VEGA Conflict 1.113515
Stake your claim, command your fleets, andconquer the void in this deep, real-time strategy game. Bandtogether with other players in a bloody rebellion to take back thegalaxy from the evil VEGA Federation or charge headlong into battleagainst a mysterious alien presence.REAL-TIME PvP: Real war doesn’t wait its turn - attack enemies atwill in real-time.GAME EVENTS: Battle in weekly events for top prizes.ALLIANCES: Create or join an alliance and crush your enemies.CRAFTING: Craft powerful ship upgrades to help you defeat the VEGAFederation.CHAT: Chat in real-time with players from around the world usingauto-translated chat.CUSTOMIZE YOUR WAR: Different targets call for different strategy,outfit your fleet for victory.BATTLE ANYWHERE: Conflict never ends. Continue your progress onphone, tablet, or in browser.Recommended devices:-------------------------------We recommend high-end devices for the best gameplay experience:Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC One M8, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9,Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia Z2, Sony Xperia Z3Internet Data Use:------------------------VEGA Conflict requires a stable internet connection and is bestplayed on Wi-Fi. After initial install and updates VEGA Conflictneeds to download additional game data, Wi-Fi is recommendedRequired App Permissions:-----------------------------------IN-APP PURCHASES – So you can buy in-game currency if you choosetoIDENTITY – So the game can offer you the option to sign in withyour Google/G+ accountPHOTOS/MEDIA/FILES – So the game can store game data on yourdeviceWI-FI CONNECTION INFORMATION – So the game can connect to theinternet to playDEVICE ID & CALL INFORMATION – So phone calls will not beblocked by the gameOptional Google+/Google Play Games Permissions:-------------------------------------------------------------------If you choose to sign in with Google+/Google Play Games to useachievements and leaderboards the game requires additionalpermissions. The game will never use your email contacts.If you would prefer to play as a Guest, login with Facebook, or useKIXEYE details then press CANCEL when prompted to givepermissions/log in with Google+/Google Play Games
War Commander: Rogue Assault 2.26.1
An immersive combat game in a massivemultiplayer online world, War Commander: Rogue Assault delivers astunning, fully 3D battlefield experience like nothing you've everseen on mobile. Command your army and launch strategic strikesagainst your enemy for control of War Zones.As one of the few surviving commanders after World War 3, defendyour base, customize your units, and attack enemies to survive.Become the ultimate warrior in this online military strategy gameby battling to gain control of the world.Rogue Assault is the most realistic military game on mobile todate. With direct control of your tanks, helicopters, and infantry,shoot your way through enemy hordes and become a master ofcombat.• Immersive 3D multiplayer military strategy game• Individual or player-vs-player combat• Real-time, individual unit control• Immediate access to riflemen, heavy gunners, and rhinotanks• Level up for access to powerful units and military mightWebsite: an EmpireBuild your base and lead your army to victory. Discover new defensesystems, research state of the art weapons, and destroy any enemiesthat stand in your way.Fight in Strategic BattlesBlend foot soldiers, light vehicles, tanks, and aircraft tocoordinate devastating strikes. Attacking the enemy never felt asgood as in this realistic military game.Defend your FortressCustomize your defenses to repel enemies and control the world’slast resources. Alternatively, play offense and use your army toturn around, attack, and take what’s yours.• Infantry: Standard warriors required in any battle. Exceptionallywell-rounded and diverse, they are great for attack ordefense.• Aircraft: Perfect for launching surprise strikes against an enemybase. The right aircraft can provide a strategic advantage overgrounded units who can’t shoot from so far below.• Vehicles: The backbone of your force. With huge damage output anddefensive capabilities, these units are a must have for anyinvasionNo Build TimesDon’t have time to assemble an army the old fashioned way? Don’tworry. With no build times, you’ll be ready to get into the actionin no time.Join an AllianceForge strategic alliances with other soldiers and form battletactics in the group chat, or seek advice from a pool of commandersin the live world chat. Those who join an alliance are better setup to thrive in this war-torn world.Monthly in-game EventsShow off your military prowess in monthly events. Fight strategicworldwide battles to top the world leaderboards.
Battles Pirates: HQ 3.0
The new Battle Pirates: HQ Companion app forAndroid lets you keep your hands on the wheel whenever and whereveryou may be.MANAGE FLEETSLaunch fleets, attack salvage and resource targets, repair andrelaunch to get back into the action and more!EARN POINTSAuto attack targets for Forsaken Mission and Event points.BATTLE LOGSee a concise report of attacks on your base.NOTIFICATIONSGet notifications on your phone when your fleet is finishedrepairing.** To use all the features of the app, you must have a BattlePirates account on Facebook. Battle Pirates accounts prior to level10 will be able to log into the app but will not be able to selectany fleets to launch.