1.0 / January 28, 2017
(3.5/5) (2)


Jewel Puzzle Master: A new game of match3puzzles to the master star. This game presents a puzzle gamewithmany levels ranging from easy level to the level of themostdifficult and hard. If you and people like the challenge andthinkhard then you must try this one game. Come play Puzzlemasterjewel. Complete the journey to get to the last level and winthechampionship.

This game comes with a lot of level, there are about 300 levelstocomplete, so you can play this game all the time and enjoyit.Jewel Puzzle master will accompany your relaxing time at anytime.Come immediately download the game and play. Let's prove thatyoucan solve the obstacles in this game and deserves to be calledas amaster jewel.

Come soon train your brain with this game Jewel Puzzle master. Alotof surprises to be found in this game. This game will bemoreinteresting with animated features excellent graphics andverygood.


  • App naam
    Jewel Puzzle Master
  • Naam of Pakketnaam
  • Publiceerdatum
    January 28, 2017
  • Bestandsgrootte
  • Benodigdheden
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Versie
  • Ontwikkelaar
    Argendon Droids
  • Installaties
    50 - 100
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Jelly Brilliant Crush: let the adventureworldsugar sweet jelly miraculous. Explore the extraordinary world,aworld full of magical powers jelly. Let's have fun andincrediblestories with friends in the world of jelly full of magicandwonders. Come soon jelly sweet collection of very cute andpretty.Explore the mystery jelly highly and enjoy the journey inthe worldof this jelly.Jelly Brilliant Crush is match 3 puzzle game that is verynice.Match three puzzle game has a long level, ranging from thelevel ofthe easiest to most difficult level so that you can playthis gamecrush jelly brilliant all the time, anytime and anywhere.GameCrush brilliant jelly is also equipped with very nice graphicsthatwill be more fun when playing.Come immediately download and play this game jelly brilliantcrust,skip all the obstacles and be a winner. Match tree game is agamewhich can train the brain intelligence, so the game is wellplayedby anyone and is recommended for children to be more clever.Comeexplore the world of jelly full of magical power, bypassobstacles,finish the mission and a collection of 3 stars.
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Jewels Magic Crush: match 3 puzzle withjewelworld full of magic and mystery. For those of you who reallylikepuzzle games then this is the game that is suitable for you,crushmagic jewels is a match 3 puzzle game that is very excitingand hasa level very much, so it will be a long journey. Comeexplore thejewel world full of magic and make a fun story timeadventure in aworld of fantasy.Jewels Magic Crush is a game that can be to train thebrain,intelligence training. So for those of you who like the gameof thebrain, the jewels match 3 puzzle is required to install andplay.Jewels Crush features the premium but jewels game is free foryouto play. Let's play with your friends get the highest value andthecollection of stars as possible.Jewels Crush magic comes in two types of games, namely gamejewelsof classic and arcade game. Let's prove who the mostintelligent bycompleting all the adventure and complete all thelevels tocomplete. Very fun once sharpen the brain with magicjewels gamecrush. These jewels games including casual game that issuitablefor anyone.