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Pixomatic photo editor 4.2.6
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Pixomatic photo editor is featured by Apple in “Great PhotographyApps,” “New Apps We Love” & “Share the Fever” on the App Store,that makes smart cutouts from an image with fingertips directlyfrom your mobile device and now is available in Google Play! Haveyou ever wanted to accurately and conveniently remove and changeimage backgrounds from your photos? Now you can quickly, precisely,and easily edit your photos with Pixomatic. Turn your pictures intomasterpieces in just minutes, and become an expert photo editorwithout costly and complicated software. Take your image editingcapabilities to the next level. With Pixomatic, you can: · Cut out,replace, and remove image elements – Pixomatic makes even thetrickiest edges easy to edit! · Replace or remove photobackgrounds. Make it beautiful! Make it funny! · Blur backgroundsto enhance the depth of field and make your subjects truly pop! ·Create dynamic grayscale images from your color originals. · Applymultiple filters to your edited images for nuanced, sophisticatededits. · Adjust image colors with speed and precision. · Preciselycrop and flip images on your first try. · Smooth images, adjustshadows and set opacities to capture exactly what you’re lookingfor. · Manipulate image perspectives to best suit your devices andaudience. · Make stickers of anything you want and save for futureuse on your photos. · Add a colorful text choosing from 40+ fonts,change the alignment and add shadow for a more realistic look. Donot miss your chance to win our Instagram monthly contest. Forrules and news make sure to follow our Instagram page(@pixomatic_app). Pixomatic also makes it easy to save your cutsand edits in a dedicated album for future use. Quickly share andupload them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Contact usat support@pixomatic.us if you have any feature requests,questions, or comments.
Baby Moments - pregnancy & baby milestones photos 1.0.2
Pixomatic LLC
Calling all mommies and daddies! Enhance your most pricelessmemories with your baby with Baby Moments! It’s the very first appof its kind to let you use object stickers and fonts for yourbaby’s photos. Never worry about missing a milestone, first step,or precious smile with our one-of-a-kind beautiful and memorablevisuals for your baby.Want to add some 3D text on your baby’sbirthday invitation cards? With dozens of Baby Moments’s uniquefonts and artwork to choose from, you’ll have loads of fun makingbeautiful images of your precious child! Save your pennies onprofessional photographers and use our limitless collection ofcolorful stickers to turn your baby’s photos into real works ofart!Some of Baby Moments exclusive features allows you to:- Captureevery step of your pregnancy with colorful 3D stickers- Use ourcollection of over 1,600 stickers and artworks to enhance yourbaby’s pictures- Personalize your photos with a typographyselection of 24 fun and witty fonts - Give your content some pizazzwith 3D fonts- Use creative frames- Use professional grade editingtools and filters- Make beautiful greeting cards with your baby’ssmile to send to family members- Send awesome birthday invites withmerry messages anticipating your baby’s special day- Make a funnymeme and share with your friends on social media- And so muchmore!***Download Baby Moments Now!***Never miss a chance to captureanother precious milestone again! Download the innovative BabyMoments to take advantage this one-of-a-kind app and it’sone-of-a-kind features to create beautiful digital memories withyour baby today!Join us on Instagram at @baby.moments and use thetag #mybabymoment for your chance to be featured!Visit our websiteat www.babymoments.ioSupport: support@babymoments.ioFacebook:facebook.com/BabyMomentsAppOfficial/Pintrest:pinterest.com/babymoments_app/