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SkyLab Mobile 1.5
SkyLab Solutions
SkyLab Mobile allows you to use your mobile device as a GPStracking device. Use SkyLab Mobile with the SkyLab GPS and neverlose sight of your mobile assets -Trip playback from start-up toshutdown. -See where your drivers spent their time all the time.-Use our reporting to turn data into useful‚ actionableinformation. -Our dashboards help you easily see whats good and badin your fleet. * “This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.”
SkyLab GPS 2.6.12
SkyLab Solutions
SkyLab GPS is a Fleet Tracking App for Android. Utilize all thefeatures and functions of your SkyLab GPS Telematics service on thego. -Trip playback from start-up to shutdown. -See where yourdrivers spent their time all the time. -Use our reporting to turndata into useful‚ actionable information. -Our dashboards help youeasily see whats good and bad in your fleet.
sk.HoursOfService 1.147
SkyLab Solutions
DOT compliant App to record driver duty status. Meets the followingregulations: -60h/7days or 70h/8days rules -34 week restart withlatest suspension of two periods 1-5am -11h daily -14h on-duty(daily) -Sleeper berth -Passenger seat provision -Personalconveyance -30 minutes break -Location recording for engine on andoff, and every 60 minutes if moving -Mobile device permits dutystatus changes only when the vehicle is at rest -Warnsdriver,visually and/or audibly of any malfunction -When the truckis stationary for 5 minutes or more, it will default to on-duty notdriving and the driver must enter the proper status -The device(ELD) performs self-test, as well as a self-test at any point uponrequest of an authorized safety assurance official. Allows fordriver and carrier record edits as well as unauthenticatedoperation.