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Little Babysitter Slacking 1.0.1
This cute girl needs to work as a babysitter today. But she feelslike doing something funny instead. She makes the nursery room herplayground! Help her with the shenanigans!
High School Crush Date 1.0.0
Lisa has a crush on Nick, quarterback of school football team.Could you give her fashion advice about her makeup and outfits oneach date, so she could win his heart? There are 6 differentsituations and dates. Please choose appropriate makeup, dress andaccessories for each date. She will be scored at the end of everylevel. have fun!
Obama Burger Stand 1.0.1
What shall Obama do after being relieved of his office? He runs aburger stand! Let's help obama to take orders and serve thecustomers and make his burger stand a success! Have fun!
Mermaid Princess Tea Party 1.0.1
Little mermaid princess is throwing a tea party for the girls. Butshe has so many work to do and you could give her a hand. First,let's help her clean up the messy room. Then decorate the room andset the table. Last but not least, you should pass the memory gameto win her party dress and accessories! This is a reallychallenging game. Play this Mermaid Princess Tea Party game and seeif you could be a successful host!
High School Clinic 1.0.0
The high school clinic is crowded with patients. Some of them aresuffered from bruises and fracture, some of them have concussion orfood poisoning. Could you work as the doctor and use all themedical tools and medicine to cure them all? Have fun playing thisfun High School Clinic game!
Raindrops Frenzy 1.2
In the dry season when all withers, one little raindrop decides tosave the forest. It summoned all its pals to help. But it seemstheir power are not enough, so they need your help! 1. Aim andshoot with your mouse to create groups of 3 or more of the samecolor raindrops, clearing as many as possible. 2. 6 different propsavailable3. 4 fun modesCome and play this cute puzzle game!
Girls Dorm Room Decoration 1.0.2
Emily and Tina are roommates in college. They decided to redecoratetheir dorm room. You happened to be a very talented interiordesigner. Could you design a cozy and comfortable room for them?Please help them choose wallpapers, furnitures and otherdecorations. It's gonna be fun! You can save photos to your galleryafter the decoration!
Doll House Decoration 1.0.7
You just got a cute doll house. How do you want to decorate thebedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and garden? There are somany cute furnitures for you to decorate these rooms as youwant.New features: 1. Added 2 more doll houses 2. Added lots of newfurnitures, decorations and characters. 3. Fixed some bugs
Valentine Glam Dress Design 1.0.2
Julie will spend her first Valentine's Day with her boyfriend. Shewants to look flawless. But it seems she couldn't find the perfectdress. Could you help her design a glamourous dress? We have allthe machines, fabrics and tools. Use your talent and fashion senseto create and decorate the dress. Have fun!
Valentine Braided Hairstyles 1.0.1
Have you been fully prepared for your Valentine's Day date? Besidesa cute dress and perfect makeup, a delicate and elegant braidedhairstyle would definitely add points for your look. Play this funValentine Braided Hairstyles game and learn 3 cute and flirtybraied hairstyles for your valentine date! It's easy and fun!
Wedding Shopping Spree 1.0.0
Sophia is busy shopping for her big wedding day. Let's go to thewedding street and help her choose the most beautiful wedding gownand accessories. Go to each store like wedding gown store, jewelryshop and hair store and buy your favorite item. Have a weddingshopping spree!
Super Mom Pregnancy Care 1.0.0
Moms are very tired and stressful during pregnancy. They have toendure the morning sickness, fatigue, cramps every day and gothrough a series of pregnancy examinations. Take really good careof our super mom to be to prepare diet, give a massage, and go tohospital for examination routines. Then find out the gender of thebaby. Have fun!
Summer Besties Makeover 1.0.0
The three besties Lily, Sarah and Nina like to share clothes andaccessories. But they could always create their own looks. Checkout their cosmetics and beautiful dresses. and help each girlcreate the best summer look!
Baby Nursery Decoration 1.0.0
Princess is having a baby. Her plan today is to decorate a nurseryroom for her baby. Is it a room for boy or girl? It's up to you.Choose your favorite wallpaper, carpet, crib and other furnituresto decorate the room. Enjoy!
Emo Girl Facial Makeover 1.0.0
Emily loves the emo look. Today she is going to meet some of heremo friends. Let's help her get prepared. First give her an emofacial treatment. Then help her with a makeup. Last choose a cuteand cool emo dress to complete her emo look. Have fun!
Valentine Nail Art 1.0.1
Who doesn't love Valentine? Merinda has been preparing for this dayin the nail salon. Could you help her with all the routines? Afterthat, you could choose a cute dress, a perfect hairdo and give hera makeup. have fun
Merry Christmas Cake 1.0.0
It's holiday season! We all love Chrismtas! How wonderful it is tobake and decorate a Christmas cake for your family. Play this funMerry Christmas Cake Decoration game and use your talent to designyour own Chrismtas cake. have fun!
Monday Morning Mess 1.0.0
Caroline got up late on Monday monrning. But she needs to find outher cosmetics, accessories and get dressed for work. Could you helpher out? otherwise she would be late and caught by her boss! Timeis ticking! Help Caroline find out everything in her messy room!Have fun!
Anna Birthday Cake Contest 1.0.1
Today is Anna's birthday! She needs your help decorate her birthdaycake. There are two game modes. In Free Decoration mode, you coulddecoration your cake freely. In the Contest Mode, you could selectdecorations from the menu to make an exact same cake shown in thepicture.
Monster Inspired Makeup 1.0.0
Little Jessie like monster-makeup-style very much. Could you helpJessie with this cutemonster inspired makeup with all thesecosmetics? After that, you could choose an outfit for her. Playthis amazing monster inspired Makeup game and have fun!
Design Fringe Boots 1.0.0
Play this fun DIY game and learn how to turn your old boots into anew pair of fringe boots! There are many colors and cuteaccessories for decoration. Have fun!
Cherry Christmas Make Up Look 1.0.1
We wish you a Cherry Christmas! Do you want to learn how to createa festive and glamorous cherry christmas look step by step? Firstlet's help this cute girl clean up her face by going through somefacial routines, then we could apply the cosmetics by following theinstructions in game and create a fun Cherry Christmas Make UpLook! Have fun!
St. Patrick's Day Look 1.0.0
St. Patrick's Day is coming! Julie is preparing for the celebrationof parade. Look at all these cute green dresses and accessories!Could you help her choose the most beautiful outfit? Have fun!
Baby New Year Caring 1.0.0
It's baby Ellie's second New Year's Day. Mom is busy decorating thehouse and cooking. Could you help mom take good care of Ellie?First let's gently wake her up, then prepare baby formula andchange diapers. After the caring part, let's choose an adorableoutfit for baby Ellie and match with some cute accessories. Whenbaby Ellie is hungry, feed her with her favorite food. Have a niceNew Year's Day with baby Ellie!
Puppy Dream House 1.0.0
Help this cute puppy build its dream house. You could play the freemode to decorate the puppy house freely as you want. You could alsochoose the challenge mode to decorate the house exactly as thepicture shows. have fun!
Dragon Queen Spa Makeover 1.0.0
In her mysterious castle, the Dragon Queen is preparing for acomfortable and magical spa. Could you help her with the sparoutines? After the spa, give her a makeup and choose the mostbeautiful dress for her! Enjoy!
Egyptian Hand Spa 1.0.0
Amy brings you the most original and glamorous Egyptian nail spa!Play this fun Hand Spa game and follow the steps to learn how togive your hands a nice treatment. Then choose from many colors andpatterns for the nails. Have fun!
Christmas Fab Nails 2014 1.0.0
Lea needs your professional advice! She comes to your nail salonand wants to have a fabulous Christmas manicure! After the nailpolish steps, help her with her makeup and choose the most cutechristmas outfit for her! Have fun!
Magical Elf Cute Dressup 1.0.1
This magicall elf is the owner of the magic forest. Check out hermagical wardrobe, there are so many beautiful outfits andaccessories! Choose your favorite items and dress her up. Have fun!
Spring Fairy Spa 1.0.0
Spring fairy is getting ready for the Welcome Spring party. She andher fairy friends need to look flawless on the party. Could youhelp her? First she needs a relaxing and comfortable body spa. Thengive her a cute makeup and choose a beautiful outfit for her. havefun!
Santa Girl Christmas Night 1.0.2
It's Christmas Eve! This santa girl is so excited to going to theChristmas party with her boyfriend. Could you help her prep for thenight? She has so many cute holiday outfits and acceessories. Beher stylist and choose the most beautiful dress for her! Have fun!
Top Singer Style 1.0.0
Top singer Luna is preparing for her world wide concert. Check outher world class wardrobe. Could you work as her stylist and choosean outfit for her? Enjoy this fashion dress up game!
Perfect Trailer Design 1.0.0
Sabrina finally got her own trailer! She comes to you, the bestinterior designer for help to design and decorate the inner of hertrailer. There are many furnitures, accessories and decorations tochoose from. Use your talent and give Sabrina a perfect trailer!Have fun!
Color Girls Homemade Snacks 1.0.0
Popcorn, chips and cotton candy, which snack makes your mouthwatering? Color Girls Cherry, Grace and Gill has the best homemadesnack recipes. Let's play this fun cooking game and learn how tomake yummy popcorn, chips and cotton candy. Have fun and enjoy!
Baked Rainbow Doughnuts 1.0.0
You all love doughnuts, right? We have a more healthier anddelicious recipe for you - Baked rainbow doughnuts! For each step,you have to find out the tools and ingredients, and then follow theinstructions to prepare the batter and baking. Then you coulddecorate your rainbow doughnuts as you wish. They look so colorfuland tastes even more better! Let's get started!
Easter Spring Style 1.0.0
Spring is Sandra's favorite season. She is preparing for the Easterparty. Could you help her choose the most beautiful outfits? Shehas so many cute dresses, accessories and shoes in her closet. Havefun!
Easter Spring Make Up Look 1.0.0
Spring is all about flowers, sunshine and vibrant colors. Play thisfun Easter Spring Make Up Look and learn how to have this cutemakeup look which is perfect for Easter. After you are done withmakeup, choose your favorite outfits to dress her up. Have fun!
New Year Cutie 1.0.0
It's New Year 2015! Emily is ready to celebrate new year with herfamily and friends. She needs new outfit, new dress and new hairdo!Could you help her out and choose the most beautiful items for her?have fun and happy new year 2015!
Christmas Wreath Bread 1.0.0
Isn't it lovely to prepare Christmas breakfest for your family? Wehave a new recipe for you: Christmas Wreath Bread! It looks festiveand tastes so good! But first let's go shopping and buy all theingredients for this recipe. Then follow the instructions in gameto make the wreath bread step by step. Have fun!
Real Makeup for Prom 1.0.1
Elisa is preparing for the prom night. Could you help her with hermakeup? She needs a elegant hairdo and a fabulous dress, too! Useyour fashion taste to help her transform into a gorgeous promqueen!
Fairy Face Painting Design 1.0.0
This beautiful flower fairy is throwing a party. Every guest shouldpaint their faces with flower patterns. Could you help her choose aflower face painting design and finish her look? After that, youcould select from many cute dresses and accessories to dress herup. Have fun!
Color Girls Fashion Studio 1.0.0
Color Girls Cherry, Grace and Gill need a fashion transformation!They come to your fashion studio for a head to toe makeover. Couldyou help them? First you will give your girl a haircut, thentransform her old dress into edgy and gorgeous outfit. Last but notleast, choose some cute accessories to complete the look. Have funworking in your fashion studio!
Fairy Hairdresser 1.0.0
Welcome to the fairyland hair salon! You could help this cute fairydesign a new hairstyle. Use your creativity to give her a hairtransformation! After the hairstyle part, you could choose abeautiful dress and accessories. have fun!
Cover Girl Photoshoot Dressup 1.0.0
Becky is a famous actress and model. She is invited to be the covergirl of a fashion magazine. Could you work as her stylist andchoose the most beautiful dress for her? Have fun!
Prom Party Haircuts 1.0.0
Carrie wants a new hairstyle for the prom party. Could you take herto your hair salon and give her a makeover? There are many toolslike scissors, curling irons and hair dyes for your choice. Afterthe haircut part, go ahead and give her a makeup, then choose agorgeous dress for the party. Have fun!
Christmas Fab Nails 1.0.1
Christmas is the time for family and friends, and for parties, ofcourse. When you are wearing your favorite dress to Christmasparty, if you have the fabulous manicure, that would be very eyecatching. Let's start with a christmas fab nail arts and nail yourchristmas look. have a nice time!You can save the photo to yourgallery after decoration by clicking the save button.
Easter Treats 1.0.0
Here are two easy and yummy Easter treat recipes . Let's play thisfun game and learn how to prepare these snacks. Have fun!
Fairy Princess Hair Salon 1.0.0
The fairy princess is looking for a new hairstyle. So she comes toyour hair salon for a makeover. Start by washing her hair withshampoo and hair conditioner. Then you need to design a new hairdofor her. Do you prefer a long bob hairstyle with pastel colors, ora long hairdo with fancy curls? Make full use of the tools likestraighter, curlers, hair dyes and scissors to create a fabuloushairstyle. When you are happy with her new hairdo, choose some cuteaccessories to make the hairstyle even cuter. She will need someadvice for outfits, too! Enjoy this Fairy Princess Hair Salon game!
Bridesmaid Makeover 1.0.6
Lily is getting married. As her bridesmaid, Linda is very nervous.Could you help her prep for the wedding ceremony? Pamper her withnice and comfortable facial treatment to get rid of facialproblems. Then apply the cosmetics to her and create a perfectbridesmaid look. The most important part is to select a gorgeousbridesmaid gown for Linda. Enjoy the happiness with Lily and Linda!
Halloween Contest 1.0.1
Lily started an Halloween challenge on social media with her BFFAmy. They would post their Halloween makeup looks and costumes andsee who wins more likes. Help both of the princesses with theirHalloween makeup and dressup. Let's see who will pull off the scarymakeup look and who will create the cute makeup look. ChooseHalloween costumes and accessories to complete their look. Havefun!