YY Business 1.1.4
YY Business is your #1, perfect business partner. Run your entirebusiness from your smart phone/ notepad, on our app as your onestop solution. You can do so many things: part time job matchingsolution/ full time job replacement/ advertising platform for (i)your products and services, (ii) promotions/ online reservation/E-Payment solution etc. You are not obligated to use all the YYBusiness functions, and we can guide you during your first trial,with our friendly business analyst. Key Features: (i)YY pay-Digital Payment via credit system -Comes with an integrated QRcode to include all your existing E-payment vendors (ii)Part timestaffing request -Tap into our database to hire part timers -Canput unlimited number of job postings (iii)AI Full Time Jobs -Matchyour job requirements to potential employees via AI Arrangeinterview appointments with your chosen job applicants (iv)Queueand Runner -Save your time and effort. Assign someone to queue ordo the runner job for you instead (v)Delicacy & Reservation-Feature your E-Menu for easy order -Easy online restaurantreservation (vi)E-attendance -Cloud system to store clock-inclock-out information of your staff -Easy retrieval as report forpayroll purposes (vii)Promotion -Upload your latest discounts toreach out to our ever-growing database -Can post unlimited numberof promotions We want to be your most trusted partner!
YY Riders 1.1.1
This app is used by the YY Riders to accept the task andmakedelivery to their customers.
YY Recruiters 1.2.3
Recruiters can use this app to manage his staffs and cancommunicate with staffs at the first time. Recruiters can also helpstaff to correct basic information.
YY Circle 4.0.5
YY Circle is Singapore’s #1 lifestyle app with various functionsthat revolves around your life. A jobs portal with flexiblepart-time job matching to full-time job searching to find a job youdesire. If you are a freelancer, showcase your skills and talentson Freelancers, and get engaged with gigs or projects of yourpreference. Online food delivery and finding the best promotiondeals to save and spend through our secure and seamless e-paymentsolution. End your day by making new friends and share your storiesthrough our social network in our newsfeed. Shop, work and earn,and be rewarded with reward points to redeem attractive items likemobile phones, game consoles, vouchers and more! With YY Circle,your life gets easier. #magic Work, eat, play, shop, pay and berewarded. Key Features: Ad-hoc jobs: Apply flexible part-time jobsanytime, anywhere at your convenience. Receive fast payment on thenext working day. AI Full-time jobs: Search and apply for full-timejobs to land your dream job. Freelancers: Showcase your skills andtalents and get hired for a gig or project of your preference.Promotions: Receive discounted deals for food, entertainment andmany other promotions under the sun. Yummy Food: Locate all yourfavourite eateries , make your online orders or reservations atyour fingertips. Newsfeed: Post your stories, photos, and videos Bea content creator and gain hundreds of followers! Reward: Earnreward points to redeem mobile phones, game consoles, and manyother attractive items. YY Pay: Go cashless with YY Pay to enjoy aneasy and free digital payment solution.. To access our functionssuch as Ad-hoc jobs/ AI Full time jobs/ Promotions/ Yummy Food/Newsfeed/ Reward/ YY Pay in the following steps: 1.Register for abasic account for free. You will have access to do the following:a. Apply for multiple flexible part-time jobs and see your moneypaid in our e-wallet in next working day upon job completion. b.Create your resume in YY Circle to increase your chances to beemployed for your next full-time job. c. Top up your YY Pay walletand order food online. Arrange for collection/ delivery based onyour preference. d. Check out hot deals, 1-for-1 deals and featuredbrands in Promotion around the island. e. Post content, followother stories, and insert cute emoticons in your post in Newsfeed.f. Daily Login into our app, perform various activities to earnpoints and redeem your rewards. 2.For employers/ business owners,register a corporate account on YY Business App for free. You willhave access to the following: a. Post new ad-hoc jobs for free, andget staffs within minutes b. List your latest promotions and marketyour products/services c. Receive food order online. d. Utilizerewards to give free samples/products/ vouchers for your business3. To earn alternative income via YY app, apply online, pass theinterview and get basic training before you apply for jobs andassignments. Passing the interview and training will increase thechances of jobs matched. This includes: a. Applying for ad-hoc jobsin YY Jobs b. Join as a YY Riders.