1.0 / June 13, 2014
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Keep ball in the line while fallingdown!


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    Fall In The Line
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  • Publiceerdatum
    June 13, 2014
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  • Benodigdheden
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Butterfly Studio
  • Installaties
    500 - 1,000
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    Email [email protected]
    Appartment 902, CT3-2 Building, Me Tri Ha Urban, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
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Diamond Battle APK
Butterfly Studio
# Diamond Battle – The best game all aroundthe world ever!# Support both phone and tablet# 2 interesting game modes: Classic, Speed.# Free GameButterfly Studio would like to introduce the Diamond Battle withawesome graphics and incredibly nice effects with 2 extremelyattractive modes: Classic, Speed.Let’s arrange to have at least 3 diamonds in line, you will bescored immediately. But it would be great if you arrange 4 diamondsto create Flame Gem. The destructive power of Flame Gem is veryincredible, destroy all diamonds around it.To destroy the diamonds of row and column correspondingly, createStar Gem if the same color diamonds are arranged along twointersecting lines. Score will be increased very quickly.More professional when you arrange 5 diamonds in line, Hypercupe isgoing form and destroy all same color diamonds on the screen. Verywonderful image effects and sparkling sound.Classic : This is the endless type of play. You can set a recordevery day. Your record will be displayed on the onlineranking.Speed : You have 60 seconds to complete the game with the highestscore. There are 5 kinds Boots help you to score higher. Choosefrom 3 kinds of Boots to accompany in the game. Speed was speciallymade for the players to stand at highest top on the ranking.# Play right here and right now to stand at No. 1 on theranking!MAIN FEATURES- There are 2 exciting game modes.- Support both phone and tablet.- Ultra-awesome graphics and lively sound.- Items system is very impressive.- Support Leader Board.
Kim Cương 1.0.1 APK
Butterfly Studio
Hãy xếp các viên kim cương để có ít nhất 3 viên thẳng hàng, bạn sẽghi điểm ngay lập tức. Nhưng sẽ tuyệt vời hơn nếu bạn xếp được 4viên kim cương để tạo ra Flame Gem ( Kim Cương Lửa). Sức công phácủa Kim Cương Lửa rất lơn, ăn toàn bộ các viên kim cương quanhnó.Để ăn các kim cương của hàng và cột tương ứng hãy tạo ra StarGem ( Kim Cương Sao) nếu xếp được các viên kim cương cùng màu cóhai hàng giao nhau. Điểm số sẽ tăng nhanh chóng.Pro hơn khi bạn xếpđược 5 viên kim cương thẳng hàng, Hypercupe ( Siêu Kim Cương) sẽđược hình thành và ăn toàn bộ những viên kim cương có cùng màu trênbàn chơi. Rất tuyệt với hiệu ứng hình ảnh và âm thanh lung linh.Chếđộ Cổ Điển: Đây là kiểu chơi là vô hạn. Bạn có thể lập kỷ lục mỗingày. Kỷ lục của bạn sẽ được hiển thị trên bảng xếp hạng Online.Chếđộ chơi Tốc Độ : Bạn có 60 giây để hoàn thành bài chơi với số điểmcao nhất. Có 5 loạt Boots giúp bạn ghi điểm nhiều hơn. Hãy chọn chomình 3 loại Boots để đồng hành trong ván chơi. Kỹ năng chơi tốc độnhanh dành cho những siêu cao thủ để đứng những vị trí đầu trongbảng xếp hạng.# Chơi ngay và luôn để đứng lên vị trí số 1 trongBảng Xếp Hạng bạn nhé!CHỨC NĂNG CHÍNH:- Có 2 kiểu chơi hấp dẫn- Hỗtrợ cả phone và tablet- Hình ảnh tuyệt đẹp, âm thanh vô cùng sốngđộng.- Hệ thống iTems trong trò chơi rất ấn tượng.- Có Bảng XếpHạng online.
Rocket Frenzy 1.0 APK
Butterfly Studio
Rocket Frenzy is an attractive puzzle game. Twist and turn thepipes link to rockets and shoot them across the sky that full ofshimmering colors of New Year. There are many kinds of colorfulrockets with many different levels. The higher level of Rocket yougain, the more points you achieve. Try to upgrade the rocket to thehighest level and also try to arrange the Rocket map to shoot lotsof rockets at one time. It would be excellent!Collect coins alongthe way, using the help to refresh your map for finding the linkpipes easily. In critical situation, use “Quick Fireworks” feature.The pipes will be automatically linked to fire, fireworks will beshot.The most amazing thing of the game is you will be immersed inthe bustle atmosphere of New year. Modes of game is endless, youentirely not be limited by a certain level.Let's start playing, seehow many Rockets you can shoot at one time?Features :- EndlessModes, attractive.- Images are nice & sharp, vivid sound.-Support for Game Center
Miner Island 1.0.2 APK
Butterfly Studio
Miner Island – The island of the gold miners! Let’s adventure withthe old man to conquer new lands.The Miner Island is impressivewith:- Over 200 challenges waiting for you!- 6 different terrains:prairie, snow island, forest, desert, cave in the secret island andocean is the only connection among the islands. Impressivegraphics!- Experience with vivid nature: night, rain, snow and sandstorm. How will you conquer?- Four different types sparkling gold,especially golden egg and Chinese gold.- New obstacles, includingDynamite Countdown, Crystal Glass, Spider Web, Snow Bat, Fire Bat,Snake, Scorpion, Porcupine… and Moving Stone or Metal Pole, whichprevent the movement of the craw and attack the miner.- Flexiblebooster system: Strength drink, Platinum cable, Dynamite to destroyobstacles, Super Laser to help you “attract” a number of items.What amazing!- Display 25 best players over the world on the mainmenu and Online Leaderboard supports.- Vivid sound and music.-Supporting all sizes of screen.Multi-based Game for iOs, Mac Os,Android, Window Phone, Window Phone 8.Let’s play and grow rich!
Fall In The Line 1.0 APK
Butterfly Studio
Keep ball in the line while fallingdown!
Insect Mania - King of Diamond APK
Butterfly Studio
Mooney is a wicked witch who has capturedallthe innocent insects to turn them into the wrong hands, servingherhegemony of the world. Join in a fantastic adventure torescueadorable insects with Dr Alfred and his littlegrandchildren.Switch and match three or more blocks to help insects to fly upandfreedom. A fantastic adventure filled with mixed Rainbow andmoreif you get Swappy Mode!Insect Mania Features:- Gather all kinds of insect to win the level before you run outofmoves.- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.- Enjoy the new game mode Swappy!!!- Recharge boosters by your way, use them to help withthosechallenging levels.- Take on your friends to compete for the best score and see whocanpass star gate.- Fun fact about insect make you surprise. Example Antsdon'tsleep.OMG!Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasplayed Insect Mania!
Gold Miner on Secret Islands 1.0.2 APK
Butterfly Studio
• Over 200 challenges waiting for you! • 6 differentterrains:prairie, snow island, forest, desert, ice land, cave inthe secretisland and ocean is the only connection among theislands.Impressive graphics! • Experience with vivid nature: night,rain,snow and sand storm. How will you conquer? • Four differenttypessparkling gold, especially golden egg and Chinese gold. •Newobstacles, including Dynamite Countdown, Crystal glass, SpiderWeb,Snow Bat, Fire Bat, Snake, Scorpion, Porcupine, Shark, Pearl…andMoving Stone or Metal Pole, which prevent the movement of thecrawand attack the miner. • Flexible booster system: Strengthdrink,Platinum cable, Dynamite to destroy obstacles, Super Laser tohelpyou “attract” a number of items. What amazing! Let’s play andgrowrich!