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DevoHub® brings you trustworthy, biblically-based personal andfamily devotionals every day for every walk of life. When youactivate DevoHub at your church, you'll receive your choice fromsix different, never-ending daily devotionals that you can use foryour personal or family devotional time each day.Choosefrom:Journey - a devotional designed for women who want to developa daily walk with God and to grow in serving Him in their homes,churches, and communities. Journey offers content that is rich andengaging while pointing women to God and His Word as the foundationfor life.Stand Firm - a devotional for men filled with practicalways to apply biblical truths and designed to fit easily into aman's busy schedule. Stand Firm helps men to remain anchored inJesus Christ by cultivating the discipline of daily Bible readingand encourages them to lead and disciple their families and tohonor God by keeping their commitments and responsibilities.OpenWindows - a dynamic, personal guide that provides believers with aplan for a meaningful devotional time. Open Windows leads readersto delve deeper into their Bibles and spend more time in theWord.Renew Daily - a devotional filled with biblical truth andencouragement for the reader who wants to know God more. Written inan approachable, conversational style, Renew Daily presentsbiblical truths learned through both the relatable highs and lowsof life. God's goodness, nearness, trustworthiness, and sovereigntyare themes woven throughout the devotionals, leaving readersencouraged in their faith.Quietud - offers refreshing, godlymessages that are like springs of water to lift the spirit. Thefeatured Scriptures help give the sense of security of knowing thatGod is always by your side. This devotional is in Spanish, iswritten by Hispanics, and is a great blessing to people who read itin their quiet time.Essential Connection - provides daily devotionsfor students to help them deepen their walk with God and grow intheir faith. Each week students will examine an aspect of God’sredemptive story, learn how His story transforms their lives, anddiscover how to live His story to change the world. Family Journey- a daily devotional that engages the whole family and cultivatesthe disciplines of daily Bible reading and spending time with God,helping kids and parents grow in relationship with God and oneanother.Within the DevoHub application, you can:-Read today'sdevotional-Swipe forward or backwards to devotionals seven daysbefore or after today to remind yourself or prepare yourself fortime spent with God-Increase or decrease the font size ofdevotionals for easier reading-Share up to 120 characters on yourfavorite social network-Toggle between all the available devotionallines at any time to find new inspiration for your quiettime-Favorite a devotional to keep on your device after itsscheduled dateThe devotionals in DevoHub are written by ministersand laypeople, edited by seminary-trained editors, and provided byyour church, so you can trust them to be reliable, biblicalstarting points to spark your daily time with God.If your churchdoesn't subscribe to DevoHub, you can choose to subscribeindividually to any of the available devotional lines throughin-app purchases on the "About" screen.NOTE: In-app subscriptionsfor individual devotional lines are purchased and managed directlythrough the app store on your device.


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