Simon Weber Apps

Wide Angle Camera Fisheye Filter Effect 1.00
Simon Weber
Wide Angle Camera App has Wide Angle Lens Fisheye Filter appliedonyour live Camera Picture. It looks like you can see more oftheworld like you watching through a curved glass. You also cantakescreenshots of your current camera image motif. To start WideAngleLens Effect just press the top Fisheye Filter Button to theright.Watch through your Smartphone like using a simpleCameraApplication but see everything curved catching more ofenvironmentin your eyes like never before!
Beard Swap Photo Camera Live 1.00
Simon Weber
Beard Photo Editor Live Beards Face Swap changes all Faces inCameraView with Beards live! Make now a cool big Beard Selfie or aPhotoof a whole Group with Beards automatically added to the Faceslivewith only a Touch! Switch the Beard Stickers by moving yourFacesoff the Camera and back again easy. Never ever it was thiseasy tomake a cool Beard Group Photo with doing nothing more thanjust takea picture with this app! Add different colored and sizedbeards liveby just turning your phone or hide the Devices Camerawith yourfinger! With this app you can now live see how you wouldlook withstyle Beards and