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Cooking rainbow cupcakes 1.0.1
Become your own bakery and make yourowncupcakes in this exciting cooking game. You’ll go through allofthe steps from baking to serving your creations in this cakegame.When you’re ready to cook, just take out the ingredients youneed,mix everything, bake, and you’ll have delicious cupcakes innotime!Features:● Take out all of the ingredients you'll need including milk,eggs,flour etc.● Separate the egg whites from the rest of the eggsintobowls.● Mix all of the ingredients in the food processor.● Add the food coloring and then put the cupcakes intotheoven.● After the cupcakes are baked, mix the frosting, and you'rereadyto decorate them.● Choose different cooking items to decor yourdeliciouscupcakes!
Lunch Box Maker - Donuts Shop YUMMY TO THE TUMMY 1.0.2
FROS studios
Hey kids ! Are you ready play anotherlunchboxseries from FROS studios . Let us take you to the kidskitchenwhere you can enjoy cooking games for kids . In this littlekidgame you will learn cooking a cooking mama , you will make tomakedonut which is favorite princess food .This holiday game forkidsis a free games for kids which is holiday kids games intherevacations from schools .There are two portions of this gameKids donut makerIn the first part of you have to make the doughnut for princessinyour baking salon ,she is waiting for you in the schoolfollowingsteps are required in this desserts makerfood ingredients mixingdonuts cuttingfrying donutsdonuts decorationYou can decorate you food as per your wish , there aremultipleoptions for food decorationkids lunchbox for schoolNow pack your lunch food , put all these yummy donuts inyourlunchbox which is your school lunch . Now pick up lunch andmoveback to school , you can enjoy this in lunchtime where allotherfellows have there meal boxes .So what are you waiting for , enjoy this cooking gameforkids.Features:- Free making game for kids- Best donuts making game- Very Interactive and intuitive controls & graphics to playthegame.- Cook donuts for your lunch box.- Making lunch box food which is your favorite.- Make best fast food and share it with your friends.
Chocolate Birthday Cake Factory - Dessert Making 1.7
Hey little pastry bakers chef! Welcome tocooksillustrated game of girls bakers café where its time tobecomeconfectionery bakers of word yummy desserts specialist withbest jobever of ice desert cook for special bravissima occasionsin your owncake bakers factory to have best cooks illustrated. Youhave to bakecakes for bakey chef blitz & decorate crazybirthday cake andword yummy desserts with sweet food of pastelesbakery and have todo cake delivery to the customers on time inthis factory ofconfectionery bakers. So get ready to do best jobever, tie bakeychef blitz apron, grab your cookery hat and openyour sweet foodchef book to add new crazy birthday cake making& ice desertrecipe in this confectionery bakers and delicedesserts to havebakery chef blitz. You have to made word yummydesserts fabrikationsfor bravissima days with sweet orangepasteles in this confectionerybakers and cake bakery filling yourcooking books with a lot ofcupcake dessert and cake orangerecipes. What to wait for? Letsstart this waffle making conedessert game in confectionery bakers,cook & serve thedelicious baker’s shop recipes on cookingtemperature now!Get ready to experience the most amazing cooksillustrateddeliciously tasty cake fabrikations games of cakeweddings factorywith this cupcake delice desserts of this year andit becomes morefabulous when sweet orange dishes are just like thecustomer wantsfor the special day. Just like any app for cakeweddings factory,you have to do crazy birthday cake making. Youhave made yummiouschocolate cake fabrikations in many birthdaygames but this time,you have to think out of the box… make bakecakes customized crazybirthday cake game from your sweet food chefbook for yourcustomers fill your cooking books in real virtualfactory of makinggames.Be the best sugary chef the way you was having bakey chef blitzwiththis dessert makers so bake cakes, decorate it and createuniquesweet orange cake with cone ice desert in cooking books ofwafflemaking game. This chocolate bake cakes and ice desert makingpartysalon starts with the sweet food pasteles cake gamefabrikationsselection. The perfect dessert makers app for cakeweddings factorywith adding all ingredients of food book in thiscake game. Collectall recipes sweet orange pasteles ingredientslike flour, milk,eggs, fresh cream and hot chocolate cakefabrikations flavor with alot of sugar carefully mix them togetherfor baking best conedessert for your cooking books. It is animportant step beforebaking the chocolate bake cakes and delicedesserts. If you are saltfactory chef and want to become sugarychef and love sweet foodkitchen fever cake game making and lovedecorating sweet orangedishes, you will always pay attention toevery detail in the crazycake fabrikations cook process. Once youhave mixed all theingredients, now put your cake mixture in theoven, adjust thetemperature and press the button.Smells good? Isn’t it?... but wait! Fun isn’t over yet…thisbirthday cake game and real factory simulator provides youhundredsof different decoration combinations of chocolate bakecakes andword yummy desserts to create your favourite cakefabrikationsorange desserts! Choose from a huge range of chocolatecakes anddelice desserts decorations such as frosting caps,frosting colors,icing patterns of word yummy desserts flavors, allkinds ofcandies, fruits with icing flowers,etc.So bake cakes, decorate with a lot of ice desert toppingsinsweetest pasteles making of cupcake dessert and deliver theseconeice cupcake dessert chocolate cake to its destination!All sugary chefs! Download this dessert makers cake deliverygames& start cooking!
Cook owl cookies for kids 1.0.2
Cook yummy kids owl cookies with thisgreatgame! Create your own cookies by mixing your ingredients,cuttingout your shapes, cooking your cookies before creatinganddecorating a box to put them in. Perfect for any day out,enjoyyour yummy treats with this one of many great cookinggames.Features* Mix all your ingredients together to create yourcookiemixture.* Roll your mixture out and cut out your cookies into shapesreadyfor cooking.* Cook your cookies so they’re hot and steamy readyforeating.* Create your box and decorate it ready to show offyourcookies.* Enjoy your cookies by eating them all up.
Magic Fairy Cupcakes! Glow In The Dark Cupcake 1.0
KAF Enterprises
Welcome to the magic fairy cooking kitchen!Thechef here came from the rare fairy world kitchen and here forsomelucky kids who want to learn glow in the dark fairy cupcakesfromanother world. The chef is delighted to teach kids an out oftheworld fairy cupcake recipe that will glow in the dark toamuseeveryone. The chef is using real cooking tools and glow inthenight powder to create magic fairy cupcakes with amazingfairycharacters. Bake some charming & glowing magical cupcakesanddecorate them at the glowing party table, switch off the lightsandWOW the sight of these these amazing glow in the darkfairycupcakes amazes all the kids . We love these deliciouscupcakeswith rainbow fairy themes and want you to try thesecolorful &trendy doll cupcakes with fairy theme as the masterdessert of yourparty this season.Fairy Doll Cupcake Game Menu:Magic Fairy Cupcakes with Glow in the dark lightsGlittery Rainbow doll cupcakesEnchanted princess fairy cupcakesTooth fairy muffinsAnd so much moreLearn to bake cupcakes with this amazing cooking game andpresentyour glow in the dark cupcakes at any party as the masterdessert.Have fun in the enchanted kitchen of the magicalcookingcountry!!
Cooking chocolate cupcakes 1.0.0
Put your baking skills to the test in thisfunchocolate cupcakes cooking game. This cake game lets youbakecupcakes from scratch using delicious ingredients, suchaschocolate and peanut butter. You'll cook everything from starttofinish and when you're done you'll have enough cupcakes tosharewith your friends. This recipe makes 12 cupcakes.Features:● Carefully measure and mix all of the ingredients that will gointoyour chocolate cupcakes.● You'll get to use kitchen appliances, such as the mixer andtheoven, just like a professional baker.● You'll get to make every part of the cupcakes includingthecupcake and frosting.● When they are done baking, get ready to enjoy your freshlybaked,delicious dessert with a glass of milk.
Baby Shower Cake 1.0.3
bweb media
Cook your very own cake for your bestfriend'sbaby shower. This is an unforgettable treat for ababyshower.
Cooking Pancakes 1.0.2
bweb media
Have you ever tried cooking candiesandthinking of putting an amazing delicious flavors to it? Sticktothe recipe and prepare the next yummy candies that you havebeendreaming to have. Test your skills in cooking and captivateyourfamily or friends that would melt anyone’s mouth.FeaturesGather all the materials and ingredients required.Pick your delicious flavor, choose three items.Cook in separate pots and stir.Choose three different desired molders.Pour in melted mixture and wait until it solidify.Flip it, transfer to the box then garnish.
Cooking colorful cupcakes 1.0.5
Be the cupcake chef you always wanted tobe.With this cooking game you can cook colourful cupcakes bymixingthe ingredients, adding the food dye, preparing your cakepans, andcooking your cupcakes in your very own oven. Decorate yourcupcakeswith icing before eating them all for yourself. Cookinghasn’t beenthis much fun!Features* Create your yummy cupcake mixture and color it withfooddye.* Prepare your cupcake pans and pour your mixture in readyforcooking.* Cook your cupcakes and add your icing ready for eating.* Decorate and accessorize by adding a new plate, spoon, fruitandtoy when serving.* Show off your cooking skills to all your friends before eatingitall up.
Cake Crack
New innovative Match 3 puzzlegameCakeCrack has arrived!Enjoy the full cake adventure for free! Start your sweetjourneyinthis legendary puzzle adventure!How to play:- Match 3 or more identical cake blast- Swipe three or more same cake blast to score points.- Eliminate the more cake quickly can get extra scores.- Over 200 well designed levelsCake Crack features:● Super beautiful graphics● Multiple goals, time mode, move mode● Very small size but super tasty graphics● Sweet and shining cakes, very delicious!Don’t wait and play Cake Crack! Download it in GooglePlayforfree! Cake Crack is completely free to play, with someamazingitemsto help you!
Cooking colorful cake 2.0.3
Become a fantastic chef and bake the bestcakeyou’ve ever done with this cooking game. Here you can collecttheingredients in the kitchen, prepare the mixture, add thecolors,and bake your cake. Once it’s baked you can then decorate itwithbeautiful finishing touches. Baking your cake has never beenthiseasy with this cake game.Features* Collect all the ingredients ready to bake yourcolorfulcake.* Prepare the ingredients and mix them all in a mixing bowl.* Add the colors to each separate bowl mixture to create therainbowcolors.* Pour your mixture into each individual cooking pan beforecookingthem in an oven.* Prepare your coffee in your cookery.* Add the icing and decorate it as much as you want to createafabulous colorful cake.
Cake Crush Match 3 0.04
Smash Media
Fruit cupcakes, fruits and fresh juice,candyjam, fresh cookies and a funny muffin are waiting for you inCakecrush match 3 match three game!Switch and match Colorful Candy in this lovely dreamworld!Splashthe juice candy to feed the cute pets, they are too hungryandthursty.So, they needs lots of colored candy to feed the hungry animalsandbreak evil spells.Let play all the games of Cake Mania saga game and have fun oneverymove of new candy 2018.☆☆☆☆☆ Cake crush match 3 Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆★ New code gameplay 2018 of Cake Mania jelly with over 200+candyadventure levels in candy game★ Marvelous game modes including: Spread the cake & Releasethefrozen ice cube★ Smash, match, pop and blast the cake with special bonusesthatwill help you pass all difficult levels★ Many interesting obstacles (Honey bee, Jam vase, Ice, Key, CowforMilk, Watermelon Pieces, Yoghurt, Muffin, etc.) skyrocketyourfun!!★ Let us experience the sweet cake delights and sugar smash,whipyour way to make delicious cake smash!★ BOSS game mode: You may wonder and stay tuned forhisdisappearance!★ Super power effects and magnificent artwork when combinedifferentboosters!* A vivid and addictive Cake crush match 3adventurechallenged!!☆☆☆☆☆ How to Play Cake crush match 3 ☆☆☆☆☆★ Match 3 cake to clear the juice★ Match 4 same cookie to create row or column power candyitem★ Match 5 or more cookies jam to create a multicolourmagiccandy★ Match candies in L or a square shape to create a candyHorizontalFlicker★ Swap two advance booster to create special effects.Come to play this free puzzle game,experience fruit splash inthefruit wonderland.Come to download CCake crush match 3 forFreeNow!
Rainbow Doll Cake bakery Game - DIY Cooking Kids 1.0
shafay Labs
Doll cake is the new craze hittingovereverywhere and inspiring the little chef girls! How abouttryingsomething new with doll cake this time. Yes! Its time totrysomething out of the box! Let’s give your doll cake arainbowmakeover & design a tasty cake featuring your favoritefashiondoll. Make DIY doll cakes using rainbow slices, bake themand stackon top of each other to shape up as the perfect doll cakebase.Once ready, Wrap the delicious doll cake with fancy rainbowribbons& top it with amazing rainbow patterns. Show yourcreativity& cooking skills by making amazing rainbowcombinations withtons of rainbow colored creams and toppers. Thefun doesn’t stophere. Choose your favorite fashion doll character& change itsclothes and hair to match with the cake toppings& give her thebest rainbow makeover ever by showing yourdesigner skills.Decorate and serve your rainbow doll cake in therainbow cakebakery showcase. Sell these doll cakes as party cakesfor anyone'sbirthday cake mania.Game Play & Features:Learn making DIY rainbow doll cakes in this fun foodmakinggame.Perfect doll cake maker game with chef creativity.Tons of realistic cooking tools to play for making yoursavoryprincess cakes.Biggest collection of rainbow toppers creams anddollcharacters.Enjoy the birthday cake mania by downloading this gripping andoutof the box rainbow cake maker game with a theme of doll cakeanddecorate your doll cake bakery show case with thebiggestcollection.
Ice Cream Cone Factory: Dessert Biscuit Maker 1.0
Kids Fun Studio
After the success of ice cream factoryandcold drink factory game, Kids Fun Studio presents you thenewadventure and fun experience of ice cream cone factory game.Nowplay and interact with the real factory simulation of bakingandcooking the ice cream cone biscuit with interesting andcreativeactivities.Ice cream making like a real cooking chef is fun, Right! buthaveyou ever imagined how the yummy and delicious biscuit use inicecream bars and cones are made. Making and cooking ice cream coneisfun and real challenge for master class chefs. To make thisyummydesserts biscuit is awesome experience because an ice creamisincomplete without a cone biscuit. Making the cone biscuit inthehouse kitchen or restaurant's kitchen is a easy thing and anychefand cook can do it on small scale. The real cooking challengeismaking this biscuit for large scale customers in the bigfactoryplants.You already have played many food cooking factory games likepotatochips, popcorn and cold drink factories. The unique thingaboutthis factory game is that it make the user interact more bylettinghim do the factory game process manually. Little cook andfoodlovers! join this factory game competition be the real heroandawesome chef.Making the ConesThe cone cooking process starts from making a best mixtureofrecipe. Add flour, baking powder, vanilla flavor and water inalarge tank. Use the mixing machine to make a perfect mixtureofingredients. Move the mixture to next plant where it can bebakedand cooked to make cones. Pour the mixture in the conecookingmachine which press the mixture and make straight biscuit ofit. Acircular moving machine then shapes it.Little chefs the cone is ready but before it goes to thesupermarketit needs to be tested by the food quality department.Cone maker putthe cones under some pressure to check theirquality. Well done chefthe cone is ready.Now pack the cones in the packing department and fill them intheboxes. Load the ice cream cone factory boxes on the food truckanddeliver them to the supermarket, shop, ice cream stands andbars.This dash baking and rush cooking adventure is full creativeandlearning school activities which teach you the cookinglessonswhich will help you in daily life.
Bake Chocolate Caramel Candy Bars 1.0.2
bweb media
Do you want to bake your very own candywithouta mess? Well here is your chance. With a step by stepteaching youhow to create your own candy bar. Just follow thesesteps and Iassure you will have a delightful Chocolate CandyBar.Features• Place items on the table, which you will be using.• Prepare all the ingredients and be ready for baking yourwonderfulcake.• Place the mixture on the baking pan.• Put the mixture in the oven wait till it’s cooked.• Mix all the remaining ingredients on the heat.• Put all the cake and chocolate icing together.• Slice up the cake and enjoy your delicious cake.
Birthday Party Cake Factory 1.0.1
Kids Fun Studio
Sweet sweet ca desert for all leckeredessertslovers..Birthday bash sweetest cake party of the year and it becomesmorefabulous when sweet dishes are alike you wants it to be. Youhavemade yummy desserts for yourself in many birthday game butthistime, let’s think out of the box… what about bakingcustomizedcrazy cake for your customers in real virtualfactory.Hey kids! Welcome to this cooking fever free game. Birthdaypartycake factory, a kitchen fever for all baking mania lovers whodoesnot only love to eat leckere desserts but wants to try theirhandin sweetest food cooking. Cooking, baking and decoration.. Allthethings in one sweet dishes maker & party salon. So crazycakemaker, take the orders, manage your time and make best sweetdishesfor your customers to make your cake making businessmoreprofitable. What are you waiting for? Clients orders arealready inqueue, lets get the work start!Act like a real sweet sweet desserts maker master, bake itdecorateit and create unique sweet dishes.This party salon starts by cake selection. Ca desert makingalwaysstart with adding all the ingredients in the food processor.Butfirst, collect all the recipes sweet ingredients like flour,milk,eggs, fresh cream, butter, hot chocolate flavor with a lot ofsugarthen carefully mix them together. It is an important stepbeforebaking the cake. If you are a food kitchen fever and lovemakingsweet dishes, you will always pay attention to every detailin thecrazy cake cook process. Once you have mixed all theingredients,now put your cake mixture in the oven, adjust thetemperature andpress the button.Lets wait for the right time… some seconds .. use your cadesertbaking skills & cooking techniques. The truth is, themorecooking techniques you get, the better crazy cake can bebaked.After finished the baking process, it is time to getcreative! Fromthe base to the border, we get to choose what we wanton our tastycrazy cake! Fun isn’t over yet… this birthday game andreal factorysimulator provides you hundreds of differentdecorationcombinations to create your favorate desserts ! Choosefrom a hugerange of decorations such as frosting caps, frostingcolors, icingpatterns, yummy flavors, all kinds of candies, fruitswith icingflowers,etc.So many sweet sweet choices to make this crazy customized cakeabest experience for your customers sweet dishes celebrationwiththis leckere desserts maker. Order it ready to bedelivered!Deliver it to your clients to make them happy and toprove yourselfbest business person running own desserts makerfactory.
Fruit Chocolate Cake Cooking 1.0.1
Chic World
This cooking game brings, beyond theprocessitself, the recipe that should you exactly what to do andevenbetter you'll be guided the whole time because that is the bestwayto learn how things are done. So don't waste any minute and grababig bowl where you'll be making the dough. There are someimportantrules to follow and different stages that need a specialtype ofattention and dedication, make sure you get throughallsuccessfully and look at the instructions so you won’tdestroyanything. The process is actually a bit different than theothercakes because you begin with the fruits that need to be put inthesyrup. Keep adding the requested ingredients, like eggs,sugar,flour, nuts, and chocolate. Mix it well and place the doughin theoven. When is done place on top of it the other layers andgostraight to the decoration part. Make sure you accomplish allthegiven tasks because once you've done ityou'll be able to cook it even better. Add some choppedstrawberriesand sprinkle some decorations above all. You have todecorate thebottom as you wish, so don't be shy and try somethingcolorful andcreative. Keep testing your baking skills and try adifferent designnext time. The whole secret is to have fun whileyou are playing andonce you are doing that there is no chance youcouldn't create aculinary masterpiece.There are many interesting features this game provides and youarefree to check them in the section below:- Gain experience and find the perfect combination of tasteandlook- Improving or gaining cooking skills- Introducing yourself to the baking world- The opportunity to be a baker and a designer as well- Creating a delicious piece of heaven- Learn the recipe and do it for yourself- Free and easy to play- Cool background sounds and graphics
Baking moist chocolate cupcakes 1.0.0
Bake your own moist chocolate cupcakes inthisbaking game. You'll do all of the steps of the recipe in thiscookgame allowing you to make a batch of chocolate cupcake treatsfromscratch. Don't forget that you need to follow the recipecarefullyin this cooking game so that your cupcakes come out moistandchocolatey! Everyone loves chocolate cupcakes so don't forgettoshare your delicious cupcakes once they are ready to eat.Features:● You'll be in charge of purchasing all of the ingredients thatyouneed to make your cupcakes including coffee powder,mayo,chocolate, cocoa powder, butter, and sugar.● When you get to the kitchen, you'll mix all of the dryingredientsfollowed by the wet ones so that you can create asmoothbatter.● Put your cupcakes into the oven to bake and when they comeout,you can decorate them and get ready to eat them.● You’ll have enough cupcakes to share with others so make surethatyou enjoy them with someone else.