1.6 / October 25, 2016
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Elite Army Commando : Sniper Warrior is an exciting anddestroytargets shooting game. Taking the role as an elite snipersoldier,you must defend an army base from the oncoming waves ofenemysoldiers. Your army headquarter is being attacked and yourmissionis to use your sniper rifle and sniper skills to take outeachenemy to protect the army base in order to get onto the nextlevelbecause you are the only one left to defend it. Yourheadquarterare in 4 different regions and each region has 10levels, so thereare total 40 levels with each level number ofenemies will increaseand so is the difficulty and the player willalso have a strongerhealth to keep himself in the game a bitlonger. So enjoy this 3Dshooter, sniper game and thrilling actiongame. You have snipermissions on different army regions or basecamps. Elite Army Sniper3D game has 4 different army regions / basecamps * mountain ValleyBase (10 Levels) * dessert Base (10 Levels)* snow Land Base (10Levels) * ocean Shore Base (10 Levels) EliteArmy Sniper 3D gameaction game feature * perfect interface: afirst-person shooter *Elite Army Sniper 3D game has 4 differentarmy regions * assassinshooter experience killing troops ofsoldiers * highly detailedlevels with intense shooting action * 3Dreal looking battlefieldenvironment scenarios and quality soundeffect * detailed GUI withsmooth controls, breathtaking animations

AANVULLENDE INFORMATIE Elite Commando American Sniper Special Warrior

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    Elite Commando American Sniper Special Warrior
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    October 25, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Free Action Games : GHA
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    M-100 STC (Siddiue Trade Center) Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan
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Wild Animal Jungle Hunting or shooting game with real 3D jungle(forest) and desert graphics. There are wild animals: wolf, loin,fox, bear and boar in the jungle and desert environments, you havegot the challenge to hunt wild animals as an expert hunter, youhave long range sniper gun and target through your personalhelicopter. These wild animals also attacking to other animals:goat, sheep, jungle cow, stage, deer, rabbit, zebra and many more,you also take care of all these animals. Wild animals like wolf,loin, fox, bear, boar and many other beasts. These beasts arealways ready to attack and kill innocent animals. Here we select asan attacking beast; the wolf. The wild animals are rushing towardsyour animals moving at a fairly fast pace. To snipe a fast movingpredator needs special army sniper shooting skills. Aim at therunning wild animal; kill them all as you have very short time.This game will improve your aiming and shooting skills. Take thisgame as a challenge and try to clear all levels. Game Features - 2Elegant Environments for Hunting Green Jungle and sand desert. -Attractive textures and realistic wild animal - Hunt 6 wildanimals, deer / stag, bear, lion, boar, and wolf - Take care 6innocents animals, goat, sheep, jungle cow, stage, deer, rabbit,zebra - Zoom to close the aim to animal with Sniper gun - BestSniper shooting experience through helicopter - Sniper shootinggunl How to Play - Tap on play button to start wild animal huntinggame - Choose game play environment - Choose the wild animal tohunt - Find the animal, Target and Shoot it - Use Zoom button toclose the aim to animal
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Shark Sniper Hunting 2020 is a modern shark sniper shooting gamewith new game idea of 2020. It is a sea animal hunting game whereFPS shooting from helicopter. You ever played helicopter shootinggames where helicopter simulation control through device or FPSunderwater shooting games, here helicopter controlled by yoursniper companion you have just focused on your sniping targets i.e.blood thirsty hungry sharks and hungry octopus. To become anultimate shark hunter and kill great white sharks, tiger sharks,blue sharks and hammer head sharks & save innocents boat fisherin warm oceans where full of sharks as live in open sea. You musthave underwater shooting skills to keep eye on your target. Go on aseafaring adventure, grab your gun, use that one eye, and aim downthe sights. This is unlike any adventure in a sea. It is adangerous place in deep sea, now it’s time to prove that you havethe best sniper skills Download Shark Sniper Hunting 2019 freeshooting simulation game now and enter the hungry shark world whereultimate sea hunting. The game consists of different and uniquelevels with a realistic underwater sea environments and addictivegameplay. All you have to do is to use your experience and precisesniper shooting skills and kill all the sharks. KEY FEATURES - Amission to save Jet-Ski riders from blood thirsty hungry sharks andoctopus - Ultimate shooting experience with smooth and easycontrols - 2 different type missions to hunts crazy shark and crazyoctopus - Different sniper rifles available for shark hunting likeBeretta, 9MM, Ak-47 rifle and MP5 - Realistic Shark Sniper Hunting2019 - Unique shooting and shark hunting experience - Amazingunderwater sound effects - Unique type angry shark attacks
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Borderline commando strike is a shooting war game to defend yournaval or military base camp by your sniper commando skills anddestroy the enemies before they destroy you. Your mission is tostop enemies ( attack on you with AK-47 guns and gunshiphelicopters) and move forward and keep them behind border line. Youwill really enjoy the real war action game in all levels,protecting your bases and military assets from air attacks andenemy commandos actions. Game Play: Use your sniper gun’s bulletsto take the killer shot from a distant range staying at yourdefensive position. Fight back and do not get hit by counterattack. Your position will change on every level. Set your scopesight on terrorist squad with unlimited sniper gun ammo in a timekiller mission. Features: - Borderline with real looking 3Denvironment - Good quality sound effects - User friendly GUI andcontrols - Enemy AI - Efficient weapon controls & movement Howto Play: - Touch & drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate yourgun left, right, up or down - Tap fire button at bottom right tofire sniper gun - The weapon will reload itself and you haveunlimited ammunition but time to respond is critical.
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Frontier air force shooting is a thrilling free FPS 3d actionpackedsuperhero shooting incredible game. This is a special opsfurygunner helicopter mission assassination 3d free action gamethatwill let you experience and fury land gun shooting skillsinfrontline war environment game and ship shooting free games.Youare the best superhero air force shooter of the country so be aairshooter commando you must has to hold aim & target inthisultimate air gunner killer special ops shooting mission. Be atrueincredible frontline shooting hunter in this shooting for freegamewhere air force hero war to assassinate terrorist, gangsters&enemies hidden around to bring back peace of your seaborderline.This is one of the best helicopter fighting free fpsgame as itwill take you to the war ravaged red alert city areas andgive youthe thrills and chills of being a machine gun and gunneroperator.As the city has been taken over by enemies you have to flyover thesea shipper in the gunship helicopter and destroy the enemybasesin one of the free flying games. This is the #1 casual shootergamein helicopter shooting game and you will have a lot funwhilecompleting the top secret mission of the airforce. Thestunning 3dvisual graphics will keep you glued to your screen for along time.It is the best of realistic and immersive helicoptergames free fpsaction missions. Shooting with a machine gun &army gunnerwhile in a moving aerial vehicle is a difficult taskhence it willrequire a lot of effort from the shooters in thishelicopter flyinggames. It is top free action filled shooting 3Dgame which you holdaim, target & hunt as a super stealth airforce superhero andairforce commando that kill brutal warterrorist, gangsters andunder world mafia. This is a war againstthe terrorist who arehidden in their secret sea camps. So be a armyassassin and destroyall terrorist at fury land by using explosivematerials like bombs& gunship strike for survival. You have tofocus & be anaccurate shooter in this anti-terrorist battle andshooting peoplegames. Counter enemy attacks & strike hard toensure yoursurvival & win this combat like a true war hero andgunfighter.How to Play: - You can drag the screen anywhere tomove/rotate yourgun left, right, up or down - Tab Fire button tofire, press holdbutton to continually fire. - Try to shoot and killenemy soldierson first spot - The weapons will reload itself andyou haveunlimited number of bullets - You don’t need to controlthehelicopter, it will give you around view of ship Game features:-Great top view from helicopter in airforce gunner shoot war 3dgame- Complete battlefield real looking 3d environment of sea. Itis areal boat battle war - Enemy AI with sea war shooting missions-Good quality sound effects. - User friendly GUI and controls.-Efficient weapon controls & movement. - Enemies willattackthrough missiles and your life will reduce and mission failed-Efficient weapon control - It is army gunner free game
Sniper Hostage Rescue 2.1 APK
Sniper Hostage Rescue is the ultimate long range snipershootinggame. You can show off your sniper shooting skills and alsoyou canrescue the Innocent civilians. Due to interesting story ofgame, wesure you will enjoy this very much. So if you are a realsnipershooting game lover you should download this game on yourmobilephone and on your tablet. Lets you try what it takes tobecome areal life sniping expert and learn how to rescue manyInnocentcivilians. Good thing is you have unlimited ammunition andhealthbags with you so take position aim your best sniper gun andshotthese dangerous terrorists and rescue the innocents peoples.Nowyou have a mission, a terrorist group has occupied the somecityarea and hijacked the innocent citizens as hostages. As agoodsniper hero and sniping expertise your mission is to eliminateallthe terrorists and rescue the hostages. Here you need a coolheadanomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurateshootingtechniques, allow your head to calm down, to enjoy thischallengingsniper game. So you must eliminate terrorists fromcrowed andrescue the peoples, because you are a sniper hero. Sniperrescuegame features - Different level with different environments.- Easyto use control and smooth animations. - Amazing armysnipershooting rescue 3D game - Auto reload Assault sniper rifle -Realtime rescue challenge. - Helicopter and car available forhostagerescue. - Addictive, loving & fun. - The natural soundsof fireand game music - No connectivity required while playing. Howtoplay - Hit shoot button to kill the terrorists, Whenever ufiredterrorists will attack on hostages - Drag finger to adjusttheplaying screen - Use Sniper Button to get closer look
Jet Air Strike : Sky Fighter Modern War 2020 1.6 APK
Modern air strike war game where jet fighter walk toward cockpitofhis favorite fighter aircraft, he is ready to take-off, andsoarthe skies brimming with visceral dog fights. Fly solo for airforcemission with a fleet of f16 air fighter jet creed to establishairsuperiority over the air combat. He has performed thedizzyinggalaxy jet fighting, get the enemy in your sights and hitthetrigger to shoot them down. Air strikes against the navygunshipbattle at its best in the open sea. jet fighter planes anddronesto fight till the end fight. War is in the air, fight for thegloryand lead your fighter jets to take on the enemies in this epicwargame. Game Features: - Air force mission including air-to-airandair-to-surface combats - 3d fighter plane with richweaponscustomization - Amazing 3D graphics, intuitive controlsandimmersive gameplay - Rocket launchers, two mini guns, three airtoground bomb and four jet-flares How to Play: - Touch &draganywhere on the left side of the screen aim/move/rotateyourshooting weapon - Use the scope button to aim closer - Tap thefirebutton on the right side of the to shoot and start yourrogueassault - Radar will show you the enemies as red dots inwarplanes3d game - Different levels with different time basemission inairplane simulator game - You have limited ammunition andtime torespond from the airplane view is crucial as you are thesolemarine defending the battlefront
Army Tank War 2015 1.3 APK
Army Tank War 2015 is a real battle with tank battle 3D armywar.Army Tank War 2015 is provided with the latest and most deadlywarmachines the army has. Now your mission is to rescue the cityfromthe claws of enemy tanks and shooters, ensuring the leastpossibledamages of area. You have been called as ex artillery-tanks expertto target the enemy and to get back these turrets tosafeguard thecity. The city area has thousands enemy tanks andsoldiers and yourmission is to destroy enemy tanks and kill theenemy soldiersholding the missiles as many as possible whilegetting survival aslong as possible. Game play and controls - Leftside joystickbutton on the screen for tank movement - Right sidejoystick buttonon the screen for turret rotation in any direction.- Tanks blitzwill destroy the target with a single direct hit -Telescopebuttons to zoom the targets - User can see your health andfuellevels on screen Game Features - Four intense levels of gameplaywith increased difficulty in enemy tanks and soldiers asyouprogress further - Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lightingandamazing explosion effects - Different Levels with new Missionandnew environments - Tank fires bullets blitz to attack theenemies.- Enemy Tanks and machine guns are target you withArtificialIntelligence (AI) - Extremely addictive game play -Military themedquality Army User Interface (UI)
Creepy zombies killer: death shooting 2019 2.2 APK
Creepy zombies killer and death shooting 2019 is one of thebestshooting zombie game in shooting game 3d category. Get readytosurvive the zombie in the ultimate first person shooter freegame.You have advanced auto loader guns, so keep your finger onthetrigger your survival in a deadly world. You are the onlyonecapable to stop living dead waves, destroy the zombiehorde,survive and save yourself from deadly zombies. Your missionto killall the zombies coming out from buildings and save yourselffromzombies attacks. Humanity is in danger, and you have beencalled tohelp survivors by killing the zombie outbreak. Travel toDead Zone,take your rifle and try your sniper skills shooting theunkilled.You will need strategy, precision and cold blood to stopthe zombieassault in this action shooter game. Keep your finger onthetrigger, survive and make head shots to every living dead! Ifyoulike First Person Shooter (FPS games), zombie survivalgames,zombies killing games, sniper zombies games, zombie wavesurvivaland strategy war games, then its 100 percentage you willenjoy withCreepy zombies killer death shooting 2019. It’s fun,challengingand has a very intense and innovative gameplay thatsurely you willenjoy. Killer Zombies weapons available : Pistols,rifles, machineguns, sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns,howitzers and othermainstream firearms are all available; 16 gunsinclude AK47, M4,M249 and other world-renowned firearms. The fateof human beings isin your hands, and betting on the name of yourzombie sniper anddeadly zombie killer also destroys these deadzombie. Dead ZombiesTarget is a free FPS game where huge waves ofzombies come to youas the tsunami of zombies. Shoot zombies beforethe zombiesinvasion. Be careful, the zombies are walking come totown, andhuman survivors may face a big exodus to find safety.Survival isnow in your hands. deadly and creepy zombies shooting2019 is afree FPS zombies shooting game where you can: * Shootingzombies inwith epic weapons * Unluck zombie deep levels *Experience 3Dshooting as a zombie hunter * Slay zombies of alltypes when youset your nerve to the highest level