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Army Infantryman and Zombie 1.1
Army Infantryman and Zombie - 2084 has come to our land collapsedcurse, an incurable virus that turned quarters of our planet intozombie. The chances of survival of our planet every minute isbecoming less and less, and you just have to hope for a miracle butwe left a secret weapon called Infantryman which until recentlyready to fight and kill all the zombies on your way. The morezombies our hero kills the demon becomes stronger on his way he cancollect coins and then to the store to exchange them for betterweapons and buy more ammo for the weapon in the store, he can buy asuper magnet and sewn from any effects of the enemy. In the courseof the battle our hero teleports in the hottest point where needhelp and without it you can not do. Our army also helps our soldiersending them on combat aircraft super weapon with which our herobecomes harder and faster. Save our planet from the zombie invasionand stop complete destruction of our beautiful world.How to Play :-jump - click on the left corner of the screen Button Jump- shoot -click on the bottom right corner of the screen buttonShootFeatures: - Beatiful and amaizing graphics - Action Music -Simple and Awesome gameplay - Special Abilities - Endless runninggamesHope you enjoy it.
Stickman Shooting Zombie 1.0
Stickman Shooting Zombie - Our hero stickman have a very importantmission is to kill as many zombies and free the planet from evil.Stick to be the hard way in the battle, but to help him send superweapons and body armor energy. Our super hero still need to collectcoins to purchase in-store special weapons and ammunition for them.In the course of the battle stickman teleports in the hottest pointwhere without him can not do. Help save our planet from the zombiesonly hope for you.How to Play :- jump - click on the left corner ofthe screen Button Jump- shoot - click on the bottom right corner ofthe screen button ShootFeatures: - Beatiful and amaizing graphics -Action Music - Simple and Awesome gameplay - Special Abilities -Endless running games
Tree Run Ninja Run 1.9
Tree Run Ninja Run is a very addictive game where Ninjas Run have avery important and secret mission. Ours Hero Run Ninja must climbto the top of the tree and avoid the obstacles that appear in itspath. Ninja Run is unstoppable and is ready to fulfill the missionwith any price. Red Ninja tried to stop him but the spirit of atrue ninja is unbeatable. Ninja tenable enemy attacks with an auraof white chakra. For each Run Ninja Run perfect defense gets atrophy collecting three april gets to fly up faster. Jump from sideto side of the tree ninjas is quick and faster. In this fast pacedninja climbing game, your goal is to rise as high as you can whileavoiding killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, throwingstars and exploding bombs. With a simple tap you can jump from onewall to the other, knocking obstacles from the air as you do. Takedown three enemies of the same kind to trigger mega-jump bonuses.Collect shields to plow through your opponents with. Just watch outfor ledges and other ninjas because they will knock you off andsend you to your doom!You will be amazed by the gorgeous graphics,rich gameplay, immersive music and the insanely addictive qualityof this game.This adventures game provide you the easy control andoperation help you dive into the fun world. Infinity run ninjas runis a mental sport and we're all insane!!! So get ready for thecrazy run ninja run of your life! Enjoy this exciting running gamefor survival. You can download this game and compete with yourfriends high scores.Download Free Tree Run Ninja Run now! It is afun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!- Simple single-tapgameplay- Ninjas- Killer squirrels- More ninjas- Beautifulgraphics- Multiple obstacles- Captivating music- Special Abilities-Endless Run Gameplay- Smooth touch-based controls- Simple and fungame mechanics
Christmas Run Santa Run 1.2
Christmas Run Santa Run is an amazing free christmas games in thestyle of running games where the main character is a well-known andbeloved Santa Claus and his friends penguins and snowman, must runthe mountain to pick up a bag of gifts for children. In thisdifficult task it Santa Claus it helps the dwarves who send hismagic megajump sleigh and jump candy to Santa quickly reach theNorth Pole, and managed to give all the Christmas gifts becauseChristmas countdown has begun.Santa Claus for kids is ready to gothrough any difficulties.When our Santa Claus tired to help himcomes his best friends penguins and snowman are also very happy togive children gifts and fill the world with kindness and joy onChristmas Eve because began christmas countdownNight ghosts andblizzard of white snow want to stop our lovly beloved Santa makehis mission but the desire and the spirit of Christmas Santa cannot stop he born to run, he must rise up and jumps above to the topand take the presents to children.Immerse yourself in the wonderfulatmosphere of the Christmas holidays, type more Mandarin and playchristmas run santa run listen to beautiful Christmas music andenjoy a wonderful holiday.Running with friend and share recordswith twitter because what could be better than holidays surroundedby family and close friends and running events on funny Christmasgames.There's no better way to get into the christmas spirit thisholiday season than playing Game Christmas Run Santa Run will giveyou a best emotions pleasure. - Beatiful and amaizing graphics -Special Christmas Music - Simple and Awesome gameplay - Endlessrunning gamesDownload for Free Christmas Run Santa Run now! It is asanta claus run game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy family funrun!IstGames and Santa Claus wish you a Merry Christmas and a HappyNew Year!