Wombatica Software Apps

Fisheye Lens Pro 1.4.5
Fisheye Pro provides you with all the tools you need to create yourbest wide-angle inspired shots. The effects look great on actioncamera style shots and many other subjects. There are many stylesto choose from: you can add a slight fisheye effect or go forfull-on distortion - whatever suits your needs. Features - Createimpressive action collages with 28 flexible layouts and a superfast self timer - Select from 8 fisheye lens styles - Enhance yourshots with 90 color filters Download Fisheye Pro now and startcreating! All features are free to use.
Face Warp: Photo Booth 3.1
The super easy photo booth app helps you make those hilarious gridcollages of your funny faces. It has 24 warp effects with live facetracking, 7 collage styles and a handy self-timer. Get the free appnow and share your laughs!
Retrocam 4.1.3
Do you want a camera app that creates great-looking pictureswithout any need to fiddle with settings? Here's the app for you.Just select a pre-customized filter with one click and shoot away.The filters have been created by pros and tested with millions ofusers. Accurate live preview makes your composition easy: what yousee is what you get. Retrocam also has a super fast self timer anda built-in photo booth which give you even more possibilities tocreate cool pictures. Get Retrocam now and start taking picturesthat stand out from the crowd!
Split Camera 2.0.1
It's never been easier to clone yourself or your friend. - Take twophotos - Adjust split and blending - Share the pic anywhere youwant Self-timer makes cloning easy and because of the blender, theshots don't need to be perfectly aligned. The square picture formatis perfect for online sharing. Download the app now and share yourcreativity!
HDR Max - Photo Editor 2.5
HDR Max provides you with all the tools you need to bring out thebest in your photos. The unique filtering technology enables you toadd an HDR effect to any photo without the hassle of multipleexposures. HDR Max is a full-featured pro photo editor with anintegrated set of flexible tools. All effects have convenient andaccurate real-time previews. You can always zoom closer and/or usesplit view to see the difference to the original. And you canalways go back to the previous version using the unlimited undofeature. Get HDR Max now and start creating pictures that catch theeye! Features - HDR effect: strength, detail, glow - 90 colorfilters for one-tap enhancement - Pinch-to-zoom - Adjustable splitscreen A/B view - Full undo - Tune contrast, brightness,saturation, exposure and color temperature - Color balance -Sharpen - Straighten - Crop - Flip/mirror - Orientation - Vignette- Fisheye lens effect - Cartoon/sketch - Tilt-shift HDR Maxpreserves original camera metadata including location.
Face Swap 5.2.3
Making face swap videos is easier than ever with Face Swap. Justget two faces in the viewfinder and see the app do a live face swapon camera. And that's only the beginning: there's a ton of fun tobe had with a gallery of hilarious live masks: zombies, cuteanimals, cyborgs ... you name it. Download Face Swap now and jointhe fun!
Face Warp 2.1.5
Face Warp 2 takes hilarity to the next level with live videorecording. Make funny video clips masquerading as a very strangelooking individual or an alien. Live face tracking keeps the warpfilter in place while you speak or move your face. Get Face Warp 2to your phone now and make yourself and your friends happy withcrazy video clips!