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Sweet House 1.19.2
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🍬This is a mansion that belongs to you, you can do mansionmakeover, design room, restore home, fix house and decorate houseinto your favorite style! Maybe your family is not with you, buthere are your assistants, butlers and maids! There will be a matchstory, do the home desing, enjoy decorating games! - Move the iconsand matching them to be 3 or more tiles to eliminate them - Eachlevel has a number of steps, you need to complete them within alimited number of steps - Get the stars after completing the level,more fun than other match 3 games - A lot of new areas, need toopen them with stars -More design games. All the decorations andfurniture can be changed to your favorite style - A fascinatingplot, more fun than other home games - A wide variety of charactersand friends 🍬Sweet House is a match-3 puzzle game! 🍬It is a homedesign game! 🍬Play house game with friends on Facebook! 🍬There isalso a wealth of single player content! 🍬No need to connect to theInternet (offline)!Facebook:
Manor Diary 0.34.2
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✈️Welcome to house design games! Are you ready to meet everythingin this estate and create a match story or a town story? ✈️You mayneed to do a mansion makeover. ✈️This is your estate,there is ahome scapes, resort and many mysteries here, and there are alsomany problems. Everything here is too old, can you fixhouse,decorate house, restore home and design room with me?Enjoythe mansion story in house games! 🚥· It's the best of design games.To renovate the estate you need to collect some stars. 🚥· Completethe match-3 levels and you will get the stars you need. 🚥· Thereare step limits in the level, please complete in a limited numberof steps. ✈️It looks like a garden game. In this estate, you canchoose the style you like. Everything in the estate is up to you!✈️What are you waiting for! Join us! 🚥Manor Diary is a home designapp! 🚥It is the best of decorating games! 🚥Play home game withfriends on Facebook! 🚥There is also a wealth of single playercontent! 🚥No need to connect to the Internet (offline)!Facebook:
Sugar Store 0.14.2
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🍭Above the sea of clouds, there is a mysterious town, where onlyhard-working and kind people are allowed to stay, and they oftenreceive gifts from the elves. 🍭Now, the elves will send you aninvitation and give you a dessert shop. Use your love andintelligence to decorate and run this dessert shop in this smalltown. 🍭There are lovely and interesting neighbors and guests here.When you encounter them, there will be many interesting storieshappening between you and them. Live together with them, createunique new desserts and build the best dessert shop in Sky City.Game features: - 🍨Use your cute furniture and accessories to createyour favorite dessert shop! - 🍨A completely new mission system,super high degree of freedom, to complete the task according toyour own preferences! - 🍨Thousands of exciting match-3 levels, morepowerful props, collect desserts to win the game! - 🍨A variety ofcustomers and a storyline full of magical style will let youindulge it! - 🍨Adorable elves will give you lots of fun rewards! -🍨Unscheduled quests from the Elven Kingdom double your fun!Facebook :