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Domo Jump 1.6
Kung Fu Factory
Domo is back in a high-flying adventure: DomoJump! Help Domo jump his way through challenging levels. Collectdiamonds and gems to gain helpful power boosts, funny costumes, andtasty snacks as you rocket your way toward the high score!HELP DOMO REACH NEW HEIGHTSInteractive controls put you in command of Domo's aerialacrobatics. Use your skills to help Domo avoid dangerous obstaclesas he bounces his way through an eye-popping, 3D rendered world.How high can you jump?KEY FEATURES• Play as Domo, the friendly and furry character from Japan!• Use diamonds to unlock costumes that give Domo special powersthat help aid in your quest for the highest score!• Explore fun and exciting levels including: Green Meadow, CrystalCavern, and Deep Space.• Earn bonus rewards by playing a pachinko-style mini game.• Use intuitive gyroscope controls to carefully guide Domo on hisdaring ascent.• Collect gems to unlock power-boosts and feed Domo tasty treatsfor bonuses!• Put your skills to the test by completing challenging goals!For more updates and news on ‘Domo Jump,’ join us atwww.facebook.com/DomoJump
Dino Wars 0.08
Kung Fu Factory
BECOME THE #1 DINO WRANGLER IN THE WEST! You’re a paleontologistwho has just discovered how to hatch fossilized eggs intodinosaurs!Now you must lead an army of rampaging dinosaurs acrossthe Wild West to hunt for fossils in this exciting, fast-pacedcombat strategy game!NEW IN VERSION v.08* Show your dinos who'sboss. Use the FLARE DROP to redirect their attacks (new cardunlocked at Dig Site Level 6)* Conquer over 100 new enemy outpostbases on your world map* Added special offer to get early access toT-Rex and Electric Train cards* Improved the difficulty curve*Improved tutorial experience for new players* Improved stabilitywhen completing battles* Fixed issue with uncollectable missionrewards* Ongoing performance optimizationsFEATURES* Wrangle apowerful army of fierce dinosaurs and skilled gunslingers.*Discover new dinosaur species to harness their unique abilities*Command your forces to crush your enemies’ bases in competitiveraids against other players* Grow your sleepy, backwater town intoa booming Wild West city* Build the perfect defense to preventrival fossil hunters from stealing what’s rightfully yours* Explorethe Western frontier in search of new dig sites and untold riches
Pacific Rim Breach Wars - Robot Puzzle Action RPG 1.7.2
Kung Fu Factory
Epic Robot Action RPG for PACIFIC RIM and Sci-Fi fans! Command yourown Shatterdome base and defend your district with human-pilotedmechs called Jaegers against monsters from the breaches known asKaiju. ★ RECRUIT iconic Jaeger mechs from the entire PPDC to joinyour Strike Groups stationed at your Shatterdome. ★ UPGRADE Jaegermechs with new tech and weaponry to enhance their damage on thebattlefield. ★ EXTERMINATE enormous Kaiju monsters hell-bent ondestroying Earth in fast-paced battles that can be completed inminutes. ★ COMPETE with other players in Multiplayer Tournaments towin rewards for your Shatterdome and Jaeger Strike Groups. ★ JOINFORCES with other Marshals to form Factions and compete in WarGames for prizes. THE STORY: Born into a world at war, you join themilitary and quickly ascend to the rank of Marshal in the PanPacific Defense Corps. 21 countries across the Pacific Rim havebanded together to create the PPDC and fight the most dangerous foemankind has ever seen: KAIJU. These giant alien behemoths have cometo Earth via dimensional Breaches and will not stop until the humanrace is exterminated. As a Marshal, you along with teams of humanpilots from around the world take control of a team of militaryrobots known as JAEGERS using a mental synergy called Drifting. Theonly way to stop the Kaiju threat is to amass and outfit the mostpowerful array of Jaegers possible and send the Kaiju back throughthe Breach! FEATURES: ACCESSIBLE, STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY Endlesslychallenging, enjoyable core gameplay where players mix Jaeger powerwith puzzle strategy. TONS OF SINGLE-PLAYER CONTENT Wage waragainst the Kaiju in an EPIC single player campaign featuringhundreds of unique battles against over 25 different Kaijumonsters. DAILY MISSIONS Missions add to the fun and adventure asyou work to compete objectives for your Shatterdome base. PVPJAEGER BATTLES Take your strongest Jaegers into simulation battlesagainst the best teams of other players. COLLECTION &CUSTOMIZATION Over 50 unique Jaegers can be collected and upgradedin many different ways. Combine them into Strike Groups to battleagainst impossible odds. MULTIPLAYER & CO-OP Compete alone orjoin a Faction in ranked, multiplayer leagues. Chat with othermembers of your Faction to share strategies. NOTE: A networkconnection is required to play. Get the latest news, featureupdates, videos, tips, and more! Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/pacrimgame Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pacrimgame Watch us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/pacrimgame/ Subscribe at:http://bit.ly/KFFYouTube
Ty Beanie Blast - Puzzle Game 1.9.1
Kung Fu Factory
TY BEANIE BLAST is the official mobile game where you can collectall your favorite BEANIE BOOS and BEANIE BABIES, and playchallenging puzzle levels with them. Ever wonder what happened tothe Ty Beanie Babies from the 1990’s? Well, here’s your chance tofind out! Join Fantasia and her crazy fun Beanie Boo friends inthis new FREE color blast matching game. PLAY hundreds ofchallenging puzzle levels with new ones every two weeks. COLLECTand get to know your favorite characters who create boosters tohelp you solve challenging puzzles. EXPLORE the exciting world ofBoo City and help follow the hilarious story of Fantasia on herjourney across different lands in search of the missing BeanieBabies. WIN rewards in new events every day. JOIN your friends toform clubs & send and receive lives to keep playing! THE STORY(AS TOLD BY OUR NARRATOR, FANTASIA): 🎶 “STOP! In the naaame oflooove...” Oh! Sorry, that’s embarrassing but I love the“Boopremes.” See what I did there? It’s a pun. The name of thegroup is actually the Supremes. Anyway, my name is Fantasia and I’ma REALLY popular Ty Unicorn BEANIE BOO (not that I have a big heador anything.. Well, physically, I kind of do, and my eyes, yeah,those are big, too.) Anyway, my agent said I need to tell you aboutthis game and how our worlds are very relatable (accept we’readorable furry animals with attitude 😘). Me and my best friendsSlush, Kiki and Coconut (other super rad Beanie Boos of course)just graduated university and we had no idea what to do in life. Imean, who does? Sooo, with a coffee truck that my adopted motherOwlette gave me as a graduation gift, and the crippling anxiety ofadulthood, we decided to go on a journey in search of the BeanieBabies from the 1990’s… Right?! Whatever happened to them? Are theystill alive? Where do they live? Ugh, so many questions! This ishow it works. After you beat super fun and addicting puzzle blastlevels, you get a Ty Token which you can use to unlock more Boos.Collect and get to know your favorite Boos who help you beatlevels, join clubs with your friends, win free stuff (includingphysical PLUSH), keep playing levels, keep following our story andblah blah blah, you get the point. Okay, have fun! Oh and by theway, I’m breaking through the fourth wall so you and I can continuethis conversation 😜 Now where was I? Oh yeah.. 🎶 “Before youbreaaak my hearrrrt…” I’m such a good singer. WHAT YOU GET: CASUALGAMEPLAY Really, really really easy to play, but it eventually getschallenging, trust us. NEW GAME MODES Just when you think you havemastered a new type of puzzle...BLAST! A new game objective andmildly infuriating obstacles pop up, but you got this! NEW EVENTSEVERYDAY Still want more? There is always something new, boo.Challenges, Tournaments, it just keeps on going! PLAY ANYWHEREEasily sync the game between devices and access full game featureswhen connected to the internet. Boom goes the dynamite!