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Treasure Ape 1.9.2
Koocell Limited
■ IntroductionEmbark on an amazing treasure hunting journey with Treasure Apenow!This classic slot machine game is fast-paced and brings you ahighchance of winning coins & jackpots (both Fever JackpotandTreasure Jackpot)! Start the legendary adventure now!■ BackgroundTo get the 28 treasures in the legend, Treasure Ape and hispartnerPolar Bear have set off to explore the mysterioustriangleheritage! On the way they’ve faced many unbelievablechallenges -now they’re asking for your help to solve theproblems!■ Features○ Retro slot machine + trendy gameplay + cute graphics○ Two awesome jackpots - fever jackpot and treasure jackpot,anultimate test to players’ skills and luck!○ Dozens of missions waiting for you to challenge○ Aim accurately & shoot coins to kill evil mummies!○ Incredible hidden animation and sound effects - presentingaunique and interesting adventure story!○ Enjoy this mobile arcade game anytime & anywhere!■ Gameplay○ Tap anywhere to shoot coins○ Once the polar bears get the coins, they will roll out anumberindicating how many stepsTreasure Ape can move on the Treasure Trail.○ If Treasure Ape steps onto the Treasure points, he may findsomeprecious collectibles!○ If the coin passes through the compass slot in the middle ofthescreen, the slot machine will start running.○ If the slot machine gets two same numbers, you may be able tohitthe Fever Jackpot!
Robo 1.9.8
Koocell Limited
Description***STORY***The end of the world is slowly approaching as the Cucumberianfromspace kidnap all scientists on Earth! The Chosen One - Dr. Doomhasno choice but to carry the robos he has invented and embark onanadventurous journey of blazing souls!***GAMEPLAY***Drag and release muscular Dr. Doom to throw robost babies andmilkcows at the space monsters and to rescue fragileoldscientists.1. "Robo Triathlon" ProjectDr. Doom has invented three robos, each with souls ofdifferentnatures and unique attack abilities.Rescue scientists to invent up to 12 types of combat gear and21types of equipment for your robos!※ Jack /// Available Combat Gear:Diaper/Batter/Astronaut/PlanetNamek※ Momoko /// Available Combat Gear: Diaper/Alice intheWonderland/Little Red Hood/Lady Gaga※ Taro /// Available Combat Gear:Diaper/Assassin/Samurai/StarWars2. The Last 91 Days of Earth?!The battle starts from October, each day representing one level.Beprepared to fight in 91 levels of different themesandlandscapes!!☀ Sep - Man-made World / The Ultimate Night☀ Oct - Disillusion / Doomfire☀ Nov - Starry Night / Hope3. The Strongest Bosses18 superpower enemies including General Octopus withoilycenter-parted hair, fresh and sprightly Sushi Minions, heavybutdumb Prince Cucumber... As you progress you will encountermorepowerful enemies!***OTHER FEATURES***◆ Advanced gravity simulation - realistic hurl andbounceeffects◆ Interweaved with entertaining comics for theinterestingstoryline◆ Hot-blooded and fiery sound effects/BGM ♪