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Frozen Ice : JEWELS Legend 2.0.2
We welcome you to an era of magical journey offrozen ice world in which all the jewels are in frozen mode and youcan discover and collect those precious jewels, gems and diamond inthis magical match 3 journey.In this game there are certain targets given which has to beachieved in given number of moves . In Frozen Ice : Jewel Kingdomthere are certain obstacles like golden cages, chained obstaclesand above all the frozen ice which will create difficulty in yourway but at the same time there are some friendly characters alsowhich will make your work easier but you have to earn thosecharacters.There are more than 100 levels with different targets anddifficulty levels which makes this frozen epic journey amazinglyinteresting.How to Play:Swap precious and colourful jewels to make a match of 3 or more andtest your puzzle solving skills.Game Features:• Colorful , beautiful and freeze jewels• Excellent work of graphics• Well designed game play• Various obstacles to make this an interesting puzzle game• Feel real experience of ice crush• Awesome animation of frozen fall and breezy seasons .What are you waiting for, download this Frozen Ice : Jewel Kingdomtoday and get indulged yourself in this magical match 3 gamejourney!
iBrick : Brick Breaker 1.2
iBrick : Brick Breaker is one of the arcadegame which will be a revolution in the brick breaker game.It is one of the most addicting bouncing ball game. Although it isan old school breakout game , the package is new with smashingexperience .In iBrick : Brick Breaker game the fundamental objective is tobreak bricks , stones, glass , and other objects with the help ofball to clear the board and free the objects surrounded by brickswith the help of paddle or launcher.Move the paddle by dragging your finger(Or tab button to move yourpaddle) for break bricks .The objects that are on the verge of extinction and needs to besaved are lion ,fish ,bird ,pets ,jelly , diamond and apart fromthis glass smash also.Each level is designed in such a manner that every level isdifferent from another with almost 100 levels of entertainment andsmashing experience .This is one of the good glass smash games of physics with the powerof accelerometer. Try to keep the ball on paddle and avoid the ballhitting the ground.Experience one of the best smashing and destruction physics in thisbrick breaking game and enjoy the smash of bricks for sure.Game Features:• Intuitive controls with realistic physics• 100+ challenging levels to complete• Gorgeous graphics with themes of ice , ocean ,desert andjungle• Revolutionary brick breaker dynamics• Best arcade break bricks gameWe have tried to make it the best game ever for you with ourefforts!
Stickman Turn 1.2
Stickman Turn is fun and addictive game withrealistic physics and hardcore gameplay.Stickman Turn is a simple game, play as a stickman and help herwalk as far as possible distance before stickman dismount .Takesome steps and see how far you can go. After all, you managed tolearn how to walk long time ago, right ? So how hard can it be in agame ? Just tap or click to put one stickman leg in front of theother. In reality you will fall down time and again before you areable to make even a few proud steps before stickman dismount . Youwill learn that even the tiniest mistake will make you comecrushing down to the floor & you will try again and again.Features :Smooth game play .Unique physics based stickman dismount game .Enthralling the jungle environment.Suitable to all ages .Sardcore gameplay for mature gamers .It's absolutely free ,so enjoy the game . Just download and startplay as Stickman !
Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free 2.4
Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free is afundamental 3d balance ball game for your mobile device. Let’sstart Balance 3d Ball adventure journey with smashing break outexperience !Break all the glass in this orbiting styled space ball fast pacedgame. In Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free move yourself with the helpof your finger. You can adjust the direction to break and smash hitall the glass coming in your pipeline way with the help of rollingball .Don’t avoid any glass to hit in this space game and smash it hard!But be careful with the red balls as you have to avoid them.Smashing glass has never been so fun. Your running ball experiencewill be on sky level with this fantastic break out game.Lets get started with Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free and see howfar you can go in this fast paced break the glass game for enormousresurrection fun.How to play :Tap to change the direction of running ball in the arkanoid breakitworld.Game Features:• Fast paced smash it 3d 3d balance ball game• Roll the ball to smash it hard• Random day and night mode in this roll the ball game• Pipeline orbit running environment• Cool game for all ages• Play free online with friends and share your score on google playachievements• Arkanoid breakit world and commendable graphics• 3D styled space ball resurrection game
3D City Skater Endless Run 1.3
3D city skater endless run is the game for allskate lovers.Play 3D city skater and improve your rooftop skating skills and getas many coins as you can. 3D city skater is all about skate boardgames where the skater boy skates over rooftop.Skate on rooftop, earn as many coins as you can and avoid obstaclesin skateboard game.Try to get high score every single time you play and take yourskating levels to a new horizon.A skater boy runs , jump , and avoid several obstacles as you makeyour way around roof and get a new power for skater boy such as amotorcycle or superbike to run on city road and avoid obstacle (car, truck , bus ,traffic ).Are you good enough to beat the high score and take thechallenge?Game features :--Excellent HD graphics.-Cute, smart and adorable character .-Simple controls, Just "tap" to jump.-Enhance your skating tricks on the go and become a champion ofskateboard game.-Exciting and amazing endless runner game !-Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices-Fun for whole family, Even grandma will love this !-Never ending game play and never ending fun !What are you waiting for? Download 3D city skater endless run askater boy game!Don’t forget to leave review and tell us how we did!
Adventurer Ice Bear Run 1.1
Adventurer Ice Bear Run is fundamentalplatform adventure game with new frozen ice world theme andenvironments with amazing power ups and more super adventure worldto explore .In the Adventurer Ice Bear Run Slip, slide, and jump your waythrough this super frozen game to discover the new ice world. Helpthe furriest polar bear run , jump and slide to reach home in superIce world . Beware of obstacles and complete all the stages ofamazing world to reach polar bear home.Game Features :Lots of Challenging Levels.Classic platform runner game .Cool Background Music.Smooth gameplay and movement.New unique ice water surfers .Amazing ice world to explore.Download Adventurer Ice Bear Run now to let the fun begin withfree super game !!!
3D Bottle Shooting Expert 1.4.8
3D Bottle Shooting is one of the best ballthrowing game. Can you knockdown all those bottles placed on thetrash? Give a try to your knockdown skills. The 3 D features ofthis game will make it a hit and get pleasure of bottleshoot.Toss the ball to throw and smash all the bottles over the trash tobreak. Time is money so be fast and accurate in smashing thebottles. If you love 3D bowling games and other knockdown game thengive a try to this also. I am sure it will win your heart.How to play:• Smash hit all the bottles with a gentle swipe of your finger tipthrough the tossing ball to break the bottles.• Do not throw the ball on the iron mess as this will not let yousmash the bottle.• Beware of danger symbol, if hit you will have to start smashingfrom the very beginning• Keep an eye on the time while smashing the bottles. Any timesaved will be an add on bonus for the next level forsmashing.Game Features:• 3D knockdown game• Great smashing experience of bottles• Simple and addictive game play• Break each bottles to make them trash• Perfect bowling experience• Amazing breaker game for all ageCan you hit and smash all the bottles? Let’s see how many youcan hit!Already a fan of 3D Bottle Shooting ? Like us on Facebook for thelatest news:
Magic Jewels Mania 1.6
Love to play all the scrabbles , mystery gamesand quest games. Yes we all do?We present the wonderful jewels journey games of match 3 jewelsgames free! This is one of the classic jewel match 3 game launchedon Android!This game is very much different from all the match 3 jewels gamesbecause of its well designed puzzle and unique gem games. In thisMagic jewels achieve targets by making match 3 of all the Magicgems and jewels.This is the game meant for puzzlers, who love mystery magic gemsgame though focus and determination is highly valued in this freejewels saga.In Magic Jewels Mania match 3 jewels and overcome all the riddleslike gemmy island stones, gummy jelly , cage in given number ofmoves. Some levels are time puzzle which makes it one of the mostaddictive jewels journey games.How to Play:• Match 3 or more similar magic gems in this jewels saga• In time mode match as fast as you can to achieve the target• Gummy jelly and gemmy island stones removes after 3 match.• Earn bonus by completing the level in lesser moveIn this free Magic jewels it is sometimes frustrating but engaging.Gummy jelly are tough to remove so plan before any move.Game features• A new kind of match 3 jewels for all puzzlers• Try to collect stars in this Magic jewels• Magic gems game for brain exercise• Varied game in each jewel saga level• Gummy jelly and gemmy island stones will prove to be major riddlein this magic gems environment.If you love playing jewels journey game then download Magic JewelsMania for free and enjoy new kind of jewels match 3 puzzle !
Fruit Candy Blast Mania 5.5
Step into the new match 3 candy game! JoinGordon in this amazing candy adventure game of Fruit Candy BlastMania. Help Gordon to start his fruit juice journey and travel overthe fruit candy pop world!Mr. Gordon is a great lover of fruit juice and his dreams is tomake perfect juices of the fruit candy!To help Gordon make his dream come true he needs to travel throughthe adventurous candy wonderland. Match 3 candy to make it happenwith all the well designed puzzles of this fruit candywonderland.Match and collect fruit candy in Fruit Candy Blast Mania.The puzzle levels so amazing that you would really resists to thiscandy fever game. Let the candy tale of yours be heard by others aswell as you can share score with others in Fruit Candy Blast Mania.Objective :• This juicy and mouthwatering game of candy fruit gives youperfect entertainment during free hours• Helps in brain activity with wonderful and colourful game match 3candy modes.How to play:• Make match 3 candy combos and enjoy the game• Collect boosters and help Gordon to serve fruit juice made ofgummy candy.• Remove special objects and make surplus fun with this timekilling candy fever game.Special features:• Wonderful and amazing candy wonderland journey of candy match3• Help the Chef to serve juice better• 100s of candy fever adventure puzzle levels• Complete entertainment for both kids and adults• Completely Free match 3 candy game• Use booster to burst 3 layer candy cake, frozen ice, gummy candyand many more• Swap and slide to make combos of 4 or 5 candies to get magicalboosters• Scrumptious gummy candy and tasty and delicious graphics• Well designed candy fruit matching quests.Hurdles:Gummy candy: Remove gummy candy with the help of power boosterscollected.Frozen ice: remove frozen ice and free the juicy candies. Frozenice is hard to removeFruit Candy Blast Mania is completely free to play, with someamazing items to help you! Take on this scrumptious journey ofcandy and enjoy the success of passing our quests!
Farm Splash : Harvest Mania 2.9
Its harvest time! We welcome you to one of themost addictive farm fun harvest blast games.Farm Splash : Harvest Mania is an adorable fruit farm match 3 game.Enjoy this garden mania of farm fruits and get ready for the cropsmadness. Get ready for funny farm adventure journey with match 3farm mania game. You are the most eligible farmer of all time andbecome a farm harvest king . In this farm fun game swap, swipe andmatch 3 or more green veggies and farm cropsies and enjoy thegarden mania fun.Put all your farm matching tricks of swap, switch, swipe and match3 or more carrot, tomatoes, corn, apple and other farm fruits andcropsies to move ahead in the farming game. You can play through100 of farm fun harvest blast level and enjoy your harvest timewith hungry caterpillar, angry fruits, and seeded fruits in thisfarm mania.Indulge yourself in the acres of farm harvest swap match 3 gamegather all the stars and become a farm harvest king . There aresome complex levels in this frenzy farm harvest time game. The gameis simple in the beginning but becomes more interesting as you playthrough all the match 3 puzzle levels. You are the harvest hero andcraft your farm by winning all the levels in this gardenmania.This is an interesting farm harvest blast match 3 puzzle gamebecause of variations in each levels. In this harvest time game wecan taste complex and tough levels. Some farm levels are asRemove all the grumpy cropsies from the game boardSome levels are treasure huntRelease fruits from hungry caterpillarObstacles such as farm gold cage, stone, mistletoe and above allcaterpillarGet rid of obstacles to move ahead in this frenzy farm gameIn few levels defeat hungry caterpillar and don’t let them moveaheadBecome a harvest hero by collecting treasures and use it for farmcraft.The harvest time is not over and enjoy this farming game withfriends and familyGame Features :A farm fun game of match 3 swap, swipe and harvest blast.tik tok get ready as time is money my harvest heroThe frenzy farm game of complex levelsTeasure hunt modeCollect rechargeable boosters for perfect farm craft.Enjoy your harvest time with farm fun levels and become a farmharvest king !
Amazing Ninja Run 1.5
Amazing Ninja Run is an addicting surfingrunner game. In Amazing Ninja Run navigate and try surfing theNinja through the perilous path on running map , over the tunnel,inside the barred area running away from the dangerousspider.The running map is ready for your surfing ninja. All you need to dois press the play button to start surfing.In this game your ninja is an exceptional free runner and adangerous surfer who is surfing and eliminating all the obstaclesof his way. Run, jump, climb, slide, shoot as fast as you can . Inthis game parkour the ninja has to move fast and shoot incomingdangerous bugs , rolling drums.Ninja runs through various environment of tunnel and perilious pathor running map but beware of mountain stone falling and otherobstacles from above .Help surfer ninja from the dangerous monster spider running afterhim.Game controls• Swipe to switch the left and right coordination• Drag back to slide• Drag up to jump• Tap to shoot obstaclesGame features• Ninja free runner game• Amazing 3D background• Excellent game controls• Run through perilious path and parkour• Shoot the dangerous spidersTake a deep breath and start surfing with Amazing Ninja Run freerunner game for fun!
Juicy Splash : Candy Drop 1.6
Welcome to the juicy splash world of candykingdom and feel the imagination of candy drop from the sky. We allhave dreamt in our childhood of having a candy story of our own andwatch colourful candy, jelly beans, gum balls falling from thesky.This is an addictive physics puzzler game of candy bubble pop wherewe can experience and enjoy jelly blast at every move. A game wherefreefall popping gumballs from above will make you addicted tothis.Juicy jelly and gumballs here are jiggling and wiggling all the wayfor popping in this gravity-based physics game. If you want torelish all the levels of this juicy splash : Candy Drop then planyour move before. If you like popping games and other jelly crushgames based on bubble pop and bubble popping then we are sure thatyou are going to love this game as well for sure. Pop all the juicycube, plum jam and have a blast.In the initial stage we are launching juicy drop pop with 90 sweetdreams levels , but all the levels of this wiggling gumball game isuniquely designed for your complete entertainment and prove to be areal stress buster.How to Play:Match and pop the same color jelly bean, gumballs and candy rollingover the game board and experience the popping gumball experiencewith every move.There are sweet dreams levels where the jelly gummy bean isenclosed in . You need to roll them down by popping other jellygummy roll to the bottom and get the candy crusher for the jellyblast experienceThere are some tough levels where you will be need boosters. Earnbooster to bubble pop and finish the levels. Try to collect 3 starsin each level.Levels Variation:There are unique levels and because of such complex and uniquefeatures you are going to love this game. Let us reveal some of thelevels in this sweet dream candy story game.Frozen Ice breaker: In this level you have to release the fruitsenclosed in the ice by bringing them downChained candy: Unchain the candy and collect all the targets tomove ahead in the game and collect all the candy and gumballs ifdifferent flavour strawberry, pear, cherry oranges.Candy Roll: In this level there are candy roll which will obstructthe falling bubbles. Try to connect and pop the same color jellygummy bean and get rid of candy lollipop roll levelsBlocks: Blocks are the first obstruction .Connect and pop maximumnumber of same candy lollipop to get the booster and remove theblock to clear the target.Highlighted Features:Gravity-based addictive physics puzzler of popping colourfulgumballs and gummy jelly bean60 levels of amazing sweet dreams jelly roll game. Free levelsadded regularly.Colorful and eye catching graphics and a great popping animation ofcandy dropAwesome bubble physics bringing magic to the Candy StoryGo on the adventure journey of all the levels of candy storythrough the variety of exciting and challenging juice splashlevels.Move through obstacles like frozen ice jelly, chained gumballs andgiant jelly cube in levelsSuper smooth game of bubble pop based on gravity based physicspuzzle.
Space Jam : 3D Rolling Sphere 3
Space Jam 3D Rolling Sphere is infinite skyrunner and gyro ball style smash ball game ! Just Tap ,startrolling and smash on it .Space Jam 3D Rolling Sphere is simple and gyro ball smash timekiller game . Start space jam orbital journey to smash glass . Tryto survive as long as possible to escape red ball in this orbitaljourney .
Shoot Bubble Candy Kingdom 1.3
“ Shoot Bubble Candy Kingdom “ is an all newand super-addictive bubble poppers puzzler! This is the mostclassic bubble shooter and amazing bubble buster game.Let’s play with cute girl shizuka and she need your help in candiesjourney to conquer the candy kingdom.This bubble shooter deluxe version is the only one that containsdifferent modes like Puzzle Mode, Arcade Mode, Simple Shoot bubbleMode, Spin & Rotate Mode & Digger Mode.Use your slingshot to make combinations of 3 or more bubbles tomatch and burst or pop colorful Jellylicious bubbles. Clear all theJellylicious bubbles to level up and make shizuka happy . Strategicand very intuitive game play make for a challenging and satisfyingbubble popping experience!#Features :- Easy and fun to play, challenging to master- Hundreds of magical shoot bubble levels- Leaderboard to watch your friends and competitors- Special Pops - a six-match streak unlocks a super poweredbubble- Action-packed game play - get out your slingshot and startpopping- Loads of addictive shoot bubble puzzles- Well-designed FREE levels - each with unique challenges andbubble pop fun puzzles- Fresh and beautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics &effects- A best bubble poppers 2016 game.#Tips :- Collect stars to unlock special booster to help you to conquercandy kingdom- Unlock booster for added bubble popping power- Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points as bonus- Score Big Bonuses - drop large bunches of bubbles to score bonusand make shizuka happy- Master your bubble shooter and use strategy to crack trickylevels to make shizuka queen of candy kingdomIts FREE bubble shooter & always will be!Download best bubble poppers 2016 and Its FREE update with moreexciting & magical Jellylicious bubbles levels with moreboosters are coming soon…
Car Racing : A Traffic Racer 1.5
We welcome you to the arena of Car Racingwhere you can create your own milestone with every race youstart!There are stunning and various lucrative designed cars to choosefrom. Car racing will definitely pump up your adrenaline as youstart and in this traffic racer game of highway version there areaddictive stages where you will feel very amazed with speed.You will feel like getting real experience of car racing in thissplendid journey over the highway:FeaturesMany colourful and strong built racing cars are ready for therideExperience real car racing with variable speedsTry and create milestones with every moveSwift and smooth handling of carsDifferent environments to choose from: Highway, desert, Ice Worldand CityDetailed graphics for better gameplay experienceOnline leader board to share your traffic racer achievements withfriends and family.Car racing at its best stage over the speed of 100 KMPHHow to play:Tilt or touch both modes available for handling and steering thecarTouch noss to give the boost to racer and brake to slow down inthis super highway racing gameExperience redefined racing game as a traffic riderTips and tricks:Drive faster to score moreDrive above 100 KMPH, overtake other cars and buses to collectbonus on the highway in this car racing gameStunt will always give a push to your adrenaline as a traffic racerWe hope that no one is perfect in this world so please shareyour suggestions and valuable feedback with us. And don’t forget topost your valuable reviews.In the end enjoy this adrenaline pump up game of car racing andrelish the moment as a traffic racer
Draw Something With Brain On 1.3
Do you love the game genres like Physics,Crayon puzzle ? Great ! "Draw Something with Brain On" has all theelements and features.Draw Something with Brain On is game of drawing lines and shapes tomove and roll the balls.Draw Something with Brain On is intended to be brain challenging& brain teaser physics puzzle game.This game, continuing after Brain war with dots, also tests yourlogical thinking and the flexibility of your brain. we recommendbrain dot to people who enjoy brain-type puzzles.Use all of your brain power to work out the physics and get thedots where it needs to be.Draw Something with Brain On is collection of different brainboggling puzzles is going to become your favorite new game. Lots oflevel based on roll, ball & dots needs to be complete byapplying your brain On It.It's time to get your 'Brain On' in this new Physics game DrawSomething with Brain On.Brain It On is like Crayon Physics means Draw Something. If youfind it too hard you might want to check out something easier likeBrain Dot.Put your brain to test and solve each physics puzzle as you workout how to move and roll the dot to the goal.Flexible thinking is going to become the key to victory.Features :No Time Limit: Play at your own peace.SLIDING Drawing PUZZLE : An essential for the adult to kids of allages.- LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS from Google Play Games.If you like this game, please rate it and leave a comment. As adeveloper your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for yourhelp! If you don't like something in the game, please email me at“ " and tell me why. I want to hear yourfeedback and comments so I can continue to make this gamebetter.You can find me on Twitter at @gaildivya, see the latest news onthe Facebook page at hope you enjoy Draw Something with Brain On!
Penalty Flick : Football Goal 1.3
Play Penalty Flick Football Goal is addictiveworldwide game of kickups.Make perfect penalty flick kicks,scoremany goals and share your victory with friends.Penalty Flick Football Goal is the ultimate penalty shootoutfootball game.Penalty Flick Football Goal is simple yet addictiveflick kicks game play.Be your own football coach and become a legend in the Penalty flickfootball goal.Game features :Realistic football game in 3D.Free and easy to play flick kicks football game.Stunning 3D graphics.Simple yet powerful touch controls.stunning smooth animations
Transport Mania 1.4
Download Transport Mania and Play our hilltransporter game freeware fresh release for Android!TRY and prove your driving skills in this cool truck bombtransporter game. Beware of falling Bombs and slopes on shippertycoon at risky road. Shift the load safely with hill transportergame.How far and fast you can drive the car / truck without exposure ofbomb on your backseat on risky road? Transport Mania is nowunderway and there are plenty of goodies up to grab. Grab levelchallenges of bomb transporter game or turn to endless mode, thechoice is yours! This game is a great time killer and really fun.Save bomb tycoon and shift bomb while passing from risky roadsthough this car / truck in hill transporter game.Get Transport Mania for Android and play our freeware hilltransporter game with more craze. Relocate the tycoon bombtransporter smoothly on risky road without any harm and have thetough job ahead.Just shift a sensitive bomb over risky road without allowing eitherthe bomb transporter or truck to blow up! Transport Mania embarks24 levels with different hill climb racing themes. How perfectlyyou balance between four wheels bomb shipper tycoon on risky road,the more speedily levels will grow up.Game play:* Collect coins to upgrade shifting tycoon / truck for More Fun,hill transporter and Better Transportation* Upgrades: Unlock New shipper tycoon with Awesome Speed.Transport Mania A Great time passer! Challenging andentertaining!
Frozen Pop : Bubble Shooter
Enjoy the season with our fresh released match3 puzzle game Frozen Pop Bubble Shooter. Shoot the same coloredpopbubble to make them pop to rescue the water birds. And as theFrozen bubble gradually move down from top, a shooter needs to bequick enough to pop to rescue them all, before they touch theground.Frozen Pop Bubble Shooter is the Classic bubble shooter captivatingEmily to clear all the boards. Tap popbubble to relief Emily, hitfrozen bubble to win Frozen Pop Bubble Shooter. Analyze the color,pop to rescue plan, blast the more n more for good scores Classicbubble shooter game.Game play: To make blast, shoot Frozen bubble can be smartly so that trappedpets can be relived smartly More than 120 levels to play: Popbubble while balancing withfrozen bubble moves and pass the tricky levels• Introducing 4 popbubble power-ups in Classic bubble shooterHow to Play:• Plan wisely to popbubble up maximum number of Classic bubbleshooter pages.• Pop to rescue Emily or others and hit frozen bubble• Just Match 3 bubbles, make a blast and win a level of Frozen PopBubble Shooter.Features:• Nice graphics with cool sounds• Adventure out the new puzzle in Classic bubble shootergames.• Share on FB, social media by inviting your friends• Pop to rescue with awesome frozen bubble themes
Pop Paradise : Match 3 Puzzle 1.2
Let's enter to the world of balloons to rescuepets by espousing match 3 techniques. Pop Paradise Match 3 Puzzleis the pop match 3 puzzle to enjoy the extreme fun. Become the popstar of this colorful balloon paradise with new arrived conceptsand ideas to engage the players more.Pop Paradise Match 3 Puzzle occupies 3 different modes named as PopDay, Fun Day, and Holidays to match 3 water splash balloons. Swapand match the shiny Water Splash, unleash the new pops for fabulouspower boosters like Water blast, Aero, Smasho, Zappy, Cloud flower,Rainbow rusher and more. Pop to rescue pets and let the balloonfly.With over 400 Balloon pop puzzling levels to rescue pets, thismatch 3 puzzle game mark his levels upper than the clouds to obtainhis legends. Enjoy this pop match 3 balloon paradise with friendsvia Google Plus and Facebook of Pop Paradise.Download Pop Paradise Match 3 Puzzle for Android with endlesslevels of fun. Hit balloon else the timer will stop either you haveno pending moves to act!! Unlock next levels with three nextattempts. Easy to play interface, just swap and match. Well Packedpop to rescue 400 levels and updates are coming!Be ready! Smart matches from Poppy’s rescue pet world are waitingfor you!
Film Quiz - Guess the Movie 1.4
It's the weekend and you are bored. Cluelessof what you can do? Here is a blockbuster Oscar award winningmovies guessing game based on Minimalist Poster. Oh, the all youneed is good eyes for top charts movies and role of your favoritestars, too..!!A mix of top charts like Rio, Lego, Batman and Titanic: MovieMaster Guess the movie is the ultimate trivia crack game ofblockbuster. Including lot of Animation movies and Oscar awardwinning movies of your favorite stars, game only need to guess thetop charts blockbuster name based on minimalist poster shown atscreen.Who all are your top charts favorite stars directors, this triviacrack game tests your knowledge for best directors ranked fordirecting famous blockbuster or Oscar award winning movies aswell.The trivia crack movies are selected from top charts, blockbustergenre with Oscar award winning movies of your favorite stars. Alsoincluding some animation movies, different trivia crack areorganized to test your skills with Minimalist Posters!FEATURES:★ 270 top charts blockbuster movies to guess! Frequent Appupdates!★ 6 amazing shows including Oscar award winning movies andanimation movies of worldwide favorite stars!★Trivia crack game with helpful clues! Two Lifelines to help!★ Finally choose skip in case you really stuck in animation moviesselection!!★ Unlock wheel for collecting points!★ Ultimate Minimalist Poster designs!!Go Ahead and Enjoy!![Note: If you purchase lifelines from shop, then your points willnot be deducted]
Run and Switch Color 1.1
Let’s enter to world of 3D running games andexplore the adventures of rolling sky.Run and Switch Color is aunique, fast and challenging endless running game with a splashytwist. Jump and run through expertly crafted levels in 3d runninggames.Do not give up in three challenging modes of endless running gameand dash as fast as you can!! Choose the option of switch the colorfor man and platform to Jump and Run faster in 3D running games viacolor switch. In this stickling of color run game; do not fall offthe trick of color switch on rolling sky and slam the certainlevels quickly.Your goal is to switch the color of man or platform (as given) tomatch the ground as you jump and run from rolling sky to platform.Sounds easy right? Actually it’s a most daring chase in 3D runninggames! Try Out!!Features- Fast paced endless running game- Jump and Run on double platforms in final levels- Stylish, super smooth and colorful graphics- 3D running games with Simple 3 color button controls- An endless running game
Marble legend : Bubble Blast
Looking for the new option in Zuma games?Onceagain Vimap game studio is back with the biggest marbleshootersmash over the world named as "Marble legend: Bubble Blast".Thismarble blast game comes with an easy to use interface wherenotechnical expertise is required to run the game. Themedwithragdoll physics animation, just match-3 similar tiles toachievethe higher scores as you can!Download Marble legend Bubble Blast for Android- a type ofzumagames marble shooter game a very simple to play, butreallyenjoyable and addictive zuma games. Eliminate all pinballviamatch-3 ragdoll physics technique before it reaches to exitpointthough marble blast. As soon you hit pinball, the soon youreach tomarble blast targets and high scores!With 4 different match-3 magic props: Clock (stuck timer forsometime), Reverse (reverse the going lane), Lightening tends tothunderblast and magnet bomb shoots all the similar logics, theragdollphysics is used for more attraction.• Hit pinball via marble shooter where you want to shoot.• Match-3 or more same pinball to make marble blast• Combo and Chain increase score with props in this wellarrangedragdoll physics strategy.• Easy to learn but hard marble shooter Zuma games.• Well-designed match-3 maps, to make the game more enjoyableandaddictive ragdoll physics.• Enjoy marble blast in 150 addictive and challenging levels inzumagames.• Swapping of Marble shooter can drop pinball easier.
It’s a cloudy day and Stella has to reach histerminus point, so run bird run. Join Fessy and Enjoy animplausible adventure across a floating world, just tap to launch& help Stella to run out of powerful cannons! Let tweety as runbird run, and save birdy from attacks. Fessy is packed with 100levels, beware from missiles, avoid weird bombs, tap to launchStella rapidly to dodge fast-moving obstacles and aim precisely tohook up on next cannon.Just run bird run and compete the enemy tweety, run till the bombexplodes. Rather shoot Stella to sky or use extracurricular toelude multiple obstacles altogether, and reach to destinationquickly!How to Play:Tap to launch Fessy from one cannon to another, press and hold tochange the direction of cannon and release to shoot.Don’t let tweety win over you!Fessy is a fast paced arcade game with unique, innovative andaddictive tap to launch gameplay can be played by both kids andadults. Furthermore, the various options like power ups, goldencanal and help section will also gratify you.Run Bird Run!! Run till you reach the destination with Fessy!Be careful about obstacles in both modes!!.
Cooking Mania Restaurant Game
Own a cozy restaurant or wish to start?What'sbad to become world chef before you start? Try CookingManiaRestaurant Game an ultimate restaurant simulator to check outyourskills for world chef. Cooking Mania is the completerestaurantstory starts from initial steps to serve guests withdeliciousdrinks and baked goods.Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world inthisFREE addictive time-management game! Starting with fourdifferentlevels of restaurant mania as world chef with Sea Beach,HomeKitchen, Restaurant, and Bakery cook delicious foods as much asyoucan. Build exciting foods in all different themes: discovernewcooking restaurant simulator and baking recipes. Prepareburger,hotdog, coffee and more as a world chef to make yourcustomershappy while earning coins and win Cooking ManiaRestaurantGame.Purchase restaurant mania kitchen upgrades to prepare varietyofdishes as best world chef and serve fast in this restaurantstoryso that there should be no interruption in your cooking mania.Cookmore! Earn more in Cooking Mania Restaurant Game to become thebestamong others. Complete 30 stages of each level and proceed asgreatworld chef.How to play:Just follow the given instructions in restaurant mania and cookthefood faster. Go social see how your Facebook friends arerunningtheir own coffee shops!Features:• Cook Lots of dishes using multiple ingredients inrestaurantmania.• Different modes different foods such as Tea, soup,Sandwich,Burger, hotdog, cake and more to serve in yourrestaurantstory.• Win and unlock different levels to cook and serve faster
Running Rush
Running Rush is a fun running game. There arealot of challenge and the nice 3D environment. In this game theboygo on his mission and he is detected by the dog of hisenemy.Running Rush is an amazing running game for Android. Run alongthecraziest scenarios in the Running Rush . Drag to jump or slideandto move left or right. Avoid hitting trucks, buses andsubwaytrains. Run around the city, subway, forest and beach andcollectall the coins you can.The Running Rush store has lots of items to purchase andimproveyour running performance. Get runner upgrades to improveyour powerups like magnets and boots. Upgrade your jetpack too, andget lotsof coins. You can also purchase to surfer boards mid-airandsurvive obstacle hits .whether you hit buses, trucks or evensubwaytrains.Running Rush is a running game where you need to crossdifferentobstacles, overcome dangers while collecting as many coinsas youcan to score the highest
Fox TD
One simple Chipmunk Fox TD Minion want toreachtill height, selected a tower defense fantasy kingdom, andgrabbedthe speed from plane to run. Due to good faith in God, herun likefox to reach till temple, but some obstacles in shape ofcrab are inway to harm him.Download Fox TD - an ultimate tower defense game for AndroidwhereChipmunk Minion has to run, jump and climb to collect thecoins toreach the destination. Here the Chipmunk has to run likefox tocollect the coins, run fast and take quick jump for castledefenseaction. Beware from crab who also wants to run like fox todefeatyou.Download Fox TD for Android which is ultimate freewareChipmunkcastle defense action game, stylish 3D Minion animationwithbeautiful modern high definition graphics and effects,simple,interesting, pleasant and rewarding tower defensegameplay.Run like fox with horizontally scrolling levels as WalkerParadise,The Ardea, Fox Woods and Skylon; every level ends up whenMinionreaches at temple after facing confrontation with giantcrabs. Runlike fox with Level to level gameplay; conditions andtargetsmatters but, it's a pretty hardcore.Meet! Defeat or Avoid enemies in this castle defense game!Game Features:• Super fast arcade tower defense game of Minion• Face four different castle defense levels• Run, Jun and Climb in fantasy kingdom• Compatible with Android 2.3 and up• Stunning 3D modern Minion graphics
Jelly Free Fall
Don’t you like to play Jelly games? Sure,youdo. Download Jelly Free Fall for Android and be a part ofjellyescape by falling on platform. Play this most splashtasticmatchinggame around. Splash and Chill Out.Is anything more than Jumping? Yes, of course! This jellysurvivalbounce game allows for jumping to Jelly falling in a newway. Kickthe enemy out and hold your anime in. Enjoy the 3D bouncegame withjelly survival and falling via Jelly Escapetechniques.Get high score in Bounce game with jelly falling and fall down.Welldesigned 3D animation, and touch controlled game to tip thescalesof victory of Jelly Survival via Google Plus andFacebookMedia.Let the Jelly’s falldown and jelly escape from enemy side ismust.Kick the enemy jelly falldown and save your jellysurvivalplatform. Download Jelly Free Fall for Android at free ofcostcompatible with Android latest versions.• Time Limit - Complete the target within time quitemoreinteresting• Levels - Exclusive 50 levels• 3D graphics• Super-cute falling Anime with colorful art style.• Simple touch controls that anyone can pick up instantly.• Addictive gameplay for all the levels
Soccer Shot
Champions aren't born. They're polishedwithpractice and aim. Do you have what it takes to be the soccerstar?Let’s check out. Download Soccer Shot for android, the mostintensepenalty kick soccer league football games to practice yourpenaltyshootout skills on Android. Be a soccer star and controltheaction! Split defense in penalty kick football games togatherpenalty shootout experience.Become a soccer star of the year to win the majorexcessivetournaments. The game is ready to please you in everymoment ofFootball. Become the most demandable player of tournamentandcelebrate your victory with your teammates. Be the legendoffootball games by winning the soccer league.PLAY : Discover the themed new Single Player soccer starmodefights with enemy player where helping section takes youtocountless hours of gameplay. Play four different modes withplayersof 10 superior countries to win the soccer league offootballgames. Accept the ultimate challenge of penalty kick androck as asoccer star..!!Control every aspect of game through management system, be agoodplayer and help section for players to improve ability and putthemon the path to glory...!!Download Soccer Shot for Android to have the penalty kickfromfootball games.Features:Tilt phone to adjust the direction of the ballPlan smartly for penalty shootoutNice 3D graphicsAddictive themes
Moto Rash Racing
Are you a Highway rider? If so, then MotoRashRacing is one of best bike racing games - which you musthave.Start the bike, hit the gas and freak out the thrill ofhandlingthe gear of real bike and run to become the best mototrafficrider. Now get ready for adrenaline fueled racing action andrideyour way to victory in the fastest lane of all!You are a moto traffic rider only concentrated on his racingmottoto become best highway rider in bike racing games. Be ready torunalways and concentrate upon your skills now by choosing therealbike, you like more! Use your best skills and prove how goodmototraffic rider you are!How to play:Moto Rash Racing is simple yet challenging game to play. Justtiltthe direction of your phone with to steer your racing motofromleft to right. Accelerate the buttons to speed up or down,pushbrakes for slow speeds. The faster you ride the more scoresyou'llearn! Don't give up as a highway rider, while passing fromcars,trucks - drive faster!Game Features:- 8 tracks in different modes, from easy trials toverytechnical- Authentic 3D physics and good graphics- Select from 3 unique bikes, and Ride how you want to ride!