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Disk cleaner – RAM booster andJunkcleaner performs all the function to optimize phone memorybycleaning the junk files. These all features to clean disk andkeepyour cell phone makes it the best clean master app to keepyourmobile clean and safe from residue files.

Disk Cleaner Features:

App cleaner (Junk Cleaner):

This RAM booster acts as ultimate clean master to boostthephone RAM by helping to free up mobile storage spacebyremoving junk files, residue files and cache files which slowdownyour phone. It detects the faulty apps in your cell phonehenceacts as app cleaner.

Boost mobile and Mobile performance:

Just a tap and this free disk cleaner will help to boostandspeed up phone by removing junk files from freeing RAM fromresiduefiles. It is a speed booster utility which requires norootto boost mobile speed and mobile performance. This Diskcleanerboosts up RAM and speeds up mobile by saving battery andacting asbattery doctor that is why we can call it the best batterysaverapp for Android phones. It saves battery and extends batterylifeof your cell phone.

CPU Cooler:

No android application is best if it doesn’t cool CPU whenremovejunk files. It is CPU cooler which keeps the CPU cool byboostingRAM.

This best disk cleaner or clean master is free android phonecleanerapp which will eventually safeguard your phone from virus,savebattery and will act as phone optimizer.This is app cachecleanerwhich checks for junk files in phone and clean phone bybatteryfixation and cache cleaning. This RAM booster helps tooptimizephone performance and is the best phone cleaner.

This disk cleaner is the best clean master, android optimizer,speedbooster and junk cleaning app which free up storage space ofyourAndroid phone and clean up your android RAM in order to speedupyour android phone performance.

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