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SiriusXM Hello 1.0
SXM Hello – the first step to getting the mostout of your SiriusXM experience.*** A channel-finding companion to your SiriusXM service.Note: This companion app does not stream SiriusXM content. Tolisten on your smartphone or tablet, please download the SiriusXMlistening app here: HelloSay “Hello” to your channel-finding friend. The SiriusXM Helloapp is a complement to your SiriusXM service and is the first stepin getting the most out of your listening experience. Hey, havingover 140 channels is incredible, but so is a little help withnavigation. SiriusXM Hello will recommend channels you’ll lovebased on what you like, tell you what’s playing on any channel atany time, keep track of all your favorites, and show you how tolisten to everything, everywhere. So whether you’re listening inthe car, or on your computer, smartphone or tablet, SiriusXM Hellohas got your back. Download and try it now to make SiriusXM allabout you.Hello at a glance:A channel-finding companion to your SiriusXM service.• Get channel recommendations just for you• Find out what’s playing on any channel, at any time• Keep track of your favorites• Learn how to listen in the car, and on your computer, smartphoneor tablet