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This app “WORK WITHOUT INTERNET”In this app you can findIndiapostal codesYou can:a. Search pin code by districtb. SearchPostoffice by pin codeFor any query and suggestion and before goingtobad review please mail me m.manmohan.pal@gmail.com.Hope youenjoythis app.


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    Pincode Directory
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    January 27, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Dynamic App Studio
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India Code Directory 1.6 APK
This app “WORK WITHOUT INTERNET” You can find India code in thisapp 1. Pin code(Postal code) : a. Search pin code by district b.Search Post office by pin code 2. IFSC: a. Search by branch name b.Search by district name c. Search by MICR code d. Search bank byIFSC 3. Vehicle Code(RTO): a. Search by state b. Search by letterhint which auto populate vehicle code 4. STD code: a. Search byplace name Download India code Directory and find all code in oneplace. Note: If you have doubt for IFSC and pin code then confirmany details shown in this app there may be mismatch possible. Forany query and suggestion and before going to bad review please mailme m.manmohan.pal@gmail.com. Hope you enjoy this app.
IFSC Code Directory 1.1 APK
This app “WORK WITHOUT INTERNET” and have "ALL INDIAN BANKSIFSC"codesYou can search by following.Search By Branch NameSearchByDistrictSearch By IFSCSearch By MICRYou can Share the BankDetailsusing Whatsapp, Gmail, SMS and many other ways"Total 195banks"IFSC codes available also have latest bank IFSC codes of SBIaftermerging its branches.State Bank Of IndiaHDFCBankICICIUnionBankPunjab National BankKotak Mahindra BankOrientalBank ofcommerceSyndicate BankUnion BankAllahabad BankPunjabNationalBankCiti BankIDBI Bank Note: If you have doubt for IFSCcodes thenconfirm any details shown in this app there may bemismatchpossible.For any query and suggestion and before going tobadreview please mail me m.manmohan.pal@gmail.com.Hope you enjoythisapp.
Math Formulas Directory 1.1 APK
This app has 1300+ math formulas and many more to come from yourfeedbacks.Yod don't need to make any paper notes to remembermathematics formulas you only need to install this app to have allformulas on your phone. Formulas are very well explained withnecessary figures that will help you to understand veryeasily.#####Formulas covered in this app are######Number Sets- SetIdentities- Sets of Numbers- Basic Identities- ComplexNumbersAlgebra- Factoring Formulas- Product Formulas- Powers-Roots- Logarithms- Equations- Inequalities- Compound InterestFormulasGeometry- Right Triangle- Isosceles Triangle- EquilateralTriangle- Scalene Triangle- Square- Rectangle- Parallelogram-Rhombus- Trapezoid- Isosceles Trapezoid- Isosceles Trapezoid withInscribed Circle- Trapezoid with Inscribed Circle- Kite- CyclicQuadrilateral- Tangential Quadrilateral- General Quadrilateral-Regular Hexagon- Regular Polygon- Circle- Sector of Circle- Segmentof Circle- Cube- Rectangular Parallelepiped- Prism- RegularTetrahedron- Regular Pyramid- Frustum of a Regulat Pyramid-Rectangular Right Wedge- Platonic Solids- Right Circular Cylinder-Right Circular Cylinder with an Oblique Plane Face- Right CircularCone- Frustum of a Right Circular Cone- Sphere- Spherical Cap-Spherical Sector- Spherical Segment- Spherical Wedge- Ellipsoid-Circular TorusTrigonometry- Radian and Degree Measures of Angles-Definitions and Graphs of Trigonometric Functions- Signs ofTrigonometric Functions- Trigonometric Functions of Common Angles-Most Important Formulas- Reduction Formulas- Periodicity ofTrigonometric Functions- Relations between Trigonometric Functions-Addition and Substraction Formulas- Double Angle Formulas- MultipleAngle Formulas- Half Angle Formulas- Half Angle Tangent Identities-Transforming of Trigonometric Expressions to Product- Transformingof Trigonometric Expressions to Sum- Powers of TrigonometricFunctions- Principal Values of Inverse Trigonometric Functions-Relations between Inverse Trigonometric Functions- TrigonometricEquations- Relations to Hyperbolic FunctionsMatrices andDeterminants- Determinants- Properties of Determinants- Matrices-Operations with Matrices- Systems of Linear EquationsVectors-Vector Coordinates- Vector Addition- Vector Substraction- ScallingVectors- Scalar Product- Vector Product- Triple ProductAnalyticGeometry- One-Dimensional Coordinate System- Two-DimensionalCoordinate System- Straight Line in Plane- Circle- Ellipse-Hyperbola- Parabola- Three-Dimensional Coordinate Systen- Plane-Straight Line in Space- Quadric Surface- SphereDifferentialCalculus- Functions and Their Graphs- Limits of Functions-Definition and Properties of the Derivative- Table of Derivatives-Higher Order Derivatives- Application of Derivative- MultivariableFunctions- Differential OperatorsIntegral Calculus- IndefiniteIntegral- Integrals of Rational Functions- Integrals of IrrationalFunctions- Integrals of Trigonometric Functions- Integrals ofHyperbolic Functions- Integrals of Exponential and LogarithmicFunctions- Reduction Formulas- Definite Integral- ImproperIntegral- Double Integral- Triple Integral- Line Integral- SurfaceIntegralDifferential Equations- First Order Differential Equations-Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations- Some PartialDifferential EquationsSeries- Arithmetic Series- Geometric Series-Some Finite Series- Infinite Series- Properties of ConvergentSeries- Convergence Tests- Alternating Series- Power Series-Differentiation and Integration of Power Series- Taylor andMaclaurin Series- Binomial Series- Fourier SeriesProbability-Permutations and Combinations- Probability FormulasThe Goal of appis to cover all the maths formulas in the app.So please give yourvalueable feedbacks to make this app more useful.
Age Calculator 1.0 APK
Sometimes its very difficault to find actual age, Age calculatorisvery easy to calculate your actual age. Now, It's also very easytofind , how many days you are living and remaining days untilyournext birthday. Key Features of this app: 1. Calculate yourperfectage in terms of years, months and days. 2. You can find outhowmany Month and days to go for your next birthday. 3. Next tenyearsof birthday list 4. Share your age with your friends, familyetc.5. Multiple date format. For any query and suggestion andbeforegoing to bad review please mail me m.manmohan.pal@gmail.com.Hopeyou enjoy this app.
Pincode Directory 1.0 APK
This app “WORK WITHOUT INTERNET”In this app you can findIndiapostal codesYou can:a. Search pin code by districtb. SearchPostoffice by pin codeFor any query and suggestion and before goingtobad review please mail me m.manmohan.pal@gmail.com.Hope youenjoythis app.