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Khel Khel Mein Bano crorepati 1.1
This application is totally knowledge based stuff.In this application we have to cover all general knowledgequestionsso the person can improve his or her g.k for any kind of testthis app is applicable by all age groups.this application is very interesting and person can learn with funfeatures:-2.based on G.K3.identical as KBC
Food Recipes 1.1
Food RecipesYou can now invite you family and friends and impressthem with the exquisite flavours of your new-found "Food Recipes"knowledge. With "Food Recipes" you will find all the requiredculinary expertise like those of a seasoned professional."FoodRecipes" is a gamut which has everything from the classic recipesto the traditional palatable platters.Search any recipe with thekeywords like sweet, sour, chicken, soup etc. and get the list ofall the recipes related to it. Tap the recipe name and get itsdetails such as instructions, description etc. You can also havethe glipmse of the recipes through their images in Recipe DetailsScreen.Use "Food Recipes" to make great cookouts to share at yourpicnic, house party, backyard party or tailgate party.So Guys,neverhave a boring party again! Cook delicious, eat delicious.Type ofRecipes :1) Dinner Recipes2) Lunch Recipes3) Soup Recipes4) ChickenRecipes5) Vegetable Recipes6) Dessert Recipes7) Cup CakeRecipesEtc.Download now and Happy Cooking with "Food Recipes".
Brain Puzzle 1.0
On check Time, application allows you to attempt puzzle in time. Ifyou will not attempt question before Times' up , you have to optionTry Again and Exit. Before 15 puzzles, you have to solve puzzle in5 minutes and after 16-30 puzzles, time limit is 3 minutes and31-50 puzzles is 2 minutes.Generally, Brain Puzzle shows you onepuzzle at a time and you have to answer in no any time bound.Shareon Facebook.Get hint form Brain Puzzle.Get correct answer ofPuzzle.
Blood Bank 1.0
E- BLOOD BANKEASY WAY TO ACCESS PEOPLE DONATING BLOOD IN YOURAREA.Blood Bank - Give blood save Life. App helps you to findpeoples donating blood in your area. You can contact them throughphone number or email address.You can see the location of user inmap and if register yourself with App you can get push notificationin case your blood group matches with the need of blood.You canfind near by Hospitals and access them Features:1)Find Donar withyour specific blood group and with your respective states andcities.2)Send notification :will help you know who all are havingthe same blood group in your local area.3).Find Nearby Hospitals InMaps4)Provided helpline numbers in case of emergencyFor anysuggestion feel free to write us on :
PocketBand 1.6
Most Awaited App , Christmas and New year 2014App." Brilliant way to teach music!" -App User reviewA Astrological way to get kids and adults excited for musiceducation."This Charming , attractive, thorough app creatively andmasterfully presents the beginner with a variety of opportunitiesto increase his or her knowledge of music laws ... 5/5 stars" -Learn fundamental principles of music through lessons,videos,and a creative environment where learners can create their ownsongs - and see them performed with in the app by playing therecorded versions ! Fun for kids and adults.Pocket band does not collect any personal information.
Physics Fundamental 1.2
[15:23:14] Anupreet kaur: This Application is designed to outlinethe general development of the main branches of physics as we knowthem today. It is presented here as occurring in a fairly linearfashion, and discusses only the principal figures in each area. TheBranches covered in this application are: 1. Motion. 2. Force. 3.Work, Power and Energy. 4. Gravity. 5. Waves. 6. Magnetic Field. 7Electric Current. 8. Thermodynamics. 9 Optics and many more. Thereis also a separate section for some famous physicians whichcontains Brief history of the physicians and there inventions.
Recipe Recket 1.0
Recipe Recket is the application where you can get various types ofdishes which you can make it by yourself from this application.Many types of dishes which you have never made are available onthis application.It is a set of instructions which helps you how tomake or prepare something new for your family.It has a list ofingredients for making or preparing tasty dishes.It providesvarious features :-1.It is designed diagrammatically using 3Dview.2.Especially beneficial for girls.3.It includes huge varietyof dishes.4.You can share our recipe icon with anyone.5.You caneven give rating to our application.Hope you all gonna like ourapplication.Thanks!!!
BiologyStroke 1.2
*This application is specially designed for the science studentswith an interest in biology.*This app will be used on the basis ofstudy on cell structure,DNA structure, protein synthesis etc.Itwill emphasize on the molecular and cellular basis of life,biochemical processes, cellular structure and function, andgenetics.*It includes all the basic information about the subjectrelated to the syllabie curriculum.*Students will gain theknowledge that is important to understand what our body isdoing,how it can interact with other parts of the body.*Studentscan intensify the basic skills of biology.*Here we pay particularattention to improve the basic knowledge of the subject so thatstudent finds no difficulty in grasping the concepts.
Income Tax Calculator 2015-16 1.2
Want to calculate your income tax ? With "Income Tax Calulator2015- 2016" you can instantly calculate your tax.Income Tax iscalulated according to Tax Payer.Income Tax Aap is very simple andeasy to use.The Income Tax that you got it include Education Cesstoo. After that you will get Total Tax Liability Have fun using"Income Tax Calculator 2015-2016"incometax
Chemistry Stroke 1.3
* A Simple application designed as a quick reference for thestudents of class 11th. * This app is a way of knowing about thecomposition, structure, function, and properties of substances.*Includes the basic information about all the topic of theirsyllabus curriculum.* We explain all the basic details and relevantimages with particular topic.* Understandable so that student caneasily grab the matter.* Student can enhance their chemistry basicskills.* A study of the basic principles of chemistry with specialemphasis on problem solving.* Chemistry is the science of matter ator near the atomic scale so In this application we target as amanager issue.* Here we focus to improve student's basic knowledgeand make them comfortable with chemistry.* To find and useinformation about the possible effects of knowledge and materialson individuals and the environment science.
Kids Coloring 1.1
Kids Coloring is a coloring tool for kids.It has been primarilydesigned for kids .It is kids toys and gifted education.This apphas various features:-You can select image from gallery and paintthe image as the way you want.-You can click a picture from yourphone and paint the picture with any color chosen.-you have list ofimages on the screen ,select the image and start painting.-It is aninteractive kids coloring app that works fast.Your child can choosethe pictures from the followingcategories:-Apple-Banana-Butterfly-VowelsAnd lots more.Kids lovethe games and it can keep kids busy all day long.After painting theimage you can save the image in your gallery as well.You can selectnew drawing in case your drawing goes wrong.Wish you have good timewith your kids!!!
Math Induction 1.0
Math Induction is a app that is designed for those who want to fastthere calculations. In this you can check how much time you take toperform 30 calculations.1.In Math Induction calculations are basedon Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication And Division.2.You can saveyour scores3.Math Induction is present in different levels likeeasy, medium and hard.4.Questions according to different can share your score with your friends also.6.Math Inductionwill help you in enchancing your calculations skills.7.Using MathInduction you can check how much time you take to solve 30calculations.8.You can view your saved score at any time.
POQuiz 1.1
DescriptionPO Quiz is the application which is developed for thosewho want to crack govt jobs or placement in good company.This appconsist of two basic part learning and quiz which helps you inenhancing your basic concepts of General Knowledge, QuantitativeAptitude, English and Reasoning.Features:-*Enhance yourKnowledge.*More than 400 questions.*Contain quiz which help inchecking your performance.*Quiz contain timer which show you howmuch time you have taken to complete the quiz.*Contain multiplechoice question of General Knowledge,quantitative aptitude, Englishand Reasoning.*Best part of this is that it contain previous yearpapers also.*In learning session you can check the correctanswer.*You can also share it with your friends.
Sports World 1.3
Here we launch Sports World app, popular Sports World app is heavypackage of live scores, breaking news in-depth analysis. It isworld spots app..It is a gift for sports fan on account of worldcup 2015Features include:- Instant scores and updates on thebiggest games of the day - Breaking news and analysis of Cricket-Real-time coverage of Cricket - Real-time coverage of Football(NFL, NCAA, CFL)- Ice Hockey- Soccer Match- Ranji Trophy Match-Basket Ball- Table Tennis- Handball - VolleyBall- ICC WorldCupSchedule 2015
Logo Quiz++ 1.0
WANT TO CHECK YOUR IQ LEVEL ??WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH YOU KNOW ABOUTCOMPANIES AND HOW YOU RECOGNIZE THEM ?We present you a game wherewe have list of companies logos and you have to guess which companylogo is this one .In this app you have to guess logos of thepopular companies and enjoy this entertaining game. More logos youguess more points you will earn. Moreover in case you get stuck forany question and don’t know the answer . DON’T GIVE UP !!!You canuse your coins you have earned to get hints or remove letters. Youcan ask question to your friends in Twitter , Facebook andWHATSAPP.- OVER THOUSANDS BRANDS TO GUESS!In day to day life we seelogos while walking in the roads , TV , sports events and whiledoing Shopping :). Our eyes are surrounded by them all the time.But do you recognise them easily ? Do you have good memory ? - ASKYOUR FRIENDSYou can ask your friends in Facebook , Twitter &whats App and fill up missing letters.- HELPStill stuck with Answer? You can use your earned coins to Redeem for the answer.- GAMESTATSYou can track your points records and play with your friends.
Pedometer++ 1.0
Looking for good heath Looking for Shaped Body THIS IS THE APP NEEDTO BE INSTALLED IN YOUR PHONE AND TRACK YOUR BODY MASS EVERYDAY!!!Pedometer++ - Step Log is a Smart tool for health and fitness,make you more fit and active, Best Companion in your Daily routineexercise and jogging, a life time tracker of your calories burnrecord.- Automatically records all your steps- Database storagewith advanced features.- Store records and view the history anytimeanywhere.- Works anywhere: pants or jacket pocket, hand or arm, ina sports bag or purse- Speed calculation- Distance (miles or km)covered- Step frequency counter and calculation- Calories Burntcalculation__ Running in background,measuring your steps.__ You canpause counting from start activity._ you can reset Your StepCount.__ Absolutely free application in the market.---NETWORKCOMMUNICATION: for Ads.
Flappy Chicken 1.0
Flappy Chicken Fly the Chicken around obstacles - Avoid theobstacles(Cat and cactus)- Repeatedly tap screen to increasealtitude.- Reach 40 points to get the chance to play a specialcharacter- Collect medals by getting 10/50/100 pointsEnjoy the game
Time Tracker 1.0
Today we all have very busy schedule so its very difficult to getremember all that tasks that have been done. for this we havedesigned an application named "Time Tracker". in this app you canrecord your tasks with time or without time.Features:-* You can addprojects and in a project you can set number of events* Here twomodes are available so you can apply one shot and play * In oneshot you can save event without time* In play you can record thetime from begin to stop of that event. so this will tell you thetime period that you spent in that event* You can delete the eventfrom particular project* You can delete even the complete projectwith its name
To enjoy GREAT MORNINGseveryday!**********************************Try "WAKEUP FITNESSALARM CLOCK"**********************************WAKEUP FITNESS ALARMCLOCK IS THE MOST FULLY FEATURED AND MOST STABLE ANDROID ALARMCLOCKAll options and features are configurable, spend time withWAKEUP FITNESS ALARM CLOCK and set it up exactly how you wantit!WAKEUP FITNESS ALARM CLOCK features include:**Unlimitedalarms.**User can set alarm on weekdays basis.**User can set snoozefor multiple time option.**Have Multiple ringtones.**User can setAnalog and digital clock according to his/her need.**User can setthe time format according to his need.**User can activate anddeactivate the alarms**The history of alarm will be saveautomatically in HISTORY section.User can check it or delete it ifhe/she want.
Learn Android 1.3
Are you a student, who have interest in Learning Android ?Well howit sounds to you that while you are traveling, or playing withphone Learn ANDROID. Learn Android app will help you to understandandroid basic concepts. It contains all important topicsunderstanding you must need before you start your development .Technical material is also added inside topics for betterunderstanding. Each method is explained very well. This app willhelp you :During Interview During College viva voice DuringDevelopment During QuizDuring Mobile app Development Rest you knowbetter , when you need this app :) So enjoy and keep posting yourviews or topics you want us to add here.
Data WareHouse 1.0
"Data Warehouse" is designed for quick reference for the ITstudents."Data Warehouse" application is designed to know aboutbasic concept of data warehouse. This application explains all thebasic details and relevant images with all Data Warehousetopics.Better Understanding with images.Useful and knowledgeableapplication for the beginners and intermediate users.The main aimof this application "Data Warehouse" is the basic concept of datawarehouse and why we use it and many more things.This applicationis also used for the students in their syllabi.So go and learn moreabout Data Warehouse and develop your skills.
C++ programming 1.1
"C and C++" is designed for quick reference for the ITstudents.This application is designed to know about basic conceptof C and C++. This application explains all the basicdetails,relevant images and their programs with all topics.BetterUnderstanding with images.Useful and knowledgeable application forthe beginners and intermediate users.This application is also usedfor the students in their syllabi.So go and learn more about C andC++ and develop your skills.
Computer Fundamental 2.4
A simple application "Computer Fundamental" is designed as a quickreference for the beginners who are learning basic of computes.The"Computer Fundamental" application is a way of knowing about basicconcepts of computer.Include the basic information about computerand their components.Included features : Explained all the basicdetails and relevant images with all computer fundamentaltopics.Better understanding through images. I bet you never forgetthem in your life.Useful application is for beginners as well asintermediate users."Computer Fundamental" is useful for those whoare going through computer skills development courses like computerbasics, hardware, software, CPU and their components etc.The mainaim of this application "Computer Fundamental" is how to use thecomputers and their components. This application "ComputerFundamental" is used for General knowledge and also used forstudents in their syllabi.So go and learn more about computers andgrown your skills.
Mathematics 1.1
WANT TO STUDY MATHEMATICS IN YOUR PHONE AND NO INTENETREQUIRED!!!!PREPARING FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS.... TAKE THIS APP ANDSOLVE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS.Mathematics App helps thosestudents who wants to learn mathematics anytime. you can learnvarious and different formulas in the app .This application is madefor all mathematics students school to college going.- factoring(Bézout's identity, Euler's totient function, least commonmultiple, greatest common divisor)- modulo calculation with biginteger and fractions- differential and integral calculus- curvesketching, limes, minima, maxima- linear algebra, vectors, matrices
Computer Networking 1.1
"Networking" is designed for quick reference for the ITstudents.This application is designed to know about basic conceptof Networking. This application explains all the basicdetails,relevant images and their programs with all relevanttopics.Better Understanding with images.Useful and knowledgeableapplication for the beginners and intermediate users.Thisapplication is also used for the students in their syllabi.So goand learn more about Networking and develop your skills.
PhotoGram 1.4
NOW SHARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES AND PICTURES WITH EASY TO GOPHOTO EDITING APP. PHOTOGRAM GIVES YOU SIMPLE INTERFACE WITH USERFRIENDLY TOOLS TO EDIT YOUR UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES STORED INPICTURES.SHARE WITH IN THE APP FROM FACEBOOK , TWITTER , LINKEDINAND INSTAGRAMACCOUNTS.*************************************************************************PhotoGramis a great photo editing app.Basically PhotoGram is designed forthose who want to edit their photos.PhotoGram contain great Photoediting tools.Using PhotoGram you can give effects, color,orientation and many more to your photos.Features ofPhotoGram:-1.Using PhotoGram you can add different effects to can change color, orientation, brightness,contrast ofyour image.3 In PhotoGram you can also add frames to can add various stickers.5 you can also draw on thepicture.6.Using PhotoGram you can write text on your picture.7 Youcan also crop the image according to your convenience.8. sharpenand blur the image using tool.9. Crop, rotate, and straighten yourphoto.10 share your photos in whatsapp , facebook and twitter.andmany more .....we are regularly updating this app with new features. checkout the coming updates and submit your suggestions atmobilewebpixel@gmail.com51520e2371
Full form Quiz 1.0
Play the ultimate guess quiz game and discover the full forms ofcomputer science!!!!!This is basically quiz of full forms ofcomputer science and technology.Test Your Knowledge Skills now!Testyourself on the different level of quiz and have Fun!!You can alsolearn some basic full forms of Computer Science. This quiz "GuessQuiz" is a multiple choice quiz with three or four options.This app"Guess Quiz" helps students and beginners to refresh their basicfull forms of computer science and technology and it acts as ahandy guide for preparing exams.It works offline.keywords:computer, full form, quiz
Typing Challenge 1.1
Typing Challenge is amazing game for improving typing speed orskills. With this application, you can measure your typing accuracyon android keyboard and compare your typing speed with yourcolleagues. Modes:1. Learning :This level definitely helps you, ifyou are not familiar with alphabet positions. This will teach youhow to remember alphabet position.2. One Word :One Word level gametype in which there are three stages Easy, Medium and Hard. Eachlevel has its own functionalists.3. One Line :One Line contain oneline statement which will give your typing speed and accuracy inone line.
Gas Finder 1.2
Find Cheap Gas Prices!!!!!Gas Finder helps you to find gas stationwith one tap.Gas prices only for USA.Gas Finder uses gas priceinformation provided by our users.Gas Finder uses GPS to locatewhere you are and show the direction to the nearest gasstation.User can Filter the near stations. It will be very helpfulfor people who doesn't know where to buy fuel diesel etc.
DataStructure 1.4
"Data Structure" is designed for quick reference for the ITstudents."Data Structure" application is designed to know aboutbasic concept of data structure. This application explains all thebasic details,relevant images and their programs with all DataStructure topics.Better Understanding with images.Useful andknowledgeable application for the beginners and intermediateusers.This application is also used for the students in theirsyllabi.So go and learn more about Data Structure and develop yourskills.
Medicine Alert 1.0
Medicine Alert is a beautiful.because Do you keep forgetting yourdaily medicines? Now never forget to take them with the help of"Medicine Alert"It will help you take your medicine on time andsafely. It also allows you to help your family members with theirpills.Features: - user can add up to 1000 scheduled time i.e.alarms. - user can set medicine name ,description, and doses. -user can set ringtone. - show the medicine help - show the nearesthospital in emergency time. - show the display board. - use snoozetime It will help you remember to take meds, keep track what pillyou took and when, remind you to refill.
Tap N Play 1.0
This application is basically used to motivate kids, with the helpof Talking animations. ABC are broadly categorized into fourtypes:-1. Vegetable ABC2. Fruits ABC3. Animal ABC4.Simple ABC *Itis performed with the help of FLIP COVER. *This app is the bestsuited for children. *All the pictures are animated. *It isespecially designed for age group 0 to 7.*All Alphabets includesletters A to Z and is fully-featured.*Let your kids learn EnglishAlphabets in an easier way by relating each Alphabet with anobject. Sounds interesting right?*Perfect Learning tool… ABC forkids is simple to understand, yet fun enough to keep small childrenentertained. Great way to get them to learn without realizing thatthey are learning something new. Great graphics, attractivepictures, real sound and clear pronunciations.* Unique music andanimal ABC, simple ABC, Vegetable ABC, Fruits ABC.* Awesome way tolearn the ABC* This application very helpful for your Kids.
Christmas Quoted Life 1.0
Christmas quotes is the application where we want you to givewishes to your close ones with very beautiful quotes ofChristmas.Here person can express his or her views related toChristmas wishes within few words using touching quotes OfChristmas.This app is applicable for all age groups.Best collectionof Christmas quotes.Features:-1. Sharable by just one click.2. SoftChristmas background music.3. Heart touching Christmas messages.4.Sharable text.
Java Programming 1.0
"Java Programming" is designed for quick reference for the ITstudents.This application is designed to know about basic conceptof Java. This application explains all the basic details,relevantimages and their programs with all relevant topics.BetterUnderstanding with images.Useful and knowledgeable application forthe beginners and intermediate users.This application is also usedfor the students in their syllabi.So go and learn more about Javaand their concepts and develop your skills.
Quoted Colored Life 1.0
There are six colors of life:- Love, Art, Beauty, Sad, Dream andFriendship.In this app we have to cover all these colors by quotes.So the person can express his or her views within few words usingtouching quotes.Here by this app you can share your feelings withyour beloved ones.This app is applicable by all age groups.Bestcollection of quotes.Features:-1. Share able by just one click.2.Soft background music.3. Romantic messages.4. Share able text.5.Emotional quotes expressing person's feelings with in few words.