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Нестандартные вопросы и ещё более нестандартные ответы. Научисьнаходить скрытый смысл, отсылки, подтекст и аналогию. Пройди игруответив на 50 необычных и странных вопросов. Прокачай свои знания иинтуицию, это бесплатно!Non-standard questions and answers evenmore unusual. Learn how to find the hidden meaning, reference, andthe implication of the analogy. Complete the game by answering 50questions of unusual and strange. Pimp your knowledge andintuition, it's free!
RGB - colors mixer 1.5
Minimalistic program to mix colors by RGB. From black to white,from blue to red, from green to brown and all other colors. Swipedown to get scroll bars down and swipe up to get scroll bars up.
RGB+ colors mixer 1.2
Minimalistic program to mix RGB colors. From black to white, fromblue to red, from green to brown, from purple to brown... Features:• Just move bar and color changes: • Change RED part • Change GREENpart • Change BLUE part • Get any UNIQUE color from 16777216possible • Double tap for fullscreen mode: • Only Your color. Onlyit and you • Also you can change it with super-innovative seekBars• Powerful settings: • Turn off hints • Keep screen active whileRGBing • Setup max brightness • Look what version is it • FEEDBACKemail • "Just test" check box added just for fun • The mostoptimized app • Swipe down to set scroll bars near bottom and swipeup to set scroll bars near head. • Text will never merge withbackground color, because text has RAINBOW animation. • Nomonospace font from now! • ... • Something more? • Maybe yes •but... • I think no... • So, you read that all • Amazing • All youideas and proposition may be realized • Thanks.
square 1.1
You will something beautiful, something great, somethingthatmatters. Yeah, it`s just a square with color, but every squareisunique, nobody can see, that saw you. Because square have256^4color which equals 4294967296 ≈ 4,3trillions differentsquares. Youcan install and delete it, but when you need relax, youwilldownload it. The Unforgettable Square. Relax and Enjoy...