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Can Knockdown Strike Challenge 1.4
Can Knockdown Strike Challenge is a tournamentthat permits only the skillful and sharp player to groom andenhance his throwing target. You just need to hold your breath,throw sharply, precise finger movements and strength! To be thereal and fantastic Can knocker among your friends you should takethis challenge. Once you start to throw balls to cans , strike andknock down pyramids of cans later you'll be addicted to thissupercool 100% free game.Prove your accuracy by throwing all of the cans and show yourskills and impress your friends while collecting bonuses andknocking down cans existing on a table. So now it’s time to takechallenge to get all of the cans down throughout the game. Be calm,take a long inhale, release your ball to fall cans down.Face of the game:Game has lots of 3D featured cans. Many of them are explosive;means hitting them can give you a big success and achievement towin in a successive way. So strike those specific one and make abig blast to throw all others. Use these explosive cans to generatea spectacular shockwave which ‘ll help you to wipe out multipleother cans.Also with those cans, Our Developers have added some other specialbonus cans especially for you. If you strike them you‘ll win abonus ball free.Key Features:• Puzzles from Easy to Tricky… can you knock them ALLdown!• Show your skills and challenge your friends.• Stunning and beautiful 3D graphics.• Gameplay adventures like explosives, bonuses, and muchmore.• Real 3D displays and awesome sound effects.• Anyone can play with a simple and easy control.After diving into thrill and fun of a marvelous game, player ‘llenjoy four splendid stages having fifteen more levels in each ofstage separately. Game has four different fabulous ways to explorefun and excitement for you including City Life, Yolo, Nature Zoneand Game On.Hints:Swipe your finger towards where you want to aim and then release tothrow the ball. Hit bonus and explosive cans more. You have fiveballs to strike cans so be careful and sharp at target.Do you think that you can strike and knock down all the Cans!Then what you are waiting for?Pick up ball and start playing. Crash cans, win bonus balls andmake big bang explosion. I think that you won’t stop this cool andimpressive fun till you make your battery empty!
Free Basketball 2015 1.0.1
Now basketball is easy to play on yourandroid. Touch the ball to play and enjoy it with nice roomenvironment.Features:• Free to play• Nice gameplay• Great sound effects• Real environment like effects for enjoying playersHow to play:• Pick the ball with your finger and throw it towards thebasket• Enjoy and get maximum score• Good luck with your play
Birds Hunter African Safari 1.0.02
Birds hunting is very interesting task withmodern graphics. Let's go for bird hunting to an African desert.Prepare your sniper gunAt first flash this game seems beautiful, but it can actually bequite standard addicted!The African bird hunter game is pending for your chase and fire.So take your gun, sharp your skills and make your dark desert tripcool…. Now Get ready and Go!Game main UI having an awesome background with full panel lets youto discover fun.After your first start you will be in battlefield at deep and darkdesert at a shining day,a sniper pointer helps you to target/range your shoot to assistwith zoom in and radar options.Following features make African Birds Hunting best to play.Sniper pointerBirds radar systemGreat sound effectsIn fact its not only a game but a bold war between prey andpredator. Be the predator like a real world predator and make yourprey of flying African damn birds.Due to 3D graphics features this game gives you thrill andadventure, like real hunting.So take your position, align your rifle and get the the angry birdsin your bucket.
Sniper in Real Action 1.0.1
Soldier,As a well trained sniper, you have been assigned a special mission.Your target is to assassinate the enemies and clear the area.We have come to know about several locations in which we seeenemies in action. They have occupied our cities and building theircamps there. You are appointed to raid and kill them all. Clear thearea.Select suitable location as sniping position. Take cover. Invadethe enemy base. Kill them allGood luck soldierNote:- If some developer / team / company find any asset used here istheir trademark, please contact the developer.
Commando Forces - Zarb e Azb 1.0.1
Infiltrate the enemy base & wipe themout.Those were the good times when the tribal areas of Pakistan werepeaceful. Everyone was happy. Suddenly the enemies attacked andstarted the anarchy there. Lots of people were slaughtered. You arethe ruthless commando of Special Forces and you are assigned a taskthat infiltrate the enemy’s base camp and wipe them out from earthand avenge your mother land.Kill your enemy by going on frontline when enemy is not aware ofyour presence in his camp.You are the furious commando of Special Forces with ultra combatexperience so use your skills to take down the enemies.You are drop down in the enemy’s camp through Parachute . So youhave to maintain your stealth and keep away from eyes of yourenemies.These are the mercenaries so you don’t have to pity on them andshoot them all on sight & avenge your motherland.You have to be unstoppable and clear the enemy camp until there isno enemy left. You have to eliminate every last one of them toclear the mission.This is the single player campaign. You have to clear all the enemywaves and survive until the last wave. Clear all wave without dyingto complete the game.You are the last commando left so you have to carry out the missionand save your soldiers and people.This is your battlefield. So you have to count every shot andinvade the enemy base camp with full force.You are the last man standing. You are the commando of PakistanSpecial forces. You are the one man army. So feel proud and don’thesitate to fire your weapon on enemies to kill them.Feel like a real army commando in our First person shooting (FPS)game.HOW TO PLAY:Touch and move joystick to move.Tap fire button to fire.Tap pause button to pause the game.FEATURES:Realistic army base view in mountains.Controls are very smooth and comfortable.A.I applied is very good.Clear all waves to complete the mission.Feel like a real time war hero.Improve your shooting skills.
Chase Criminal Police Pursuit 1.4
This game contains action packed Police carChase 3D racing simulator game for all the racing gameplayers.You are the police officer who is chasing the robbers running fromthe police after a heist and now involved into the fast policepursuit situation.You are gaining on thieves as time is passing and you can take themdown in any minute.It’s time to show your ultra driving skills and try to catch therobbers in the traffic.Avoid the other vehicles and don’t crash in them or it willdecrease the distance between you and the robber’s car.Use nitro to boost up your speed and get close to them.Collect coins on your way to unlock new cars.Don’t let them get away. Catch them before the run away and fulfillyour duty for what you were signed up in the police force.This game will take you and your driving skills on next level highin speed chasing game play.Be the smoothest driver on the city streets and earn respectbetween other cops.The robbers are out and ahead of you with full force & there'sjust one way to catch them! Race hard and fast through the citystreets between the traffic.Grab and use the Nitro to reach the extreme level of speed and gainan upper hand on the thieves. Don’t let them out run you!HOW TO PLAY:Use the buttons on left and right side of the screens to controlthe movement.Tap pause button to pause.Collect power ups.Hit nitro to boost up your speed.FEATURES:Realistic and addictive gameplay.Power-ups to collect.Real cops and thief chasing environment.Endless driving game.Real blood pumping chase through the traffic.
Most wanted drag racing 1.0.1
Be the part of underground illegal street dragracing.Underground racing is always a dream for you. Now you can fulfillyour dream by taking part in drag racing in this new street dragracing game 2016.Race the professional racers and beat them all to stay on the topof the racing chart.Join the illegal street racing club and start your crew today andstart your races.Burn out your car until you reach maximum speed level of yourcar.Earn the respect on the streets by taking on all of your rivals oneby one.Drag racing works as an adrenaline for your blood. So you have totake complete control on you and your car until you reach thefinish line.Shift on the perfect time to get ahead from the opponents and beatthem hard in every race on the streets.Drive highly modified cars in the realistic city environment.Tune up your cars to meet the advance and difficult racinglevels.What you think that drag racing in a straight line is easy task?Try to find that out between grip and power in your class onstreets.Start the racing from your car lots. There are many fast cars inyour lot.Add more cars to your car lots by defeating your opponents inracing and winning their rides as your pink slips.Wait for the right moment to shift up your car. Don’t shift tooearly or too late otherwise you will never make it to the finishline on time.If you want more thriller and you desire for more speed then thisis the definitely the game for your needs.Experience the thrill of real drag racer. What he feels whendriving a car in real drag racing on the streets against manyrivals.HOW TO PLAY:Tap shift button when require.FEATURES:Night city underground racing modes.Race with different stock cars.Experience the thrill of drag racing.Complete the task to unlock new missions.Win pink slips from your rivals.Controls are smooth and comfortable.
Demolition Derby RC Cars 1.0.1
☠ Experience the most crazy demolitionderby car wars on this weekend. ☠Drive your most awesome RC toy cars in the arena and ram theopponent’s cars into the pieces.Improvise your demolition derby driving skills in this mosthardcore car wars game on the store in the brutal arena.Your rivals will not show any mercy on you and they will try tocrush you beneath their cars. So you have to hit them first and hitthem hard.Drive your cars in action packed and most thrilling car carnageraces where you have to hit hard your opponents smash their carsand blast them.You have to survive in the arena till you are the only one left inorder to win the game.Smash your rivals to the death, or ram their cars and throw themdown from the platform.The goal of the demolition car derby is to smash each other’s carsuntil the survival of the last man stand alive after this brutalcarnage.Join the mayhem, drive your cars like a crazy car driver and findnew ways to hit your opponents.Pick from the different RC cars and start your game with only oneultimate goal which is to just smash.Wage a war on your opponents and blast them out of your way.Show your rage and battle your way to the end to become one of thebest racer and be top on the chart of leader board.It’s a 3D death race for you, so calculate your speed, find aperfect spot and hit your enemy on the perfect timing.Become the most brutal, mad, harsh and full of rage road warrior inthis post-apocalyptic fury game.Be the indestructible driver and show no mercy for your rivals andbecome the cause of their destruction.Show your ultra driving skills, make your moves and blow yourenemies.So wait are you waiting for? Start your ignition and drive your carinto the valley of death.HOW TO PLAYTap left and right buttons to turn left and right.Tap brake to brake.Tap throttle to accelerate.FEATURES:☠ High speed car wrecking game.☠ Realistic car damage and destruction effects.☠ Highly tuned car physics.☠ AI (Artificial Intelligence) applied.☠ Choose between different cars.☠ Awesome environment.☠ Improve your driving skills.
Truck Driver Parking Simulator 1.1
Are you tired of parking buses, cars? Wellthen start your engines this weekend and let’s start parkingAmerican heavy trucks.This is the new truck parking simulator game of 2016. Keep playthis game until you reach your ultimate goals.Enjoy playing 3D parking game in which you have to park the truckright in its place. You have to be careful while parking.This game simulates ad shows your various parking skills. Let yourinner driver come out and improvise your skills in this truckparking simulator.Drive the truck with four camera angle view and get the perfectparking spot for your truck.Control your truck while with the smooth and comfortable controlsin the game while steering, parking, reverse and braking.You will get addicted to this game while playing. The environmentof parking place is in the city.Be very careful while parking. Watch out for the other cars. If youhit any other car then it will be game over for you.Shift the gear backward and forward when you need it.If you really like parking games then this is the real truckparking game for you where can really improve your ultra skills inparking the vehicle.You have to be very patient and keep all your senses together whileparking, because a single mistake can end your game.Get behind the steering of the big muscle truck and feel what areal truck driver feels while parking his truck in this truckparking simulator game.The physics of this game is very good and smooth. The sound effectsare also very nice.HOW TO PLAY:Use steering to control the movement.Hit throttle to accelerate.Hit brake to stop.Shift gear to go forward and backward.Tap camera button to change camera view.FEATURES:Real 3D graphics of city environment.Smooth and easy touch controls.18 levels to play with different objectives and scenes. (More arecoming)Play with 4 different camera views.HD graphics and cool sound effects.Test and master your parking skills.
Jumbo Airplane Simulator 1.1
To fly is the biggest dream of every persontill his childhood. Now it’s a chance to fulfill your dreams inthis real airplane simulation game of 2016.Enjoy the limitless skies around the world in this simulator andbecome the famous pilot among all the pilots.If you want to always push your limits and boundaries then this isthe perfect game for you.Feel what a real airplane pilot feels while flying anairplane.Test and master your flying skills in this brand new airplanesimulation game.Start the engine, use your inner courage, and feels the thrust ofrealistic plane’s engines while flying through different stunninglocations.Fly and steer your plane through all the way to ensure you areheading for the right destination.First you have to take off your plane. Be sure to follow theinstructions correctly to take off your plane successfully.Explore and view the world from above the sky. Show your ultraflying skills.Enjoy the real and beautiful scenes and environment.For landing your plane, slow down your plane near the runway andgradually decrease your speed to land correctly. Otherwise you willcrash.This game offers most detailed flight experience. You can play andenjoy this game fully even if you are novice or a professionalpilot.Airplane flight simulator is a best realistic flight simulator gameon store where you have to fly your aircraft safely to the groundand also back into the air.HOW TO PLAY:Swap Speed Lever up to accelerate.Tilt device to turn left and right.Tap camera button to change camera view.FEATURES:Real time flying experience.Improvise your flying skills.Enjoy the real hilly and ocean view environments.Fly into the boundless skies.Controls are smooth and comfortable.The flying physics and aerodynamics applied very nicely.Experience like a real airplane pilot.
Drive Euro Truck Parking Sim 1.0
This Truck parking SIM is a brand newsimulatorgame. It simulates different parking skills.You can get a glimpse of the Truck’s position in arealisticdesigned city parking environment.You can choose between different camera angles of view by tappingonthe camera button.Use suitable view at different spots to find to park the truck.It‘seasier to get through the tight spots and the steepcorner.3D Truck parking SIM is simulation game with realistic controlsandbest physics dynamic gameplay. This game uses exact precisionwhiledriving the truck.Control your truck with an on-screen button controlledsteering,throttle to accelerate and brake pedals. Shift the gearwhen neededto move forward or backward.If you like truck parking games and you are tired of parkingbusesand cars then you really need to play this game?Get behind the steering of your own Transporter truck! Inthisparking game you are skilled trucker who use and show off itskillsto park the truck in different styles.When you arrive at the parking spot then you need to truckasquickly as possible and be careful while parking.So if you want to try the parking games with a change and withthetwist then this game is definitely you need to play.You have to stay awake and careful and keep a close eye and trynotto damage the truck or other cars in the parking bay.In this game you get to drive around real 3D city. You candrivethrough the city and view it.Use your ultimate skills when you park extreme grand rig likethis,and be sure you doesn't swing into other vehicles!Driving a big American muscle truck experience is differentfromdriving a sport scar or a compact car or any other vehicle intheparking simulator games.HOW TO PLAY:Tap left and right buttons to turn left and right.Tap on the throttle to accelerate.Tap on brake to stop and hold it to reverse.Tap on camera to change the camera angles.FEATURES:Realistic 3D city view and parking bay.Lots of camera view to park the truck.Controls are comfortable.Truck with maximum tuned physics.Improvise your truck driving skills and maneuver truck incitystreets.20 Levels of madness and fun.Park the truck and the trailer at the best spot highlighted.
Helicopter Shooting Airstrike 1.0
You are invaded by your traditionalenemy.There is total blackout in every city of your country likehappenedbefore onetime from 1940 to 1948.All the communication systems are down. All the soldiers atthefront battlefield have been fallen. You are only soldier leftonthe frontline.Use Your Marksmanship skills and try to take headshots fromyourpositions with LMG. Perform air attack on your enemy and bethetrue air fighter.This is your air war against your enemy in which you areguardingyour country. It’s your stronghold against your enemies sosittight and have a chopper airstrike on them.You are an extreme specialist deadly gunner. Demolish theterroristswith the help of your copter in this battle of army.This enemy islike roaches and stalker for you.The enemy is coming from every side to take on your base locatedinthe desert plane. Your base is the last hurdle between theenemyand your country.This duty is now solely upon you to defend your nation fromtheenemy strike and assault your rage upon the enemy. Proofyourselfto be stalker for the enemy.It’s very critical time. The enemy has raided your base. Theyarecoming toward you. Stay in your heli and let the enemy comeinfront of your gun point.It is the call of duty and you have sworn to protect yourmotherlandat every cost. Now it’s time to take revenge fromthem.You are trained by the highly skilled commanders. Yourweaponstactics and hand to hand combat skills are at thehardcorelevel.Be an elite killer for your squad and the mostskilledanti-terrorist and counter the terrorist attacks whileoperatingfrom your base.You are a trained assassin so you don’t have to be afraid fromthecoward enemy. Be the last man standing and wipe them out.You are most skilled helicopter shooter in your squad. Spotyourenemy, swipe on the screen to take the aim and then hit thefirebutton to start shooting them.The enemy is converging to your position and they have only oneaimwhich is to kill you and destroy your base.Prove yourself a worthy member of special and armed forces andshowyour rage to them by keep firing on them like you havemillionbullets in your machine gun.Defend the base till the last drop of your blood and be theultimatehero for the peoples of your country and fulfill theirhopes.Flush out the enemy with your Heli attack and have airstrikeonthem. Take part in this helicopter shootout game.You will be on helicopter at the beginning of the mission. Youhaveto spot the enemy and the roast them with your deadlymachinegun.Kill the enemy before they start firing on you. Otherwise youwillbe dead and the enemy will win the war.Let the enemy immersive when you fire variety of helicopterrocketsfrom your raptor chopper.Use your precise firing skills with amount rate of fire andfinishthe enemy with one bullet at a time.HOW TO PLAY:Swipe left and right on the screen to take aim.Tap on fire to start shooting.FEATURES:Realistic military base environment in desert.Mad level enemy A.I.Stunning fps visual graphics.Defend your country from enemy invasion.Easy Game play. Touch Tap and shoot.Improve your shooting skills by practicing on the enemies.
Taxi Driver Rush Service 1.0
Drive the taxi on the hilly area andtransportthe passengers from one place to another.You work as a taxi driver for the hill station cab service thathasfleet of taxis.You worked as a city taxi driver before, which was easierthandriving a taxi on the mountain area. The tracks of mountainareaare narrow and dangerous than city highway and the roads.As a taxi driver it’s your duty to pick up the passenger fromonestop and then drive to the desired destination.To pick the passengers up, drive the taxi and park right intothehighlighted spot in front of the taxi stand then wait fortheperson to get into the taxi and start drive and drop thepassengerby parking right into the highlighted spot.Enjoy being the modern day chauffer of taxi in this 3d taxihillstation simulator game of 2016.Be the crazy cabbie driver whose only goal is to transportmaximumpassengers in short period of time.Drive in speed to complete the mission successfully in giventime;otherwise the level will be failed.Gain experience as a real life taxi driver in this taxiparkingsimulation Sega game to be most skilled driver.Show your driving skills in this taxi driving simulatorandimprovise them to the next hardcore level.Keep checking the time bar and drive at maximum speed tocompletethe given task within given time.Be the famous taxi express and earn respect so the passengerswouldonly want to travel only with you to their destination.Avoid any type of destruction and damage to taxi and keepthepassenger safe to pass the mission successfully.Test your driving skills in realistic designed hill environmentandtake your driving skills to the next ultimate level.Rush to the passenger to get to him first before any othercabbieand drive him to his final destination.Feel the thrill and adrenaline of driving the taxi on thehillstations in your veins and blood.Make haste and rush but drive carefully on the curvy roads ofhillsso you can be at the finish point safely.Don’t hassle to the finish line and try to enjoy every momentofyour driving while being a beautiful mountain taxi driver.HOW TO DRIVE:Tap left and right buttons to turn left and right.Hit throttle to accelerate.Tap brake to stop and reverse the car.Tap on pause to pause the game.FEATURES:Realistic designed 3d open mountain environment.Controls are smooth.Highly tuned taxi cab car.Smooth driving experience.Complete the level to progress through game.Beautiful animations.Improve your driving skills on mountain roads.Enjoy 10 levels of fun. More will be added in furtherupdates.