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Beautiful Eel Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free! Eeldetachment lucheporyh fish including fish with characteristicsnake-form body they are not trunk narrows towards the tail it isalso often not flattened sides. Crawl and swim eels bending thebody like a snake. The body floating eel as it runs through thewave of constant amplitude while the fish of the usual form thisamplitude increases. Navigation The eel does not achieve the highspeeds but it is more economical. Soft without hard rays and spinesdorsal and anal fins are trimmed along the body often merging withthe tail. Swimbladder connected with an intestine or reduced.Usually disappears scales skin mucous. The pectoral fins and theirtimes are present or absent. Opener and mezetmond usually fusedtogether. None opisthoticum orbitosphenoideum mesocaracoideumposttemporale poscleithra supramaxillare extrascapulare regularlyplate. Many blood contains poisonous substances ichthyotoxin. Withthe direct contact with the blood of warm-blooded animals theycause the destruction of red blood cells. If serum blood to enterinto a vein warm-blooded animal it will be lost when symptomsresembling a viper bite. Ichthyotoxin dangerous only if it entersthe bloodstream as they break down in the stomach. Avoid contactwith blood fresh abrasions as it may cause inflammation. Alsoichthyotoxin not withstand heat. Almost all of the eel 22 familieswith about 350 species marine fish that live mainly in warm seasbut the presentation and at great depths. Only one family isrepresented in freshwater a family Ugrovye or Freshwater eels.Nitehvostyh body acne unusually long and thin, stretched and hishead and jaw take the form of a long straight bird beak. A numberof families are reduced bone gill covers. Among the most importantrepresentatives Giant moray Muraenidae and moray Strophidonsathete. Cool 3D Pics HD Wallpapers - Good Download Free Pictures -Eel Wallpaper Backgrounds for Mobile Phones. You can save or shareEel Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.


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Pointer Dog Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Pointer Dog Wallpaper Graphics Dog HD Backgrounds Free!Pointing dogs a group of rocks hunting dogs used for hunting with agun game birds (dog a sporting). Feature cops assigned geneticallydogs are able to detect prey stopping in the rack. Describes thework of setter AP Mazover Working setter consists of severalelements a quick and passionate search without stops and delayswhen she raising his head high top flair is looking for the smellof the bird. Work with the lower instinct as does a hound with alowered head down the trail slow unproductive and is considered tobe a setter for vice. After catching the faint scent of a bird adog does potyazhku lowers the speed and slowly as if furtively soas not to startle her ahead of time goes to meet rising as we movesmell. Instinctively feeling that the next step frighten the birdit stops and freezes in a tense, beautiful sculptural stand andwithout moving awaiting approaching hunter. According to the teamforward the dog precise directional movement raises bird huntershot at. Described instinctive actions are the same for all breedsnark but each of them making their own way each breed characterizedby its own style and pace of work. After the shot the dog usuallyfinds and brings a wounded prey. As a result of training and aspecial selection for many generations the ability to stand inPointing Dogs became hereditary fastened. Cool 3D Pics HDWallpapers - Good Download Free Dog Pictures - Pointer DogWallpaper Backgrounds for Mobile Phones. You can save or sharePointer Dog Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.
Rat Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Rat Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free! Rats genus ofrodent family of mice. It includes at least 64 species. The bodylength of 8-30 cm tail length is equal to or greater than thelength of the body it the weight of 37-39 grams to 400-420 g. Thepredominant body color is dark gray or gray and brown colors butthere are yellow red and orange shades. Fingers on the feet movingit compensates for the lack of development of corns needed forclimbing. Two widespread commensal kind of gray and black rats. Theremaining species are common in South-East Asia New GuineaAustralia on the islands of the Malay Archipelago. Another kind ofsynanthropic Rattus exulans introduced by many islands of Oceaniaand Hawaii. Nesinantropnye kinds of rats live mainly in tropicalforests including mountain. In Australia the rats are found insavannas and grasslands. Fossils of the genus Rattus known sincemiddle Pleistocene. Most rats are ground or poludrevesny lifestyle.As used shelters holes natural shelter nest different animals. Liverats as a single and forming a family or territorial groups.However, in different species there are certain preferences. Someprefer vegetarian food seeds vegetables fruit. Other Animalsvarious insects molluscs and other small invertebrates. A menu ofgray in different populations varies greatly. Breed rat year roundexcept for the northern populations of commensal species. Number ofpups in the litter in different rat is different. In gray rat maybe from 2 to 22 rats but the average of 8-9 y Malayan species onaverage from 3 to 6 in Australian species from 3 to 14 pups.Females of some species of poliestralny. Cool 3D Pics HD Wallpapers- Good Download Free Pictures - Rat Wallpaper Backgrounds forMobile Phones. You can save or share Rat Photos to Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Line.
Gecko Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Gecko Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free! Gekkony orgekkonovye or tsepkopalye an extensive family of small and mediumsize rather peculiar lizards characterized in most cases biconcavevertebrae the loss of temporal arcs are generally paired parietalbones absence parietal orifice as well as to some extent extendedclavicles usually with holes on the inner edges. On the head ofgecko numerous granular or fine mnogougolchatye shields big eyeslidless coated transparent fixed shell a language with a smallnotch in the front topped with small nipples in most speciesnocturnal activity produce sounds. The bulk of geckos theinhabitants of tropical and subtropical regions of the Old and NewWorlds. Some species extend far to the north to the south-westUnited States Southern Europe and Serbia to the south to theislands of New Zealand and South America. Some species of geckofound on remote oceanic islands and coral atolls and along with theskinks are often the only land reptiles in these areas. The habitatof many geckos limited substrate and confined to certain types ofstones soil or tree species. A variety of geckos particularly highin the arid and semi-arid areas of Africa and Australia as well asin the forests of South Asia and Madagascar. Several species arefound in North America Europe and Central Asia. Cool 3D Pics HDWallpapers - Good Download Free Pictures - Gecko WallpaperBackgrounds for Mobile Phones. You can save or share Gecko Photosto Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.
Crab Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Crab Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free! Crab formhermit crabs of the family of king. It refers to the kingrepresentatives have a resemblance to crabs but is easilydistinguishable by the reduced fifth pair of walking legs andasymmetrical abdomen in females. As one of the largest crustaceansFar East Kamchatka crab acts as fishing object. Heart and stomacharea of the carapace armed with three pairs of large sharp spinesregardless of gender and age of the animal. Rostral sharp spikearmed at the upper side of one large often forked at the top aspine and a pair of smaller spines. The movable stud beingexopodite second antenna is always simple unbranched. The body andlegs are painted on top of live crabs in red and brown and thebottom in the yellowish-white color the side surfaces have largepurple spots. The first attempts to study the issue of the Universered king crab in the Barents Sea have been taken in 1932 but afteranalyzing the situation of the work had been frozen due to lack ofa reliable method of delivery species from the Far East. After thewar in 1951 it was resumed work on acclimatization crab in theBarents Sea but again they were stopped because of the inability todeliver trapped animals lived in transport tanks with water is notmore than two days. The first successful transport aircraft ofadults occurred in conventional bags in 1960 the director of theFar Eastern fleet Didenko Yuriem Grigorevichem with several of hisassistants. It was he who first had introduced crab in the BarentsSea. Despite the long-term in a few months acclimatization killingabout 90% of the eggs hatched females. After that it was decided todeliver only adults. The main import held in 1961-1969 years withmost of them delivered by air. In 1977-1978 by rail in 1200 it wasdelivered more crabs. This operation is not necessary since thefirst of the king caught in 1974. In 1977 the first crabs werecaught off the coast of Norway. Currently, the population in theBarents Sea is growing rapidly by 2006 their number was not lessthan 100 million birds. King crab is spreading rapidly to thesouthwest along the Norwegian coast and to the north which hasalready reached Spitsbergen. Being omnivorous predator destroys thenative species of crustaceans echinoderms and shellfish alarmingenvironmental organizations. Commercial fishery started by Norwayin 2002 quotas for Russia and Norway are determined independentlyalthough they discussed the Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission.Russian quota for 2008 was about 11,500 tons. Cool 3D Pics HDWallpapers - Good Download Free Pictures - Crab WallpaperBackgrounds for Mobile Phones. You can save or share Crab Photos toFacebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.
Whippet Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Whippet Wallpaper Graphics Dog HD Backgrounds Free! TheWhippet is a dog breed of medium-size. They are a sighthound breedthat originated in England where they descended from greyhounds.Whippets today still strongly resemble a smaller greyhound. Shownin the Hound group Whippets have relatively few health problemsother than arrhythmia. Whippets also participate in dog sports suchas lure coursing agility and flyball. The name is derived from anearly 17th century word now obsolete meaning to move briskly.Whippets were originally greyhounds that were deemed unsuitable forhunting because of their size. They were returned to their peasantbreeders after being maimed so that they could not be used to huntand break the forest law. These maimed dogs were bred together andused to catch rats and hunt rabbits. When the forest law wasrepealed these miniature greyhounds became popular in the sport ofdog racing. This has led to Whippets being described as the poorman's racehorse. They are still frequently used as racing dogstoday as they have the highest running speed of breeds theirweight: 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) and even challenge greyhoundsfor top speed. Whippets Wallpaper are however the fastestaccelerating dog in the world. Dog racing was originally anextension of hare coursing. Whippets began to be bred to race inthe mid-nineteenth century. The first form of the sport was arudimentary form of coursing known as ragging and dogs whoparticipated were said to be trained to the rag. Dogs were kept ona leash by a person known as a slip who was frequently also therace judge. The slip would release the dogs from their collars atthe same time and they would race towards their owners who werestanding at the opposite end of the track waving towels. Cool 3DPics HD Wallpapers - Good Download Free Dog Pictures - WhippetWallpaper Backgrounds for Mobile Phones. You can save or shareWhippet Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.
Ladybird Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Ladybird Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free!Ladybirds a family of beetles characterized in that the foottrohchlenistymi them appear since the third very small segmentalong with half of the fourth is hidden in the furrow biloba secondsegment. Ladybird body polusharoobraznoe or egg-shaped, more orless convex. The head is short with a 11 at least 10-jointedantennae that attach to the sides of the front edge of the head andable to buckle under his head. The abdomen consists of 6 freesegments. The most active period for the destruction of aphids partof the diet ladybirds the spring until late autumn winter ladybirdsclimb under fallen leaves bark or stones and there wait for thenext spring. Depending on the availability of food these insectslive from a few months to a year and very rarely up to two years.Juveniles are always different bright colors that gradually fadeswith age while remaining sufficiently convincing as a warning topredators who want to encroach on the insect life. An effective wayto protect sharply poisonous-smelling yellow liquid that ladybugsisolated from the joints of the feet. It scares their main enemiesspiders frogs and some insects eating ladybirds. Birds and othervertebrates in the ladybirds do not hunt. Ladybugs fly well makingits wings up to 85 strokes per second. There are more than 4000species of ladybirds which are distributed in all parts of theworld. Some of them are found in all plants trees bushes andgrasses which have only aphids others are kept only on the outfieldgrass the third in the meadows adjacent to streams fourth only onthe trees. Finally, some species live in the reeds and otheraquatic plants last are more long legs that help them to stay onthe plants easy bending in the wind. The most common typeseven-spotted ladybird. Thoracic shield her black with a whitishspot in the front corner red elytra with seven black dots is verycommon in Europe North Africa and Asia. This species feeds onaphids and spider mites. Herbivorous species most widelyrepresented in the tropics all over the world and in thesubtropical regions of Southeast Asia. Among them there are someimportant agricultural pests. In Russia there are 3 types of cowsphytophagous. In the Far East serious damage to potato cropscucumbers tomatoes and other vegetables causes a 28-spot Ladybirdpotato Previously attributable to the genus Epilachna. In southernRussia alfalfa cow sometimes damages the alfalfa and sugar beetlanding. In Smolensk Saratov and other areas of the central beltand the south of Russia occasionally damage alfalfa, clover andclover cynegetis impunctata. Cool 3D Pics HD Wallpapers - GoodDownload Free Pictures - Ladybird Wallpaper Backgrounds for MobilePhones. You can save or share Ladybird Photos to Facebook, Twitter,Google+, Line.
Labrador Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Labrador Wallpaper Graphics Dog HD Backgrounds Free!Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds.Originally this breed has been bred as a working dog so manyLabradors are still used as a sporting guide dogs, rescue dogs. Thebreed originates on about Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada.History starts with the XIX century. At this time, on the island ofNewfoundland there was a so-called small Newfoundland which was afaithful assistant to fishermen. Englishman Piter Hoker hadintroduced in the UK a few of these individuals whom he called St.John's Breed of Newfoundland. From crosses of these dogs to CurlyCoated Retriever and possibly English Foxhound and setter Labradorappeared. Place the dog an area reserved for rest of the animalwhere it feels safe. Before the acquisition of dogs are kindlyrequested to prepare a place to Labrador Retriever felt comfortablein accordance with their needs. The Labrador should be in a quietplace that is not drafty and located away from heating appliances.Usually this place is the corner of the room. It is impossible toplace the animal in the bathroom and in the kitchen. It needs dailyto clean up the dog's place wipe the floor with a damp cloth andclean the dog's bedding. Once a week is recommended to wash thefloor with detergent and disinfectant and wash bedding. Duringmolting cleaning is recommended twice a day. The bowl must also beclean. When washing the treated animal bowl cleaners. We should notforget that the dog except for feeding and care needs in theelementary attention communication, constant care. Cool 3D Pics HDWallpapers - Good Download Free Dog Pictures - Labrador WallpaperBackgrounds for Mobile Phones. You can save or share LabradorPhotos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.
Cricket Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Beautiful Cricket Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free! Cricketsof the family Gryllidae are insects related to bush crickets andmore distantly to grasshoppers. The Gryllidae have mainlycylindrical bodies round heads and long antennae. Behind the headis a smooth robust pronotum. The abdomen ends in a pair of longcerci females have a long cylindrical ovipositor. The hind legshave enlarged femora providing power for jumping. The front wingsare adapted as tough leathery elytra and some chirp by rubbingparts of these together. The hind wings are membranous and foldedwhen not in use for flight many species however are flightless. Thelargest members of the family are the bull Brachytrupes which areup to 5 cm long. More than 900 species of crickets are describedthe Gryllidae are distributed all around the world except or higherwith the greatest diversity being in the tropics. They occur invaried habitats from grassland bushes and forests to marshesbeaches and caves. Crickets are mainly nocturnal and are best knownfor the loud persistent chirping song of males trying to attractfemales although some species are mute. The singing species havegood hearing via the tympani on the tibiae of the front legs.Crickets often appear as characters in literature. The Talkingfeatures in Carlo Collodi's 1883 children's book The Adventures ofPinocchio and in films based on the book. The eponymous insect iscentral to Hearth as is the chirping insect. Crickets arecelebrated in poems by William Wordsworth John Keats and Du Fu.They are kept as pets in countries from China to Europe sometimesfor fighting. Crickets are efficient at converting their food intobody mass making them a candidate for food production. They areused as food in Southeast Asia where they are sold deep-fried inmarkets as snacks. They are also used to feed carnivorous pets andzoo animals. In Brazilian folklore crickets feature as omens ofvarious events. Cool 3D Pics HD Wallpapers - Good Download FreePictures - Cricket Wallpaper Backgrounds for Mobile Phones. You cansave or share Cricket Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.