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Tic Tac Toe Logic 1.25
Solve over 300 free singleplayer logic puzzles with varyingdifficulty and gamemodes! Main features: **Play in traditionalgamemode, where you have to fill a grid with Xs and Os so there areno more than 2 of either in a row or column and so there's the samenumber of both in every row and column **Play in experimentalgamemode, which adds new wrapping and diagonals rules!**Interactive tutorial for each gamemode **New free puzzles everyday! **Battery saving mode to keep you going for hours
Logic Puzzle Kingdom 1.7
Solve a variety of mind-bending logic puzzles! With 8differenttypes of logic puzzles to choose from and more to come,LogicPuzzle Kingdom is a fun and beneficial game, that improvesyourlogical reasoning skills! Play 8 different logic puzzles with5difficulty levels All the puzzles can be solved with logic onlyandyou don't need to make any random guesses. Tic-Tac-Toe Logic isaslight twist on the well-known puzzle game, especially designedtobe played alone. Fill the grid so there are no more than 3 of XorO in a row or a column while making sure there is the samenumberof both in each row and column! The rules are simple but it'swaymore challenging than it looks! Inertia is a game aboutcollectingall the gems while avoiding hitting the mines. Like thenamesuggests, your movement can only be stopped by a wall, a ringor inthe worst case, a mine! Possibly the most well known logicgameSudoku doesn't require much explaining. Your task is to fillthegrid with numbers from 1 to 9 and making sure they don't repeatinany row, column or marked 3x3 area! Range is the latest additiontoour puzzle series, requiring you to figure out new clever movestosolve these. Your goal is to place black tiles so thateachnumbered tile is vertically and horizontally connected toexactlythe number of tiles as shown on the tile. Hitori is aclassicalJapanese number logic puzzle game where you must use yourlogicalreasoning to figure out which numbers to gray out. In theend,there can only be a maximum of one of each number in each rowandcolumn and there must be no colliding greyed out numbers! Netisour take on the classical grid connecting puzzle. Rotate thetilesso the central power unit powers the whole network! WrappedNet isthe step-brother of Net, enabling you to connect tiles evenacrossthe puzzle borders- You can long tap on a tile to lock it ifyou'resure it's rotated correctly to solve the puzzle step bystep.SameGame is another classical puzzle, where your goal is toclearthe grid of all tiles! You can only remove tiles if there'satleast 2 of the same colour tiles next to it!
Total Destruction 1.99.1
Destroy buildings, terrain and enemies using machineguns,autocannon, cannon, bombs, rockets and nuclear weapons.Features:**Powerful nuclear weapons **Sandbox mode with weaponcustomization**Cool explosions - lots of fire and debris! **Specialattacks**Buildings destruction - shoot your rockets at differentbuildingsand watch them collapse. **20 achievements to unlock **35missionsto complete You can choose between helicopters, planes,tanks andseveral other types of ground vehicles. There are morethan 20different vehicles including A-10, AH-64 and P. 1000 Rattetank.You can update vehicles' armor and engine, weapon systems andtheirammunition. Enemies have many types of units starting withsoldiersand ending with S-300 advanced anti air systems. Destroytheenemies!