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Lux Light Meter & Tools - Photometer PRO 2.3.2
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Free application to measure the amount of light (in lux), reachingthe ambient light sensor. The ambient light sensors measure lightin lux, a measure of illumination that depends on the amount ofincoming light and the area over which it is spread. Easy andsimple. Measure the amount of light and share all results.Functionalities: - No ads - Free - Support more new languages:Deutsch‬, ‪हिन्दी‬ (Hindi), Polski (Polish), Čeština‬ (Czech),Español (España)‬, Русский (Russian) and Français (France) - Highaccuracy light measurement - Lux and Foot-candle units - Measures& record minimum, average and maximum brightness possible -Full sensor calibration - Photovoltaics module - Read thebrightness of the sky, walls or bright objects - Share and exportmeasurements - Helps with selecting light bulbs to install at homeand installing a new lighting - Help relighting school, kitchen,office and rooms - Analyze the light level of indoor environments -Measure indoors & outdoors. Compare the room’s brightnesslevel. - Light meter to do experiments - Test flashlights and otherlight equipment - Setup projector screen - Tool for photographer -Smart, minimalistic, simple and intuitive user interface (MaterialDesign + WCAG 2.0) - Instant start & excellent performance -Full light sensor calibration - Highest accuracy possible - Readyfor professional & productive usage The Photometer PRO is anon-profit with a bold vision: Provide free and open access tolight measurements and knowledge to everyone around the world. Thebest way to achieve our mission is to operate without ads orpaywalls. For this reason, the Photometer PRO is funded bydonations. Your donations keep Photometer PRO freely available andaccessible to all. Donate here: