Square Bird 3
Build your egg tower and pass the barriers, but beware! Keepitsmooth, on the right timing and the right level. Touch the grass3times with perfect landing to reach the Square Bird Fever mode.
Idle Transformation 1.2.0
Get ready to make a change - play now to reach your ultimate hero!In every scene, you will simulate a transformation from human toyour next evolution choice: Werewolf, Yeti, Alien, Mummy, andthings you only imagined. Beware, it is not always what youexpected. The Transformation Begins now!
Shape Slicer 3D 0.81
This game will blow your cubes away. Swipe the blocks and slice itto cubes - once everything is sliced, you're ready to go! Insertthe cubes into the hole and plop > You did it! But beware, thegame is getting harder as you go, Do you think you have what ittake to be the Cube Master?
Idle Streamer! 1.36
Become the world's most famous streamer! Upgrade your streamingstudio, equipment, character and improve your gamer skills tocollect donations. Interact with your fans by chat and live eventsand your followers will stick with you. But beware! make sure youanswer them correctly. Click on your screen to gain more coins,keep upgrading to gain more audience and earn more cash.
Idle Mars Digger 1.8.5
Buy and upgrade new workers. Dig as deep as you can.
Blocks vs Blocks 1.23
Play the battle of blocks! Overcome the opponent level by level!Blocks vs Blocks is a simple and addictive game. Break the wallsand capture cells, it's that easy! The more area you have, the morechances of winning. How clever you are? Let's go to a greatvictory! - Fun gameplay - Satisfying animations - Lots ofchallenging and addictive levels
Real Haircut Salon 3D 1.35.1
Ready for some Real Hair-cutting Experience ? Try to match yourclients' desired haircut in this real life Barber Shop and Salonfeeling! Clients and special clients are waiting for you! They wantyou to give them a perfect look! Improve your Salon, Trimmers,Scissors and more for an amazing customer experience. Enjoy andtake out the barber inside you !
Crazy Climber! 1.2
Get yourself into this new climbing adventure game. Travelaroundthe world and climb the most dangerous cliffs, race againstothers,complete bonus levels and be the best climber. Also be awarethatthe pickaxes can go crazy ! The rules are simple : - Tap tostickthe pickaxes into the cliff - Avoid the obstacles - Get tothecrazy pickaxes state - Have fun!
Perfect Time 1.0.70
Perfect time spender that will fill every free moment of your day.Perfect Time is an amazing Puzzle simulation that requirespatience, timing, and focus - only with these qualities you willget to the next level! We know you spent hours watching these ASMRvideos on social media, but, have you ever tried it by yourself?This oddly satisfying puzzle will require you to tap fast, or maybenot that fast? Are you Perfect enough to tap at the Perfect Time?
Makeover Run 0.10
It's time to get sassy! Get prettier as you walk along the track bypicking up beautifying stuff! Makeup, Beauty Products, Clothes, youname it! Begin your beauty run today!
Match Mania 3D
Match Mania 3D is an all new Match-3 puzzle game.Relaxing,challenging and extremely satisfying. Download and joinnow.