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Anti Mosquito Prank 1.5
Anti Mosquito Prank is a prank app which is used to makemosquitoeskeep away from you. Anti Mosquito Prank is such a niceapp. AntiMosquito Prank use high frequency Sounds are used in thisapp whichcan hearing sense of human ears to avoid Mosquito Bites .AntiMosquito Prank is entertainment purpose to make your friendsfool.Mosquito Repellent app works like Anti Rat , Rat Repellent ,AntiFly , Fly Repellent app.Feature:• Anti Mosquito Simulator•Mosquito Repeller Simulator• Anti Mosquito Prank• Keep awayInsect•Keep away Mosquito• Mosquito Killer Prank• Anti MosquitoSimulator•Anti Mosquito Repellent• Anti Mosquito • Kill MosquitoPrank• KillMosquito• Mosquito Killer • Sound Repellent• Insectrepeller•Insect Killer• Free App
mosquito killer 2017 prank 3.4
mosquito killer 2017 prank is an application that is used tomakemosquitoes keep away from you.mosquito killer 2017 prankisabeautiful application.mosquito killer 2017 prank useshighfrequency sounds are used in this application that can sensethehuman ear auditory.mosquito killer 2017 prank app isentertainmentpurposes to make your friends cheat.mosquito killer2017 prank isone of the ways to fight mosquitoes. Indeed, itcomplements thetraditional methods of a spray or hand beat, toavoid bites.It havedifferent frequencies sounds, so for this youcan set your ownchoice of sound.Our applications are in developmentstage arelooking forward to input your comments.• Anti MosquitoSimulator•Mosquito Repeller Simulator• Anti Mosquito Prank• Stayaway frominsects• Avoid Mosquito• Prank mosquito killer• AntiMosquitoSimulatorMosquito repellent •• Anti Mosquito• mosquitoesKillPrank• Kill mosquitoes• mosquito killer• Sound repellent•insectrepeller• Insecticide"mosquito killer 2017 prank" is ajokeapplication and will try to help keep mosquitoes and insectsawayfrom you! This application is capable of emitting highfrequencysounds (ultrasonic sounds) that should irritate all smallinsects.Mosquitoes may be mistaken in thinking that the sound heardis thesound of enemies (eg dragonflies or bats). They should stayawayfrom the sound source. Just start the repellent sound and keepyourmobile phone close to you. You will not have anymosquitobites!Most humans can not hear sound above 17 kHz. Ourapplicationallows you to adjust the frequency of sound from 9 kHzto 23 kHz!Set the frequency so that you can not hear the sound anddo notworry, the mosquitoes should hear it well!Remember: Put yourvolumeto the max when you play the sound.This application doesnotguarantee 100% chance of success. There are many speciesofmosquitoes in the world and some of them may be resistanttoultrasound. In addition, some built-in phone speakers are notableto produce high-frequency sounds.This app contains fivedifferenthigh frequency sounds. Mosquito Killer app works bychasing themosquitoes out of your room using ultrasonic sounds.There are fivedifferent sounds, from which you need to select thebest sound foryour locality. There are thousands of mosquitospecies. SomeMosquitoes get repelled by some frequency.Mosquitokiller soundsmust be kept at high volume for effective mosquitorepellent.Cetteapplication fournit un son de hautefréquence.utilisation trèssimple et fort son !!Mode Deux pris encharge.[Mode intérieur] -son 20khz que l'homme ne peut pasentendre[Mode Outdoor] - Pourappliquer toutes sortes de moustiques,son est automatiquementchangé de 10kHz à 20kHzmoustique femellen'aime pas son demoustiques mâlesEt Cette application fournit lemode intérieur etextérieur.Cliquez sur le bouton simple.Maintenant,utiliser cetteapplication.mosquito killer 2017 prank application isnot confirmedby science to treat as a farce. We do not guaranteethe effects ofthis application to avoid mosquitoes. Try it to yourown desire. Wehope this works for you.This mosquito killer 2017prank repellentprevents you from being bitten by mosquitoes andsome otherbugs.The application emits a single high frequency sound(ultrasonic) that insects do not like. The pitch of the sound is sohighthat most humans do not notice anything.Keep the applicationcloseto you and enjoy the open air without stings.Insect repellentormosquito repellent does not guarantee 100% protection sincethereare more than 3500 species of mosquitoes known in the worldandthey all react slightly different for the repellent. Use thefieldselector to find the optimum repelling rate for mosquitoes inyourarea.You can change the frequency of ultrasound to make sureyoufind the ideal frequency (the higher the frequency, themoreefficient it is)!
주파수발생기 2.9
JeongHyeon Park
* 주파수 발생기 - 1Hz ~ 22000H - 스마트 폰에서 커서 또는 키보드를 사용하여 주파수를 조정 한다음"재생"을 클릭하여 톤을 재생합니다. - 인간의 귀는 20 Hz와 20000 Hz 사이의 주파수를 인식하지만,이러한인식은 특히 초음파 근처의 주파수에서 악화 될 수 있습니다 - 스피커 및 기타 오디오 장치를 테스트하십시오. -생성 된신호는 사인파입니다. *모기퇴치 1. 모기퇴치 앱은 2만Hz 이상의 고주파를 이용하는 방식과250~1000Hz의주파수(수컷 모기의 비행음파)를 이용하는 방식, 두 가지로 나뉜다. 두 가지 방식 모두 모기가기피하는 주파수를 이용하는원리로, 고주파를 이용하는 방식은 모기의 천적인 ‘박쥐’나 ‘잠자리’가 내는 2만Hz 대역의고주파를 통해 모기를위협하는 원리다. 250~1000Hz 주파수를 이용하는 방법은 흡혈하는 습성을 가진 산란기 암컷모기가 싫어하는 수컷모기의 비행음파를 통해 암컷 모기를 쫒아내는 방식이다. 2. 곤충학적 연구에 따르면 인공적으로 만든수컷 모기 소리로암컷 모기를 쫓을 수 있다. 알을 만들기 위해 동물 피를 빠는 산란기 암컷 모기들은 수컷이 날갯짓을 통해내는주파수(frequency)에 해당하는 소리를 본능적으로 피해다닌다. 이미 수컷 모기와 교미해서 정자를 얻을 필요가없는상태이기 때문이다. ​여기에는 몇가지 단서가 붙는다. 모기소리 주파수는 암수, 모기 종, 나이마다 다르다. 쫓아낼모기종류와 상태에 맞는 소리를 내야 한다. 모기소리 주파수는 250~1천헤르쯔(Hz)사이 정도로 알려졌다. 또 수컷모기소리가 암컷보다 평균 150~200Hz 정도 높다. 즉 450Hz정도 주파수로 날갯짓하는 암컷 모기를 쫓고싶다면600Hz~650Hz 정도 주파수에 해당되는 소리를 만들면 된다. * 쥐 퇴치 1. 20khz ~ * 개휘슬1.5khz, 10khz, 13khz, 15khz, 17khz * 언어 : 한국어, 영어 주파수 발생기, 주파수생성기,모기 퇴치, 모기 퇴치 어플, 안티 모기, 안티 쥐, 안티 개, 쥐 퇴치, 쥐 퇴치 어플, 개 휘슬, 신호발생기---- 개발자 연락처 : 개인 * Frequency generator - 1Hz ~ 22000H - Onyoursmartphone, use the cursor or keyboard to adjust thefrequency,then click "Play" to play the tone. - The human earrecognizes afrequency between 20 Hz and 20000 Hz, but thisperception can beexacerbated especially at frequencies nearultrasound - Test thespeakers and other audio devices. - Thegenerated signal is a sinewave. * Mosquito repellent 1. Themosquito repellent app is dividedinto two types: a method using ahigh frequency of 20,000 Hz ormore and a method using a frequencyof 250 to 1000 Hz (a flightsound wave of a male mosquito). Bothmethods use the frequency thatthe mosquito avoids, and the methodusing the high frequency is aprinciple that threatens the mosquitothrough the high frequency ofthe 20,000 Hz band of the mosquitonets 'bat' or 'dragonfly'. Usingthe frequency of 250 ~ 1000Hz,female mosquitoes are eaten throughflight sound waves of malemosquitoes, which female mosquitoes havea habit of sucking blood.2. Entomological studies have shown thatfemale mosquitoes can bechased by artificially made male mosquitosounds. Spawning femalemosquitoes that suck animal blood to makeeggs are instinctivelyavoiding sounds that correspond to thefrequencies that males emitthrough their wings. This is because itis not necessary to obtainsperm by mating with a male mosquito.Here are some clues. Thefrequency of mosquito sounds variesbetween male and female,mosquito species, and age. You must make asound that matches thetype and condition of the mosquito to bekicked out. The mosquitonoise frequency is known to be between 250and 1000 Hz. In addition,male mosquito sound is 150-200Hz higherthan female. If you want tochase a female mosquito that flies at afrequency of 450Hz, you canmake a sound that corresponds to afrequency of 600Hz ~ 650Hz. * Rateradication 1. 20kHz ~ * Dogwhistle 1.5kHz, 10kHz, 13kHz, 15kHz,17kHz * Language: Korean,English Frequency generator, Frequencygenerator, Mosquitorepellent, Mosquito repellent application,Anti-mosquito, Anti rat,Anti dog, Rat extermination, Miceapplication, Dog whistle, Signalgenerator
Agrobase - weed, disease, insect 1.1.3
WEB version: Agrobase is the mostpopularapp for farmers and agronomists. It includes agronomicknowledgedatabase with pests, weeds and diseases catalog and allregisteredpesticides, insecticides, herbicides in a chosencountry. Easily identify diseases, insects or pests in yourfield and find ahassle-free solution for crop protection. Savemoney on pesticides,fungicides or herbicides, aim for higher yield.Agrobase is usedamong crop, vegetable, fruit, nut, horticulturaland livestockfarmers to reach higher farming productivity. This apphas beendesigned to be practical and easy to use in-field by CropAdvisors,Gardeners, Trainee Agronomists and Agricultural Students.Correctlyidentifying specific weed, disease or pest is the firststep toeffective control.  This application features a richandcontinuously updated database of weed, diseases, pest andinsect,also including crop protection product descriptions withlinks –choose the right solution to a specific problem. It alsoprovidesinformation about crop protection product registration andexpirydate, and the most importantly - efficiency on differentissues.This is a great help for agronomists, farmers, distributorsor farmcontractors to find product by their main ingredient,name,category or culture. In the field, a farmer or agronomistcaneasily identify weed, pest, insects or diseases by searchingfortheir common name, Latin name, category or culture. If, byanychance, incorrect descriptions or information about cropprotectionproducts, weeds, diseases or pest occur, please reportthe problemusing Report button. In our database pesticides from allcropprotection manufacturers are included: BAYER, BASF,SYNGENTA,MONSANTO, DU PONT, NUFARM, Dow AgroSciences, AganChemical, ADAMA,Belchim, Cheminova, ISK, FCS, StahlerInternational, BarclayChemicals, Arysta LifeScience,RotamAgrochemical, AgriChem, NissanChemical, United Phosphorous Limited,Nisso Chemical, SumitomoChemical Agro. ➜ In this app you may find:Weed ID, Diseases ID,Pest, Insect ID app for farms who are growing:Corn, Winter wheat,Spring oats, Spring barley, Winter rye, Winterrape, Wintertriticale, Beets, Buckwheat, Winter flax, Spring wheat,Winterbarley, Spring rape, Spring triticale, Winter oats, Peas,Beans,Alfalfa, Canola, White mustard, Sunflowers, Soybeans, Rice,Almondsand other row crops (corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans,andwheat). ➜ In app you can also find different types ofherbicide,fungicide, insecticide, adjutants, growth regulators,seedtreatment, Foliar Nutrition and other pesticides forprofessionaluse in farms.  ➜ Choosing right pesticide you canuse sprayercalculator, calibrator, calibration, sprayer tank mix,nozzle flowrate, tank mix rate, spray rate, fertilizer spraying,fertilizerapplication, chemicals mixed in the tank, agriculturalapplicators,agriculture, ag, agro, agri, tank mixing , Spray Logs,farm recordkeeping, plants, seeds, soil and water, water pivot,HGCA, basf,adama, bayer, syngenta and other companies. Otheragroculturemeanings like broad-leaved weeds, grass - weeds, youngplant andmature plant growth stages. Tractor, tractors,harvester,harvesters, new holland, case, class, fend ant otherfarmingequipment.  ➜ Also: weed spotter, insect spotter,pestspotter, diseases spotter, wheat, price, forecast,commodities,grain price, grain market, farm managing system, recordkeeper,farm, farmers, farming, farmer, log farm data, vermin,vermins.Before downloading the app, don't forget to check if itprovidesyour region language.
앙 모기띠 : 기모띠한 노가다 1.2.14
◈ 설명기모띠한 모기들과 함께하는 노가다 클리커 게임!생각없이 클릭만 하는 간단한 게임!지금 바로 플레이 해보세요!*렉이너무 심하면 설정 - 핏방울 효과 체크 해제를 해보세요.◈ 문의키모티 페이스북:페이스북 페이지 좋아요 부탁드려요!키모티 커뮤니티:카페에 가입해서 최신 정보를 얻어보세요!스티밋:◈ 리소스 이용 출처유투브 오디오 라이브러리 - ClaudioTheWorm개발자연락처:01072552635◈ DescriptionTogether with a brushed stripemosquitonogada Hinckley big game!Only a simple click withoutthinkinggame!Now just try to play!Try a drop of blood, uncheckeffects * Setrack is too optimistic.◈ ContactKimo TeaFacebook: page, I'mbegging youlove it!Kimo Tea Community: to thecafe to see you get the latestinformation!Mid Stevenage:◈ resourcesavailable sourcesYouTubeaudio library - ClaudioTheWorm 1.18
와우 라디오! - 라디오 청취율 1위 TBS 교통방송 김어준의 뉴스공장, SBS FM 두시탈출 컬투쇼, MBCFM배철수의 음악캠프 등 인기있는 전국 라디오를 무료를 청취할 수 있습니다. [6월 24일 알림] MBC 라디오는저작권때문에 서비스 되지 않습니다. [끊김현상 해결] 1. 플레이 중에 자꾸 끊김니다. 안드로이드 6.0 업데이트이후OS에서 배터리 및 절전 관련 기능들이 추가되어 스마트폰 화면이 꺼지거나 백그라운드 상태에서 네트워크제한이발생하는것으로 확인되었습니다. 해당 증상의 경우 데이터를 사용하는 모든 APP에서 발생하는 증상이며, 사용하시는기기설정 및 모델에 따라 끊김현상이 발생하니, 번거로우시겠지만 아래의 기기 모델별로 설정 방법을 참고하신 후 서비스이용을부탁드립니다. [삼성전자] (삼성전자 기기는 아래의 두가시 설정을 모두 해야합니다.) - 스마트폰설정→배터리→절전모드OFF - 스마트폰 설정→[배터리]→[배터리 소모 내역]→[더 보기]→ [배터리 사용량최적화]→[모든 앱]→모두 라디오OFF 선택 [LG 전자] - 스마트폰 설정→배터리→절전모드 OFF - 절전모드를사용하셔야 하는 경우에는 다음과 같이처리를 부탁드립니다. 1) 절전모드 옵션에서 백그라운드 데이터 제한 해제 2) 배터리데이터 제한 ON 일 경우→설정→일반→앱→앱설정→최적화 예외 앱→모두 라디오 체크 [SBS 파워FM 편성안내] SBS파워FM [오전 방송]은아래의 지방 방송국을 선택해서 청취 바랍니다. - 존박의 뮤직하이: KNN, TBC, KBC,TJB,UBC,JTV -SBS 애프터스쿨: KNN, KBC, JTV, UBC, CJB - 아름다운 이 아침 김창완입니다:TBC, KBC,TJB, CJB, JIBS - 박선영의 씨네타운: KNN [오후 방송]은 'SBS 파워 FM' 선택하시면변경없이 청취가능 합니다. - 최화정의 파워타임: 전지역 - 두시탈출 컬투쇼: 전지역 - 붐의 붐붐파워: G1, JIBS- 박소현의러브게임: G1, TBC, UBC - 정소민의 영스트리트: G1, kbc, TJJB, JTV, UBC,CJJB,JIBS - 배성재의 TEN: 전지역 - NTC의 night night: 전지역 [모두의 라디오 채널 안내]MBC-FM(전국 라디오 주파수 지원) MBC 표준 FM (전국 라디오 주파수 지원) KBS 1FM, 2FM KBS제1, 제2,제3 라디오 KBS 클래식 FM KBS 월드 라디오 KBS 한민족 방송 [CBS 레인보우] -CBS 표준FM(98.1) + 한웅재의 CCM CAMP / 밤의 동산에서/ 새 아침입니다/ 교계뉴스/ 날마다 주님과 함께/성서강해/크리스천 컬럼/ CBS news/ 굿모닝 뉴스 박재홍입니다/ CBS 아침종합뉴스/ 변상욱의 이야기 쇼/ 그대창가에이한철 입니다/ 유지수의 해피송/ 오후의 향기 김윤주 입니다 / 유영성의 팝콘/ 주말엔 김덕이와 / 김길우의건강상식/오늘하루 장주희 입니다. -CBS 음악 FM (93.9) + 김형준의 레인보우 스트리트/ Thank fortheMusic/ 이봉규의 내가 매일 기쁘게/ 정민아의 Amazing Grace/ 김용신의 그대와 여는 아침/신지혜의영화음악/ 강석우의 아름다운 당신에게/ 신지혜의 영화음악/ 김필원의 12시에 만납시다/ 한동준의 FM POPS/박승화의가용속으로/ 배미향의 저녁스케치/ 김현주의 행복한 동행/ 허윤희의 꿈과 음악 사이에 TBS 95.1 교통방송(김어준의뉴스 공장) TBS 101.3 교통방송 (영어방송) EBS 교육방송 104.5 EBS 교육방송 (외국어 라디오)YTN뉴스FM 94.5 TBN 한국교통방송 (전국 주파수 지원) FEBC 극동방송 (전국 주파수 지원) 경기방송경인방송라디오 서울 국악방송 동아방송 공동체라디오 광주영어 FM 방송 부산영어 FM 방송 AFKN 국군방송 [종교방송]PBC평화방송 BBS 불교방송 BTN 불교TV WBS 원음방송(전국 주파수 지원) 별이 빛나는 밤에/배철수의음악캠프/여성시대 양희은, 서경석입니다 / 김어준의 뉴스공장 / 지금은 라디오시대 / 김현정의 뉴스쇼 / /정준영의 심심타파/싱글 벙글쇼/ CBS 레인보우 / 강석우의 아름다운 당신에게/ [주파수 및 편성표 앱 안내] 지역별전국 라디오주파수와 편성표가 필요하신 분은 아래 링크에서 전국 라디오 주파수 및 편성표 안내 앱을 다운로드받으세요.[필수권한 정보 안내] PHONE STATE : 라디오 어플 실행 중 전화 왔을 때 중지하는데 필요한 권한세이캐스트,세이캐스트 라디오, 트로트, 신나는 트로트, 옛날 트로트, 트로트 인기순위, 트로트 노래모음, 트로트 메들리,트로트신곡, 무료음악다운, 보이는 라디오, 라디오 방송듣기, 라디오 방송, 휴대용 라디오 ---- 개발자 연락처:+13027239565 Wow Radio! - Listen to Radio No. 1 TBSTrafficBroadcast You can listen to popular national radio such asNewsFactory of Kim Joon-jun, SBS FM Doosan Escape Cult show, andMBCFM's music camp. [June 24 Notice] MBC radio is not subjecttocopyright. [Disconnected phenomenon] 1. It stops during play.AfterAndroid 6.0 update, it has been confirmed that thesmartphonescreen is turned off due to the addition of battery andpowersaving functions in OS, or network limitation occurs inthebackground state. This symptom occurs in all APP that uses dataincase of the symptom. It may cause disconnection according toyourdevice setting and model. Please refer to the setting methodforeach device model below and use the service. [SAMSUNGELECTRONICS](SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS DEVICE SHOULD DO ALL THE TWO CITYSETTINGSBELOW) - Smartphone settings → Battery → Power save modeOFF -Smartphone settings → [Battery] → [Battery consumptionhistory] →[More] → [Battery usage optimization] → [All apps] →Select allradio OFF [LG Electronics] - Smartphone settings →Battery → Powersave mode OFF - If you need to use the power savingmode, pleasehandle as follows. 1) Disable Background DataRestriction in thePower Saver Option 2) If battery data restrictionON: → Settings →General → App → App Settings → Optimize Exception →Check All Radio[SBS Power FM Guide] SBS Power FM [AM broadcast]Please select thefollowing local stations to listen to.  -Music High: KNN,TBC, KBC, TJB, UBC, JTV  - SBS After School:KNN, KBC, JTV,UBC, CJB  This beautiful morning is Kim Wan-Wan:TBC, KBC,TJB, CJB, JIBS  - Park Sun Young's Cine Town: KNN[Afternoonbroadcast] is 'SBS power FM', you can listen withoutchange. - Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time: Everywhere  -DoosanEscape Cult Shows: All Areas  - boom boom power of boom:G1,JIBS  - Love game of Park So Hyun: G1, TBC, UBC  -YoungStreet of Sinsong: G1, kbc, TJJB, JTV, UBC, CJJB, JIBS  -TENof the base material TEN: All  - NTC night night: Allareas[Guide to all radio channels] MBC-FM (National RadioFrequencySupport) MBC standard FM (national radio frequencysupport) KBS1FM, 2FM KBS 1st, 2nd, 3rd radio KBS Classic FM KBSWorld Radio KBSKorean Broadcasting [CBS Rainbow] -CBS standard FM(98.1)  +CBS News / Good Morning News / JBS News / CBS MorningNews / WoongSang Wook's Story Show / Your Window Window It is HanJi-cheol /Yuseu's happy song / afternoon scent Kim Yun-joo / YooYoung-sung'spopcorn / -CBS Music FM (93.9)  + Kim Hyung Joon'sRainbowStreet / Thank for the Music / Lee Bong-gyu's I am pleasedeveryday / Jung Min Ah's Amazing Grace / Kim Yong Shin's openingandopening morning / Shin Ji Hye movie music / Gang SeokWoo'sbeautiful you / Shin Ji Hye movie music / / Let 's meet in theFMPOPS / Park Seung Hwa' s availability / The evening sketch ofBaeMi - Hyang / The happy accompaniment of Kim Hyun - joo / TBS95.1Traffic Broadcasting (News Factory of Kim Jun Joon) TBS101.3Traffic Broadcasting (English Broadcasting) EBSEducationBroadcasting 104.5 EBS educational broadcasting (foreignlanguageradio) YTN News FM 94.5 TBN Korea Traffic Broadcasting(nationalfrequency support) FEBC Far East Broadcasting (NationalFrequencySupport) Broadcasting Kyung In broadcasting Radio SeoulKoreanMusic Broadcasting Dong-A Broadcasting Community RadioGwangjuEnglish FM Broadcasting Busan English FM Broadcasting AFKNNationalmilitary broadcasting [Religious broadcast] PBC PeaceBroadcastingBBS Buddhist broadcasting BTN Buddhist TV WBS originalsoundbroadcasting (nationwide frequency support) The Starry Night/Music of Pusan ​​/ The Woman's Generation Yang Hee Eun, SeokKyungSuk / Kim Eun Joon's News Factory / Now Radio Age / Kim HyunJung'sNews Show / / Jung Jun Young's Heartbreak / Single Bleu Show/ CBSRainbow / to/ [Frequency and Program Guide] If you needregionalradio frequency and schedule, please download the nationalradiofrequency and program guide app from the linkbelow.[RequiredPermission Information Guide] PHONE STATE: Permission tostop radioapp running Radio, broadcast radio, portable radio,radio station,radio station, radio station, radio station, radiostation, radiostation, radio station,
Anti-mosquito sound simulator 1.3
Anti-mosquito sound simulator - scaring and killinginsects!Joke!Biting insects? Summer camping spoiled obnoxiousbuzzing? Donot sleep at night for fear of being bitten bymosquitoes? Itchybites on the skin? Use anti-insect - anti-mosquitorepellents inthe cans! The sound of insect repellent is a joke! Butif you thinkthat the fly in the room, the mosquito that drinks yourblood, tryto calm down, including sound repeller! Ultrasound maydeterinsects (or maybe not)ATTENTION! The developer does notguaranteethe reaction of mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, roaches,spidersand other insects for an ultrasound from your phonespeakers! Notscientifically proven effectiveness of sound antimosquitorepellent! The simulator created as a joke to reassurefriends whocan't sleep from biting buzzing insects!
Anti Mosquito Prank 3.4
- The Anti Mosquito Repellent application emit a very uniquehighfrequency sound that most mosquitoes find distasteful andpreventsyou from getting bitten by mosquitoes.Nobody cares formosquitoes.How to Avoid Mosquito Bites prank ?This app can help youpreventMosquito bites.This application provides the highfrequencysounds.very simple to use and powerful sound !!AntiMosquito Prankis one of the ways to fight mosquitoes. Effectively,it complementsthe traditional methods of a spray or hand flapping,to avoidbites.It have different frequencies sounds, so for this youcan setyour own choice of sound.Our applications are in thedevelopmentstage are looking forward to the contributions of yourcomments.
Anti Mosquito Repellent Prank 1.1.7
The mosquito, they're everywhere , form your bedroom, your bathroom, even in the wardrobeThe mosquito ,they work day and night,but atthe midnight , they gather becoming big groups and hoveringaroundus (they create the sounds of mosquito, mosquito noise,mosquitotone that very uncomfortable) to biteso what we need donow? , don'tworry about this , let The mosquito repellent apphelps you.This isthe mosquito repellent simulator app, its featureis simulator soundfrequency(Anti mosquito sound) of bats, spidersE. culicivora, fish,lizards, geckos, and more frequencies you canmanually edit.But themosquitoes have no ears,the mosquitoes are agroup of organismsbelonging to the class of insects do not haveears ,How can theyrecognize the sounds, the mosquitoes actuallyhave a lot of hair onthe their legs and head to feel the sound,that is why they are hardto distinguish what is real or fake thesounds.Previously, thechemicals commonly used to kill themosquitoes, such as by aerosol,or burning mosquitoes incense.Butnow we have our mosquitoes,non-toxic, inexpensive, environmentalprotection.May you very happywhen using our Anti Mosquito app,thank you very much.(Relative :anti mosquito killer sound,antimosquito sound, mosquitorepellent,anti mosquito sonic repellermosquito killersound,mosquito app)Note: This is the media app forentertainment, wedon't sure about its useful.
Insect pests 8.4.2
Kirill Sidorov
The appendix contains a description of pests. As implemented intheapplication easy search.
Pest repellent sound 1.2
Pest repellent sound is the optimal frequency sound foranyfly/bugThe Anti Pest repellent sound repellentdisplacesrodents,fly,bugs,ant,rats and more.. repelling them fromyour homewith sound waves that create intense auditory stress forpest. Itworks significantly different from other anti flyapplicationstoo.Hurting pest with ultrasonic sound only it is soeasy with pestrepellent sound app,the ultrasonic sound starting inlow level andincreasing the effect after some seconds,in this waythe hurting ismore effective.poisoning is no needed any more whenthe pest ranaway,poisoning can make many demage to other animalstoo, so trythis repellent sound first.No more pest,rotter or mouse,pets don'tlike this sound. so they run away when you will press onthe "ON"button.This pest repellent sound is very simple - just 1button tomake it ON/OFF.You can also is this app like a prank toannoyingyour friends with this sound :)People using this soundsometimesfor anti dog barking or anti bee and more..When you startthis appmaybe you will not hear the frequency sound. some peopleare notsensetive to those sounds. so please wait for results.Makesureyour phone in high volume. be patient. the pest hearing isbetterthan human hearing.If you like my app please rate me, thankyou!
Mosquito simulator 1.30
This simple app simulates a mosquito that flies in your phoneandeats nectar. The app can be used as a toy for your pet.
com.boedec.hoel.frequencygenerator 3.7
Hoel Boedec
Generate a frequency, meditate with binaural beats, play withsoundeffects, or relax with white noise: Discover the 10high-qualityaudio features of Frequency Sound Generator! SingleFrequency •Generate a tone with a frequency between 1Hz and22000Hz(ultrasound). • Test your hearing: On average, humanshearfrequencies between 20Hz and 20000Hz, but the hearingcandeteriorate with age, especially for frequencies closetoultrasound. Some people use this fact to prank teachersinclassrooms by generating ultrasounds that only youngsters canhear.• The sound generator can simulate a dog whistle to help youtrainyour dog by generating very high pitch sounds. • You may tryto usethis as a mosquito repellent app (anti mosquito), but beaware thatseveral scientific studies have found that ultrasoundsare not aneffective solution to repel mosquitoes. Anti mosquitoapps usuallytry to repel mosquitoes by generating near ultrasoundsandultrasounds (between 15000 Hz and 22000 Hz). Same goes formouserepellent and insect repellent apps. • Find yourtinnitusfrequency. Whenever you need, generate a tone that willmask yourtinnitus. Multi-Frequencies • Experience the acousticbeatphenomenon. Generate two close frequencies simulatenously :440Hzand 445Hz for example. You will hear a "beat" frequency of5Hz.This phenomenon is frequently exploited by musicians to tunetheirmusical instruments by ear. It is also the basis of binauralbeats.Musical notes • Play a tone based on musical notes. • Tuneyourinstruments. Binaural beats • Use binaural beats formeditation,concentration, relaxation or to improve your sleep. •Create yourown binaural beats to personalize your meditationsessions. Adjustthe binaural beat frequency to your needs. Noisegenerator • Useone of the pink, brown, or white noise generator forrelaxation,meditation, concentration or sleeping. Sweep generator •Generateautomatic frequency sweeps to identify the capabilities ofyouraudio equipment. • ...or you can have fun by generatingpolicesirens, cartoonish fall sound effects, etc. Bass / Subwooferstest• Discover how your audio devices handle very low frequencies.Bestsuited for subwoofers and headphones. Unclog speaker • Removewaterfrom your phone speaker. If your phone is water-resistant andhasbeen in contact with water, the speaker may now sound muffled.Thevibrations caused by the generated frequencies will help toremovethe water and repair your speaker by unclogging it. DTMFTones •Generate DTMF tones used in telecommunications. Soundeffectsgenerator • Generate and export random sound effects.Nothing ispre-recorded, every sound effect you create is totallyunique. •The audio file (.wav) export is available for devices withat leastAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow). • Concept inspired by SFXR. Moretips •Available waveforms for the generated signal are: sine,square,triangle and sawtooth. • Save your favorite signals aspresets byusing the app menu. • In the settings you can customizethe soundgenerator behaviour when the app is in background. You canalso seta timer to automatically stop the signal after some time:Perfectfor falling asleep. • Keep in mind that the generated tonescan bevery annoying and irritating for your surroundings. Alwaysuse thisapplication responsibly. Also, keep the audio volume low toavoiddamaging your hearing or your audio devices. If you rise thevolumeto better hear very low frequencies, don't forget to lowerthevolume afterwards before playing higher frequencies: theperceivedvolume of a tone depends on its frequency. • Whengeneratingultrasonic tones (20000 Hz and more), speakers mayproduceadditional parasitic sounds. Hearing those sounds does notmean youcan hear the actual frequency being played.
Sonic Wave - Sonic Pitch Sound Tone Generator 1.3
Pixel Fox
Sonic Wave provides sine tones and you could easily controltheexact frequencies. Swipe your finger up and down to raise orlowerthe frequency of the tones and pitched noises, and directlycheckthe frequency by professional wave visualization. With SonicWaveyou can push water out of the speaker cavity by playing a sinewaveat a specific frequency - 165HZ, and you can eject moistureawayfrom the speaker.What can I use it for?1. Use Sonic Wavetogenerate different frequencies to drive insects away orproducewhite noises and pitched noises.2. This app allows you togeneratetones and pitched noise with range from 0Hz to Ultrasonic25kHzfrequency.3. It can be used as dog whistle to train your dog,makeyour dog come or go away.4. Also you can use it to stopyourneighbor's dog from barking.5. It can be used as a prank tooltoannoy your classmates or friends.6. Use the "water" buttonwithspecific frequency to get the water out of your phone.7.Generatewhite noises to focus your mind.It’s a tiny and handy toolyouneed, just download it free and enjoy it! 1.3.4
When crop pests and diseases occur farmers want immediatesolutions.Time is of the essence. If they have to go searching forinformationwhich takes days to find, it might already be toolate.They need toknow what the problem is, what's caused it, andwhat to do about it.And they want to know now. This app givesextension staff and leadfarmers all the information they need totreat the crop instantly.If there is no way of saving a crop, thesteps should help toprevent the problem occurring in the future.After choosing the cropof interest, a series of simple questionsare asked narrowing downthe choices until a match is possible bycomparing thumbnail images.Each fact sheet is divided intosections on damage, biology and lifecycle, and management. Version7 of the App gives the option toeither view Full Fact Sheets, orMini Fact Sheets which contain asummary of the information in thefull fact sheets. Version 7 of theapp contains 401 fact sheets. Wewould like to thank ACIAR, theAustralian Centre for InternationalAgricultural Research forproviding support in the development ofthe app under a sub-regional(Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands andTonga) IPM project(HORT/2016/185). We thank Identic PtyLtd.,( for its development of themobileapp.
Frequency Sound Generator 2.30
Frequency Sound Generator is a simple wave form sound generatorandoscillator. It is easy to use tool so you can create highvarietyof sounds and signals in just few seconds. All controls arein realtime so you can dynamically change the sound signals.FrequencySound Generator features: - 3 oscillators - everyoscillator cangenerate 3 wave forms - accurate frequency selectorwith fast andslow controls - volume control - wave signalmodulation control -CD audio - 16 bit PCM encoding / Sampling rateat 44100Hz -oscillator range is from20Hz to 20KHz - 2 speedfrequency selector- can save/load signal generator settings
Anti Rat Repeller 1.4
Anti Rat Repeller is a professional application which used tomakeMice, Rats away from you or your house. Anti Rat Repeller issuch anice app. Anti Rat Repeller uses high frequency sounds inthis app.Which can hearing sense of human ears. Anti Rat Repellerisentertainment purpose to make your friends fool . This appworkslike Anti Mosquito and Mosquito Repellent appFeature:• AntiRat •Anti Mouse• Rat Repeller • Mouse Repeller • Anti RatRepellent•Anti Mouse Repellent• Keep away Insect• Keep away Rat•Keep awayMouse• Rat Killer • Mouse Killer • Anti Rat Prank• AntiMousePrank• Kill Rat• Kill Mouse• Sound Repellent• Insectrepeller•Insect Killer• Free App
AngryMosquito 1.0
Female mosquitoes dislike male mosquito wings Sound frequency-AcuteUI with mosquito characters- Easy to use with one click ofabutton-Timer function- Background run for use with otherapps-Widgets thatcan be turned on and off more easily- Three typesofUltrasonic waves
Rice Doctor 1.0.10
Rice Doctor is an interactive tool for extension workers,students,researchers and other users who want to learn and diagnosepest,disease, and other problems that can occur in rice; and howtomanage them.This product has been developed by aninternationalteam involving –• International Rice ResearchInstitute (IRRI)•Lucid team at the University of Queensland,Australia• PhilippineRice Research Institute (PhilRice),Philippines• Research Institutefor Rice, Indonesia The AustralianCentre for InternationalAgricultural Research (ACIAR) hascontributed funding for theresearch, development, and production ofthis product.Thisinteractive tool allows users to diagnose or atleast make a shortlist of possible problems occurring in a ricecrop. The key coversover 90 pests and diseases and other disorders.The combination oftext descriptions and images helps users in theprocess ofdiagnosing their problems. Fact sheets on each possibledisorderprovide brief descriptions of the signs and symptoms ofspecificproblems, together with details of any availablemanagementoptions. A keyword search function enables users todirectly accessspecific fact sheets. For further information onthese disorders,users can link to full fact sheets on the IRRI RiceKnowledge Bankwebsite.This app is powered by Lucid Mobile.
Music Strobe Light 4.2
- MUSIC STROBE LIGHT LED Strobe Light with music rhythm (Openappand play your Music from another apps or Speaker...) - STROBELIGHTFREQUENCY Light up the dance floor with a Strobe. Set thedesiredfrequency with and enjoy the effect. All these amazing appsmakeMusic Strobe Light a trusted companion in ANY kind of reallifesituation and a MUST-HAVE utility app for all users. Justimagineall that things you can do with it: • Use in car emergency •Findthe lost keys • Read the book at night • Tell spooky storiesindark • Light your way home • Survive during the power outage•Light Up the dance floor • Send a morse code message •Communicatein your own coded language • Do the shadow theater • SOSduringemergencies and MUCH MUCH MORE! TABLET The screen light orviewlight uses a very bright full screen white casting as aflashlight.- Music Strobe Light works Perfectly on every devices aswell asnon-supported torch mode
SK증권 주파수2 2.56.2
SK Securities
[SK증권 주파수2.0 란?] '주식을 지키는 파수꾼'서비스 주파수2.0은 SK증권 개발팀이 주파수1에 이어 또다시새롭게선보이는 증권거래 서비스로 기존 타증권사에서 보실 수 없었던 다양하고 편리한 기능으로 무장되어 있습니다.보조차트를3개까지 중복해서 비교할 수 있는 막강한 차트기능과 빠른 주문이 가능한 대기모드, HTS급 정보와 힘들이지않고 종목과관련된 포털정보 및 게시판으로 이동시켜주는 스마트서치 기능 등을 경험해 보실 수 있습니다. 또한 주파수를종료하시더라도SK증권 서버를 통해 설정한 종목의 흐름을 포착하여 스마트 푸시를 통해 메세지를 전달해 드리는 파수꾼서비스는 업체 최초로SK증권에서 드리는 첨단 서비스이며 주파수2.0에서는 스탑로스, 자동매수주문, 계좌관련 파수꾼등더욱 많은 첨단 서비스가탑제되어 있습니다.---------------------------------------------------------[SK증권주파수2.0 주요기능] 1. 업그레이드 된 파수꾼! 주문 파수꾼 서비스! 스탑로스 및 자동매수를 설정하면파수꾼이 조건도달 시, 스스로 주문을 실행합니다. 또한 계좌파수꾼을 선택하면 실시간 체결내역을 빠르게 받아 보실 수있습니다.기본적인 시세포착 서비스 항목은 30개 항목으로 확장 되었습니다. 2. 버츄얼 스크린! 자주보는 화면이나 미리작성한주문화면으로 원클릭 이동이 가능합니다. 3. 선택한 시간으로 순간 이동! 타임 쉬프트 기능! 원하는 시간의 체결내역으로스크롤 없이 이동하여 더욱 빠르게 확인할 수 있습니다. 4. 비쥬얼 호가! 호가창 옆의 비쥬얼 일봉으로당일의시/고/저가 흐름을 한눈에 확인할 수 있습니다. 5. 주차트 하나에 보조차트를 3개까지~!! 막강 차트!지지선,추세선도 그릴 수 있습니다~ 6. 와이드 관심종목! (HD급 이상 이용 가능) 관심종목들의 시세와 특정종목의현재가/호가등을 한눈에 확인할 수 있습니다. 7. 보안기능강화 편리하고 안전하다!! 대기모드 암호 기능! 8. 주파수2의스마트한기능을 놓쳐선 안되겠죠!!! 각화면에 친절한 튜토리얼로 주파수2를 스마트하게 이용할 수 있습니다! 9. 스마트메뉴!!자주 이용하는 메뉴를 앞으로!! 더욱 빠르고 편리하게 이용할 수 있습니다! 10. 주문화면 체결현황 도입체결현황을확인하며 주문하세요~!! 매수/매도호가와 체결현황을 한번에 확인하며 주문하실 수 있습니다! 11. 관심종목 저장대폭확대 한그룹 50종목까지 12. 지문인증 및 세이프터치 로그인 탑재 빠르고 편리하게 로그인을 하실 수 있습니다[SKSecurities frequency is 2.0?] "Watchman stocks' servicefrequencies2.0, followed by Team SK Securities frequency 1 Again,all newsecurities trading services could not be found in a varietyoftraditional and other securities It is armed with usefulfeatures.Powerful charting features that can be compared toduplicate thesecondary charts to 3 and Quick Order is available instandby mode,the portal information relating to the Company and theBoardeffortlessly with HTS-class information You can see andexperiencesuch as Smart Search features that move. Also, even ifyou shutdown the frequency of the events set via a server SKSecuritiesOffering watchman services to capture and convey themessage flowsthrough the smart push is the first company Offeringadvancedservices in SK Securities and stop loss at frequencies2.0,automatic buy orders, account keepers etc. Related Themoreadvanced services aretapje.-------------------------------------------------- -------[SKSecurities frequency 2.0 Features] 1. Upgrade keepers! Buywatchmanservice!    If you set the number ofstop-loss andautomatically run the city, in order to reachself-Keeperconditions.    Also, if you select theaccountkeepers it can be found quickly and get real-timesigningstatements.    The basic price captureserviceentries has been extended to 30 entries. 2. The virtualscreen!   Often see the screen or you can one-clickto moveto a pre-written order screen. 3. Teleport to the selectedtime!TimeShift features!    Go to the foldfasteningHistory of the desired time can be found more quickly. 4.visualcall!    Call in Visual ilbong next window,you cansee at a glance when / high / low flow of the day. 5. Notethechart one auxiliary charts up to three ~! Powerfulcharts!   Support level, it can also draw trendlines- 6.Wide favorite stocks! (HD-level or higheravailable)   Such as the current market price of /call for aspecific item of interest categories, you can see at aglance. 7.Enhanced security features    It isconvenient andsafe! Standby password function! 8.'ll notnotchyeoseon smartfunction of frequency 2 !!!   Each screen can besmart to use two frequenciesfriendly tutorial! 9. Smart Menu!   The mostfrequently used menus in the future! Itcan make faster and moreconvenient to use! 10. Order screen,introduced into signing    Check the statusand conclude your order ~!    Confirm buy /sell call and entered into atime and can be ordered! 11. Savefavorite stocks sharply group ofup to 50 stocks zoom 12. Thefingerprint authentication and loginwith Safe Touch      You can make aquick andconvenient login
Annoying Sound Simulator 1.2
Sprinkle Cool
Annoying sound and bass is an app to produce a sound. Dependingonwhich frequency the sound has, it becomes an annoying beep(highfrequency) or extremely strong bass (low frequency)! You canannoyyour friends with the high beep or celebrate the bass togetherinthe car or at home! With this app you always have a device foreachsituation. Play sounds! Whether you want to party with yourfriendsor relax, with annoying sound and bass you will have lots offunand laugh with your friends!Danger:Do not use annoying soundsorbass near children, animals, or with headphones! This can harmtheears! - crop protection manual 1.8
Database of all products for crop protection in Serbia togetherwithmost common diseases, weeds and pests
Dog Whistle - High Frequency Tone Dog Trainer 2.4
epsilon ventures
Dog Whistle is a free application that helps you to train yourdog.Dog whistles emit sounds in the high frequency range. Humanscanonly hear up to 20 kHz, but dogs have much better hearing.Sincedog whistles are silent to humans, but loud to dogs, theyareperfect for training dogs. This Dog Whistle app can emithighfrequency sounds anywhere in the range from 100 to 22,000 Hz.DogWhistle can be used to train your dog, stop your dog frombarking,and teach your dog tricks. Remember, just because you can'thearit, doesn't mean your dog can't. Please use thisapplicationresponsibly.
com.sinwho.radio_restart 1.9
편리하게 국내의 라디오 주파수, 편성표 정보를 확인하고 일부 방송사의 실시간 라디오를 직접 들을 수 있습니다 - 기능:국내 라디오 주파수 정보 : 국내 라디오 편성표 정보 : 일부 라디오 실시간 듣기 : 간편한 검색기능 ----개발자연락처 : 010-3918-2230 Convenient to check the radiofrequency,schedule information of national You can listen to liveradiobroadcasting of some direct - function  : Domesticradiofrequency information  : Domestic radio scheduleinformation : Listen to some radio in real time  : Easysearchfeatures
Cropalyser 1.6.5
Bejo Zaden B.V.
A practical tool to easily identify major pests, diseasesanddisorders in vegetable crops of red beet, carrots, cabbageandonions. This App provides instant information about the healthandgrowth of your crop. The search function “Cropalyse” guides youtoanalyse irregularities, recognize symptoms, followgrowthdevelopments and advises on crop control and prevention ofpestsand diseases. Cropalyser is a support tool at hand, at everystageand desired moment of the cultivation of your vegetablecrop.Advice: - Check detailed information about the cultivation ofredbeet, carrots, cabbage and onions. Pests and diseases: -Containsdetailed information about pest and diseases in red beet,carrots,cabbage and onions. - Helps identify the pest or diseasebyfollowing a simple search function “Cropalyse” -Containsinformation about bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes,viruses andnutrient disorders - Look for symptoms in your vegetablecrop - Seethe development and infection of a pest or disease - Seekadvice toprevent and control the pest or disease Contact: - Easyaccess withour office directly via mail or phone Languages: - TheApp isavailable in multiple languages - Takes the language ofyourdevice, but can be changed manually Download Cropalyser, theApp toanalyse your crop!
Spectroid 1.1.1
Carl Reinke
Spectroid is a real-time audio spectrum analyzer withreasonablefrequency resolution across the the entire frequencyspectrum.💬 FAQ💬Q: Why are the dB values negative?A: Spectroid usesdBFS (FullScale) where 0 dB is the maximum power that themicrophone canmeasure, so the decibel values are negative becausethe measuredpower is less than the maximum power.Q: Can I zoom inon thespectrum plot?A: Yes, do a two-finger pinch-to-zoomgesture.Q: Whyare there discontinuities/gaps in the spectrum plotandwaterfall?A: Spectroid uses multiple FFTs overlapped infrequencyin order to provide better frequency resolution atlowerfrequencies than a single FFT. The caveat of this method isvariedimpulse response and minor discontinuities in frequency. Theupsideis that it can efficiently produce a spectrum that bettermatchesthe frequency resolution of human audio perception. It'sstillprobably not as good as your ears though!
Advanced Spectrum Analyzer PRO 2.1
Vuche Labs
Advanced FFT Spectrum Analyzer is a real-time ( RTA ) powerfulaudiotool to visualize and analyze signals from android devicemicrophonein frequency domain.Features:- FREE- FFT resolution upto 2.7Hz!(FFT size: from 512 to 16384 bins)- 44100 hertz (Hz) and48000hertz(Hz) sampling frequencies- peak finding- input sourceselection( two microphones )- several window functions to minimizetheleakage effect and increase signal peaks precision- linearandlogarithmic scales- scaling- signal averaging - peak hold-2independent markers- markers frequency and amplitudedeltas-pause/resume button- screenshots- NO ADS!
Hearing Test 1.1.3
Pure-tone audiometry is the basic hearing examinationwhichdetermines the degree of hearing loss in relation to thesoundfrequency.Hearing Test features:* pure tone audiometryusingbundled headphones and predefined calibration coefficientsfrom thedatabase (possible for systematically increasing numberofdevices),* calibration of the device (in the case of lackofpredefined coefficients or for headphones otherthanbundled).Additional features:* viewing tests results,* addingnotesto the tests results,* printing of the tests results,*adjustmentof calibration (calibration coefficients may be adjustedon thebasis of your audiogram produced using anaudiometer).*verification of calibration coefficients,* suppressingof themasking noise for the purpose of free field audiometry.
Sound Analyzer App 2.2
Sound Analyzer App lets you use your smartphone as a SoundLevelMeter (SLM) and a Real time Audio Analyzer (RTA).Environmentalnoise, measured in decibel (dB) can be monitored inreal time. Themicrophone sensitivity is adjustable by means of thecalibrationmenu.App with no ads, banner or popups.Features as soundmeter(decibel meter):A, C and Z (flat) frequency weightings,FastandSlow time weightings,Equivalent A-weighted continuous soundlevel(LAeq), A-weighted sound exposure level (LAE orSEL),A-weightedsound exposure level for a nominal 8-hour workingday (noisedosimeter: LEP,d or LEX,8h).Features as 1/n octavespectrumanalyzer:1/3 octave band spectra: Centre frequencies 25 Hzto 16kHz,1/1 octave band spectra: Centre frequencies 31.5 Hz to 8kHz,A,C and Z (flat) frequency weightings,Fast, Slow and Impulsetimeweightings,Equivalent continuous sound level (Leq).If you arenotfamiliar with Sound Pressure Level (SPL) indicators, usethedefault selection: LAF and LAeq indicators respectivelyforinstantaneous and averaged noise measurements.Warning: ThisAppdoes not claim to be an alternative to an approved SoundLevelMeter. The accuracy of the measurements depends closely onthespecifications of the microphone/amplifier which are notdesignedin a smartphone for Sound Pressure Level (SPL)measurements. ThisApp is for indication only or for educationalpurpose. Use anapproved Sound Level Meter where it isrequired.Please feel free togive feedback by e-mail and, if youlike the app, please rate it.
Pulse - Heart Rate Monitor 3.1
Ahmerov Vadim
Download the app and turn your phone into heart rate monitor.Noextra devices needed, just try it out!Pulse app uses phone`scameraand flash to calculate your heart rate by processing theimages ofhighlighted blood on your finger. The same approach usedinprofessional medical equipment.MEASUREMENT HISTORYYou cansaveresults after measurement and compare them later.HEART RATEZONESCALCULATORHeart rate calculator will providepersonalizedrecommendations based on your age and restingheartrate.SETTINGSSettings allow you to set the duration ofthemeasurement, play sound when heartbeat detected and provideswith 3color schemes.Do not use this application instead of themedicalequipment.
Annoying Sounds 1.2.1
Annoying Sound Prank App. Play different annoying sounds withtonegenerator!What does the "Annoying Sounds" app do? The app canplayvarious annoying sounds. An annoying beep tone or anotherannoyingsound can be set. Find your most annoying sound! Thisannoyingsound will drive your friends and family crazy!➔ Do not usethe appwith headphones! 🚫 🎧• App plays different frequencies.• Useapp asa hearing test.• You can adjust the frequency and thevolume.•Generate your own frequency in Hertz.• Change the Hertzfrequencycontinuously.• Use app as a frequenz generator.• Use prankapp toannoy people.• The app is free.
Anti Mosquito Prank 1.8
Anti Mosquito 👍-Anti Mosquito provides mosquito repellentsound.🎵-Anti Mosquito is a prank app which is used to preventmosquitoesfrom biting you by emitting high frequency ultrasoundfrom yourphone that repels them away from the source of the sound.🎵-AntiMosquito Repellent app works like Anti Rat , Rat Repellent ,AntiFly , Fly Repellent app or wild animals! All of it we can offertoyou! 👍-Very simple usage and strong sound.👍-Antimosquitoprank👍-Anti mosquito repellent👍-Mosquito killer sound👍-Thisapp canrun in background.-We are giving you free app so you cantest it byyourselfSUPPORTSend email to us for any problem inyourapplicationEmail: minhthichthilamthoi@gmail.comTHANK YOU!
Self Healing
This is chakras balancing by solfeggio tones application.Vibrationis everything. And every vibration has its own frequency.Byexposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies, youcaneasily achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing.TheSolfeggio frequencies align you with the rhythms and tonesthatform the basis of the Universe. This chakra opening andbalancingprogram should help you to improve your body and mindenergy flowand improve your feeling and thinking process (*)improved Pranaenergy flow through the chakra . It also have twobinaural beatmodes as background to the solfeggio waves: Alphawaves 10[Hz] -for deeper meditation , relaxation or sleep. Betawaves 20[Hz] -for thinking activation and concentration. Sevenchakras balancingsolfeggio tones included in the application:Muladhara meditation -396 Hz , red color , root chakra.Svadhisthana meditation - 417 Hz, orange color , sacral chakra.Manipura meditation - 528 Hz ,yellow color , solar plexus chakra.Anahata meditation - 639 Hz ,green color , heart chakra. Vishuddhameditation - 741 Hz , bluecolor , throat chakra. Ajna meditation -852 Hz , purple color ,third eye chakra. Sahasrara meditation - 963Hz , violette color ,crown chakra. Alpha and Beta waves , Binauralbeats for deeper andmore effective meditation. (*) Indianphilosophy describes pranaflowing in channels called Nadis. TheShiva Samhita states thatthere is a total of 350,000 nadis in thehuman body, while othertexts says there are 72,000 nadis, eachbranching off into another72,000. These nadis play an importantrole in the application andunderstanding of certain yoga practices.Shiva Samhita explainsthat the three most important nadis are theIda, the Pingala andthe Sushumna, each facilitating the flow ofpraṇā vāyu throughoutthe body. Ida nadi relates to the right sideof the brain, and theleft side of the body, terminating at the leftnostril. Pingalanadi relates to the left side of the brain and theright side ofthe body, terminating at the right nostril. Sushumnanadi connectsthe base chakra at the base of the spine to the crownchakra at thetop of the head.[citation needed] The practice ofpranayama can beused to balance the flow of prana within the body.When praṇā vāyuenters a period of uplifted, intensified activity,the yogictradition refers to it as pranotthana, a precursor to theKundalinistate.
실험섬 - 10일간의 서바이벌 시뮬레이션 1.0.1
취업활동 중에 있는 나는, 어느 날 제약회사로부터 스카우트 메일을 받게 되었다. 면접을 보고 나서 즉시 채용이 결정된후,정신을 차려보니... 팔에는 정체를 알 수 없는 주사 바늘 자국이 남겨진 채, 수수께끼의 섬에 도착해 있었다.'나'에게주어진 시간은 단 10일. 호러감각의 서바이벌 시뮬레이션 게임. ●○●○게임흐름●○●○ 섬을 탈출하기 위하여설비 및아이템을 갖추도록 합시다. 섬을 탐색하여 수리・강화・생산에 필요한 재료를 모읍니다. 멀리 떨어진 던전은 난이도가높으니,처음에는 가까운 던전에서 탐색을 하도록 합시다. ↓ 거점이 되는 오두막집의 설비를 사용할 수 있게 수리해봅니다. 수리된설비는 강화하여 성능을 높일 수가 있습니다. ↓ 설비를 사용하여 무기 및 보호구, 음식을 만듭니다. ↓섬에는 위험한괴물이 득실거리고 있습니다. 섬을 탈출하기 위해서는 10일 이내에 섬 어딘가에 있는 연구소를 찾아내야합니다. 만일 탈출을못 하게 될 경우에는, 다음 번 섬에 찾아 올 사람이 오두막집의 설비와 창고의 아이템을 사용하게됩니다. ■오두막집'나'의 거점으로 지내는 장소. 이전에 누군가가 살았던 것인지, 설비가 남아있다. ■창고 탐색하여모은 재료를 보관할 수있습니다. 오두막집의 창고는 게임오버가 되어도 안에 남아있는 아이템이 사라지지 않습니다. ■문문을 수리하여 강화하지않으면 도둑이 들어와 창고의 물건을 훔쳐가게 됩니다. 계속해서 강화하게 되면 도둑맞을 확률이낮아지게 됩니다. ■침대휴식을 취하면 HP를 회복시킬 수 있습니다. ■콘로 습득한 재료로 조리를 할 수 있습니다.조리한 음식을 먹으면 포만도가회복됩니다. ■자전거 이동시간이 단축되며, 탐색하기가 쉬워집니다. ■작업대 무기 및보호구를 만들 수가 있습니다. [탐색]섬을 탐색하여 연구소를 찾아봅시다. 그 외에도 ■재료의 조달 ■괴물의 습격■협력자와의 만남 등이 있습니다. [게임힌트]・희귀한 재료는 어려운 던전에 가지 않으면 획득할 수 없습니다. ・어려운던전은 재료를 모으면 바로 돌아가도록 합시다.・자신의 무기가 약하면 도망치기 어려워집니다. ・적을 쓰러뜨리기 어려우면설비를 강화하여 더 강력한 장비를 만들어 봅시다.・회복 아이템은 적을 쓰러뜨리게 되면 드물게 나오기도 합니다. Iwas in employment and one day Ireceived a scout mail from apharmaceutical company. After Iinterviewed and decided to hire itimmediately, I decided to ... Hehad arrived at the mysteriousisland with an unidentified needlemark left on his arm. The timegiven to me is only 10 days. Survivalsimulation game of horrorsense. ● ○ ○ ○ Game flow ● ○ ○ ○ Let'sequip equipment and items toescape the island. Explore the islandsand collect the necessarymaterials for repair, reinforcement andproduction. A far dungeonis a lot of difficulty, so let's first tryto find it in a nearbydungeon. ↓ Repairs the facilities of thelodge as a base. Repairedequipment can be strengthened to improveperformance. ↓ Use theequipment to create weapons, pads, and food.↓ There are dangerousmonsters on the island. To escape the island,you have to find alaboratory somewhere on the island within 10days. If you can notescape, The next person to come to the islandYou will use theequipment of the lodge and the items in thewarehouse. ■ Cottage Aplace to stay as a base for me. Whethersomeone has lived before,or remains. ■ Warehouse You can browse tosave the collectedmaterial. The storehouse in the lodge does notlose any items thatremain inside the game. ■ Door If the door isnot repaired andreinforced, the thief will come in and steal thegoods from thewarehouse. If you continue to strengthen, yourchances of gettingstolen are lowered. ■ Bed If you take a break,you can restore HP.■ Conroe You can cook with the ingredientsyou've learned. When youeat cooked food, satiety is restored. ■Bicycle Shortens traveltime and makes navigation easier. ■Workbench Weapons andprotective gear can be made. [quest] Let'sexplore the island andfind out about the institute. In addition ■Procurement ofmaterials ■ Monster raids ■ Meeting with cooperatorsAnd others.[Game hint] · Rare materials can not be acquired unlessyou go todifficult dungeons. · When you collect the hard dungeons,let's goright back. · If your weapon is weak, it will be difficulttoescape. · If it is difficult to defeat an enemy, trystrengtheningthe equipment to make more powerful equipment. ·Recovery itemsrarely come out when enemies are knocked down.
Sound Level Meter 1.4.3
This application, can determine the total noise level, and beusedas a spectrum analyzer for the microphone signal. Rate thequalityof the microphone bandwidth of your device, using aspectrumanalyzer. Determine the dynamic range of the sound indifferentfrequency bands. It can be used as a VU-meter in FAST modeand as aRMS-meter in SLOW mode time weighting. Available userequalizer,for microphone calibration to get more accurate results.Supportbluetooth handsfree microphone. This app allows you tomeasure: -the total sound level - sound level in selected bands (size bandone or 1/3 octave) - minimum & maximum level of themeasurementperiod - measuring of frequency with maximal level. -shows thespectrum of the signal. This App allows set nextproperties: - sizeFFT 4096 or 8192 ( frequency resolution 10,7 Hzor 5,4 Hz ) - Fastor Slow time weighting ( t = 1 sec and 0,125 sec) - enable A, C,or ITU-R 468 frequency weighted This App allows youto enter acorrection (calibration) AFC, to account for the unevenfrequencyresponse of the microphone and recording device path. ThisApp notguarantee accurate readings which can be used forscientificmeasurements, as the device can be carried with dynamicsignalprocessing (automatic gain control,limiter NR), whichnotcontrolled by the program.
Binaural Beats Meditation 8.0
Activate your brain by binaural beats meditation according towhatyou need to do ore perform. this application includes 11binauralbeats frequencies of your selection : * alpha waves -relaxationwhile awake , pre-sleep and pre-wake. * beta waves -active , busyor anxious thinking , active concentration andcognition. * gammawaves - higher mental activity , perception ,problem solving ,fear release. * theta waves - dreams , deepmeditation , REM sleep.* delta waves - deep dreamless sleep , lossof body awareness.Relaxation sounds of a nature in background : 1)rain relaxation 2)river relaxation 3) forest relaxation 4) junglerelaxation 5) oceanrelaxation 6) fire relaxation The combination ofbinaural brainwaves with nature sounds has anti stress and relaxingeffect. whatare binaural beats ? Binaural beats occur when we heartwodifferent frequencies, one in each ear. A binaural beat isdefinedas the difference between the two pitches. When you hear a200Hzsound in one ear and a 190Hz sound in the other, you’ll hear a10Hzbinaural beat ( 200 - 190 = 10). Binaural beats areauditoryartifacts. In our example above, there is no 10Hz sound yetwe“hear” one anyway. You must use headphones to havestereoseparation. Speakers won’t work, you have to use stereoheadphonesor ear buds. Why listen to binaural beats? Because theycanincrease specific brainwave frequencies as our brain mimicsthefrequencies we hear within the binaural beat. Let’s say you wanttoincrease your alpha brainwaves. Listen to a binaural beat inthealpha range (8-12 Hz). This phenomena is called entrainmentorfrequency-following response.
Agrio - Protect your crops. Harvest more! 2.1.4
Saillog Ltd
Agrio is an artificial intelligence based solution that helps youtoidentify and treat plants diseases and pests in your field,farm,and garden. In addition, Agrio sends you alerts when problemsarefound in your area. This enables you to protect yourvegetables,fruits, herbs, some flowers, trees, and other plantsfrom damages.Agrio will allow you to upload images of your crop tothe cloud.From there the image can be shared with a team ofagronomy expertsand agriculture extension specialists or sent tothe artificialintelligence algorithm for automatic disease, pest,and nutrientdeficiency identification. The answer will be sent toyou withinseconds if there is a conclusion. If you opt to submitit to theteam of experts, they will share their opinion based onthe uploadedimages and provide you with recommendations to treatthe problem.Our premium service, AgrioShield, is the firstartificiallyintelligent crop disease and pest alert system of itskind. Thissmart system warns subscribers after crop diseases,viruses, andpests were detected in nearby areas. These alerts,along withsuggested written preventative measures, aids inimpedinginfestations and reducing yield losses. Our protocols,which werewritten by experts, help you to decide which pesticidesandfungicides to use if any, thus saving you expenses. Moreover,oncean alert was sent to you, you will be able to consult withouragronomists if needed. Join our community on Agrio and growyourplants to their fullest potential, improve your yield, andenjoyabundance harvests.
Tone Generator PRO 2.64
José Morais
Features: - Sweep tone generator (linear or logarithmicformusicians) - Function generator - Rock solid, doubleprecision,real time, accurate, wave generator (64-bit precisionIEEE 754floating point engine) - Real time manual frequencyincrement ordecrement (accurate, without pops and clicks) - Loops(continuous,with no lag, no clicks) - Amplitude modulation - 16tracks realtime multi-tone generator - Ultrasound generator (on a48KHz DAC) -White noise generator - Pink noise generator - Savefavorite tonesand sweeps in a list for future use - Generate audiofiles inmulti-channel mode up to 5.1 - Precise left/right channelvolumecontrol - Precise fade in and fade out time configuration-Possibility to invert one channel for cancellation effects. -Many,many pre-programmed sound tests, ready to be used by thesoundprofessional What you can do with this app: - Speaker tests -Finetune an audio system - Create relaxation and meditations sounds-Noise mask - Sleep inducing with pink noise - Find yourTinnitusfrequency. - Age hearing loss test. - Learn many factsabout sound- Your imagination is the limit! PERMISSIONS: To saveaudio filesto your device, the app needs the generic androidpermission(access photos, media, and files on your device). Thisapp has afree 7 days trial period that let you check the value ofthis app.Than you can upgrade to Pro without having to installanother app.Please support Android app development !
FFT Spectrum Analyzer 17
- Spectrum analyzer- Graph view- Waterfall view-Adjustablefrequency range- Adjustable scales (linear, logarithmic,etc.)-Different window functions- Hold button- Microphone input-Detectmain frequencies
TV Channel Frequency (Freqode) 2.2.1
Be The First to Watch All Frequencies... All Channels...AllSatellites... (Freqode) Satellite frequencies - Help ReceivingTVand Radio : Astra ,Eutelsat, Nilesat ,Badrsat, Amos,Türksat,Hispasat ,Hotbird, Intelsat, HD , 3D , 4K , Movies,Sports,Documentary, And More ..Be The First to WatchAll Frequencies...All Channels ... All Satellites ...(Freqode) Satellitefrequencies- Help Receiving TV and Radio Astra, Eutelsat andNilesat, BadrsatAmos, Türksat, Hispasat, Hotbird, Intelsat, HD, 3D,4K, Movies,Sports, Documentary, And More ..
Anti Cockroach Repellent 1.6
Anti Cockroach Repellent is a professional application which usedtomake cockroaches away from you or your house. AntiCockroachRepellent is such a nice app. Anti Cockroach Repellentuses highfrequency sounds in this app. Which can hearing sense ofhumanears. Anti Cockroach Repellent is entertainment purpose tomakeyour friends fool. This app works like Anti Mosquito andMosquitoRepellent appFeature:• Anti Cockroach• Anti Cockroaches•CockroachRepeller • Cockroaches Repeller • Anti CockroachRepellent• AntiCockroaches Repellent• Keep away Insect• Keep awayCockroach• Keepaway Cockroaches• Cockroach Killer • CockroachesKiller • AntiCockroach Prank• Anti Cockroaches Prank• KillCockroach• KillCockroaches• Sound Repellent• Insect repeller•Insect Killer• FreeApp
Вредители и болезни плодовых деревьев. Защита сада 1.6
Вредители и болезни плодовых деревьев. Миссия приложения -помочьопределить вредителя (болезнь) и защитить плодовые деревья всаду.НАСТРОЙКА ФИЛЬТРА - сортировка болезней и вредителейосуществляетсяпо параметрам: культуры (яблоня, груша, черешня идр.); периодобработки (календарь дачника по порам года); частирастений(листья, почки, плоды, кора, цветки и др.), которыеповреждаютнасекомые (болезни). Схема защиты отболезнейОбщаясхема защиты сада отвредителей:КУЛЬТУРЫ —сортировка по болезням и вредителям определенной плодовойкультуры.Если вы не знаете, что произошло, к примеру, с деревомяблони, топоставьте в приложении галочку напротив Яблоня и фильтротсортируети покажет из базы всех вредителей и болезней яблони. Вамостаетсявыбрать по фотографиям и описанию вредителя (болезнь),которыеповреждают яблоню. ФОТОГРАФИИ (изображения) — нажав нафотографиюболезни (вредителя) вы перейдете на страницу с подробнымописаниемвредителя (болезни), изучите сроки и методы лечения,скачаетеперечень разрешённых пестицидов. В наше приложениисобраныфотографии, а не картинки из учебников и журналов посадоводству.По мере нахождения новых фотографий они будутдобавляться впрограмму. ПЕСТИЦИДЫ - перечень средств защиты(препаратов) дляплодового сада в формате pdf (поиск пестицидовнеобходимо проводитьпо файлу самостоятельно). Для удобства поисканеобходимыхпрепаратов лучше всего скачать файл pdf на компьютер(планшет): -«Государственныйкаталог пестицидов и агрохимикатов, разрешённых кприменению натерритории Российской Федерации». ФЕНОФАЗЫ - дляудобстваопределения сроков обработки (опрыскивания деревьев)приведеныфенофазы развития разных культур. ПОРЫ ГОДА — календарьнеобходимыхработ садовода весной, летом, осенью и зимой. Мысознательно неописываем какие работы необходимо производить вопределенные месяцыиз-за разных климатических условий в разныхстранах (регионах). Вюжных регионах фенофазы одной культурыотличаются от северныхрегионов (фенофазы развития растений всеверных регионахпроявляются позже. Цветение, например). ЧАСТИРАСТЕНИЙ - сортировкаболезней (вредителей) по внешнему видуповреждений листьев, почек,цветков, бутонов, завязи, плодов, коры,корней. Например, если вывидите непонятные пятна на листьях груши,то выбрав в фильтресправа (проставив галочки) напротив Листья иГруша, приложениеотсортирует все возможные болезни (вредителей),которые поражаютименно листья груши. ПЛОДОВЫЕ ДЕРЕВЬЯ - вприложении описанынасекомые-вредители и болезни яблони, груши,черешни, вишни, сливы,алычи, персика и абрикоса. Фотографии иописание болезнейобновляются и дополняются новыми данными.Обновление файла самогоприложения минимальны. Все данные вэнциклопедии обновляютсяавтоматически и у вас в телефоне всегдаактуальная информация.НУЖЕН ИНТЕРНЕТ - для просмотра фотографийвнутри статей, изученияссылок с дополнительной информацией на сайтепроекта sadovniki.byНАПИСАТЬ НАМ - если в программе нет описанияболезни (вредителя),которую вы обнаружили у себя в саду, присылайтеваш вопрос с 2-3КАЧЕСТВЕННЫМИ фотографиями на почту, указав своюстрану. Стоимость консультации - 0рублей. В разработке приложенияпринимают участие специалистыпитомника посадочного материала,селекционер-фитопатолог, кандидатсельскохозяйственных наук РУП«Институт плодоводства»; используютсяматериалы книг и учебныхпособий, научных конференций; данные РУП«Институт защитырастений», «Республиканской инспекции посеменоводству, карантину изащите растений» Беларуси. Pests anddiseases of fruit trees. Themission of the app is to help identifythe pest (disease) andprotect the fruit trees in the garden. FILTERSETTING - sorting ofdiseases and pests is carried out according tothe followingparameters: crops (apple, pear, sweet cherry, etc.);processingperiod (summer cottage calendar by the time of year);parts ofplants (leaves, buds, fruits, bark, flowers, etc.) thatdamageinsects (diseases). The scheme of protection againstdiseases scheme of protection of the garden frompests: -sorting by diseases and pests of a particular fruit crop.If you donot know what happened, for example, with an apple tree,then tickthe Apple tree in the application and filter the filterand showall pests and diseases of the apple tree from the database.Itremains for you to choose from photographs and descriptions ofthepest (disease) that damage the apple tree. PHOTOS (images) -byclicking on the photo of the disease (pest) you will go to apagewith a detailed description of the pest (disease), study thetermsand methods of treatment, download the list ofpermittedpesticides. Our application contains photos, not picturesfromtextbooks and gardening magazines. As new photos are found,theywill be added to the program. PESTICIDES - a list ofremedies(preparations) for the orchard in pdf format (pesticidesmust besearched for in the file themselves). For the convenienceoffinding the necessary preparations, it is best to download thepdffile to a computer(tablet): - “Thestate catalogof pesticides and agrochemicals allowed for use on theterritory ofthe Russian Federation”. PHENOPHASES - for theconvenience ofdetermining the processing time (spraying of trees),thephenophases of the development of different cultures aregiven.PORES OF THE YEAR - the calendar of the necessary work ofthegardener in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Wedeliberatelydo not describe what works need to be done in certainmonths due todifferent climatic conditions in different countries(regions). Inthe southern regions, the phenophases of one culturediffer fromthe northern regions (the phenophases of plantdevelopment in thenorthern regions appear later. Flowering, forexample). PLANT PARTS- sorting of diseases (pests) by theappearance of damage toleaves, buds, flowers, buds, ovaries,fruits, bark, roots. Forexample, if you see strange spots on pearleaves, selecting thefilter on the right (by ticking) oppositeLeaves and Pear, theapplication will sort all possible diseases(pests) that affectpear leaves. FRUIT TREES - the attachmentdescribes insect pestsand diseases of apple, pear, cherry, cherry,plum, cherry plum,peach and apricot. Photos and descriptions ofdiseases are updatedand updated with new data. Updating the file ofthe applicationitself is minimal. All data in the encyclopedia isupdatedautomatically and you always have up-to-date information onyourphone. INTERNET NEEDED - to view photos inside articles,studylinks with additional information on the project sitesadovniki.byWRITE TO US - if the program does not contain adescription of thedisease (pest) that you found in your garden,send your questionwith 2-3 QUALITATIVE photos to the post,indicating your country. The cost of consultationis 0 rubles.Specialists from the nursery of planting material,plant breeders,Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences of the Institute forFruit Growing;materials from books and textbooks, scientificconferences areused; data of RUE “Institute for Plant Protection”,“RepublicanInspectorate for Seed Production, Quarantine and PlantProtection”of Belarus.
Audio Frequency Counter 1.03
Frequency counter based on the microphone input. Counts whentheinput rises or falls past a set level and converts intointofrequency or a time period. FOR INDICATION ONLY. Results dependonyour device and its hardware. If you just want to knowthefrequency of a sound with harmonics (e.g. mucial instrument), aFFTbased app such as keuwlsofts spectrum analyser or guitartuner(both free) will be better. This app can provide moreaccuratefrequency measurement for single frequency input signals.Featuresinclude:Display of triggered event count and frequency ortimeperiod.Graph of input signal, 2.5 ms/div up to 640 ms/div.Gatetimeof 0.1s, 1s, 10s or 100s.Gain from x1 to x1000.Trigger on riseorfall.AC or DC coupling.Set a noise level so new event isnottriggered until the signal has first passed this level.Moredetailscan be found on the website.
SPL Meter 1.03
Sound Pressure Level Meter. This app uses the microphone todetectsound and convert it into an SPL value. FOR INDICATIONONLY.Results depend on your device and its hardware. The rangebetweenthe noise floor and saturation may be only 20 dB on theworstdevices, but could exceed 100 dB on the best devices. Featuresofthis SPL meter include: Analogue Dial with Max andMinindicators.Weighting – A, C or None . (A weighting filters thehighand low frequencies according to how the ear perceivessoundloudness). Results are in dB, dBA or dBC dependingonweighting.Averaging of SPL, Clear and Pause buttons.Octavesandthird octaves - Frequency spectrum of the sound.Graph – Showsthetime depedence of the sound.Autoscale or manual (pinch &pan)Y-Axis.Relative button – if looking for differences, tappingRELwill remove the current averaged value from thereading.Calibrateoption – If you have a calibrated SPL meter orknown loudnesssource, you can use this option to calibrate themeter. (Howeverits still for Indication Only).More technicaldetails can be foundon the website.
Science Experiments Trick Lab – Crazy School Fun 1.0.2
Yippee Gamers
Crazy engineer! It’s time to learn and reveal some basic&interesting facts about science laboratory. Be the maddesigner& decorator to perform some amazing chemistry &physics labexperiments and see the amazing chemical & otherlaboratorymaterials reactions in Science Experiments Trick Labsimulator.This crazy scientist lab experiments is a fun andlearning gameusing lab apparatus, flask & funnels for education&entertainment purpose at the same time. In this crazyscientistgame,you need to design &test some amazing sciencefacts withcool laboratory tools. Discover the mystery of scienceworld as abuilder & maker with easy and creative scientifictests inScience Experiments Trick Lab. While playing, you will beguidedstep by step to build physics & chemistry labexperiments.After completing an experiment the results andconclusions will bepresented for learning & assistance inschool projectssimulator game. In this lab engineer scientistsimulation, you willbe able to use modern tools, tubes andapparatus. Use differentmaterials such as candle, water, balloons,bulb, colors, salt, ledand electric motors for electrifying virtuallab experiments. ThisScience Experiments Trick Lab game is totallyunique game. Learningcooking in kitchen like a chef is importantbut learning science isalso very important for little boys andgirls. Are you gettingbored by playing the same kind of engineeringgames? If so, we giveyou the chance to enter into the world ofscience experimentssimulation games where you will build, performand learn tons ofamazing science experiments with differentmaterials in ScienceExperiments Trick Lab. In this science tricksgame, you will learnhow to produce rainbow in the lab, how to makea flying drone withthe help of toys, how to make toy cannon withthe help of a syringeand much more science experiments. You canalso examine howmagnetism can defy the force of gravity in thisscience game. Theaim and the conclusion of the each sciencebuilding experiment willhelp to understand the activities better.Play Science ExperimentsTrick Lab and enjoy this latest scienceschool and share yourexperience with your friends and all thefamily members. Littleboys & girls who wants to be a builderscientist in the future,this science lab simulator game is madeespecially for you to havea step by step guidance in learningawesome toy making in the highschool lab. Show your artisticcreativity in Science ExperimentsTrick Lab to create awesomehomemade toys using simple tricks &tips which can help youfurther to reach higher grades. ScienceExperiments Trick Lab Gameplay Features: - All science experimentsare really very easy toperform and understand - Lots of differentscience experiments -Simple apparatus and materials used for eachexperiment - You willget the step by step procedure to performexperiments
AsiaSat Frequency List 0.7.6
Muzaffer GÖK
+This application does not require internet connection for a listoffrequencies. +Channels; *TV And radio *SD, HD and UHD *EncryptedAndFTA *Channel themes (movies, children, music) *ChannelLanguages*Satellite Coverage (Beam) based filtering is done. +When clickingon the Channel, it shows the details. +Selectedchannels SMS, youcan send applications such as WhatsApp. +Itcategorized according toASIASAT (5, 6, 7, 9) satellite. Notes:Internet permission isrequired for ads. There are no annoyingadvertising.
Science Experiment & Tricks With Water 1.0.1
All those family who love accepting difficult tasks andchallengesGameiMake brings you a complete set of scienceexperiments withwater that you can perform at school or right athome. In thisScience Tricks with Water game we included lots ofeducationalscience experiments for you. These experiments are madeeasy tounderstand for all the toddlers by perfect animationswiththeoretical explanations which will help them to get abetterconclusion and knowledge. Let's perform some amazingscienceexperiment with water and see unique science facts that youcanperform easily. Stop The Water in The Holes: In thisexperiment,you will see that water can be stopped gushing with theuse ofholes. To perform this experiment you will require beaker,SelifanPaper, Jug, toothpick, rubber band, etc. See and learn howit canbe possible in this science experiments game. Change thecolor ofliquid: In this experiment, you will see that colour ofwaterchanges when we add different objects into the water. Seewhichobjects make the water's colour change. There are manyadditiveslike sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, ammonia, etc. LightReflection inGlass: You can do this experiment with only glass,water and paper.In this experiment, we will see the reflection oflight using aglass of water. So perform this science experiment forfamily andsee What the arrow say??? Mix Up Water and Oil: We needwater, oil,cardboard and food colour to do this experiment. Inthisexperiment, you will see what happens when water and oil mixup.Lava Lamp: With the use of a bottle, water, oil, red color,AlkaSeltzer and a torch, we can make a Lava lamp. Lava lamp looksgood,but what is the reason behind it. You will know in thisfamilyscience games. Ghost Jelly Marbles: A bowl, jelly marbles,foodcolor and a spoon are the object we require in thisexperiment.Jelly Marbles are ghost. How?? Let's find out in thisscience withwater game. Make Machine of Extract Water: Take abottle, take twobeakers then take some water for extracting. Make amachine forwater extractor and then you'll see the extracting ofwater. It isso simple to play water experiment game. Purify Water:In thisfamily science experiment, we will see that water can bepurifiedby simple things. You need just water, two basins and acottontowel. That's it you can make your water purifier. Suck OfWater:In this experiment, you will see that water is transferringfromone bottle to another one. How is this happening? With the onlyuseof a cotton? Let's find out the reason. Floating Objects: Inthisexperiment, you will need three different liquids andthreedifferent objects. You will see different objects floatingindifferent liquids. How is it happening?? Let's find it.MakeRainbow: You want to make a rainbow by yourself. Playthisexperiment and then make it real. You will need a torch,water,mirror and a stage. Enjoy the rainbow. Wave Travelling inWater:All the waves show different effect in different medium. Takeaglass fill some water in it then make sound, fill some morewaterand make sound and lastly fill the glass full and make sound.Youwill see the difference. => Heyy Geniuses!! Play thisamazingwater science experiment game and be surprised by the magicofwater. So be the scientists and perform all themagicalexperiments.
Anti Mosquito Simulator Joke 1.0
Anti Mosquito Simulator JokeTired of insects mosquitoes,flies,mosquitoes, and other? Including applications withultrasound.Configuring different power depending on the number ofinsectsaround. Use in any place, at home, in the countryside,outdoors onthe street free of charge and without an internetconnection!Attention! This is a game simulator joke, it was createdfor funand jokes and does not bear any harm to people.Thank you forusingour app, leave your feedback and we will do even better!