SeaWarrior Applications Apps

Developed by the Department of the Navy’s Sea Warrior ProgramOffice, PMW-240, and published by Tracen Technologies, Inc.eDIVO isa mobile leadership and management tool that provides easy accessto the most commonly used and referenced official U. S. Navyinformation and resources in an easily understood and immediatelyavailable format. After initial download, the majority ofinformation within eDIVO does not require an internet connection toaccess, enabling use on a ship, either at sea or in-port. Whilethis publicly available information is aggregated and tailoredspecifically with Division Officers in mind, eDIVO serves as aquick reference management and education tool for Navy leaders ofall ranks. Information within eDIVO is separated into foursections:Division Management: Including information on evaluationsand fitness reports, advancement exams, physical fitnessassessments, awards, legal, uniform regulations, finances, careercounseling, and safety.Personnel Management: Including informationthat educates users on the Exceptional Family Member Program, theFamily Advocacy Program, Family Care Plans, suicide prevention,sexual assault prevention and response, and officer commissioningprograms. Furthermore, this section includes information on theNavy’s policies on equal opportunity, fraternization, hazing,pregnancy, and sexual harassment.My Bridge Team: Includinginformation on basic navigation principles, nautical Rules of theRoad, and training for officers of the deck and those aspiring toattain advanced watchstanding qualifications.Emergency Resources:Providing quick access to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,the Department of Defense Safe Helpline, the National DomesticViolence Hotline, and the American Red Cross EmergencyHotline.eDIVO Content:The eDIVO mobile application aggregatespublicly available information from various online Department ofNavy (DON) sources. Please be aware that some information containedin the application may be out of date or no longer valid. Thisinformation will be checked periodically for accuracy and will beupdated as needed via the release of periodic eDIVO softwareupdates.
FMS Calculator 2.5.10
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. This mobile app calculates projected Final MultipleScores (FMS) for E3 through E6 enlisted Sailors eligible foradvancement to pay grades E4 through E7. A Sailor's opportunity toadvance to the next paygrade during an advancement cycle is basedon two primary factors: vacancies and FMS standing among peers. TheFMS Calculator mobile app uses the FMS formula to calculate theprojected FMS, giving Sailors a total score based on input ofindividual FMS elements. The app provides helpful information fornavigating the FMS parameters and elements. The FMS Calculator appalso provides an FMS pie chart breakdown as well as a historicalview by branch class, exam rate, and group, if applicable. The 2019release offers a new look and feel that makes the app similar tousing the FMS Calculator on MyNavy Portal. This release includesthe latest FMS minimum cut scores for the spring 2019 advancementcycles. This release also includes changes in the FMS formulas andimplementation of NAVADMIN 312/18, as well as the ReportingSenior's Cumulative Average (RSCA) Performance Mark Average (PMA)policy. Features: ● FMS Calculator: A simple single-screen displaythat enables users to populate FMS elements with data representingindividual accomplishments and other required data. The calculatorfeatures dropdown menus and value inputs that allow users toexplore "what if" scenarios. It also provides helpful informationfor the inputs. Starting with the spring 2019 cycles, the FMSelements are: PMA /RSCA PMA, exam standard score, award points,pass not advanced, service in paygrade, and education. ● FMSHistory: The FMS Calculator app features numerical and graphicalviews of "what if" FMS scenarios compared to historical FMS minimumcut scores. Input for the numerical and graphical views are BranchClass and Exam Rate and Group. ● Personalization: The FMSCalculator mobile app is programmed to account for differentformulas used at each paygrade, and gives users the ability todisplay maximum points that can be accumulated for each element. ●Policy/Guidance: The app includes links to specific policy in theNavy Advancement Manual, NEAS NAVADMINS, and helpful Navy-sponsoredwebsites with FAQs and NEAS information. ● FMS Content: Please beaware some information contained in the application may be out ofdate or no longer valid. This information is checked periodicallyfor accuracy and updated as needed via the release of periodic FMSsoftware updates. Don't wait until exam day - learn about FMSelements and calculate your projected score today!
New to the Navy
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 ProgramWelcome to the Navy! The New to the Navy mobileapplication is for those Sailors (Enlisted and Officers) who arefresh out of Boot Camp or Officer Candidate School and ready toreport to their first command. In addition, this applicationprovides important information to aid the transition from civilianto military spouse.The app is a Navy Pay and Personnel subset ofthe Career Life Events (CLE) information found on My Navy Portal(MNP) soon to be released in 2017 and answers common questions newSailors may have on pay and personnel matters as they transfer to aschool or to their duty station. The content has been organizedtopically to answer frequently asked questions and steer newSailors to official references, procedures, methods for avoidingmistakes, and pertinent points of contact. Sample questions coveredin this app include:• How do I ship my household goods or personalvehicle to my new duty station?• What types of receipts must I keepwhen I’m on official travel?• I am about to get married -- how do Iacquire dependent ID cards?• Where can I learn how to managePermanent Change of Station (PCS) orders? Transfers? Overseasassignments? The New to the Navy app answers these types ofquestions and many more under the broad topics listed below.Transfers – Provides resource information to assist you in movingfrom one duty station to another. Topics include: Preparing toreport to your first command, travel claims, PCS orders, pay andallowances, overseas screening, relocating your family and personalbelongings, and the Hometown Area Recruiting Program (HARP).SponsorProgram – Your new duty station will assign a sponsor to you. Learnhow the Sponsor Program works, how to request a sponsor, and howyour sponsor can help with housing, vehicles, moving your householdgoods, and other issues. Pay, Personnel, and Advancement – Providesinformation on military pay, taxes, leave and earnings, directdeposit, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), legal issues, personaladvancement, the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS),and your Electronic Service Record (ESR). Marriage and Family –Offers information on Navy-related issues pertinent to you and yourspouse, such as getting married while on leave, obtaining an IDcard for your spouse, Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE), the TRICAREhealth care program, and Navy Spouse 101, a helpful introduction tothe Navy for your spouse. New Officers – Provides usefulinformation on the duties and responsibilities of those assigned asdivision officers or placed into a position of leadership overenlisted personnel. Also includes resources to help addressproblems that fall outside typical pay and personnel issues.Emergency – Provides various hotlines, such as the National SuicidePrevention Lifeline, Military OneSource, Veterans Crisis Link, andmore. Also includes links to emergency service organizations, bothmilitary and civilian. What Does This Mean? – Defines many termsand acronyms common to this app and the Navy/Naval Reserve.Favorites – This section is the repository for information you markfor future reference as you go through the app. More detailedinformation regarding Navy Career Life Events (CLE) will beavailable within My Navy Portal coming in 2017.
Navy COOL 2.1.27
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. Navy COOL offers major elements of the U.S. Navy’sCredentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) website in a convenientapp. The app is essentially a toolbox – or COOLbox – that providesSailors and others with a set of credentialing and career tools tohelp them make informed professional development decisionsthroughout their Navy career and beyond. Navy COOL tools provideinformation for making enlistment decisions, roadmaps to careeradvancement and retention, in-Service civilian/industrycertification and licensing opportunities, and insights intoprospective occupations during the eventual transition from theNavy back to the civilian workforce. Navy COOL tools are relevantto all Navy applicants, current Sailors, transitioning Sailors,Veterans, counselors, recruiters, credentialing organizations,employers and others. The app is geared toward both military andcivilian users, and features public content only. No authenticationor authorization is required. Navy COOL helps Navy Service membersfind information on certifications and licenses related to theirjobs, including detailed information on: -- Credentials related toNavy ratings, designators and collateral-duty/out of rateassignments -- Credential requirements and potential gaps betweenNavy training and civilian credentialing requirements -- Resourcesavailable to fill gaps between military training and civiliancredentialing requirements Upon launch of the app, users select anEnlisted rating or Officer designator and Collateral duties. Oncethis is chosen, Navy COOL filters content to only display datarelevant to the user’s selection. The app includes tools related tothe following: -- Credentials (certs and licenses mapped to Navyoccupations) -- Learning and Development Roadmaps, or LaDRs (careerdevelopment) -- U.S. Military Apprenticeship Program, or USMAP(Dept. of Labor credentials) -- Joint Service Transcript, or JST(generic/non-PII; academic credit for Navy training and experience)-- Civilian Related Occupations (recruiting and transition tool) --Rating Information Cards (Navy Recruiting, reclassification andenlisted rating changes) -- Post 9-11 Government Issue (G.I.) Billfunding of credentials (funding availability for Veterans) Spend alittle time getting acquainted with Navy COOL by reviewing the "HowTo" links at the top of the app. Then dive into youroccupation-specific information. Welcome to 'your' COOL tools!
Pregnancy and Parenthood 2.1.12
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program.The Pregnancy & Parenthood application, updated for2018, provides important Navy administrative guidance forServicemembers who are starting or expanding their families, aswell as for their Command leadership. The app includes Navyguidance regarding assignments, retention, separation, standards ofconduct and much more. Pregnancy and parenthood can be compatiblewith a successful military career when Sailors and their Commandsboth understand their roles and responsibilities. This app makesthat task easier by including pertinent regulations, instructionsand references from a variety of sources in one easy-to-use app.The app helps Servicemembers understand the personal andprofessional responsibilities that come with parenthood whileserving in the Navy. At the same time, the app offers Commandleadership and Supervisors information regarding their roles,appropriate expectations and required actions when advisingServicemembers who are starting or expanding a family. Theapplication is divided into the following sections for ease of use:> Pregnancy Guidelines, Limitations and Responsibilities. Thissection provides information about workplace assignments, medicalconsiderations, pregnancy loss, abortion and related topics. Italso covers medical, physical and ergonomic limitations duringpregnancy, as well as ongoing responsibilities during pregnancy,including physical readiness, maternity uniforms and child care.> Personnel Management. This section offers guidance onassignments and evacuations during pregnancy, complicated andhigh-risk pregnancies, adoption, separation from service, and leavepolicy. > Healthcare Benefits. This section covers topicsrelated to provision of healthcare, pregnancy planning, conception,breastfeeding and related issues. In addition, the app includes aFavorites section for bookmarking app pages and an Emergencysection, which offers information on a variety of crisis-relatedtopics. The Pregnancy & Parenthood app is also searchable. Thisapp is a resource to help all naval personnel understand Navypolicies and procedures regarding pregnancy and parenthood.Download yours today!
US Navy Ratings & Reference 1.0.3
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program and NETC.The US Navy Ratings & Reference appprovides a fun, easy way to learn Navy ratings. As most servicemembers know, learning how to recognize ratings is an integral partof any Navy career.After more than 200 years of evolution, today’sNavy enlisted rating structure still plays a key role in careerdevelopment and serves as a basis for training, detailing, andadvancement. US Navy ratings are general enlisted occupations thatconsist of specific skills and abilities. Each rating has its ownspecialty badge, which is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform byeach enlisted person in that particular field. Working uniforms,such as camouflage Battle Dress Uniforms, utilities, coveralls, andNaval Working Uniforms, bear generic rate designators that excludethe rating symbol. Part of the e-Sailor series of mobile apps, theUS Navy Ratings & Reference app uses a short game scenario forquick and enhanced learning. The game randomly generatesmultiple-choice questions and illustrates ratings optionsassociated with Navy occupations, providing points for each correctanswer. The game becomes progressively more complex at higherlevels. However, if a player answers incorrectly, the app showsthem the correct answer in order to reinforce learning.A timingelement in the game awards additional points for timely correctanswers. By selecting the correct answer before the timer runs out,a user earns bonus points. However, there’s no stress here – a useronly plays against the app. The US Navy Ratings & Reference appalso includes a sortable reference area to review all 56 Navyratings. This includes Aviation, Construction, Medical,Administration, and Engineering, among others. The app is a greatvisual tool for learning Navy ratings and can be revisitedfrequently by anyone desiring refresher training. The e-Sailorinitiative was instituted by the Master Chief Petty Office of theNavy. e-Sailor leverages state-of-the-art mobile technologies totransform training and enhance curriculum delivery methodologies atRecruit Training Command. The e-Sailor series of mobile apps isbeing developed to support this effort. The goal of e-Sailor is toincrease the quality of work and quality of life for the 21stCentury Sailor!
US Military Rank & Reference 1.0.7
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program and NETCThe US Military Rank & Reference appprovides a fun, easy way to learn Military ranks and insigniaacross all branches of the Military. As most service members know,learning how to recognize who to salute and address properly byrank or uniform insignia is an integral part of any Militarycareer.Part of the e-Sailor series of mobile apps, US Military Rank& Reference uses a short game scenario for quick and enhancedlearning. The game randomly generates elements associated withMilitary rank, including collar devices, insignia on sleeves, andshoulder boards. The game provides multiple-choice visualselections and provides points for each correct answer. If a playeranswers incorrectly, the app shows them the correct insignia toreinforce learning. A timing element in the game awards additionalpoints for timely correct answers. By selecting the correct answerbefore the timer runs out, a user earns bonus points. However,there’s no stress here – a user only plays against the app. Youbegin with Navy ranks from 0-4,999 points. This progresses toNavy/Marine at 5,000-8,999 points and, at the highest level,Navy/Marine, Air Force, and Army at 9,000+ points. The user can seeand identify all ranks across the Navy – from basic training whenthey are a Seaman to Chief Petty Officer to ranks of seniorAdmirals. Or they can switch their setting to the Marine Corps andview and identify ranks from Private to Gunnery Sergeant toGeneral. Army and Air Force ranks and insignia are also included inthe app. The US Military Rank & Reference app also includes asortable reference area to review full sets of cross-service rankindicators for a variety of Military personnel: Enlisted,Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO), and Officers. The app is a greatvisual tool for learning Military ranks and can be revisitedfrequently by anyone desiring refresher training. The e-Sailorinitiative was instituted by the Master Chief Petty Office of theNavy. e-Sailor leverages state-of-the-art mobile technologies totransform training and enhance curriculum delivery methodologies atRecruit Training Command. The e-Sailor series of mobile apps isbeing developed to support this effort. The goal of e-Sailor is toincrease the quality of work and quality of life for the 21stCentury Sailor!
Domestic Violence Prevention 2.1.29
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program The Navy's Domestic Violence Prevention – All Hands(DVP-AH) app, revised for 2018, is a mobile training and resourcetool that provides easy access to information and instructionsregarding the prevention of domestic violence and child abuse. The2018 upgrade features new materials, videos and creative interfacesto make this required training more intuitive, interactive andeducational. The upgrade includes information about Talia’s Law forreporting child abuse and new requirements for all instances ofchild abuse to be reported to the Family Advocacy Program. TheDVP-AH app is designed to satisfy the following learningobjectives: • Define domestic violence and child abuse • Identifythe types of domestic violence • Identify some factors associatedwith becoming an abuser • Identify the three phases within thecycle of domestic violence • Identify some tactics used by abusersin domestic violence cases • Identify some ways domestic violenceaffects children • Identify domestic violence reporting options •Identify characteristics of the two reporting options • Identifyrequirements for reporting any suspected child abuse • Identifysome domestic violence and child abuse resources In addition, theapp provides links to key DVP-AH resources and an "Emergency"contacts section that offers information on services like theNational Domestic Violence Hotline and the Military Crisis Line.The DVP-AH app aggregates information from a variety of sources.Please be aware that some of the information in the app may be outof date or no longer valid. Information will be checkedperiodically for accuracy; the app will be updated as needed andreleased via periodic DVP-AH version updates. Once training iscompleted, the app allows the user to document completion in theirElectronic Training Jacket (ETJ) using their DODID number. Thisfeature supports the Navy’s ongoing efforts to provide Sailors withthe "anytime/anywhere" access to information. PLEASE NOTE: Tosuccessfully submit a course completion from an NMCI issued mobiledevice, an external e-mail account must be set-up.
PII Awareness
Developed by the Department of the Navy’s Sea Warrior ProgramOffice, PMW-240, and published by Tracen Technologies, Inc.DONPrivacy and PII Awareness Mobile ApplicationThe Department of theNavy (DON) Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)Awareness application is the mobile version of the DON course ofthe same name. This mandatory course is intended to improve privacyawareness across the Department so that employees will be able torecognize and properly safeguard PII. This app provides anadditional means to complete the annual training requirement and isavailable to all Department employees. The goal is to continue toincrease privacy awareness across the DON. In addition to theannual training, the app also provides refresher trainingconsisting of nine individual short scenarios on various topics.Supervisors are encouraged to assign one or more scenarios toindividuals whose actions have resulted in a PII breach. By the endof this course, you will be able to: -- Determine your rights andresponsibilities under the DON Privacy Program, -- Identify PII inyour workplace, -- Determine what is required to collect andmaintain PII, -- Protect PII by learning how to identify areaswhere sensitive data is particularly susceptible and learn measuresto mitigate risks, -- Respond to PII breaches using the appropriateprocedures according to policy, -- Know where to go for assistanceor more information. Course Completion Verification • DON personnelmay use the app to complete their annual mandatory training.End-of-course completions can be emailed to Navy TrainingManagement and Planning System (NTMPS) for display in theElectronic Training Jacket (ETJ). • Users should retain courseCompletion Certificate emails in their mobile phone Sent Itemsfolder until successful posting in their ETJ or Fleet TrainingManagement Planning System (FLTMPS) can be verified. • Ifcompletion does not appear in ETJ or FLTMPS after 72 hours, usersmay wish to forward a copy of the email to their supervisor orFLTMPS Coordinator/Training POC as verification of completion. Ifneeded, the FLTMPS Coordinator can record course completionmanually using the FLTMPS Learning Event Completion Form. •Questions? Contact NTMPS Support Office at 1-866-438-2898.
OPSEC 2.2.2
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. Want to know how to better protect your mission,fellow service members and family from potential adversaries? TheU.S. Navy’s OPSEC app – UPDATED FOR 2018 -- is an all-in-oneOperations Security reference, training and education tool forDepartment of Navy (DoN) personnel and their family members. Thisapp consolidates all relevant DoN OPSEC policies, references, toolsand training aids into one convenient, easy-to-use application foryour mobile device. This is your one-stop OPSEC shop! This versionof the app has been updated to include the new “Uncle Sam’s OPSEC”course (USOPSEC, v3), as well as policy updates, documents, videos,references, links and an improved overall look and feel. The app isdivided into the following sections for ease of use: --Policy/Guidance: Includes Joint, DoD, Navy and Marine CorpsPolicies; Navy Tactics, Techniques and Procedures; Marine CorpsWarfighting Publication; and handbooks. -- Training: Features UncleSam’s OPSEC computer-based training, an instructor-led GeneralMilitary Training presentation and ten supervisor led face-to-facescenarios, also known as vignettes. Uncle Sam’s OPSEC steps usersthrough the OPSEC process, followed by five optional short modulesspecifically designed for personnel in Leadership, Planning,Acquisition, Public Affairs and OPSEC Program Manager positions. --Products: Includes training videos on a multitude of OPSEC topics,training briefs and posters to assist OPSEC program managers ineducating their crews. -- Assessments: Features information andresources to assist OPSEC program managers on how to conduct annualOPSEC assessments at their command. A step-by-step guide, briefingtools, assessment checklists and sample questionnaires areincluded. -- Favorites/FAQs: Use this section to highlight parts ofthe app you find most valuable. The Frequently Asked Questionsmodule addresses some of the most common and prevalent OPSEC issuesaffecting DoN personnel today, like spear phishing, socialengineering and computer hacking. The app will be updatedperiodically for content accuracy and new content when applicable.Feel free to share this app and training with family members,relatives and friends. Download yours today!
Navy LifeSkills Reach-back
Developed by the Department of the Navy’s Sea Warrior ProgramOffice, PMW-240, and published by Tracen Technologies, Inc.The NavyLifeSkills Reach-back application offers additional supportmaterial for a Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) coursedelivered face-to-face after Recruit Training and prior to thestart of a Sailor’s technical training. The content is broad innature and addresses decision-making areas that are pertinent tothe process of becoming a Sailor in the U.S. Navy. The applicationis identified as “Reach-back” because it is intended to bothreinforce classroom delivery and provide additional information inthe event a Sailor desires it. The app is available to Sailors,their family members and even newly accessed officers in an effortto promote better decision-making and understanding of Navypolicies.Course TopicsThis app is organized into three broad topicareas: Your Money offers instruction on: Military Pay andEntitlements, Banking and Financial Management Services, Developinga Personal Spending Plan, Essentials of Credit and Debt,Investments and Savings, Financial Planning for Deployment andGovernment Travel, and General Consumer Awareness.Your Healthoffers instruction on: Nutrition, Physical Readiness, HealthyRelationships, Reproductive Health, Stress Management, SuicidePrevention, Responsible Alcohol Use, Tobacco Use, and DrugAbuse.Your Security offers instruction on: Operational Security(OPSEC), Operational Risk Management (ORM), Sexual AssaultPrevention and Response, EEO Grievance and Redress, BystanderIntervention, Hazing, and Fraternization. A major goal of thistraining is to help Sailors understand and use the Navy’s CoreValues as a basis for making important life decisions. TheLifeSkills Reach-back app will allow you to develop a level ofpersonal competence and success that supports the Navy’s missionand enables you to move forward personally and professionally.
Records Management
Developed by the Department of the Navy’s Sea Warrior ProgramOffice, PMW-240, and published by Tracen Technologies, Inc.RecordsManagement Mobile ApplicationThe Department of Navy (DON) RecordsManagement application is the mobile version of the DON RecordsManagement training course available via NKO. This mandatory annualtraining provides personnel with Records Management guidelines andbest practices in accordance with Federal regulations. The traininghelps users understand general recordkeeping methods and their ownduties regarding the records they are responsible for maintaining.It also educates the user on eliminating hardcopy records in favorof electronic records. .All DON personnel are responsible formaintaining records that they have created. Legally, a record isdefined as all recorded information, regardless of form orcharacteristics, made or received by a Federal agency in connectionwith the transaction of public business and preserved (orappropriate for preservation) by that agency as evidence of theorganization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures,operations, or other activities of the U.S. Government. Examples ofrecords include final original documents, official correspondenceand memoranda, senior official emails, signed policy records,personnel case files, legal records, and financial records, amongother items. Records Management involves all planning, controlling,directing, organizing, training, promoting, and other managerialactivities associated with records creation, maintenance, use, anddisposition. Successful Records Management achieves adequate andproper documentation of the policies and transactions of theFederal Government and effective, economical management of agencyoperations. This app will help you understand the recordslifecycle, dispositions, vital records, electronic records, seniorrecords and related information. In particular, the app will helpyou understand your own responsibilities regarding RecordsManagement. Some of those responsibilities include: - Ensuring youknow your agency’s policies and procedures regarding RecordsManagement, - Reviewing your office’s file plan and determiningmaterials you are responsible for maintaining, - Following theretention and disposition guidance specified in the recordsschedule, - Informing your Records Manager of any discrepancies orneeded updates to the file plan, and - Understanding that you canbe held liable if a record is not properly managed.CourseCompletion Verification• Military personnel may use the app tocomplete their annual mandatory training. End-of-course completionscan be emailed to Navy Training Management and Planning System(NTMPS) for display in the Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ). •Users should retain course Completion Certificate emails in theirmobile phone Sent Items folder until successful posting in theirETJ or Fleet Training Management Planning System (FLTMPS) can beverified.• If completion does not appear in ETJ or FLTMPS after 72hours, users may wish to forward a copy of the email to theirsupervisor or FLTMPS Coordinator/Training POC as verification ofcompletion. If needed, the FLTMPS Coordinator can record coursecompletion manually using the FLTMPS Learning Event CompletionForm.• Questions? Contact NTMPS Support Office or 1-866-438-2898.
Ships & Aircraft Training 1.0.5
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program and NETC.The Ships & Aircraft Training app providesa fun, easy way to learn to identify a wide range of modern andhistorical naval aircraft, surface/subsurface ships, and equipment.From carriers and destroyers to submarines and weapons systems,visual identification is an important first step to understandingthe capabilities and foundational assets that contribute to ourrich naval history.Part of the e-Sailor series of mobile apps,Ships & Aircraft Training uses an intuitive digital flashcardsystem for quick and enhanced learning. A user can methodically panthrough 100 categorized flashcards or jump to specific topics ofinterest using the dropdown menu. Explore the early days of navalhistory through flashcards of wooden sailing ships, World War erabattleships, modern Carrier Battle Groups, and supersonic aircraft.The cards also include information on modern aircraft, ships,submarines, unmanned surface vessels, and unmanned underwatervehicles. Personalize your own learning experience by markingindividual cards ‘easy’ or ‘tough’ and move more challenging cardsto the top of the virtual stack for more frequent review. Use thestats tracker to monitor your progress and watch as the number oftough cards decreases. Test your knowledge by resetting thestatistics and see if you can answer them all! The e-Sailorinitiative was instituted by the Master Chief Petty Office of theNavy. e-Sailor leverages state-of-the-art mobile technologies totransform training and enhance curriculum delivery methodologies atRecruit Training Command. The e-Sailor series of mobile apps isbeing developed to support this effort. The goal of e-Sailor is toincrease the quality of work and quality of life for the 21stCentury Sailor!
MyNavy Financial Literacy
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. Revised for 2019, the MyNavy Financial Literacyapplication provides Navy personnel with information to help themachieve their personal financial goals and meet the Navy’sfinancial literacy education requirements. This app allows Servicemembers and their families to access financial literacy educationanywhere, anytime via their mobile devices. The National DefenseAuthorization Act (NDAA FY16) made significant changes to themilitary retirement system and mandated that Navy personnel obtainadditional financial literacy training. This app supports thattraining via checklists, videos, and a compendium of in-app andonline resources. The application is divided into the followingsections for ease of use: -- Financial Literacy Touchpoint TrainingChecklists offers checklists to track the financial trainingcourses required at each professional and personal touchpointthroughout a Service member’s career. Checklists include Arrival atvarious duty stations, Promotions and Entitlement to ContinuationPay, Marriage and Divorce, Birth of a First Child, and Pre- andPost-deployment. -- Financial Literacy Resources includesinformation on Banking and Financial Management, Credit and Debt,Financial Planning and Spending Plans, Investments, Insurance, andMilitary Pay and Entitlements. -- Blended Retirement System (BRS)Resources offers various types of information, links, and videos.Of note, information is provided about the Navy Standard IntegratedPersonnel System (NSIPS), allowing Service members to view theirBRS status, verify BRS election, elect Continuation Pay, andacknowledge review of their Budget/Financial Plan at designatedcareer touchpoints. -- Calculators provide a comparison between theHigh-3 retirement plan and BRS, and estimate a Sailor’s retirementbenefits under BRS, High-3, Final Pay and REDUX retirement plans.-- Courses offers access to the following courses: BRS Opt-InTraining, The Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System: YourRetirement System, Leader Training to Introduce the BRS, BRSFinancial Counselor/Educator Course, BRS Lump Sum Course and FamilyFinancial Planning. The app also includes a Favorites section forbookmarking app pages and an Emergency section with information ona variety of crisis-related topics. The MyNavy Financial Literacyapp is also searchable. Download yours today! 2.5.3
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program The Navy College Program (NCP) app provides Sailors andothers with tools to assist them in making informed personal andprofessional development decisions throughout their Navy careers.The app offers users major elements of the Navy College Programwebsite and is particularly useful for helping Sailors withVoluntary Education (VOLED) Programs, including Navy CollegeProgram for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) and TuitionAssistance (TA). The app includes the new Policy and Procedurestraining course for Navy College Program for Afloat CollegeEducation (NCPACE) and features the ability to track coursecompletion via Navy Training and Management Planning System (NTMPS)Electronic Training Jacket. The NCP app gives Sailors mobile accessto voluntary education planning tools, counseling, andapplications. This app allows Sailors to submit WebTA requests anddegree plans, access required counseling, and complete trainingrequirements. Sailors may chat with Navy College Virtual EducationCenter counselors from 0700 to 1900 Eastern time. They may alsosubmit help requests from the Assistance Center and accessfrequently asked questions 24/7. The NCP app features the followingsections: -- Tuition Assistance (TA) – Links users to the MyEducation WebTA website so they can submit a WebTA application,view existing WebTA applications, and access other functions. --Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) – Provides contactinformation. -- CONUS Navy College Offices – Interactive map ofopen offices. -- Assistance Center – Chat with a counselor, submithelp request tickets, and access FAQs. -- Training – Allows usersto complete the NCPACE Policy and Procedures Training course. --Videos – Provides video tutorials on voluntary education topics,including TA and command information. -- Resources – Providescurrent NAVADMINS relevant to VOLED. -- Joint Services Transcript(JST) – Links users to the JST login page, allowing them to viewtheir JST or request an official JST. -- Emergency resources and aFavorites section allows users to bookmark parts of the app theyfind valuable for easy access. This app is relevant to all NavyTA/NCPACE participants, current Sailors, transitioning Sailors,Veterans, and counselors. The app features public content only,with no authentication or authorization required. Download the apptoday!
CLREC Navy Global Deployer
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. The CLREC Navy Global Deployer application – REVISEDAND EXPANDED IN FALL 2018 – provides Navy personnel and others withtraining products, courses and aids to increase their understandingof cultures around the world. A product of the Navy’s Center forLanguage, Regional Expertise and Culture (CLREC), the app is aReady Relevant Learning tool that supports the requirement forcultural awareness and language familiarization. The app helpsusers learn cultural and societal norms unique to each country inan effort to facilitate successful missions, whether the mission isa high-level engagement, liberty or living overseas. This versionof the app focuses on 57 countries and territories, their languagesand cultures: -- AFRICOM – Djibouti, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Rwanda,Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Uganda. -- CENTCOM – Afghanistan,Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE. --EUCOM – Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Georgia,Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine. -- NORTHCOM/SOUTHCOM – Brazil, Chile,Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru. -- PACOM– Australia, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan,Korea, Malaysia, Micronesia, Okinawa, Philippines, Singapore,Thailand, Vietnam. For all 57 cultures, the CLREC Navy GlobalDeployer provides useful information on such topics as language,history, geography, people, ethnic groups, religious institutionsand societal norms, as well as culturally appropriate behavior andetiquette. Given the app’s small initial size, country-specificcontent can be downloaded and then deleted after use, making roomon your device for other content. Country-specific information inthe CLREC Navy Global Deployer App is divided into the followingsections: -- Culture Orientation – The Operational CulturalAwareness Training (OCAT) presentation, or a similar narratedpresentation, for each country. -- Culture Card – Mobile-friendlyand printable quick-reference guides covering various aspects ofeach country’s history, language and culture. -- Etiquette Guide –Information on everything from meeting and greeting to culturalvalues to the significance of common nonverbal gestures. --Language Phrases – Useful common phrases with audio recordings toassist with pronunciation. -- Language Guide – A library of linksto free online learning resources for more than 100 languages. --Sections detailing General Resources available to the user,Emergency Resources, and a Favorites section that allows users tobookmark and easily access parts of the app they find personallyimportant. This version of the CLREC Navy Global Deployer adds newEvery Deployment a Global Engagement (EDGE) courses and refreshervideos from Navy e-Learning. EDGE courses prepare Navy personneland others, including family members, for an assignment in theOverseas Fleet Concentration Areas of Bahrain, Italy, Japan, SouthKorea and Spain. BONUS: This app includes the EDGE Culture Shockcourse and EDGE videos for the strategically important countries ofChina, Iran and Russia. The CLREC Navy Global Deployer offers anall-in-one approach to learning about the exciting countries andcultures Sailors will experience when they engage with our vitalforeign partners. Download yours today!
Operational Risk Management
Operational Risk Management ApplicationAn Official US Navy mobileapplication, produced by the Navy PMW 240 Program.The OperationalRisk Management app, or ORM app, offers users three risk managementcourses developed by the Naval Education and Training Command andthe Naval Safety Center. These courses teach users ways to avoidand mitigate various types of risk when performing Navy tasks,missions, and operations, as well as risk in their personalactivities. The inability to consistently manage risk is the mostcommon cause of task degradation and mission failure. ORM trainingis designed to reduce or offset risks by systematically identifyinghazards and developing ways to effectively assess and controlassociated risks. The Navy vision is to develop an environment inwhich all military and civilian personnel are trained and motivatedto manage risk in everything they do, whether on- or off-duty, inpeacetime or during conflict.The ORM app includes the followingtraining courses: • Individual Managing Your Risk (CIN - CPPDCPPD-ORM-MYR-1.0). This training has a mandatory triennialcompletion requirement for all DoN Personnel. • Supervisor ManagingYour Team's Risk (CIN - CPPD-ORM-MYTR-1.0). This training isrequired upon initial assignment of supervisory responsibilitiesand every 24 months while assigned at Command. • GMT Time CriticalRisk Management (CIN- CPPD CPPD-GMT-ORMTC-1.0). This traininginstructs the user in applying ORM at the point of beginning orexecuting a mission or task at the time critical level. This is analternate means for Commands to complete required annual training.• Future versions of the ORM app will include Manager DirectingYour Command's Risk Management (CIN- CPPD CPPD-ORM-DYCRM-1.0) andAssisting Leading Risk Management Integration (CIN-CPPD-ORM-LRMI-1.0).In addition to these training courses, the ORMapp includes Videos, Guidance and Policy, Awareness Presentations,ORM forms and Risk-related Materials, DoD HFACS (Human FactorsAnalysis and Classification System) information, Lessons Learned,and related tools and materials. Navy personnel are responsible formanaging risk in all tasks, and Navy leaders at all levels areresponsible for ensuring proper procedures and appropriateresources are available for their personnel to perform assignedtasks. The ORM app enables Navy personnel at all levels to learnabout risk management while also completing required training.Download the ORM app today! Course Completion Verification• DONpersonnel may use the app to complete their annual mandatorytraining. End-of-course completions can be emailed to Navy TrainingManagement and Planning System (NTMPS) for display in theElectronic Training Jacket (ETJ). • Users should retain courseCompletion Certificate emails in their mobile phone Sent Itemsfolder until successful posting in their ETJ or Fleet TrainingManagement Planning System (FLTMPS) is verified.• If completiondoes not appear in ETJ or FLTMPS after 72 hours, users may wish toforward a copy of the email to their supervisor or FLTMPSCoordinator/Training POC as verification of completion. If needed,the FLTMPS Coordinator can record course completion manually usingthe FLTMPS Learning Event Completion Form.• Questions? ContactNTMPS Support Office at or 1-866-438-2898. 1.3.2
An Official US Navy mobile service, produced by the Navy’s PMW 240Program The U.S. Navy App Locker mobile app and accompanyingwebsite are your trusted source for information and download linksto mobile apps developed by the U.S. Navy. Prior to the Navy AppLocker, there was no single way to view all mobile applicationsdeveloped by the U.S. Navy. The Navy App Locker solves thisproblem, allowing Sailors to view all details and information aboutNavy apps, while also providing direct download links to the AppleiTunes and Google Play app stores. The Navy App Locker interactsseamlessly with iOS and Android devices, and does not require CACauthentication. The app can be downloaded to personally owneddevices, as well as to Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)devices. The Navy App Locker is also a great resource for obtainingapps that provide access to required annual General MilitaryTraining (GMT) courses! Each GMT app allows the Sailor to submitend-of-course completions with the Navy Training Management andPlanning System (NTMPS) for credit to their Electronic TrainingJacket (ETJ). Features of the Navy App Locker » Provides users withtextual descriptions, screenshots and related links for each app »Provides direct links to Navy developed apps in Google Play andApple iTunes » Viewable on smartphones, tablets, laptops, anddesktops » Offers a search function to locate applications »Capable of filtering through Navy apps by category » Allows usersto suggest new Navy apps and provide feedback The Navy App Lockerserves as your one-stop shop for all U.S. Navy mobile applications.Download the app today or visit the website at!
VCNO Standards of Conduct 2.1.20
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. What is the VCNO Standards of Conduct Application? TheVice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) Standards of Conductapplication is a mobile version of the VCNO’s Standards of ConductGuidance Memorandum for All Flag Officers, a resource provided toensure that US Navy Flag Officers and their staffs administer andmaintain a comprehensive ethics program. The app providesoverarching guidance on Navy Standards of Conduct, as well astargeted summaries, tools, and references for the most frequentlyencountered topics. While VCNO’s Standards of Conduct GuidanceMemorandum is addressed to Flag Officers, the app is useful for allNavy personnel, in particular Flag staffs, Commanding Officers,Judge Advocates/General Counsel, Ethics Counselors, and others. TheVCNO’s Memorandum for All Flag Officers and various Point Paperscompose the bulk of the app’s guidance. However, the app alsooffers Best Practice forms and checklists, as well as dynamic andinteractive approaches to help users understand the practicalapplications of Standards of Conduct guidance. The application isdivided into the following sections for ease of use: • Memorandumfor All Flag Officers provides the most recent VCNO Standards ofConduct Guidance Memorandum. • The Point Papers section includestargeted summaries on a wide range of topics, including travel,gifts, political activities, communications with industry,government vehicles, post-government employment, and other topics,with applicable references to rules, regulations and ethicalprinciples in each area. • Best Practice Forms provides worksheetsand forms to ensure a well-documented, coordinated staff review ofcommon Standards of Conduct issues. • The Annual Ethics AuditChecklists section offers an interactive topical list to bereviewed each year and discussed with an Ethics Counselor. •Navigation Channels provides users the ability to explore potentialcourses of action based on chosen variables. • The app alsoincludes sections offering References and Useful Links, as well asEmergency resources and a Favorites section for bookmarking partsof the app that a user finds personally important. This apprequires no authentication or authorization. Please note that theinformation in this app is not a substitute for legal advice andmay not reflect the most current legal and/or policy developments.Users are advised to consult their Ethics Counselor regardingspecific legal questions.
MyNavy UNIFORMS 2.5.0
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. Updated and expanded for 2019, the MyNavy UNIFORMSapplication provides all Sailors with the necessary information andguidance to properly wear all Navy uniforms, components, andaccoutrements. The app offers information on Navy uniforms from avariety of Department of the Navy sources and organizes it all intoone simple, searchable app. Sources include the most recentNAVADMINs, policy updates, FAQs, and illustrations. Future updatesof the app will include new policy changes relevant to U.S. Navyuniforms and grooming standards. The MyNavy UNIFORMS app is dividedinto the following sections for ease of use: -- NAVPERS 15665I –This section provides information on the main elements of thisNAVPERS, notably Chapter 3, which focuses on male and femaleofficer, chief petty officer, and enlisted uniforms. -- NAVADMINLibrary – This section offers links to a variety of articles andregulations relevant to the proper wear and maintenance of Navyuniforms, including NAVADMINs 75/19, 233/18 and COMUSFLTFORCOM 17JUL 18, which were implemented since the last release. -- UniformRegulations FAQ – This section offers answers to common questionsSailors ask regarding uniform wear and grooming requirements. --Feedback – This section provides a mechanism for asking questionsand providing comments regarding the app, uniform regulations, etc.-- The app also includes sections detailing Emergency resources, aswell as a Favorites section, which allows users to bookmark andeasily access parts of the app they find personally important. Theapp includes a gallery of helpful uniform instructions and imagesto illustrate proper wear and care of WORKING, SERVICE, DRESS, andFORMAL Navy uniforms. In fact, the app includes information on allbasic, prescribed, and optional authorized uniform components andaccoutrements. The MyNavy UNIFORMS app is comprehensive and easy tonavigate, with photographs illustrating major correct wear points.The app offers public content only – noauthentication/authorization required. Download yours today!
CENSECFOR Toolbox 2.0.13
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program.The CENSECFOR Toolbox application provides US Navypersonnel and others with on-demand access to certain Center forSecurity Forces (CENSECFOR) training courses. The app also includesinformation that prospective students will need prior to reportingto one of CENSECFOR’s 13 learning sites. The app is essentially atoolbox that helps users establish and build a sound foundation ofweapons safety along with an understanding of classroom instructionoffered by CENSECFOR. CENSECFOR tools are relevant to all Navyapplicants, current Sailors, transitioning Sailors, Veterans, andothers who wish to learn more about safe weapons handling. Althoughthe app is geared toward both military and civilian users, it willhelp Navy personnel complete the required course PQS 43466-DSecurity Force Weapons Fundamentals. The app also providesinformation on other required and recommended prerequisites, gearlists and contacts for other CENSECFOR courses.This first versionof the CENSECFOR Toolbox app hosts two courses: (1) PersonalFirearms Safety and Guidelines and (2) M9 Service Pistol OperatorTraining. In the future, the app will be expanded to includecourses on the M4 Rifle, the M500 shotgun and other weapons, aswell as antiterrorism training and related courses. The CENSECFORToolbox app is divided into the following sections for ease of use:Training Courses:• M9 Service Pistol Operator Training. This coursecurrently makes up the bulk of the app. It provides refreshertraining that enables students to safely and efficiently maintainand operate this weapon. The course contains an introduction, 3modules (Safety, Operation, Maintenance), and a post-test. •Personal Firearms Safety and Guidelines. This course focuses oncommon firearm safety guidelines, safe handling procedures,characteristics, nomenclature, cycle of operation, commonmalfunctions and stoppages, proper care and maintenance, and thelegal responsibilities of owning a firearm. There are knowledgechecks but no tests. Learning Site and Course Information:• The appalso includes sections detailing course prerequisites andlocations, Emergency resources, a Feedback mechanism, and aFavorites section, which allows users to bookmark and easily accessparts of the app they find personally important. After launchingthe app, users select the desired course of instruction. Once thisis chosen, CENSECFOR displays training content identical totraining offered via Navy eLearning. If required, this app willeven allow Sailors to submit successful course completiondocumentation to their Electronic Training Jackets (ETJ). TheCENSECFOR app offers public content only -- noauthentication/authorization required. Download yours today!
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. The NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) Mobile mobileapplication provides US Navy personnel and other users with aone-stop overview of the NAVSEA organization, focusing primarily onour 33 installations and activities located across 16 states.Whether you’re a visitor or an employee who is already familiarwith an installation, the NAVSEA Mobile app will help you betterunderstand each NAVSEA facility and the services and amenitiesavailable on site and within the surrounding community. The NAVSEAMobile application provides information and detailed maps that helpusers get to an installation, navigate within the installation, andmore easily locate the right building, parking and other serviceson site. This app is also able to open the map application on theuser’s mobile device to locate local amenities, such as hotels,restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. The app even includesa local news feed from the NAVSEA public site to provide users withuseful information. The NAVSEA Mobile app is divided into thefollowing sections for ease of use: • News. This section provides alive feed from the NAVSEA public site. • Commander’s Intent. Thissection features a message from the NAVSEA commander about NAVSEApriorities. • Who We Are. This section is an overview of NAVSEA’stop leadership, activities and programs. • Installations &Directory. This section lists NAVSEA’s Warfare Centers, shipyards,SUPSHIPS and PEOs, providing maps and information about each siteand its amenities, such as parking, buildings and services. •Resources. This section provides printable maps, FAQs and otherhelpful information • Contact. This section offers contactinformation for NAVSEA Headquarters and public affairs offices. •Emergency. This section provides emergency phone numbers and usefullinks. Naval Sea Systems Command is the largest of the Navy's fivesystem commands, responsible for engineering, building, buying andmaintaining the Navy's ships, submarines and combat systems. With aforce of 73,000 personnel and an annual budget of roughly $30billion, NAVSEA accounts for one-quarter of the Navy's entirebudget. The NAVSEA Mobile mobile app is meant to assist Navypersonnel and contractors in finding and navigating installationsand activities located across the US. The app is comprehensive,easy to use and offers public content only -- noauthentication/authorization required. Download yours today!
Aviation Corrosion Challenge 2.7
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240Program.The Aviation Corrosion Challenge application uses agamingscenario with score-based challenges to help Sailors andother usersidentify the types, forms, and characteristics ofaircraftcorrosion. Based on NAVAIR Instruction 01-1A-509 1-4, theappprovides visual identification of corrosion, information onmethodsfor removing and treating corrosion, and information onthematerials used in corrosion prevention. Using photographsandtexts, the game randomly generates elements associatedwithcorrosion control, including types of corrosion, corrosioneffectson alloys, aircraft cleaning, corrosion preventativecompounds, andsealants. During the game, the user must answermultiple questionswithin a set amount of time. Selecting thecorrect answer beforethe timer runs out awards the user bonuspoints. To enhancelearning, the game allows a review of questionsat the end of eachchallenge. The app also includes an achievementsection thatunlocks trophies when various levels of points arereached or theuser completes specific challenges. The AviationCorrosionChallenge app is comprehensive, easy to use and offerspubliccontent only -- no authentication/authorization required.Downloadyours today!
Official Navy PFA 2.3.10
An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. The US Navy's official Physical Fitness Assessment(PFA) application, or "Official Navy PFA" app, provides Sailorswith all the Physical Readiness Program information they need tomaintain optimal health, fitness, and readiness according to Navystandards. The app offers current guidance regarding all aspects ofthe Navy's Physical Readiness Program, including information onappropriate nutrition, health, fitness, aerobic capacity, muscularstrength, muscular endurance, and body fat composition. The appprovides "one-stop shopping" for all Physical Readiness Programinformation. Among other features, the Official Navy PFA appincludes the following: • Program Application Resources, such as a"How to" video library (3-step body composition assessmentmeasurement videos, physical readiness test event videos, and otherproducts), as well as Instructions and Operating Guides based onthe OPNAVINST 6110.1 series and associated NAVADMINS. • NutritionResources, including a Self-guided Nutrition Course. This coursebuilds on the user's nutrition knowledge, helping them create andmaintain a healthy lifestyle in such areas as eating, weight goals,stress management, sleep, motivation, and energy before, during,and after workouts. • Command Physical Training (PT) and FitnessEnhancement Program (FEP) Source Information. This includes a CNICMWF (Commander, Naval Installations Command Morale, Welfare andRecreation) Instructor-directed Navy Operational Fitness andFueling Series (NOFFS) library of 75+ approved Command PT andFEP-specific workouts. The app also features the recognized Navymobile PFA CALCULATOR that combines the capabilities of the PRTGoal Calculator, the Practice PFA Results Calculator, and the BikeCalculator that are found in the Official Navy PRIMS (PhysicalReadiness Information Management System) Program. The Navy'sPhysical Readiness Program policy establishes requirements toensure both Active and Reserve personnel maintain the level ofphysical fitness required to support overall mission readiness. TheOfficial Navy PFA app enables Sailors to confidently prepare tomeet these standards as they strive to achieve consistent physicalfitness. The app is comprehensive, easy to use, and offers publiccontent only -- no authentication/authorization required. Downloadyours today
MyNavy Portal–MyRecord 1.0.2
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. The MyNavy Portal–MyRecord Mobile App provides limitedhuman resources (HR), personnel, pay, and training information toSailors from their Electronic Training Jacket, or ETJ. In additionto the app’s read-only content linked to the ETJ, this updatedrelease offers additional information on a Sailor’s securityclearance and C-WAY application status. Future releases will expandaccess to include a Sailor’s entire Navy HR record and allowSailors to submit changes from their personal devices. This is theNavy’s first mobile app using commercial grade Multi-FactorAuthentication (MFA) credentials for security instead of a CommonAccess Card (CAC). The Navy’s vision is for Sailors to be able toconduct HR services effortlessly on their mobile devices in thesame manner, and with the same level of security, as they expectfrom their personal banking services. Sailors should check theirdata on MyRecord for accuracy and contact MyNavy Career Center(MNCC) Contact Center regarding any corrections. Reviewing a recordon the MyRecord app does not replace a Sailor’s responsibility toconduct a full record review for boards. Sailors should stillconduct a full record review as they do today to ensure accuracy oftheir entire record. To access the MyRecord Mobile App, followthese steps using a mobile phone or tablet that is secured using aPIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint: 1. Log into MyNavy Portal(MNP) at on a CAC enabled machine. a. At thetop of the page, you should see your name. Click on your name andselect CAC Free setup. b. Follow the steps to authenticate youridentity under the Instructions tab. Note: This is a one-time eventand allows the user to establish their secure Multi-FactorAuthentication (MFA) account to log into the app. 2. Download theOkta Verify mobile app on your device. This app allows us tooperate in a secure environment without a CAC. 3. Download theMyNavy Portal–MyRecord App. a. Launch the app and enter your emailaddress as it appeared in Step 1 as the User ID. b. Enter thepassword created on the MNP webpage in the previous step. c. PressSign In. Note: The Okta Verify app must be running when using theMyRecord app. This ensures secure transmission of information. d. Anotification will pop up asking to verify the user from the OktaVerify app and the user must approve it to continue. Once this iscomplete, you can now use the MyRecord Mobile App. MyRecord MobileApp is available for all Sailors. Sailors can send their commentsto the MNCC Contact Center by selecting the email link in the app(; or if they are having issues logging in, theycan contact MNCC at the phone number (1-833-330-6622). More detailsregarding the use of MNP-MR app and how to set up Okta Verify forMFA are posted on MyNavy Portal and the Navy Personnel CommandCareer Toolbox page. A training video explaining these simple stepsis on the PMW 240 Sea Warrior YouTube Channel. Once the Sailor logsinto MNP-MR, the app will display the following categories ofinformation: -- Personal Overview -- Professional Overview,including security clearance and C-WAY application information --Advancement & Promotion -- Assignment, Leave, Travel --Performance -- Training, Education, Qualifications The MyNavyPortal–MyRecord Mobile App is a significant addition to a growingcareer toolbox that empowers Sailors with the information andresources they need to manage their Navy career and life events.Download yours today!
MyNavy Family 2.3.10
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the NavyPMW240 Program. MyNavy Family mobile application is the first toolbythe U.S. Navy developed for Navy spouses and Sailors’ familiesthatcombines authoritative information from more than 22 websitesintoa single, convenient application. Available informationandresources cover a wide variety of topics within thefollowingcategories: • New Spouse • Mentorship & Networking •Employment& Adult Education • Parenthood • Special Needs FamilySupport •Moving & Relocation • Service Member Deployment •CounselingServices • Recreation, Lodging & Travel • FamilyEmergencies •Transition & Retirement This initial version ofthe appconnects Navy families to information and resources to helpthemsuccessfully navigate the complexities of the Navy lifestyle.Inaddition to a wealth of useful content, the app offersseveralfeatures: • Military Installation Search – Detailsinformationabout every military installation around the world withcontactinformation, base map, programs, and services, plus anoverview ofits mission. • MyNavy Career Center – Provides a 24/7resource forhelp and information, with in-app ability to call orsend an emailto a customer service representative. • EmergencyContacts – Accessa list of Navy websites and phone numbers forimmediate supportfrom a range of organizations: National SuicidePreventionLifeline, Sexual Assault Crisis Support, NationalDomestic ViolenceHotline, and American Red Cross EmergencyHotline). • Calendar –Add dates and events to the calendarassociated with users’ mobiledevices. • Content Sharing – Shareinformation by using othermobile device applications, such as emailand SMS text. • Feedback– Provide input about the app content anduse. The MyNavy Familyapp was developed by a Spouse Advisory TigerTeam that wasestablished by the Navy Sailor Experience team. TheTiger Teamincluded Navy Spouses, along with the Ombudsman at Large,Navyorganizations that provide services to Navy families, andseveralnonprofit organizations. The app is part of a larger effortby theNavy to improve the experiences of spouses and families inorder topromote strong Navy families and support them in everywaypossible. Download the app today!
An Official U.S. Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW240 Program. The Navy's Professional Military Knowledge EligibilityExam (PMK-EE) mobile application is a convenient way for Sailors toprepare for and complete the required exam as part of the enlistedadvancement process for E4/5/6/7 paygrades. The PMK-EE app is anoption for Sailors who prefer using their mobile device to reviewtopics, access bibliographies, and complete the exam thatcorresponds to each paygrade. The 100-question exam covers careerinformation, leadership and character, Naval heritage, professionalconduct, and seamanship. Exam sections can be taken in any orderand independently of the others. Sailors must achieve a score of atleast 80 percent on each section to pass. When a Sailor exits theapp before completing a section, the app bookmarks that spot. Thenext time the app is opened, it returns to the bookmarked location,allowing the Sailor to continue with the exam from that point. Theapp also tracks the total time the Sailor spends completing eachsection of the exam. Key features: -- Available anytime, anywhere –no CAC required -- Tailored to specific paygrades: E4, E5, E6, andE7 -- Allows access to topics and bibliography content from anycompatible device -- Presents randomly selected exam questions eachtime a Sailor takes a section -- Permits retaking any section asoften as necessary to achieve passing score of 80 percent --Submits passing scores to Navy Training Management Planning System(NTMPS) with entry of a Sailor's DoD ID -- Uses mobile device emailto allow receipt of the completion certificate for personal recordThe PMK-EE replaces the requirement for the Professional MilitaryKnowledge (PMK) section on the Navy-Wide Advancement Examination(NWAE). PMK content will no longer be included on the NWAE startingwith the September 2019 E4/5/6 exams and the January 2020 E7 exam.Topics and bibliographies used to develop PMK-EE questions are alsoavailable on MyNavy Portal within the Advancement & Promotionsection, and on Navy eLearning. PMK-EE is one component of theSailor 2025 rating modernization effort to improve the Sailorexperience. Download the app today!