Power Clean - Antivirus & Phone Cleaner App
Power Clean is a light, fast & smart android phone cleaner andbooster app that clean phone memory and storage space with simply 1tap. Join 130+ Million users who enjoy faster phone speed & getmore space on phone! Power Clean phone cleaner main features 🚀Speed phone cleaner for Android – integrates advanced junk cleanerengine & super fast cleaners; 💡 Smart phone cleaner and booster– 1 tap boost & auto clean phone memory and storage space; 🗑Clear cache junk on Phone – system cache cleaner and clean cachecreek app junk; 🕵🏻 Residual storage cleaner – detect & autoclean residual file by deleted app on phone; 💪🏻 Advanced memorycleaner (Power boost) – cleaning junk files & optimize storagein depth. How does Power Clean help to clean my phone? ☑ Clean appsunwanted – the cleaner batch uninstall apps of less usage &auto clean their residual files; ☑ One tap phone cleaner –easy-to-use cache cleaner, residual file cleaner, memory cleaner,etc.; ☑ Memory storage cleaner – phone memory cleaner boost Androiddevice & clear space; ☑ Clean cache – clear system cache, ADcache & clean apps’ cache junk files; ☑ Obsolete APK cleaner –clean up the uninstalled APK files on your device; ☑ Junk photoclean up – 1 tap to scan & auto clean duplicated junk photos onyour device; ☑ Notification clean – move & storage wanted appnotification to a clear notification bar. ☑ Residual file cleanerapp – auto clean residual junk from deleted apps; How does PowerClean professional cleaner help to speed up my phone? ⬆ 1 tap boostfor slow phone – fast clean phone junk & speed up phone withone tap; ⬆ Storage Cleaner – optimizer for phone memory space &effective memory cleaner; ⬆ Clean RAM – RAM cleaner & RAMbooster to clean phone RAM & speed phone; ⬆ Cleaner Boost –advanced phone speed boost that clean phone junk thoroughly. PowerClean antivirus booster and cleaner 🛡 Antivirus for android phonesfree that clean phone virus; 🛡 Virus scanner - virus detector toscan virus in depth; 🛡 virus cleaner - clean virus effectivelyprotect phone security; 🛡 24/7 virus protection - virus cleaner toprotect against virus all the time. Power Clean phone cleaner moreAndroid utilities 🛠 App manager for Android with phone app cleanerto clean app 🛠 App lock pro: app lock with password and gesture toprotect app privacy; 🛠 CPU monitor & CPU cooler for androidthat stops overheating apps & settings; 🛠 Within the cleaner,Power Battery saver that optimize power consumption & batterycharging. Power Clean phone cleaner Facebook Power Clean phonecleaner Google+ PowerClean App fights against deceptive ads Power Clean is committed tofighting against misleading downloads. Official policy [email protected]
Power Battery - Battery Life Saver & Health Test
Power Battery is a light, fast and smart battery app that helps youto save battery life and improve battery health. With effectivebattery saver, smart battery monitor, fast battery charger and morebattery modules, you are free to have a full control over thebattery usage and take a good advantage of the limited batterycapacity. Battery Life Saver – Extend Up to 60% Battery PowerBattery quickly scans your mobile, check the power consumption ofapps and settings, and save battery for your device effectively. -Optimizing app to drain the battery with 1 tap; - Presenting energysavings suggestions for device setting; - Advanced battery saverthat effectively stops battery draining apps in the background; -Battery saver modes for different power saving needs, easy toswitch and customize; - Accurate estimating remaining battery time;- Showing battery percentage on screen and status bar; - Lowbattery reminder 1: battery low alarm when 40% battery left; - Lowbattery reminder 2: battery saver mode switch alarm when thebattery 20%; - Support tablet battery: battery saver for androidtablets as well. - Battery Health – 360 Degree Battery Care FastCharger – Battery Booster for Charge Times - Launches automaticallywhen battery charging; - Stops battery draining apps running whencharging; - Shows battery percentage on screen as well as chargetime estimating; - Battery charge monitor that detects batterycharge level and switches between below modes - Speed Mode: fastcharging battery when battery below 80%; - Continuous Mode: start acharging with battery care when battery between 80% and 100%; -Trickle Mode: Reduce charging input when battery 100% for batteryhealth. Battery Monitor – Accurate Battery Usage Tracker The smartbattery monitor in Battery Center shows you the battery status,battery usage info as well as the power consumption happening onyour Android device. - Battery Info Live: battery temperature,voltage, battery capacity(mAh) and more; - Battery Usage: the powerconsumption details on your Android device; Battery Info – ViewBattery Status, Battery Log & Battery History Based onauthoritative papers algorithm and accurate battery test, PowerBattery discovers and display the key battery information for youto know your battery better, including live battery status, batterylog of your battery history charge time. It also generates dailybattery report, power-consumption info & power-saving info foryou. More Than a Battery App – Memory Booster, System Junk Cleaner- Memory Booster: speed up your Android device; - Junk Cleaner:scan and remove system junk; Help us fight against deceptive adsPower Battery is committed to fighting against misleadingdownloads. Official Policy: Report DeceptiveAds: [email protected] Power Battery – Battery Saver App is100% FREE. Join 140+ million users who have enjoyed longer battery& lower power consumption NOW! Power Battery Fights againstdeceptive ads, please contact us via below email in case you seeany deceptive ads in our APP. Official policy Email :[email protected]
Power Light - Flashlight with LED Reminder Light 1.6.22
Power Light turns your Android phone into a super fast & brightflashlight LED widget, giving you call screen themes, strobe light,LED light, screen light & SOS light in darkness. It’s a verysmall size but useful LED flashlight app. Free to download it andlet the light shine out of darkness! ★ Powerful Flash Lighting -Features - Super torch light up a dark room, including LEDflashlight and screen light - Convenient & brightness LEDflashlight controller for super fast screen light to adjust -Blinking/Strobe light with speed controller, low light frequency orhigh light frequency - Color ring light flash alert on call screenwith multi-LED reminder light notifications (HD call theme love) -Super fast LED flashlight screen notification for SMS text message- SOS flash light blinking at Morse Code, high light frequency asemergency light - Keep brightest flash light LED on phone lockedcall screen - Compass sensor widget for giving direction inoutdoors ★ Power Light - Highlights Super LED Flashlight This freeflashlight app uses camera LED flash as a real torch/flash lightsource. If you need a real laser torch light, this flash camera LEDlight is ready to use with a simple switch like using a real mobiletorch light. Besides, a brightness of superfast flashlight LEDlaser torch app can be controlled. Screen Light up Besides cameraLED light controller, this flashlight app uses call screen as realflashlight LED laser torch source to light up the dark room if youdon’t want to use phone camera LED light reminder or flash light oncamera LED flash reminder is not worked. The brightness of thescreen flashlight led genius is adjustable, light up a dark room.HD Call Screen Themes: LED Flashing Light on Calls & SMSMessage Do you need super fast LED flashlight alert for phonecalling screen (ring light flash app)? Or an HD call screen lighton phone SMS message? Power Light is a ring light app, used as HDcall screen app with camera LED reminder, reminding you with colorLED flashlight alert call screen themes (love) & SMS messagesthemes. Super bright calling screen flash light up call screen forincoming calls and cool call screen lights light up text messages.Colorful notifications with HD call screen themes of a ring lightflash app are offered, like love call screen theme. Blinking/StrobeLight & SOS Light Strobe flashlight frequency is adjustablewith a sensitive light frequency strobe tuner, low/high lightfrequency. Its strobe light frequency is used for entertainment,emergency light, like using led laser torch flashing light at danceparty; used as SOS light & emergency light. Compass sensorwidget is offered. Easy & Customizable Torchlight Power Lightprovides beautiful wallpapers for the lock screen. It’s convenientto turn on free brightest flashlight app on the lock screen, switchon/off real flashlight led use powerful LED flash lightingfunctions. Also, user-friendly design of flashlight led lasertorch will give you real torch experience. ★ Power Light - Usage -Replace candle for power failure with LED laser torch light callscreen - Light up room at night with LED flashlight genius widget -Find the key in the dark with real LED flash light laser torch -Writing & reading with the brightest flashlight led lasertorch - Light on your way for hiking/light up dark outdoors - LEDflash lantern while walking in darkness - Emergency light: light upSOS flashlight led genius for help - Location tracker with LEDflash light call screen - Color LED flash alert light on phone callscreen & camera LED reminder - Shake the brightest flashlightLED light controller at the concert - Find little ones with realflashlight LED laser torch Power Light fights against deceptive adsIt's committed to fighting against misleading downloads. Officialpolicy [email protected]
Network Master - Speed Test 1.9.67
Network Master is a free WiFi network tool,net signal with netspeed test. WiFi speed test also a signal booster provides onlinesecurity & speed up internet. Do you have issues with slowspeed internet, disconnect from the internet or online security?Using Network Master, you can identify phishing Wi-Fi hotspots toprotect online security, this network speed test app can find fastWiFi hotspots, detect all devices connected to network analyzerpro, speed up phone by terminating unauthorized background apps,monitor data usage and share portable hotspots with net speedmaster app. Network Master is the all-in-one professional tool forbetter WiFi speed experience. Just one tap, you’ll be the net speedmaster of Android. Network Master-Highlights - Speed up internet:maximize network speed - WiFi speed test: test network speed - WiFispy detect: protect network security -Monitor mobile data: monitorWiFi data usage -Network booster: refresh net speed Net SpeedMaster-Features ●Maximize network speed This personal hotspotbooster view apps network usage in real-time and preserve bandwidthfor important apps automatically such as online game, online videoand downloader app. Like network speed test master app, WiFinetwork also test network speed to find fast WiFi hotspots.●Security Check As a wireless network speed master app, net speedmaster WiFi spy detect protect online security to avoid insecurepublic WiFi or phishing hotspots, by detecting DNS hijacking, ARPspoofing and SSL hijacking. ●Speed up phone by stopping backgroundapps Net speed app helps detect and stop apps from using cellularor WiFi data in the background secretly and unauthorizedly,ensuring authorized apps to have maximized bandwidth and connectionspeed, remind you the apps network usage, it’s all in test networkspeed app. ●Speed Test Master Speed test master app is an Internetspeed meter to test network speed. Speed test master can test speedfor your mobile cellular connections like WiFi hotspot and so on.This wireless network speed test app will test internet speedthrough thousands of servers worldwide, speed up internet and showaccurate broadband speed test apps results within 30 seconds.●Professional Speedometer Using this network WiFi speed check,real-time testing of download and DNS resolved speed. Speed test ofnet signal master works on both cellular and device WiFi, WiFispeed test can troubleshoot and verify the speed WiFi network.●WiFi Spy Detector Net signal master monitors all devices connectedon WiFi hotspot. You can evaluate security levels, detect intrudersand resolve internet issues. This WiFi spy detector protect onlinesecurity to avoid insecure public WiFi or phishing hotspots, bydetecting DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and SSL hijacking. ●Networkboost How does our network booster work? Net booster is aspecialized WiFi optimization tool. Signal booster works byrefreshing current network. ●Resolve network issues Monitor appsnet work usage 24/7 and show accurate info instantly. Send an alertto you when apps are wasting data or near your data limits. ●Avastonline security Protect yourself against viruses and malware thatcause popups and unwanted ads with avast online security, ●Helpfight against deceptive ads Net speed app is committed to fightingagainst misleading downloads. ●Share Portable Hotspot Turn yourmobile phone into a router and share your mobile network with yourfriends. You can find our full official policy on this matter here: If you comeacross one of these ads, please report to us:[email protected] The more detailed, the better.
Lion Locker - ScreenLock & DIY 1.0.5
Lion Locker, the popular ScreenLock Application, could beautify andDIY the screen, strengthen the feature and make it easy onScreenLock page.★Customization- Support several kinds of passwordstyles, such as passcode, pattern-password, etc. The Fingerprintunlock is coming soon.- Offering a variety of wonderful wallpapers,choose the best one for your phone.- Offering DIY wallpaper byAlbum for ScreenLock.★Mobile Privacy Protect - Intruder Selfie-Snap phone peepers after they enter wrong passwords, catch the onewho tries to snoop on your phone.★Notification Reminder- Quickaccess to new messages received in IM apps (WhatsApp, FacebookMessenger, Viber, Line, WeChat and more)- Private mode is alsoavailable, hide preview text.★Music Control- Easily control musicplayback with one-step operations.Feature:☆Weather Forecast-Checking the weather condition at any time, avoid delaying theplan.- Including several weather forecasts, such as 24 hoursforecast and daily forecast.☆DIY Screen Lock-Choose and DIY thewallpapers from the Album.☆Handy Toolbox- Flashlight, calculator,JunkClean, BatterySaver, etc.☆Today Message-Views Today message intime, including today weather, stock info, calendar info,etc.-Customized the Stock info, Supporting to add and search Stockby stock code and delete the deprecated Stock.☆NotificationMessage-Views Notification with detail in time. You could delete,view and open Notification.☆Efficiency-Less memory and batteryusage, including LIONMOBI product. Optimizing device by Power Cleanand Power Battery, never worrying about mobile slowed down andbattery drained.☆LightnessPackage is small, fast installation orupdates.★Authority:►GPS & Wi-Fi status: deliver local weatherinformation►Run at startup: protect your device immediately afterrebooting►Notification: offer Notification service, you couldmanage Notification on ScreenLock page, without locking.►Camera:shortcut to snap photos►Album: DIY your wallpapers★Notice:1.【Disable】disable your system lock screen in case you have to unlockyour phone twice.2. 【Important】Lion Locker can only support Android4.0 and above.3. 【Important】please enable Notification reading toavoid Lion Locker invalid.This App is 100% FREE amazing and easyScreenLock. Try it Now and get your Android phone running like new!
Power Security-Anti Virus, Phone Cleaner 2.0.5
🏆 Google Play top-ranking mobile security antivirus app🏆 PowerSecurity is a free antivirus app that deeply scans your device forany mobile security threats and protects your Android phone fromvirus, malware, adware and spyware. Power Security is a mobilephone security pro & antivirus app, built with powerful mobilesecurity service, phone cleaner & speed booster widgets,especially the security anti virus scanner, mobile virus cleanermaster, phone memory space cleaner, system cache cleaner master,phone speed booster mobile, and spam call blocker. Besides mobilevirus scan & free anti virus clean, this free mobile securityantivirus protection app offers: • WiFi Scanner & NetworkAnalyzer: for WiFi safety and WiFi speed test/check • CPUCooler Master: cool down phone CPU temperature (monitor)• Battery Saver Pro: effective battery power consumption• Notification Manager: clear & full privacy screenmessage security notification bar • Message SecurityProtector: hide message content preview on notification bar withmessage security service • Gallery Vault Locker for PrivacyRisk: uses Gallery vault pro full privacy lock to lock secret photoalbum & video, then keep privacy safe • App Locker forPrivacy Lock: keep sensitive content safe in important apps withpassword protection • Privacy Cleaner Master: for internetsecurity to keep privacy safe & web protection for safebrowsing • Spam Call Blocker: for real-time call security,identify fraud call numbers and auto block spam calls/unwantedcalls • Phone Status Monitor: for Android phone's real-timestatus monitor & mobile security antivirus Power Security -Antivirus, Phone Cleaner Master & Phone Speed Booster PowerSecurity is a top antivirus app with mobile security service &antivirus engine that deeply scans virus for mobile security riskand ensures Android phone security with anti virus protection,malware protection, anti-spyware detector, privacy risk &adware blocker. 1. Anti Virus Protection with Mobile Virus Scanner,Virus Detector & Virus Remover This phone security pro &free antivirus app will protect device safety with antivirusengine, WiFi spyware detector, trojan, anti malware protection andantivirus scanner & anti virus cleaner, which keep device fromphone security threat & privacy risk. Full anti virusprotection deep scanning: • Phone virus detector, virusremover & virus killer is for mobile virus clean, virus scanand anti malware removal • WiFi spy/safety scanning is forDNS/SSL hijacking, app attack & WiFi password encryption check• Online safety/threat scanning is for web protection &use privacy cleaner to remove full privacy risk 2. Real-time MobilePhone Security Service & Protection App This mobile securityantivirus app will deeply scan installed apps in real time, and doauto virus scan & virus clean, anti-spyware and anti malwareremoval. 3. WiFi Safety Check & Speed Analyzer This mobilephone security pro & free antivirus app will detect andidentify phishing Wi-Fi network, monitor network traffic andprotect phone's online safety with security service & anti WiFispy. 4. Powerful Phone Speed Booster & RAM Booster PowerSecurity phone booster mobile will kill background app, clean appcache & boost mobile phone speed. 5. System Cache Cleaner Pro& Junk Cleaner Master Phone memory full? No phone storage spacefor photos? Need to clear/clean cache? You can do phone memory fulldeep file scan, clear cache & clean junk files with PowerSecurity phone cleaner master, to release phone memory space. 6.Smart App Locker for App Lock App Locker is a smart applock forprivacy lock with password protection. It locks important apps toprotect privacy lock information & keep privacy safe. * Callblocker needs permissions to access your phone & read callhistory & contacts. * Email: [email protected]