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Cat Jump 1.1.46
Seeplay Inc.
Cat Jump is a simple, addictive arcade game that anyone can easilyplay. One Button Triple Jump! Simple but not easy! Take control ofcute cats and jump higher and higher, avoiding obstacles. GameFeatures - Simple controls that can be enjoyed by people of allages! - Competition based solely on your reflexes and skill! - Thefun of collecting adorable cats! - Good for improving focus,reflexes, control, manual dexterity, and vision!
1% Survival Escape 1.1.14
Seeplay Inc.
You wake up in a closed room. The criminal’s voice flows from thetelevision. You open the door, thinking you should escape... Butthere’s a different room with dangerous devices. Will you be ableto defeat the criminal’s tricks and escape to freedom? - Use yourbrain to the fullest. - Don’t miss even the smallest hints. - Solvepuzzles. - Look at everything from different perspectives. - Thedevices are extremely dangerous, so be careful. - Read memoscarefully. Make sure to make it out alive.
BANATOON2: Jurassic World! 1.1.17
Seeplay Inc.
★ BANATOON Achievements ★ Ranked 8th on Google Play - Popular Over45 million views on Youtube - famous YouTuber ★"BANATOON: TreasureHunt!" has returned as a sequel "BANATOON2: Jurassic World!" thanksto all your love and support!★ An adventure around the world tobuild a dinosaur museum! Danger lurks in every corner of theterrifying dinosaur world! But all adventures with BANATOONconsists of fun and laughter. Ride the time machine with BANATOONand travel the world of dinosaurs! GO GO GO!!!
BANATOON: Treasure hunt! 1.1.15
Seeplay Inc.
Always be careful! A journey to find treasure is never easy. Tonsof traps and danger lurks in every corner. Make the right choice!You can find hidden treasures or fall into a trap based on yourchoices. Move carefully and make sure to check the floor and theceiling for traps. But don't worry too much! It's still going to bea fun-filled adventure in search of treasure. So, shall we head tothe legendary golden city with BANATOON to find treasure~?