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Repton 3 1.0.8
Repton 3 takes the popular Repton 1 idea of level-by-level play,adds most of the extra Repton 2 characters, and brings in timecapsules, fungus and crowns. The time capsules allow for somecunning time-based puzzles, while the fungus is also a time-relatedfeature – it's often wise to block it in before it spreads wild.The game includes some easy levels as well as more challengingones, so it’s ideal for everyone from children to seasonedpuzzlers! Here are some of the comments about Android Repton 3 fromthe the Google Play Store 5-star reviews: "Excellent game" /"Another Superior hit!" / "THANK YOU THANK YOU X You guys areamazing ... The minute I got my email saying it was out I felt likea child in a candy store lol I ran to the play store and got it soonce again thank you." / "An absolute ton of content, new and old,will keep me going for years!" / "5 Stars. Perfect" You can chooseto play each level using: * timed or untimed gameplay * classic ormodern graphics * themed or standard mode In-app purchasing via thein-game store offers many extra levels to Repton 3 fans: * MegaBundle: a value pack containing all of the Repton 3 levels at adiscounted price. * Repton Symphony: five scenarios comprising thewell-known Prelude, Toccata and Finale scenarios plus Overture andEncore. * Around The World: America, Arctic, Orient, Oceans andAfrica. * The Life of Repton: Baby, School, Teens, Work and Senior.* Repton Thru Time: Prehistoric, Egyptian, Victorian, Now andFuture. * Repton’s Adventures: Greek (Mythology), Roman, Arabian(Nights), Medieval and Aztec. * Nova and Rainbow: two remarkable,atmospheric scenarios. * Reptology: five scenarios containingskilfully worked classics and four new designs. Repton began as aBBC Micro game by a talented 16-year-old called Tim Tyler. This wasfollowed by several sequels, and our award-winning Repton range hasachieved collective sales of over 125,000 across computer systemsincluding the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZXSpectrum and Windows PC! Can you complete all of Repton 3?
Galaforce Worlds 1.0.1
Galaforce Worlds is a challenging space game packed withfeaturesand thrilling edge-of-your-seat action. * Over 60 zones ofvariedalien formations are available by in-app purchase. * 24differentalien types plus 4 power-aliens and homing missiles. *Superbatmospheric music - two talented composers have created someof thebest space music we have ever heard! * Auto-fire feature -allowingconcentration on the spaceship's movement. *Leaderboards,achievements and 3-star award features: can youachieve a 3-starrating for completing all of the worlds? The bestway to succeed inthis exciting game is to plan your strategyagainst each alien wave- it is usually wise to vary your strategyas you encounter eachnew formation of aliens. Watch out for theall-important pickups:there are power cannons, double cannons, quadcannons, shields,bomb disarmers, smart bombs and new energy boostsavailable as youadvance deeper into the alien worlds! Galaforcebegan as a BBCMicro and Acorn Electron game by Kevin Edwards. Thiswas followedby Galaforce 2 also from Kevin Edwards for the BBCMicro and AcornElectron. New worlds, missions and features havebeen added toproduce Galaforce Worlds for iOS, Android and PCWindows.
Repton 2 1.0.19
Repton 2 is one of our most popular Repton games,introducingspirits, cages, transporters, skulls, guardian skulls,savepoints,starports and puzzle pieces! This new version of Repton2 includesseveral features that have been requested by Reptonplayers: * gameprogress can be saved at any location. * classic,mid-range ormodern graphics can be selected. * classic or modernsound effectscan be selected. * classic, intermezzo or modern musiccan beselected. * maps are available for all levels, and all of themapscan be moved and zoomed in and out. * Immortal Repton optionscanbe chosen including infinite lives and immortality tospecifichazards. * infopoints in the introductory Welcome scenarioto easenew players into the game. The game has some easy levels aswell asmore challenging ones, so it’s ideal for everyone fromchildren toseasoned puzzlers! In-app purchasing via the in-gamestore offersnew scenarios to Repton 2 fans: * Mega Bundle: a valuepackcontaining all of the extra scenarios, comprising 240 Repton2levels in total! * 10 scenarios ranging from relatively easytovery challenging: Castle, Message (Classic & Modern),Loch,Shrine, Playground, Labyrinth, Caverns, Volcano, Fjord andJungle.* 2 bonus scenarios: Notebook and Memories. Repton began asa BBCMicro game by a talented 16-year-old called Tim Tyler. Thiswasfollowed by several sequels, and our award-winning Repton rangehasachieved collective sales of over 125,000 units acrosscomputersystems including the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Commodore64,Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Windows PC! Can you complete all oftheRepton 2 levels?
Repton 1 1.0.26
Repton 1 is a fascinating puzzle game featuring our friend Reptonashe explores a series of thought-provoking levels containingrocks,diamonds, eggs, safes and keys. Now with a choice of classicor newgraphics, this stylish version of Repton 1 brings ouracclaimed gameto the Android platform. The game includes some easylevels as wellas more challenging ones, so it’s ideal for everyonefrom childrento seasoned puzzlers! Here are some of the commentsabout AndroidRepton 1 from the the Google Play Store 5-starreviews: "BEST GAMEEVER" / "Awesome app, great fun" / "FantasticLove Repton." /"Absolutely delighted" / "Excellent game!!!" /"Really enjoyablereboot of the best rock-and-diamond puzzler outthere. The kids arealways wanting their turn at it too. Highlyrecommended." In-apppurchasing via the in-game store offers manyextra levels to Reptonfans: * Mega Bundle: a value pack containingall of the Repton 1levels at a discounted price. * Starter: a setof fairly easywarm-up levels. * Mystic: an intriguing series ofmedium difficultylevels. * Glacier: a fun scenario with many ofthe levels designedaround a theme. * Cascade: an intermediate setof stimulatinglevels. * Avalanche: an interestingly trickyscenario. * Challenge:quite a challenging set of levels - can youcomplete them all? *Young Repton: 10 carefully designed levelscreated for youngstersaged 3 to 6, and they appeal to many adultstoo. * Junior Repton: 10graduated levels intended for juniors aged7 to 9, and again adultsoften enjoy them too. Repton began as aBBC Micro game by a talented16-year-old called Tim Tyler. This wasfollowed by several sequels,and our award-winning Repton range hasachieved collective sales ofover 125,000 across computer systemsincluding the BBC Micro, AcornElectron, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZXSpectrum and Windows PC! Can youcomplete all of Repton 1?