Sergey Vasunenkov Apps

Dangy Spiders logic game 1.1
Try a new logic game - puzzle for childrenandadults.In this game, you can collect pictures of many small pieces.There are several levels of difficulty from the easiest for smalltohundreds of pieces for large.Features:- Collect puzzle with spiders- Different complexity levels- Melodic musical accompaniment
Chickens brain storm 1.1
Game-puzzle with several levels ofdifficultyand game mode for a while.Perfect for a child's development.One can choose increased complexity for adults.Features:- Collect the puzzle of chickens- Multiple difficulty levels for children and adults- The perfect musical accompaniment
Heavy monkey brain storm 1.1
Give joy to a child with new puzzlesaboutmonkeys. The game will be interesting for adults, we havethoughtbetter system of levels of difficulty. Choose the leveldifficult -you get most of which is divided picture. The game hasgood musicand clear menu. There is a mode of the game for awhile.
Peacocks logic game 1.1
An entertaining game - puzzle for thewholefamily. Develop logical thinking in children. In the game youcaneasily choose the level of difficulty (the picture is dividedinto10 parts to 100), there is a game mode for a while.Pleasant music and graphics will not leave you indifferent.
Butterflies brain game 1.1
Interesting game for the whole family!We are putting the pieces of the puzzle of different sizes.We have provided a lot of difficulty levels.Perfect for a child's development of logic.My children are thrilled with this game.Features:- Collect puzzle butterflies- Difficulty levels for children and adults- Background music clearance
Metal road train logic game 1.1
The game - puzzle for the whole family.Greatfor the development of thinking in children.Features:- different levels of difficulty (from 10 to 100 parts)- easy operation- pleasant music- mode of the game for a while
Aircraft brain game 1.1
Meet the long-awaited puzzles for kidsandadults!Simple and intuitive interface and children intuitive controlsallowyou to play and develop, even the smallest!All pictures are different variants of complexity and consist of10to 100 pieces - it allows you to play with interest evenadults.Game excellent for training the logical development.Features:- The theme of puzzles, "airplanes"- Different levels of difficulty (from 10 to 100 bits)- Nice music