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Durga Devi Chalisa | Durga LWP | Durga Devi Aarti and Mantra |Durga Devi Worship | Navratri Durga Devi All In One Here is themost universal app for Goddess Durga Devi, this app gives you theGoddess Durga Devi Aarti, Mantras, Audio Mantras, Goddess DurgaDevi Photo Frame, Goddess, Goddess Durga Devi Live Wallpaper. A newway to worship Goddess Durga Devi is here! Best app in Navratri fordurga devi devotees, workship, Aarti, Mantras. Durga Devi Aarti& Mantra Apps features - 1. Durga Devi Worship Page 2. DurgaDevi Live Wallpaper 3. Durga Devi Photo Frame 4. Ringtone &Alarm of Durga Devi Aarti, Durga Devi Stotra, Durga Devi Mantra,Durga Devi Chalisa, Durga Devi poojan, Durga Devi Saptshati, DurgaDevi Kavach. 5. Text of all Durga Devi mantra, aarti, Durga DeviChalisa, Durga Devi Saptshati, Durga Devi Kavach etc. We thoughtthat there are lot of Durga Devi apps on the store, but most ofthem provide one single functionality. There is not a single appwhich is universal in a true sense. So we thought to create one.This Durga Devi App provides such in depth functionalities that itis a must have app for any true devotee of Durga Devi. Detailedfeatures - 1. Durga Devi Worship Page - This is the most importantfeature of this app. Here you can see Durga Devi set on some setlike we see during Durga Devi Temple. We have provided withdifferent Durga Devi murti. You can set different Durga Devi Mantraor Durga Devi Aarti on repeat mode of say 3/11/21/108 We haveprovided with neat animation of diya, ghanta, flowers, incensestick etc. Just open this screen and set the phone aside, it itselfis a form of worship. 2. Durga Devi Live Wallpaper - You can availall the above features on the wallpaper of your phone. No matterwhich app is running, you can see Durga Devi every time you see thehome-screen. 3. Durga Devi Photo Frame - Here you can click yourphoto with Durga Devi especially in a pose where he is blessingyou. You can add color effects as well. 4. Ringtone & Alarm -The app provides tens of different Durga Devi , mantras, stotras,Durga Devi chalisa. You can set any of them as ringtone of yourphone or as an alarm. It feels so good to get up in the morningwith the sound of Durga Devi Stotra. 5. Text - Complete text of allthe Durga Devi aartis, mantra, stotras and Durga Devi chalisa,Durga Devi Kavach, Durga Devi Saptshati path. In Hindi Sanskrit andMarathi language. This app specially designed for Navratrifestival. Now download the Durga Devi Aarti, Mantra and Chalisa |Durga Devi All In One App


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Akbar Birbal Stories are world famous storieswhich demonstrate the brilliance of Birbal.This treasure of Akbar Birbal stories, we have now brought toour Marathi friends!Akbar Birbal Marathi Stories is an app dedicated to all MarathiPeople and Marathi Kids which lists down a lot of famous AkbarBirbal stories.ह्या अॅप मधून तुम्ही अकबर बिरबलाच्या काही गोष्टी वाचूशकता.अकबर हा एक मुघल राजा होता आणि बिरबल हा अकबराच्या दरबारात त्याचासल्लागार होता व नवरत्नांपैकी एक होता.बिरबल हा त्याच्याकडे असण्याऱ्या व्यवहार ज्ञान व चातुर्य शैली मुलेप्रसिद्ध होता .अश्याच बिरबलाच्या चातुर्य दर्शविणाऱ्या कथा ह्या अॅप मध्ये आहेत अधिकगोष्टी वाचण्यासाठी अॅप डाउनलोड करालहान्यांपासून ते मोठ्यांपर्यंत सगळ्यांना आवडतील अश्या गोष्टीतुम्हाला ह्या अॅप मध्ये वाचायला मिळतील.Marathi Kids these days don't really know much about the famousAkbar Birbal stories, how brilliant Birbal was, and how visionaryAkbar was to keep Birbal in his darbar.Give this app to your kids and let them understand the geniusBirbal.Download Akbar Birbal Marathi Stories today and have endlessfun.
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Fishpond is a famous activity people do every now & thenespecially in schools & colleges. Marathi Fishpond | मराठीफिशपोंड Fishpond | शेलापागोटे तुझ गाव पूना माझ गाव पूना आपलीदोघांची जोड़ी म्हणजे तम्बाखू आणि चुना Here it come Marathi Fishpond| मराठी फिशपोंड for Marathi peoples. Now you can enjoy and sendfishpond to anyone on single click via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hikeetc. Now Marathi Fishpond | मराठी फिशपोंड in your pocket. If anyoneasked for fishpond then you have the best app for marathi fishpondto assign or send them. Marathi Fishpond | मराठी फिशपोंड - - Gettop 50 Fishponds - Bookmark your favorite fishpond - Get today'sspecial fishpond - Get random fishpond - Share fishponds with yourfriends & loved once via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike etc....Download and enjoy Marathi Fishpond | मराठी फिशपोंड
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The most complete Marathi Ukhane app on the store! मराठी उखाणे,उखाणे म्हंटलेकी लग्न सराई, बाळाचे नामकरण, मंगलागवर असे प्रत्येक सणसुदीत उपयोगी पडणारे उखाणे, खास तुमचासाठी. If you are about to bemarried, know that you need to say ukhane aloud at many times. Ifyou don't know any, it creates a problem. So download MarathiUkhane app and be the master of Marathi Ukhane. Impress yoursignificant other by your sheer knowledge of Marathi Ukhane.Marathi Ukhane | मराठी उखाणे - - Different types of Ukhane fordifferent occasions like for bride, groom, during marriage,gruhpravesh & on. - Bookmark your favorite ukhane. - Shareukhane with your loved once and friends via whatssapp, hike, fbetc. - You will get daily today's best ukhane. - You can like yourfavorite ukahne. - You can vote different ukhanes and can see thetop 50 best ukhane. Download this best app for marathi ukhane.
Badbad Geete in Marathi | बडबड गीते 2.6 APK
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When we were kids, we all learnt those beautiful Badbad Geete inschool. Badbad geete in Marathi is a comprehensive app which listshundreds of Badbad geete in one single app. Dedicated to MarathiKids. Small kids loves to listen badbad geete or they want sing aswell with you. So now that the your searching problem is solved.Here you will get lots of badbad geete here. This app provide youall badbad geete in marathi. हा अँप खास तुमच्या चिमुकल्या साठीत्यांची आवडती बडबडगीते घेऊन आला आहे. हा अँप नक्कीच तुमच्याचिंकल्याला आनंदी ठेवण्यास मदत करेल. या मधले बडबडगीत तुम्ही तुमचामुलांना ऐकवू शकता तुम्हाला कोणत्या पुस्तकांची गरज भासणार नाही.शाळेत शिक्षकांना बडबडगीतसाठी पुस्तके चालावी लागतात तर हा अँपत्यांच्यासाठीही खूप उपयोगी ठरेल. झुकुझुकु झुकुझुकु आगीनगाडी असावासुंदर चोकलेटचा बंगला दादा मला एक वाहिनी आण and many more Features -Hundreds of Marathi Badbad Geete - Badbad Geete Audio - Bookmarkyour favorite badbad geete - Like any badbad geete - Check globaltop 50 badbad geete - Completely in Marathi - Share your favoritebadbad geete with your friends Download Badbad Geete in Marathi andenjoy with your kid.
Marathi Suvichar सुंदर सुविचार 1.6 APK
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*** आयुष्य बदलवण्याची क्षमता असलेले सुविचार *** Get inspire byMarathi Suvichar/Quotes by all the legendary people the world hasseen so far. If your are following some one then go through thisMarathi Suvichar app. Marathi Suvichar for marathi people. 1.Bookmark - you can bookmark a particular Suvichar 2. Global likes -you can like a joke which gets synced to the server 3 Top 50 - Gettop 50 Suvichar liked globally in the app 4. Better user interface5. Random joke on daily level Download Marathi Suvichar app todayand get enlightened endlessly. आजच Download करा
Tenaliram Stories in Marathi 1.1 APK
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You might have heard stories aboutthebrilliance of Tenaliram. Indeed he was supposedly themostintellectual person in his era. Tenaliram was a genius Telugupoet.तेनालीराम हा एक महान तेलगु कवी होता.तेनालीराम हा त्याच्या व्यवहार ज्ञान व विनोदी बुद्धी साठीप्रसिद्धआहे.ह्याच त्याच्या विशेष कला गुणांमुळे तो तेलगु लोकांमध्ये वमुलांमध्येप्रसिद्ध आहे.अश्याच तेनालीरामच्या काही कथा ह्या अॅप मध्ये तुम्हालावाचायलामिळतील.अधिक गोष्टी वाचण्यासाठी अॅप डाउनलोड करा.Tenaliram stories in Marathi as the name suggests is a collectionofTenaliram stories in Marathi for Marathi people and marathikidsespecially.We all have heard about his in our childhood. But today's kidsdon'thave much information about these great people like TenaliramorAkbar Birbal or even Panchatantra and hitopdesh stories forthatmatter.This app is our attempt to educate today's generation withmoreand more knowledge in Marathi.
Marathi Jokes | पांचट जोक्स 2.2 APK
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Enjoy meaningless faltu jokes in Marathi with Marathi Faltu Jokesapp. मराठी फालतू जोक्स..पांचट जोक्स...मराठीतील सर्व प्रकारचे एकदमझकास आणि फुल फालतू जोक्स जे तुम्हाला आणि तुमचा मित्रांनाहसवण्यासाठी घेऊन आले आहेत... हसा आणि हसवा. हा हा हा हा हा....Download करा आणि Share करा . You can get latest Faltu & PanchatMarathi Jokes here. Features - - Bookmark a particular joke to readit again in future - Like a joke globally. This gets saved on theserver - Top 50 jokes - read top 50 most liked Marathi jokes -Share the jokes with your friends via whatsapp, wechat, email &so on. - 100s of jokes to read from. - Marathi jokes for Marathipeople. This is the collection of great Marathi jokes. DownloadMarathi Panchat Jokes today!
Marathi Tomane | मराठी टोमणे 2.1 APK
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#1 Marathi Tomane app for Marathi People | मराठी टोमणे मराठी टोमणे,खुप जणांना टोमणे मारण्याची सवय असते, आता खास तुमचासाठी खुपसाराहास्यकल्लोळ आणि टोमन्यांचा खजिना घेऊन आला आहे मराठी टोमणे अप्प…This app consists of 1000+ Marathi Tomane. Marathi people have thishabit of saying tomane to random people, mostly funny sometimesmean. Read these Marathi Tomane and have endless fun! MarathiTomane | मराठी टोमणे - - Get top 50 global Marathi Tomane -Bookmark your favorite Marathi Tomane - Get today's special MarathiTomane - Get 1 random Marathi Tomne everyday - Share Marathi Tomanewith your friends & loved once via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hikeetc.... Download and enjoy Marathi Tomane | मराठी टोमणे