 텍스트를 읽고 들을 수 있습니다.게임 속에서 등장하는 모든 대화를 클릭할 수 있습니다. 게임 속 이야기는 당신의 결정에 따라 달라지며 이해하지못한텍스트는 반복할 수 있습니다.독일에서 체류하면서 생길 수 있는 다양한 상황(레스토랑에서 주문하고 계산하기, 길 묻기, 신청서 작성 등)을게임속에서 연습해 보십시오. 모든 문제는 흥미진진한 모험과 함께 제공되므로 독일어 공부가 지루해질 틈이 없습니다!순수 게임 시간은 2시간 이상 소요됩니다.Art expert VincentMirapaddles all over, leaving Germany with travel! The Nebra SkyDisk,4 years old one of the oldest in the world astronomicaldiscusreally stolen?Through the game provided by the Goethe-Institut, theGermanreading and listening skills can be improved. You can repeatthevocabulary equivalent to A1 and A2 level throughvariousconversations and fill-in-the-blank, and you can practiceGerman.This game is suitable for learners at least A2 level.Therefore,you do not need to be very well to reveal the secrets ofthe SkyDisk German. The entire game all text, audio support, so youcanread and hear.That appeared in the game, you can click on the dialog. Thestoryin the game do not understand the text will vary depending onyourdecision can be repeated.Try to practice a variety of situations that may arisewhilestaying in Germany (calculated to order in a restaurant,asking theway, application form, etc.) in the game. Not get boredwith theexciting adventure because the German study break!The fine game time will take more than two hours.
Deutschtrainer A1 1.02
How do you count in German? What are fruits and vegetables called?How do you tell time in German? What do you call family members?How do you plan a trip with your friends? 10 chapters guide youthrough vocabulary and structures on topics of German daily life.You practice names of food items, furniture and professions. Youpractice numbers, telling time and paying in a restaurant. Youlisten to some friends plan a trip. The app combines listening,reading and writing and helps you practice basic vocabulary.
Hallo Deutsch Taipei 2.2.0
Interesse an der deutschen Sprache? Würden Sie gerne Deutsch lernenund dabei auch noch viel Spaß haben? Wenn ja bietet diese App alleswas Sie brauchen. Egal ob Sie ihre Wohnung in Zhongxiao Fuxineinrichten wollen, in Jingmei einkaufen möchten, sich vorstellen,den Spielplatz bei der U-Bahnstation Tapei Zoo besuchen odereinfach nur Kleidung auswählen oder ein Hobby beschreiben möchten,zu vielen Themen gibt es Vokabeln und Gesprächssituationen, dieIhnen das Lernen erleichtern. Die Farben und die Uhrzeit könnenhier genauso geübt werden wie die Grammatik, Artikel und diePräpositionen. Das alles ist in einem spielerischen Konzeptuntergebracht, das zum Lernen anregt. In dieser aktualisiertenVersion 2.0 können Sie jetzt auch die Aussprache der deutschenWörter anhören. Das Spiel ist ideal für Deutschlerner auf demNiveau A1/A2.
Mein Weg nach Deutschland 1.1
How do I sign a contract? How do I make friends in Germany?Theyoung woman named Nevin faces these and other problems in herfirstweeks in Germany. Share her experiences in short videos(A1-level)and exercises to improve your German. Would you like totest yourknowledge of Germany? Take the Germany quiz at languagelevel B2.
MemoLingua 1.2
MemoLingua ist ein Lernspiel des Goethe-Instituts, mit dem dudeinenWortschatz trainieren kannst. In jeder Runde geht es darum,jeweilszwei Karten mit gleichem Motiv zu finden. Dazu deckstdunacheinander zwei Karten auf. Ungleiche Karten werdenwiederumgedreht gleiche Karten müssen weggedrückt werden, tippedazueinfach kurz auf das Kartenpaar. Die gleichen Karten ergebenPunkteund schalten eine Karte aus dem nächsten Level frei.Kartenverschiedener Levels sind durch verschiedenfarbigeRückseitenmarkiert. Paare können nur aus Karten mit gleichfarbigenRückseitengebildet werden. Das Spiel dauert so lange, bis du allePaaregefunden hast und das Spielfeld leer ist. Zum Neustarten desSpielskannst du jederzeit auf das MemoLingo-Logo in der MittedesSpielfelds drücken. Für jedes richtige Paar erhältst dueinenPunkt. Außerdem gibt es einen Bonus-Multiplikator, wenn duzweioder mehr Paare direkt hintereinander aufdeckst (x2 für zweiPaarehintereinander, x3 für drei Paare, etc.). Wenn du besondersschnellwarst, gibt es am Ende des Spiels noch einmal einenZeitbonus. Deinbestes Ergebnis wird automatisch in der Bestenlistegespeichert.Auf der Startseite kannst du einstellen, ob du dieKarten nur aufDeutsch, auf Deutsch und Spanisch oder auf DeutschundPortugiesisch sehen möchtest.
Duschans Schulweg 1.0
The small boy Duschan is too late for school. Help him to get upinthe morning, pack his bags and to reach the bus. But it is notthateasy to be at school on time. Duschans way to school is alanguagegame that familiarizes children with the German language -so thatthey have fun. It should show them the way to learn Germanandsupport them during their first steps. The game is mostlysuitablefor young learners at the age of 7-11 years.
City Rally 2.4.16
With the City Rally app you can find out aboutvariousGoethe-Institut sites as part of a digital scavenger hunt.Get toknow your course venue in German in a fun way, discoverGermanlinks to your own town, or take part in the Goethe-Institut’sgameprojects. You can only use the “Stadtrallye-App” fromtheGoethe-Institut as part of certain offers fromindividualinstitutes. Find out more from your localGoethe-Institut. Allroutes: http://www.goethe.de/stadtrallye
請說德語 - 在餐廳:台灣 1.0
韓國歌德學院的應用程式„Deutschbitte“﹝請說德語﹞提供您關於飲食主題的德語初接觸,讓您在任何德國餐廳能夠點餐和飲料,並帶您穿越2012年在韓國麗水世界博覽會的德國館餐廳。四段短片附迷你對話讓您在問候、點餐和付賬都能對答如流。看完影片後,您可以做一個簡短、方式多變的練習,或直接點選世博會餐廳的菜單,聆聽各種美食的德語發音。您很快就會發現,很多東西很熟悉,那您就可以開始第一次用德語點餐囉!學習外語和外語教學的最新知識,以及嚴格遵循歌德學院的品質規範,是這個簡短、有效學習德語應用程式的基礎。請說德語,祝您學習愉快!韓國歌德學院 敬上
Heiße Kartoffel 1.2
Wie lange kannst du eine heiße Kartoffel in der Hand halten?Die“Heiße Kartoffel” ist ein digitales Spiel des Goethe-Institutsfüralle, die Deutsch lernen und ihre Kenntnisse überdeutschsprachigeLänder verbessern möchten. Mit der “HeißenKartoffel” trainierst dudeinen Wortschatz, dein Allgemeinwissen unddeine Grammatik.Spielerisch lernst du in diesem schnellenQuiz-Spiel deutscheWörter kennen und prägst dir ihre Bedeutung ein.Du spielst ineinem Team aus maximal fünf Spielern gegen Teams ausder ganzenWelt. Die Spiele-App „Heiße Kartoffel” ist fürDeutschlerner mitDeutschkenntnissen auf Niveaustufe A2 geeignet.Deine Meinung zudiesem Spiel ist uns wichtig! Wir freuen uns, wenndu unsschreibst! Goethe-Institut Rio de JaneiroBildungskooperationDeutsch bkd@rio.goethe.org goethe.de/rio
German Quiz Challenge 2.32.1
Are your pupils learning GERMAN? Are they between 13 and 16 yearsold? Then check out the GERMAN QUIZ CHALLENGE! Come with us toMunich and meet five young skateboarders who will help test yourstudents in listening, reading and writing, whilst introducing themto a wide range of topics from the environment to the alternativemusic scene, all without a minute’s marking. GQC improves studentmotivation, reduces the stress of the examination process, andimproves the quality of German language teaching. Teachingmaterials and additional resources are available to accompany themon their journey. Viel Spaß bei der German Quiz Challenge!
Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen. 1.3.8
Discover Germany and learn German! Experience exciting AugmentedReality (AR) features with “Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen.”. Do youalready speak a little German and are you interested in Germany? Doyou want to know more? We'll show you how young people live inGermany, what they find cool, what is important to them and muchmore. You can easily improve your German with great exercises.Germany is: Lederhosen and Oktoberfest, Autobahn and football,sausages and Bauhaus. But Germany is much more than that. Forexample, do you know what 'Himmel und Erde' (literally: heaven andearth) or a ‘Bienenstich’ (literally: bee sting) taste like? Whatdo bears have to do with Germany? Do you know what ‘Sportmuffel'means (literally: sports grump)? Why do so many Germans separatetheir garbage? Do you prefer "Die Ärzte" or "Die Toten Hosen"? Findout and get to know a modern and diverse Germany! In “Deutschland.Kennen. Lernen." you will watch interesting films, read and hearexciting and informative texts accompanied by beautiful images. Dothe exercises and train your listening comprehension and readingskills in German. You can also solve tricky puzzles and testyourself. That way you find out more about life in Germany andpopular leisure activities of young people. You will get to knownature and environmental protection projects, famous pop music andwell-known scientists. You can also see how students live and getinformation about working in Germany. Do you want to start rightaway? 1. Download the app from the store. 2. Download the poster"Deutschlandcollage" from our website (www.goethe.de/dkl). You’llalso find a link for the poster in the app. On this colorful map ofGermany with lots of cool photos, every topic starts with great ARfeatures. 3. Point your phone at the poster and pick one of the sixtopics in the app. 4. Start an activity and let yourself besurprised.
German Traces 1.5.4
Take a journey of discovery with the Goethe-Institut’s“DeutscheSpuren” (i.e. German traces) app and follow Germanfootsteps allover the World. The „Deutsche Spuren“ app is aninteractive tourguide for the Federal Republic of Germany’sglobally activecultural institute. Read and listen to descriptionsof places witha connection to Germany – put together by localGoethe-Instituts.Learn more about architecture, history or peopleand look atpictures and videos. The Goethe-Institut has been andisinternationally active for over sixty years and in over90countries around the world: it promotes knowledge of theGermanlanguage abroad, conveys a comprehensive picture of Germanyandcultivates international cultural cooperation. With the aidoflocal expertise, the Goethe-Institut is able to includebothwell-known as well as not-so-well-known traces in theapp.“Deutsche Spuren” is an information product of theGoethe-Institutfor at home and on the road. With the map view, youcan browseamong trails and traces at home, as well. On location,the appenables a search for traces in your vicinity and providesanaugmented reality view. The app also functions offlineafterdownloading the data of one of the available countries orplaces.The product is continually updated and will soon beavailable foradditional locations.
Learn German 1.5.7
With “Learn German – The City of Words” the Goethe-Institutisissuing an online game for German learners at Level A1. Thisfreegame combines elements from hidden-object puzzles withbothco-operative and competitive multi-player games whereeveryonelearning German at beginners’ level can expand theirvocabularyskills and compare themselves with others. Playfullypresentedlanguage exercises transfer basic grammar structures ofthe Germanlanguage. The playful approach of “Lern Deutsch – DieStadt derWörter” shows that learning German is not difficult atall. Andit’s fun! Update: Now with new “Unicampus” level