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BMI Calculator (free) 1.0.7
I'm so bored with persons like Dora and other BENETTA. Why are youso STUPID ?!CHANGE ****THE UNITS**** and USE ****INCHES**** NOTFEET !- Dora, 5'2 = 62 inches, and 62 inches with 120lbs = 21.94BMI !!!- Charles and Erik, you are not obese, just stupid.- YesCharles, if you put 6 FEET in the INCHES text field and 175 lbs,yes the calculation can't be right. 6 foot = 72 inches with 175lbs= 23.73 BMI !!!My application can not guess that you have notlearned to read- Tom, 25.38, OMG, yes, more than 25 your areoverweight, BUT if you exceeded by only 0.38, or 1, seriously!think! A lipo between your ears to get to 25? It's on the house!-tyler, are you kidding ? BMI is ONLY calculated with Height andWeight (see wikipedia).IT'S WRITTEN***Weight/lbs*** |***Tall/inches*** IF you choose IMPERIAL UNITS (menu button)OR***Weight/kg*** | ***Tall/cm*** IF you choose METRIC UNITS (menubutton) /!\ I want to thank those who took the time to understandthis simple app. <3 all ;) (and your comments)Spelling errors inmy description? Certainly, but English is not my native language;)/!\@Matthew, you're absolutely right, I try to find time to makethis small change but it is not easy. Change the unit without goingthrough the menu and allow to set "feet & inches" is theultimate goal to eliminate all problems. I'm totally zen ;)This appis a "Body Mass Index Calculator".BMI cannot be accurate for"athletes" or "muscular persons" ! It's written bellow, in thedescription of this app ! >>> "The result is valid for"normal" children/adults/m/f (but not for the muscular persons or"athletes"). The BMI formula is UNIQUE, for everybody. Why there isno GENDER and AGE ?! Again, it's written at the end of thedescription.**** The only thing that differs between adults andchildren is the "reading table". I give you a "general readingtable" for ADULTS ONLY (Health Organizations did this, not me) !The reading tables may differ between country or population (butreally not so much... even if they exists). There is a more precisereading table for children 5/19 years made by WHO (World HealthOrganization : www.who.int). The general reading table is just anINDICATION. If you want some "real" information about yourcondition, ask your doctor ***My current BMI is 24.81, 1kg more andOMAGAD I'm in "overweight". And what ? I lift some weights, I run,I'm relatively muscled so there is nonsense to calculate my BMI. Ifyou do sport, if you are in god shape, why do you want criticize atool who isn't made for you ?If you start doing some sport, you canuse this application to calculate your "first" BMI. When you beginto lose fat and gain muscle, you (maybe) will arrive in the"normal" zone. From there, if you continue to lose fat withoutgaining too much muscle, you can still calculate your BMI, thereading table will remain accurate for you. By cons, if you keepgaining muscle (AND/OR losing fat), from a certain point, calculateyour BMI has absolutely no sense.Features:* Units: metric(cm -kg)/imperial(lbs - inches) (Use the menu button for changing that)*Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Croatian,Korean* Long click on the result's zone to resetFOR CHANGING UNITS,USE THE MENU BUTTON!---THE PROVIDED READING TABLE IS A "GENERAL"READING TABLE.HOWEVER, IT APPLIES WITHOUT DISTINCTION TO (ADULTS) -MEN AND WOMEN -. YOU'RE NOT NECESSARILY IN OVERWEIGHT IF YOU EXCEEDTHE AVERAGE HIGH MORE THAN 0.1.SO BEFORE YOU SAY "NOT ENOUGH FORPRECISION" THINK ABOUT THAT.HOWEVER IF YOU EXCEED 1 OR MORE OF THE"NORMAL" SLICE, THE READING TABLE WILL APPLY REGARDLESS OF ITSACCURACY.BMI IS A SIMPLE "NUMBER". IT IS USED WITH OTHER TOOLS FORSHAPING A PROFILE OF HEALTH.Again, THIS APPLICATION IS A SIMPLECALCULATOR. ONLY A DOCTOR WITH YOUR HISTORY OF HEALTH, YOUR BMI,ETC. CAN YOU GIVE MORE INFO ABOUT YOUR HEALTH/OVERWEIGHT/ETCaccurately.---Wikipedia info at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index
English Irregular Verbs 1.2
372 English Irregular Verbs.Infinitive, Preterit and Pastparticiple.This list can be very useful for those who struggle toremember the conjugation of some irregular verbs. This listcontains the most "common's" verbs & some less used.** Tip**You can open/close the search box in the menu and from the searchbutton.---If you are developer, you can show your solidarity withthe people of this country who is bled to white by banksters bylowering the price of your applications at the minimum for thiscountry.At your level, if you are developer, you can show yoursolidarity with the Greeks (who are bled to white by banksters) bylowering the price of your applications (at the minimum possible bythe android market).
BMI Calculator
Body Mass Index Calculator. (Donate Version)The result is valid forchildren/adults/m/f (but not for the muscularpersons).http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_indexThe only thingthat differs between adults and children is the "reading table". Igive only you a "general reading table" ! The reading tables maydiffer between country or population (but not so much, ask yourdoctor). There is a more precise reading table for children 5/19years made by WHO (World Health Organization : www.who.int).Features:* Units: metric(cm - kg)/imperial(lbs - inches) (Use themenu button for changing that)* Languages: English, Italian,French, Spanish, German, Croatian, Korean* Long click on theresult's zone to resetFor any trouble, contact me.