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DGCA Medicals 0.5
Medspace Art
This App serves the pilots of civil aviation and military aviationalike to improve health and aviation safety. The advice is free andauthentic from the desk of Aviation Medicine Specialist. Any queryrelating to the Aviation medicine will be entertained and answeredappropriately. Large information on recent trends in aviationmedicine & related articles will be provided.You query will be answered through email and thereafter youcould communicate directly thru mail.
ICASM 2016 0.1
Medspace Art
Welcome to the Indian Society of AerospaceMedicine. The 64th ICASM Conference will be held in New Delhi from06 to 10 Nov 2016. It will comprise of the Inaugural Ceremony,Scientific Sessions, Poster Exhibition & Social Functions. Thetheme of the Conference is “Learn & Overcome"
DGCA Medical 0.2
Medspace Art
This App serves the pilots of civilaviationand military aviation alike to improve health and aviationsafety.The advise is free and authentic from the desk of AviationMedicineSpecialist. Any query relating to the Aviation medicinewill beentertained and answered appropriately. Large information onrecenttrends in aviation medicine & related articles willbeprovided.Your question will be answered as soon as possible by anAviationMedicine Specialist
U Batch Reunion 0.1
Medspace Art
We meet again...this time at Goa. Feel thefresh air and the monsoon showers around you as you enjoy theresort and the beaches with your batch mates... Yes the class of1982!!