Patel Gaming Studio Apps

Word Finder 1.0
Word Finder It is Ultimate word puzzle games. It is very goodgameof words. Features : 10+ Diffrent Categories of words. 3DiffrentModes. 3 Diffrent Difficulties. Continue Feature. How ToPlay :Swipe Finger Left , Right , Up , Down ,Diagonally to genratewords.If you like it please rate and share.
Bubble Shooter 2019 1.0
Bubble Shooter 2019 Simple Bubble Shooting Game with EffectiveGamePlay. Simple Just Throw Bubble at Same Color Bubble Group.Features:: 100+ Diffrent Levels Available. Superb GUI. EffectiveGameplay.If You Like Our App Please Rate and Share.
Dinobomb 2019 1.0
Dinobomb 2019 Endless Superb game with unlimited levels.Features:Just Catch good dinos and avoid black dinos. If you likeour gameplease rate and share.
Fruit Link 2019 1.0
Fruit Link 2019 Superb Game with Good GUI. Just Link 3 or morefruitin any directions. Features :: 100+ diffrent levels. GoodConcept.Superb GUI. Amazing Game Play. If You Like Our Game PleaseRate& Share.
Around The World 2019 1.0
Around The World 2019 Simple Game of jumping and avoid theeffieltower to touch. Features : Amazing GUI. Superb Gameplay. JumpTheMen over tower and score more. If you like our game please rateandshare.
Circle Ball 2019 1.0
Circle Ball 2019 Simple But Effective Gameplay. Just Pass TheBallFrom Circle to endpoint. Features:: 1200+ Diffrent Levels.UniqueIdeas. Simple Concept. If You Like Our Game Please Rate andshare.
Highway Car Racer 2019 2.0
Highway Car Racer 2019 Superb Game with Smooth Gameplay. Features::4 Diffrent Modes Available. 3 Different Weather Available. 5Carsavailable. Smooth Gameplay. If You Like our game please rateandshare.
Road Crossing 2019 1.0
Road Crossing 2019 How To play : keep jumping and help froggytocross the road, by avoiding obstackles. Features ::AmazingGameplay Smooth touch Super Design if you like our gameplease rate& share.
New Quiz 2K19 1.0
New Quiz 2K19 Easy Quiz Game with Additional features. Features::50+ Diffrent Levels. Hint System. and Many More. If You LikeOurGame Please Rate & share,
Circus Fun 2019 1.0
Circus Fun 2019 Simple Run the lion from ring and fire andscoremore. Features :: Amazing Gameplay Superb Sound Cool GUI. IfYouLike our game please rate and share.
Crazy Ball 2019 1.0
Crazy Ball 2019 Simple Ball Running Game. Features :: 2DiffrentModes Available. 1).Escape 2).Survival Superb GUI AmazingGamePlay.If You Like Our Game Please Rate & Share.
com.patelgamingstudio.theclimber2019 1.0
The Climber 2019 Just Climb Up and Kill The Alien Enemies.SuperbGUI. Amazing Gameplay. If You Like Our Game Please Rate andShare.