Recetas de Cócteles 1.05
Gran variedad de recetas de cócteles en español. La aplicación"Recetas de Cócteles" te permitirá ver las proporciones de losingredientes de cada uno de los cócteles y los pasos para supreparación. Podrás guardar cócteles a favoritos y compartirlos contus amigos. También podrás elegir cócteles al azar. "Recetas deCócteles" está creada para los amantes de los cócteles, y tefacilitará las recetas de los cócteles más conocidos del mundo yotros más.Por qué "Recetas de Cócteles"?- Es completamente gratis-Está en español- Se actualiza con nuevos cócteles- Es offline y noocupa mucho espacio- Contiene gran número de recetas de cócteles-Tiene un atractivo diseñoVariety of cocktail recipes in Spanish.The "Cocktail Recipes" application will allow you to see theproportions of the ingredients of each cocktail and steps forpreparation. You can save favorites and share cocktails withfriends. You can also choose random cocktails."Cocktail Recipes" iscreated for those who love cocktails, and provide you with therecipes of the most popular in the world and more cocktails.Why"Recipes Cocktail"?- It's completely free- It's in Spanish- Isupdated with new cocktails- Is offline and will not occupy muchspace- Contains many cocktail recipes- It has an attractive design
Diets to gain muscle 4.44
This application will help you follow a diet indicating your menutoday and the following days in the 5 meals of the diet you havechosen, it will also give you the shopping list with theingredients you need for your diet, and you can save your Weight ona graph to see your evolution, motivate and share it with yourfriends. In addition, you can calculate your ideal weight, yourbody mass index (BMI), your daily energy consumption (of calories)and your protein intake. The application also includes a section oftheory that will give you some basic notions that you will need tochoose the diet that best adapted to your metabolism and objective.This application has more than 20 diet plans to gain muscle and todefine it for free. You can choose the one you prefer according toyour characteristics ... "Diets for muscle", With "Diets formuscle", you can choose from a variety of free diets in Spanish, ofdifferent durations and characteristics, different energy intake,different protein intake, diets to gain muscle, diets to lose fatand therefore define muscle ... Why "Diets for muscle"? - It iscompletely free and contains a wide variety of diets of differentdurations and characteristics, among which you can choose which orwhich you want to follow according to your goal and your metabolism- It's in English - It is updated with new diet plans. -Description of the diets: when you are choosing what diet you wantto follow, you can see the description of each of them, the weightthat you can lose with them and all their menus. - Graph of yourweight evolution: if you save your weight periodically, you can seeyour evolution in a graph. - Communication with your friends: youcan share the diet you are following, and your weight evolution. -Notifications at meal times. - Ideal weight calculators, BMI, yourideal protein intake and calories consumed Keywords: Diet, dietsfor muscle, diets to define, diet plans, gain muscle define muscle,calculators, calculate BMI, calculate body mass index, calculateideal weight, calculate calorie consumption, protein consumption,weight chart, list of purchase, food hour notifications.
Sonidos Relajantes Naturales 1.03
Esta aplicación te ayudará a relajarte con sus magníficos sonidosrelajantes provenientes de la naturaleza como pueden ser la lluvia,el mar... Ninguno de ellos tiene música de fondo, lo cual tepermitirá sentirte como si estuvieras en plena naturaleza. "SonidosRelajantes y Naturales" te será útil para relajarte después de unduro día de trabajo o en cualquier momento y también para conciliarel sueño, ya que provee un temporizador para que la música seapague automáticamente.Los sonidos siguen sonando después de que seapague la pantalla y no se paran entre una reproducción y otra delbucle.This application will help you relax with soothing soundsgorgeous from nature such as rain, the sea ... None of them havebackground music, which will allow you to feel like you're innature."Natural Soothing Sounds" will be useful to relax after ahard day at work or at any time and sleeping, as it provides atimer to automatically turn off the music.The sounds keep ringingafter the screen turns off and not stand between a reproduction andanother loop.
Diets for losing weight 4.43
This app is going to help you to follow a diet for loosing weight.It is going to tell you the menu for today and for the followingdays of the diet you are following. It is going to give you thesopping list, too, with the ingredients you need to follow it.Moreover, it is going to allow you to save your weight in a graphto see the evolution and keep you motivated. Why should you choosethis app? - It is completely free and it contains a large number ofdifferent diets. You are going to be able to chose one to followdepending on the time you have, your strong will, what you like toeat... The menu and the weight that can be lost with each diet isspecified. - It is in English. - Evolution graph of your weight: ifyou save your weight from time to time, you are going to be able tosee your evolution in a graph. It is going to help you to keepmotivated and to see how many kg you have to lose to achieve yourobjective. - Notifications at eating time - Ideal weight, body massindex (BMI) and daily calorie intake calculators.
Workout routines 3.1
Workout routines will help you with your training at home proposinga series of exercise routines.You can create your own workoutroutines by choosing the exercises that suit you best according tothe muscles you want to work on so that you can gain muscle mass.There are several categories: arms, legs, glutes, pectorals,stretching ...Once you start a routine, the application will tellyou by voice what exercise it plays, it will show you how to do itand it will be in charge of timing the seconds of each exercise.Theapp offers you the possibility of tracking the routines followedand results. It also allows you to schedule alerts so you do notforget to exercise!Why 'Workout Routines':- Home workout based onexercise routines- Create your own training routine- Follow-up ofroutines followed, weight etc- Notifications so you do not forgetthe time to train- Totally free- In English