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Jumper Boy's World 1.0
Shogun Games
Jumper Boy's World is funny and addictive Jumping Game which iseasyto play and no skills needed.
Fortis Ralph 1.0
Shogun Games
Fortis Ralph is a classic platform adventurous game with a lotoffun and excitement. This game does not require skills so it'snotdifficult to play. It's too simple and fun to play. Ralph is aboywho collects diamonds, coins, gold, and many other things andfightthe enemy characters in the adventurous world such aszombies,witches, bad Hedgehogs and many others. This game has nospecialpurpose and no special missions, the goal is to play all 3worldsand reach the end. In the next update we will add extraadventurouslevels and new worlds including also new characters. Areyou readyto play now? Hope you'll enjoy..