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Emoji Crack - Make New Emoji! 1.3
Why keep using the same old emoji that everyone has seen a milliontimes? With Emoji Maker you can design your own custom emoji. Getcreative and choose from 100's of shapes, eyes, mouths, hats,props, and hand stickers. Share you emoji with your friends or inyour favorite apps.Most of all this app is FUN! We promise youwon't want to put it down!
piZap Photo Editor, MEME Maker, Design & Collages
piZap photo editor, MEME Maker, design tool and collage makercombines four tools in one! - Create anything you can imagine - 1.6million stock images - 367 fonts - Colorful, vibrant filters thatyou won’t find anywhere else. - Unique collage layouts like heartsand mixed shapes. - Thousands of fun, colorful stickers. Nobody hasmore stickers than piZap! Be creative! Have fun! Let’s see what youcan do Unlock all features and zap those ads with piZap PRO for$35.88/year or $5.99/month. Included if you are already a piZap PROdesktop user.