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Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter 2.11.1
Virtuagym Food: Helping you to live healthy and feel great. Get afree personalized nutrition plan by answering a few questions aboutyour lifestyle and goals. We support plans for many goals: weightloss, maintaining weight, weight gain and building muscle. Eat whatyou want, but keep an eye on those calories, carbs and fats!FEATURES * Food Database Validated by Expert Nutritionists * Addyour own foods * Save meals and add them instantly next time *Nutrition tracking for several goals (e.g. weight loss & muscledevelopment) * More than a calorie counter: keep an eye on thosecarbs, proteins and fats as well * Keep track of your weight, fatpercentage and lots of other body metrics in the Progress Tracker *Integrated with Virtuagym Fitness for home & gym workouts *Earn rewards for eating healthy WHAT MAKES VIRTUAGYM SPECIAL - Ourapps are made in cooperation with fitness clubs / gyms, personaltrainers and expert nutritionists, making Virtuagym the mostcomprehensive solution for workouts & nutrition coaching on themarket. We’re more than a calorie counter, it’s a completeecosystem. - We support nutrition plans for multiple goals, such asweight loss, maintaining weight and muscle build. It’s a caloriecounter, protein counter, carb counter and fat counter in one,fully integrated with our fitness tracker app with complete virtualtrainer workouts. With these apps, you can reach your goals fasterthan ever! - We are one of the leading apps in the Health andFitness category and have been featured in the Health and Fitnesscategory in several countries worldwide. - We are one of the firstFood Tracker apps that use the Material Design guidelines byGoogle. This means the interface is very user friendly andintuitive. VALIDATED FOOD DATABASE Our food database is linked toseveral official food databases. These food databases are updatedon a regular basis. The foods on this list have been validated byexpert nutritionists. FOR A VARIETY OF GOALS: - Weight loss: focuson those calories to lose weight. Combine our calorie counter withexercising with Virtuagym Fitness and reach your goals! -Maintaining weight: find the diet plan that’s right for you. You’llget a balanced diet plan, with enough calories, carbs, proteins andfats. - Gain weight: eat, eat, eat. Find out which foods help youto reach your goals. - Building muscle: you’ll need protein. Lotsof protein. Use our protein counter to see which foods are best foryou. DIFFERENT DIET PLANS: We have diet plans for multiple goals.You can select your own diet plan (low carb, high protein, lowcalorie, whatever you want), and we provide you with your personaldiet plan. Virtuagym Food comes with several diet plans: - Durable- High Protein Diet - Low Carb Diet - Muscle Building Diet -Athlete - Cardio - After Weight Loss Diet - Custom: select your ownpercentages of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Another good thingabout Virtuagym Food is that it can be used by vegetarians as well.You can eat whatever you want. Just keep an eye on the nutrientsyou eat. So if you are vegetarian, you can just stick to your ownvegetarian diet plan with Food. FULLY INTEGRATED WITH VIRTUAGYMFITNESS - One account, access to everything you need - CompleteWorkouts - 3D-animated exercises - Written exercise instructions -Progress tracking: over 30 values available CUSTOMER SERVICE Wantthe food database in your own language? Recommendations for thenext version? Let us know! Feedback is always greatly appreciated.If you find a bug, please email us at Rating1 star doesn’t help us to solve it.
Virtuagym Fitness Tracker - Home & Gym 8.2.8
Get in the best shape of your life with Virtuagym Fitness. Work outalongside our 3D-animated personal trainer, who will show youexactly how to do each exercise. Virtuagym has a continuouslygrowing exercise database, currently with over 4000 exercises andmany pre-made workouts which you can do at home or in the gym.FEATURES * Full workouts for home & gym * Create custom workoutroutines * Clear 3D-animated exercise videos * Written exerciseinstructions * Workout reminders (only if you want them, ofcourse!) * Earn rewards for exercising * Progress tracking: trackover 100 values! * Personal trainer Brad Fit :) * Google FitConnection * Connects with NEO Health wearables WHAT MAKESVIRTUAGYM SPECIAL - Our fitness app has a huge exercise databasewith 4000+ exercises (and we’re adding more every week!) - Allexercises have a 3D-animated instruction video, so you’ll knowexactly how to perform an exercise, or how to use machines at thegym. - You can track your progress over time. There are 30+ valuesyou can track, like weight, waist size, BMI, body fat, number ofpushups, arm size, chest size, VO2max and many more. - There aremore than 100 workouts in our fitness app which you can do rightaway: at home, in the gym or even at your office. There is avariety of workouts for men and women and in a range ofdifficulties, whether you’re a beginner or at an advanced level. -It’s fully integrated with Virtuagym Food: our calorie, carb andfat counter. Download both apps to get in shape faster than ever.There’s no other app offering such a complete solution for fitness& nutrition tracking on one single platform! - Users canconnect NEO Health wearable devices in order to track and analyzeprogress. Current connected devices are an activity tracker and abody composition monitor. FOR A VARIETY OF GOALS Whether you wantto lose weight, build muscle or stay in shape: we have a workoutfor you. To achieve the best results, keeping track of bothexercise and nutrition is important. Select a goal (weight loss,muscle building or staying in shape) and all you have to do isstick to your plan to see results! OUR APPS - Virtuagym Fitness:our fitness tracker with workouts for home & gym - VirtuagymFood: our calorie counter for nutrition tracking There’s a seamlessintegration between our fitness app and nutrition app. With bothapps, you’ll have all tools at your disposal to reach your fitnessgoals. You can also connect your Fitbit via and getaccess to more workouts, our online community and much more.CUSTOMER SERVICE Do you miss an exercise? Found a bug?Recommendations for the next version? Let us know! Feedback isalways greatly appreciated, because it helps us to create theworld’s best fitness app. If you find a bug, please email us Rating 1 star doesn’t help us to solve it.LIKE VIRTUAGYM FITNESS? Please rate us 5 stars, so we can keepimproving it :) We’re continuously working on new features and wecontinuously add new 3D-animated exercises. If you have anysuggestions, let us know. If you want to stay updated, get usefulfitness tips or if you need motivation: follow us on Facebook andTwitter!
VirtuaGym Cardio GPS 1.02
VirtuaGym Cardio is an easy-to-use (GPS) tracker, to track all yourcardio activities, like cycling, running, spinning, cross training,etc. It is fully integrated with your free online VirtuaGym profile(optional), which offers weight tracking, goal setting, FitnessPoints, badges and much more on VirtuaGym Cardio together with our other VirtuaGym app forstrength training and activity logging and you have all you need toget in great shape. Both apps are free!VirtuaGym Cardio features:• Track time, distance, speed and calories burned• Track GPS route on map• Syncs with your online VirtuaGym profile• Integrates with our other App with workout log• Earn Fitness Points and Badges• Works with online calorie goals and nutrition planIt's similar to cardio trainer apps such as Runkeeper, Endomondoand Runtastic, but what makes VirtuaGym Cardio unique is that itsynchronizes with your free account and our other appfor strength workouts. When you register you will get access to500+ exercises, 100+ workouts, 150+ badges to earn and our app forstrength workouts. Find workouts online, add them and synchronizewith your app to workout at home or in the gym.Check, online fitness & lifestyle platformfor many extra tools, like a personal profile, free nutrition plan,goal setting and much more.Like our app? Please rate 5 stars, so we can keep improving it.Thanks!Have errors? Please let us know at and we'll fix itasap. Giving a 1-star rating is not going to help us much, since wethen won't have a clue what's wrong. Thank you for using VirtuaGym,we hope you enjoy it!
Virtuagym Coach - Personal Trainer, Track Clients 3.0.0
FREE TO USE FOR THE FIRST CLIENTS Coach and keep track of yourclient progress. It’s free to use for the first three clients.Simply let your clients download the app and discover how Virtuagymcan improve your service as a personal trainer. IMPORTANT:IMPORTANT: With Virtuagym's Coach App, you can manage your clientsat any given moment with your mobile phone. No need for a PC! As apersonal trainer you can create and assign workouts for your clientin your Virtuagym Coach App. Share this with your clients so theycan see the personalized fitness plan you have created for them ontheir own app - the Virtuagym Fitness App. HOW VIRTUAGYM HELPSPERSONAL TRAINERS COACH BETTER With Virtuagym coach for personaltrainers you keep your clients happy, fit and healthy. You can keeptrack of your client progress, training plans, reactions, andactions. With our app you have the big opportunity to provide anoutstanding coaching experience. Your clients can enjoy anincreased focus on reaching their personal fitness goals whilepreventing injuries. COACHING FEATURES Virtuagym provides themobile coaching solution that fits the needs of any fitness coachor personal trainer with the following features: • Clientinformation View and edit dossiers, including intake information,medical status, and other fitness coaching notes. • Workouts Createworkouts on the go and assign them to your clients. • Exercisedatabase Workouts can be created using an extensive exerciselibrary containing over 5,000 exercises. • Progress tracking Trackover 250 different values for all your fitness clients, from weightto endurance to muscle strength. • Challenges Introduce acompetitive element to your workouts. Add members to challenges andtrack progress. Connect Stay in touch with your clients with easyaccess to call, email, text or WhatsApp message them. • Seamlessintegration with the Virtuagym Fitness App Clients can track theirown progress in their own fitness apps. All data is synced to yourFitness Coach app. HOW YOU CAN SAVE TIME Manage all your clientdata on the go, create and assign their training plans, and easilystay in touch. No more running to a desktop in order to change aworkout. With Virtuagym Coach for personal trainers, you’ll haveeverything you need to make client coaching truly mobile. HOW CANWE HELP YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS GROW Your fitness coaching businesswill be able to grow faster and better than ever before. With moretime to invest in training clients, your personal trainer businesswill be healthier and more attractive to new clients. Next, to thatyou are also able to create a better strategy. When you make moremoney with Virtuagym, you’re strengthening your position as aleader in the personal training world even when you just startcoaching. MANAGE IT ALL Manage all aspects of your coachingbusiness. Keep all your client information, from intake to accountdetails, in a single overview. Track lesson bookings and alwaysensure your time is spent optimally. CONNECT YOUR BRAND With ourcoaching app, you can connect your clients with your business.Building a brand is an essential task if you want to survivetoday’s business. This will help you to create happy clients butthose clients will also promote your personal trainer business withtheir own friends and family. With our coaching app, you will takeyour business to the next level.
Virtuagym Touch in-gym coaching touch screens 1.2.0
PLEASE NOTE: VIRTUAGYM TOUCH IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO PROFESSIONALSWITHA VIRTUAGYM LICENSE. INTERESTED? GET IN TOUCH. Virtuagym Touchis anew software solution that allows operators to turn any screenintoan in-gym service kiosk or digital training station. Thesolutionprovides complete flexibility in terms of placement.You're notlimited to expensive and cumbersome hardware. Contentcan becustomized to fit the area you install the screen. And lastbut notleast, you'll enjoy constant updates as we expand thecapabilities.INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE YOUR MEMBERS Virtuagym Touchprovides access toour exercise database of thousands of hi-resanimated exercises andworkouts. With that much content, yourmembers will find a plan forevery type of goal. Thanks to theworkout filters, you can set updedicated touchpoints for freeweight zones, functional trainingrooms, and more. • Educationalmuscle information • Huge exerciselibrary • Easy search functionOFFER DIGITAL COACHING VirtuagymTouch comes with group trainingmodules that allow your coaches toset up guided classes andcircuit training sessions with ease. Our3D-animated exercises canbe rotated 360 degrees, so coaches canshow proper form from allangles. After a workout, your members cansync the Virtuagym Touchwith their activity log right away. •Virtual group trainer •Connect with your fitness app • Circuittraining support ADDTOUCHPOINTS WHEREVER Turn any tablet into adigital in-gym kiosk.Virtuagym Touch is easy to set up on screensof every size, and canbe used as a handheld tool, wall-mounteddisplay, or man-sizedkiosk. Content can be filtered based on thelocation of yourtouchpoints, to offer relevant information and addmaximum valueanywhere in your facility. • Implement anywhere •Filter yourcontent • Rich digital experience • Works for everyscreen size