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Munsell color chart
One of the color system, Munsell color chart (Munsell color system,Munsell color system, Munsell color system, Munsell color sample)equal hue surface of, to display the color wheel, the colorsolid.And shake the screen to the left and right, equal hue surfaceand the color wheel, a color three-dimensional will be changed.Inthe equal hue plane, Munsell value and sRGB values, to display theJIS conventional color name.Based on the XYZ tri-stimulus values​​of the Munsell color chart under the C light source, we have tocalculate the RGB value on the assumption that the sRGBstandard.Cherry color to color, mustard color, Tokiiro, is equippedwith a nice name, such as azalea color, conventional color name isspecified in JIS.Conventional color name is very effective in colorcommunication.Etc. hue planeAnd change the hue in the left andright flick, full screen to display the Munsell symbol and the RGBvalues ​​and the JIS conventional color name when you tap thecolor.It displays the complementary color of the hue plane up anddown flick.Specify the Munsell values ​​directly, registration, youcan make calls.Saturation in the left and right flick at the timeof the full-screen display, it is possible to change the brightnessup and down flick, you can select colors in consideration of thearea effect.Since the effective hue button in full screen display,it can also be used to tone-in-tone color scheme.The color with JISname is displayed ○ mark.You can switch the display / non-displayof the ○ mark in JIS button at the bottom right.When you tap theJIS name to find the JIS name you tap on Google search.ColorschemeIt displays the color of the color scheme you have selectedwith an equal hue plane.Color scheme, will be the tone-in-tonecolor scheme by the color theory of Johannes Itten.Dyads, Triads,Tetrads (square), Pentads (pentagon), to display the Hexads(regular hexagon).When you tap the color, full-screendisplays.Color wheelChange the display angle of the color wheel onthe screen scroll.Color theory of Johannes Itten, to displayharmony theory of the Moon-Spencer (the Harmony / ambiguous) in theoverlay.Color solidIt will be displayed in OpenGL.Change the pointof view on the screen scroll.Pinch, expanding in a pinch out, andthen reduced.