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ABC Phonics 1.0
A is for ABC phonics! ABC Phonics, widely acknowledged as the bestkids game in teaching them alphabets in no time! Why ABC Phonics ispopular?This is just more than a game! Not only is the process oflearning phonics facilitated but the engaging characters andbackground propel the kids to be more eager to play the game andlearn more! In case you were looking for the best ABC Game for kidsin your smartphone, you have to try this amazing Game.What isoffered in Kids ABC Phonics application?While the primary goal isto help children in learning to read, the preschool phonics arepresented in a colorful theme with examples from the comprehensibledaily objects that kids recognize like Apple or notebook, in orderto make the phonics more memorable.How to play Phonics Game?Thegame is super easy, fun and understandable for kids and for surethey will not encounter any problem during the game. As the ABCPhonics starts the Alphabet and a visual example concurrent withthe written form of the example are presented. Kids can to move tonext alphabet in order to learn the phonics. Of course, the wordscan be reviewed by simply clicking the previous button.What are theexamples?Teaching materials in ABC Phonics is not summed up inphonics only. There are many examples which start with the alphabetthat is being learned. The cute photos ranging from fruits toanimals to etc., accompany each example and help the phonics to beetched on the kids’ minds, make the alphabets unforgettable!Isthere going to be pronunciation?With each new phonics appears onthe screen, both phonic and the example are pronounced in a clearsmooth tone, enable the kids to play by themselves without asupervisor to pronounce the words for them.Is ABC Phonics Games forkids effective?Undeniably, the game will hooked kids on the phonicsin a manner that you have to soon find other sources to quenchtheir thirst for learning more and more.What are the otherhighlights of the ABC Phonics?Given that it has been scientificallyproved that the best way to teach little children is through games,ABC Phonics has provided a chance for kids to learn fun phonics byentertainment.What more?At the game panel you can share this gamewith others via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+etc... In addition, you can find out about our other applicationsand games for kids in the “More Games” section.
Learn How to Write ABC 1.0
Learn How to Write ABC, a fun, never seen before educationalapplication to teach kids preschool ABC writing.If you have everthink about a game for your small ones to play and learn with yoursmart phone, you have to try the amazing ABC Writing.Anotherenjoyable educational game of the ABC series for helping kids withwriting the alphabets.Learn to Write ABC, acknowledged as aneffective, engaging application for encouraging kids learn towrite.Features:Learn to Write ABC targets preschoolers, schoolchildren and kindergarten-aged kids.ABC Writing is easy for smallchildren to exercise and learn the writing and phonetics by simplytracing the letters with a little help of elders.Repetitivepractice of A to Z writing.Writing:Learn to Write ABC is an idealgame for your kids to develop writing skills.Tracing the lettersaccording to directions of the small arrows and the order ofnumbers.Fully tracing the dashed line to each knot for completingthe letters.ABC Writing is an excellent application for kids tolearn to write capital letters correctly.A Written form of theletter is shown on the screen for each alphabet in Learn to WriteABC.A classic ABC Handwriting Worksheet for practice.A funny soundreminds the kids of errors in case of not following theinstructions or writing in a wrong form.Pronunciation: Learn toWrite ABC pronounce every letter in a clear, audible, spirited toneby simply tapping anywhere on the screen.Application overview:ABCWriting have a high quality graphics and beautiful background.Youcan play Learn to Write ABC with your kids or let them play ontheir own.Learn to Write ABC is another amazing masterpiece forteaching the kids how to write ABC alphabets From TheAppMediateam.In the initial panel of the wonderful Learn to Write ABC Findmore educational games or share the app via social networks.
Kids Math Games 1.0
Are you Looking Math Games for Kids, then you are at right place?Math Games for Kids,an attractive, easy educational game for kidsto play and learn math. Your kids will now learn smart via yoursmartphone with this serious must have app! Math Games for Kids isa learning hub with several Math help apps all in one package toassist kids in learning math. With this powerful Math solver appyour kids are one step ahead in Math problems. Your little oneswill gain Educational insights with thought-out sequential Mathlessons of the Kids Math Games. Math Games for Kidsis a learninghub, you can find six app in the initial panel, all appropriate tolearn math for kids. Kids Math Games is a math solver for kids tolearn smart. Kids Math Games is the best way to develop a kid’smath skills with plenty of Math problems. Kids Math Games gives youeasy access to numerous Math lessons. A Math help app for parentsand small kids to find some mathematical Educational insights. BestMath Help app for kids to learn basic math. Each Math solversection has its own colorful, simple interface to engage childrenin the games. Read: First application of this section is that kidslearn Math symbols and numbers. A Math help section to teachnumbers from 1 to 10. Kids Math Games also teaches the correctpronunciation of the numbers. Write: Writing Math symbols andnumbers are practiced here. This Math Help section improveskindergarten-age kids’ tactile skills since they have to simplytrace the numbers. Count: Math lessons aim to teach kids thequantity of numbers. Youngsters have to recognize the Math symbolsand relate them to the right amount of the bjects shown on thescreen. In this entertaining learn math game objects vary, they arefrom a range of comprehensible cute images such as strawberries,ducks and … Math: Addition and subtraction are practiced here.These Math problems help with math calculation speed. Math symbolssuch as plus and minus are illustrated. Math problems are simpleenough for first grade students to learn math. Kids have to eitheradd or subtract the numbers or the apple pictures in the Mathsolver’s screen. This section’s Math problems are presented in twopart: Exercise: This Math help Section of the learning hub isappropriate for third grade children to increase their educationalinsights about numbers. Smallest number should be found and tappedon to complete Math problems of the Minimum section.
Baby Learning Games 5
Are you looking for babies or toddlers complete early educationlearning package, then you are at right place?Baby learning gamesis comprehensive educational game for kids. It is designed forbabies’ early education.It help babies and toddlers to learn ABCAlphabets, 123 Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Months of the Year, Days ofthe Week, Fruit Names, Animals Names and Names of Body Parts.Babylearning games also help kids to learn phonics. Perfect game forpreschoolers especially when kids learn basic linguistics withletter sounds.Baby Learning Games Main Features:Learn A to ZAlphabets.Learn 123 Numbers.Learn 123 and ABC with fun.Phonics ofLetters and Numbers.123 ABC educational and learning games forkids.Shapes recognition for kids.Learn Colors Name andReorganization.Calendar for babies.Learn days of the week baby funlesson.Learn month of the year fun activity of kids.Educationalpuzzle and quiz.Learn basic language (ABC)Learn name offruits.Animal name learning for babies.Learn Names of Body Parts.Ifwe evaluate all the features Baby learning games is one of the bestlearning games for kids. It is specially designed for parents andteacher to teach babies some of the early lessons of language. Itprovides perfect learning environment to kids.We can also call babylearning games as educational entertainment because kids will enjoyplaying baby educational games and also learn their earlyeducation.If we conclude, surely baby learning games will helpparents to give basic education to their babies. Stay tunes andshared valued comments for improvement of kids experience.
ABC Learning Games 1.0
ABC Learning Games make learning fun. If you arelooking for preschool education app for kids, then you are at rightplace. ABC learning game in one of the best preschool learninggame. This is one of most useful preschool games for kids,can beused on android phones as well as on Android tablets. Teachersworking with special kids with autism will enjoy excellent leverageby using this first grade games for toddlers. Main Features of ABCLearning Game: Read ABC Letters ABC Phonics Animal Names withAlphabets Learn to Write ABC Fill Colours in ABC MatchPatterns Math the Dots Complete Sequences Find the Correct Imagewith Alphabet ABC Puzzles ABC Quiz Learn Spelling Best EducationalGame for First Grade kids. The skill development support by playand learn method inherent in the app will work as supportive forkids’ education. The game has six educational games for toddlers,which helps in overall development of a kid’s basic education.These first grade games for kids are divided into two categories:reading games and writing games. In reading games category, youwill get three games and these are: Animal recognising bysound: recognising animal by hearing their sounds. Writing games:Learn to write & Filling  colours. Learn to write This ABCLearning Games help them to trace the dash lines and to write,Filling colours The app Educational Game for 2nd Grade offersunlimited access for kids to fill letters with different colours.Pattern section Dots joining and memorising number’s orders: thisis a unique dot joining game, funny and interesting for kids.Sequence: Kids can learn the sequence of alphabet by playing thispreschool for kids’ educational game. Finding correct Image The ABCLearning Games help in enhancing the vocabulary of the user kids.Here Kids get the scope to select the image/object with the letteralready selected. Apart from learning vocabulary this game willhelp parents in teaching kids ABC Phonics, useful words and rightpronunciation, Toddlers and ABC Learning Games will be learningabout their daily objects, ABC Learning Games The educational gamefor kids presents easy to solve but challenging puzzle for kids.Quiz Game: kids needs to check the easy clue to find/form ameaningful word. The features of the app: Before you download thegame, you should check its interactive features so that you can getto utilize all its beautiful learning features: Colourful graphicsand lively animation are the two other features of the first gradegames for kids app. The app is easy-to-use but extremelyproductive for improving kid’s vocabulary and learning ability,This is a productive educational app for kids teaching: it issuitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids forlearning basic education, This educational app works as aninteractive tool for kids: regular practice on it will help you tooffer adequate support for your kid in enhancing their learningability, cognitive skill, memory power, concentration skill,reflex, and level of creativity. Download the free app ABC LearningGames and enjoy your kids’ quick learning skill. Follow us onFacebook: Google + :
ABC Animal Flash Cards 1.0
ABC Animal Flash Cards, the frequently used application byconsiderate parents all over the world. This cool app assist you inteaching your lovely kids the name of animals while playing!Wereyou considering to teach your kids the alphabets as well as theanimals with your smartphone?If so, the ABC Animal applicationpresent you the perfect ABC Animals Flash Cards for this end. Youcan have a personal zoo in your device and teach your kids aboutAntelopes to Zebras any time you wish.ABC Animal Flash Cards GameCool Feature: Learn ABC with Animal Names Learn Animals NameABC Flash Cards Learn Alphabets Tap Animals to Listen AnimalSoundsWhat does ABC Animal do?The ABC Animal instruct the name ofeach animal by uttering the name while demonstrating a fun,animated image of the animal in a childish inspired back ground.Areyou looking for a multi-functional education Alphabet FlashCards?The ABC Animal is an easily navigable Alphabet Flash Cardthat shoot two birds with one stone, not only the kids will learnalphabets but they will also get to know about various animals andthe animals sounds!Does ABC Animal Teach alphabets?Alphabet FlashCard exhibit an intelligibly writing form of each animal rightunder the images in a bold black text that will be super helpful topractice alphabets and dictation! ABC Animal is an excellent sourcefor kids to learn the animals!Does ABC Animal practicepronunciation too?ABC Animals Flash Cards pronounce the AnimalsNames in a slow, lively, clear tone in order to be comprehensiblefor kids. Do not worry, after using this funny Animals Flash Cardsyour kids are completely capable of pronouncing the animalsflawlessly!What are the other highlighted features of the ABCAnimals Flash Cards?The animals of ABC Animal are from allcategories, from domestics to wildlings, from herbivores tocarnivores. Thus, this will give you an impeccable chance to teachyour kids more concepts than just animal names!The highly vivid andcolorful ambient of the ABC Animals turns it into an addictiveeducational game. Let alone the beautiful jungle displayed on thescreen, the cute animals are illustrated to engage the childrenwith the Alphabet Flash Cards.In addition, while using the ABCAnimal, if taping on the animals, the real sounds of them will beplayed which makes the kids even more eager to play further thiswonderful Animals Flash Cards!What more?You may share this lovelyapp via your favorite social networks and let your friends benefitfrom ABC Animal Flash Cards as well.
ABC Coloring Games 1.0
ABC Coloring Games an amazing must have for parents, a must tryeducational entertainment for kids. Have you ever wonder if yourchildren could easily learn coloring with your smartphone? Why nottrying new methods of education for teaching kids the alphabets andwriting via funny enjoyable ABC Coloring Games for kids from ABCGames series? The most efficient, simple and fun application tolearn kids how to color and how to write. Features: Best ColoringGames for kids is intended for pre-school and kindergarten-agedkids. ABC Coloring Games application is understandable for yoursmall ones with minimum help. Pass each letter after filling colorsin the letters in the ABC Coloring Games. Learning Phonetics: Inawesome Coloring Games kids have to trace the letters to fulfilleach stage. Coloring Games is the best app available to helpchildren with learning capital letters. Kids can both play andlearn coloring from A to Z with the wonderful Coloring Games.Coloring Games assist kids in developing solid writing and coloringskills. The cool Coloring Games guides kids to write the letters inthe most adequate way. Coloring Games instructs the correct way ofcoloring and writing the letters with arrows showing the rightdirection and numbers for the right order for kids coloring.Pronunciation: ABC Coloring Games teaches not only the writing butthe pronunciation as well. The little cute, adorable frog in theright hand side of the Coloring Games’ screen says the letter aloudwith a clear, standard tone in case of correct filling the colors.Reminds the kids if they are colouring in the wrong order by afunny sounds. Application overview: ABC Coloring Games for kidsuses cute alphabet graphics, also intelligible for kids. ColouringGames offers a colourful, lively background, easy on the kids’eyes. Fun coloring encourage kids to learn and practice more andmore with Coloring Games for kids. Find more games or share the ABCColouring Games via social networks in the initial panel of theapplication.
Kids Puzzle Game 1.0
Kids Puzzle, a simple intuitive game for youngsters to learn andpractice alphabets’ sequence.Have you ever ponder on using yoursmartphone to enhance your kids’ educational skills with some KidsLearning Games? Then ABC Puzzle Games is the right app for you!Yourkids will have fun playing the absolutely fantastic Kids PreschoolPuzzle and will be soon asking for more educationalapplications!Kids Puzzle that is presented to you by "Kids LearningGames" team, is another wonderful game designed for boosting theprocess of learning for your adorable children!Features:The KidsPreschool Puzzle is intended for pre-school and kindergarten-agedkids as well as the first graders who are trying to memorize theorder of ABCs.ABC Puzzle Game helps children with learning thesequence of the alphabet letters and their shape.Kids Puzzle willdevelop the visual and cognitive skills as well as reading thealphabets.Your little ones can play the Kids Preschool Puzzle ontheir own with a little help from you. How to Play:As the ABCPuzzle Game starts the instructions are said in a clear voice forkids to grasp it.Since it is a game for preschool kids theinstruction is so easy to follow: Drag and drop the letters tocomplete the patterns.In other words, kids have to first recognizeeach letter and then slip the alphabet puzzle pieces into the rightplace to complete the puzzle.Application overview:The lovelybackground and the cute, animated animals in the Kids PreschoolPuzzle screen, create a joyful ambient for kids to be eager tolearn more.The amazing, heartwarming encouragements after eachcompleted puzzle pattern, propel kids to play and learn more.TheABC Puzzle Game is designed to challenge young kids and avoidboring them. Thus, In the Kids Preschool Puzzle, the patterns arenot repetitive, though same sequences are repeated to teach thecorrect order of alphabets.What more?You can find other educationalgames for kids or share the Kids Puzzle via social networks in theinitial panel of the application.
Christmas Games 1.0
Christmas Games are the fun way to enjoy xmas holidays.Are youready to get in an early moon of Christmas via your smartphone withChristmas Games?Do you want to make your kids getting excited andearnest for their Christmas gifts while being entertained by asuitable game? Then Christmas Games is your chance to do so! Thisamusing game is about our beloved Santa Clause Jumping andcollecting gifts for the kids. Once played, you can’t help yourkids playing this wonderful Christmas Game!As the Christmas GamesSanta Jump starts, you have to guide the Santa Clause to jump andsoar the beautiful blue sky as he collect those tiny gorgeouswrapped Christmas gifts.Christmas Games Cool FeaturesChristmas FunGames for KidsEndless Santa Clause JumpingCollect Christmas Giftsas much as possibleAvoid Owl enemiesFind Space Shuttle to BoostSpeedBest Christmas Game for Adults and FamiliesChallenge friendand family to beat scoreBest XMas Fun GameThe higher you help SantaClause jump for the gifts the higher you score, since in ChristmasGames, your score is measured by the altitude the Santa jumps to,as well as the number of the presents that he gather. So, you mustcollect as many gifts as you can while conquering the altitudes inorder to achieve a high score and to record them in ChristmasGames. After each round you can review your scores and the amountof the gifts you collect on the score board. Are you ready tocompete to garner more gifts?Be careful! While playing ChristmasGames, there might be some obstacles in Santa’s way through findingthe gifts, like some broken stages that guiding Santa to jump onthem will cost his life! Moreover, while playing Christmas GamesSanta Jump, the Santa might come across other hindrances such asowl or rocket that you are required to save him from them. However, on the bright side, as you assist our dear reddressed old man to fill his bag with gifts, there are going to besome bonuses to help him bounce unbelievingly or some or spaceshuttles enabling him to move faster! You never know what mightcome next in your journey in Christmas Games Santa Jump.The veryfirst feature that makes anyone ,specially the kids, to fall inlove with Christmas Games is the highly colorful, vivid andeye-catching background of this game and the adorable white beardedSanta Clause that no one says no to help him with jumping andcollecting some gifts for the kids! Besides, the instruction toplay Christmas Games is very simple to obey and understandable forevery age group.Why wait? Don’t waste any time and downloadChristmas Games Santa Jump. Boost your mood and your kids’ as wellimmediately! Don’t forget to introduce Christmas Games to yourfriends and family! Spread the fun and happiness you experiencedwith this game!
Preschool Learning Games 1.0
Preschool learning games is masterpiece for children to learn earlyeducation.  Parents who are worried about their children 1stgrade learning, this kids learning game is a must have applicationin your mobiles phone and tablets. It is designed after consideringall the factors which increase kids capability of learning basiclinguistics.Preschool learning games Main Features:PhonicsExercisesAlphabets RecognitionTracing ABC AlphabetsNumbersRecognitionTracing 123 NumbersLearning Fruits NamesMemorizingAnimals NamesLearn Weekday NamesLearn Months NamesKids love to playgames on mobiles and tablets. We focus to increase kidsproductivity by playing educational games they can have fun side byside learning.We need your valuable feedback to improve preschoollearning game.Stay tuned, soon we will add some great featuresin Preschool learning games.