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Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards
Quizlet Inc.
Quizlet is the easiest way to practice and master whatyou’relearning. Create your own flashcards and study sets or choosefrommillions created by other students — it’s up to you. More than50million students study with Quizlet each month because it’stheleading education and flashcard app that makes studyinglanguages,history, vocab and science simple and effective. And it'sfree!With Quizlet you can: - Get test-day ready with Learn - Putyourmemory to the test with Write - Race against the clock in agame ofMatch - Share flashcards with classmates (if you're astudent) oryour students (if you're a teacher) - Listen to yourmaterialpronounced correctly in 18 languages - Enhance yourstudying withcustom images and audio Whether you're doingstandardized test prepfor big exams like the SAT or ACT, studyingfor an upcoming midtermor test in school or learning new concepts,Quizlet’s learning appcan help you learn with confidence. Use theQuizlet learning appfor any subject, including vocabulary, biology,chemistry, socialstudies, AP, GRE and more. Learn foreign languagesmore effectivelywith study modes that allow you to memorizevocabulary, learnpronunciation and test yourself in more than 18foreign languages,including Spanish, French, German and Chinese.Upgrade to QuizletGo to unlock ad-free studying, Night Theme andoffline access orget Quizlet Plus for all that AND image uploading,an unlimitednumber of classes and even more premium features on theQuizletwebsite. Quizlet Plus is available free for 7 days, so it’seasy totry before you buy to make sure it helps you pass your test,finishyour homework, speed through a problem set or learn newvocabulary.We love feedback! Please email us or findus on Twitter or Instagram @quizlet.If you enjoy the app, pleaseleave a review. It means a lot! *TheFine Print: Quizlet Plus andQuizlet Go subscriptions will becharged to your credit cardthrough your Google account. Yoursubscription will renewautomatically unless cancelled at least 24hours before the end ofthe current period. Subscriptioncancellations will take effectfollowing the current active year.You can manage your subscriptionin the Google Play Store.
GRE Flashcards 3.4.1
Master the 1000 most important GRE words with our highly ratedfreeflashcards for your Android phone. Practice every day toimproveyour vocab knowledge. Study to rectify your benightednessandprepare to trounce the verbal section! ☞ 1000 vocab words pickedbyan expert GRE tutor ☞ Definitions and example sentences foreveryword ☞ Decks for every difficulty level ☞ Track your progressasyou study ☞ Smart algorithm focuses your practice forefficientlearning This app gives you free access to all ofMagoosh’s GREflash cards. Sign in with a Magoosh account (or createa new one)to save your progress to the web. Written by GRE expertsThe entireGRE wordlist is selected and defined with usage examplesbyMagoosh’s expert tutors, led by Chris Lele. He has beenteachingthe GRE for more than 10 years, runs a popular vocabularyseries onYouTube and he’s also written an eBook on vocabulary. Heisunbeatable in Scrabble, or any other word game for thatmatter.Review that really sticks Academic research has found thatmemoriesare formed by repeated exposure to new information, soMagoosh’sflashcard app uses a spaced repetition system. Words youarelearning will reappear frequently (occurring less frequentlythebetter you know them) and words you already know won’t berepeated.The word list is also culled to only 1000 so that youdon't wastetime learning unimportant words. About Magoosh We're anonline testprep company with a focus on teaching the GRE throughvideos andpersonalized customer support. In addition to our onlinecourse, weblog about GRE words, roots, formulas, grammar, problemsolving,quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension alongwith studyguides and study tips. More GRE study tools Search theapp storefor "magoosh gre" to continue your prep for the RevisedGRE Examwith Magoosh’s video lessons app. Learn all the math,verbal, andwriting you need to know for the test! When you’re readytopractice for the full Revised GRE exam, Magoosh’s website hasmorethan 700 excellent math and verbal practice questions, eachwithits own detailed video explanation. After each quiz, you canreviewyour answers to see your strengths and weaknesses. Haveanyquestions? Please ask! Customer satisfaction isincrediblyimportant to us. If you have any questions or comments,please sendus an email at Don’t wait until thelast minuteto start studying, start memorizing GRE words today! Flashcards 1.6.5
Cram, LLC.
Bring all the flashcard features you know and love about Cram.comtoyour Android phone or tablet. When you log into yourCram.comaccount the app automatically downloads your accountinformationincluding: your created flashcard sets, your favoriteflashcardsets and the flashcard sets you study most frequently. Whyyou’lllove this flashcard app: ■ Completely free and easy to use ■Syncswith your account ■ Accesses all 75,000,000+flashcards ■ Works online and offline; when you’re readyto studyyour flashcards, so is the app ■ Supports two study modes:Cardmode and Memorize mode ■ Create/Edit flashcards within theappAbout the study modes: Card mode allows you to quickly viewanentire set of flashcards and repeat them as often as youlike.Memorize mode automatically hides flashcards you know so youcanconcentrate on the ones you still need to learn. You canevenenable the cram option to supercharge your studying withspacedrepetition similar to the Leitner system! Get the gradesyouthought were impossible. Start studying for your next test official mobile flashcard app today!
com.arraydigital.navybmr 1.1.2
For Loop LLC
Over 80,000 questions in your pocket. Getting started studyingwithspaced repetition is easy! Select your rate then select a topicandchapter. Visit and create anaccount.You'll be able to study using: * Flashcards * Quizzes *StudyGuides * Audio Guides * Games * Practice Tests *ReferencesStudying has never been so easy or convenient! We have gone through your bibs page by page toseparatethe facts from the fluff to create a fun and effective wayto studyanytime, anywhere... and it’s free until April 1st 2019.
Medical FlashNotes 1.2.5
Robert Goulden
Medical FlashNotes is a clinical medicine reference andstudyingtool for students and residents, covering medicine,surgery,paediatrics, psychiatry, and obs & gynae. It is idealforquickly looking up a condition on the wards, or studying forexams.Browse or use the quick autocomplete search to accessconcisereviews of thousands of conditions, presentations, anddrugs, withthe ability to turn anything you read into a flashcardby swipingit. These are then stored in your custom flashcard stackto reviewlater. Alternatively, the random flashcard mode allows youto quizyourself using >5000 flashcards. All the app data isstoredoffline - so there's no need to rely on wifi or a mobilesignal -with a small file size of <10 MB. The app is afree,non-commercial piece of FOAM (Free Open Access toMedicaleducation).
GRE Prep & Practice by Magoosh 5.5.3
Millions of students have studied with Magoosh GRE. Magoosh'sGREtest prep including expert-crafted GRE schedules, GREpracticequestions and a complete guided GRE prep course. With thisapp, youcan bring all of Magoosh's expert content with you on thego as youprepare for graduate school. Magoosh GRE Test PrepOverview =====GRE Practice Questions • Verbal practice and Mathpracticequestions • Review Text and Video Explanations • 40 GREsamplequestions for Trial • 1000+ GRE practice questions forPremiumComplete GRE Prep Course • Track your progress as you studyGREVerbal, Math & Writing • 70 video lessons for Trial withGREsample questions explained • 200+ video lessons for Premium,alsowith GRE sample questions explained GRE Schedule &StudyResources • Select Your GRE Schedule • Read Top Articles onhow toprepare for Graduate School • Get access to GRE test prepexpertsGRE Test Prep in Your Pocket ===== This app includes freeGREpractice questions and video lessons from the complete MagooshGREPrep Course. It also includes detailed GRE schedules, GRE testprepstrategies and helpful tips on how to plan to take the GREexam.Magoosh GRE Prep & Practice covers all of the verbal, mathandwriting topics, that you need to know to improve your score onthethe exam and get into the graduate school program you want. Youcanstudy GRE best practices and review your GRE schedule while youareon the go, with or without WiFi. To access GRE questions andsampleGRE lessons, you will need WiFi or data. The GRE Prep Course=====The Magoosh GRE Prep Course has three sections: Math, VerbalandWriting. There are 70 free Math, Verbal and Writingtutorials.There are also 40 free GRE sample questions for Math andVerbal.With the premium GRE Prep Course, you will have access toover 1000GRE practice questions and 200 videos explaining every GREconceptand breaking down GRE sample questions. To get the most fromtheGRE Prep & Practice app, you should start with a fewGREpractice questions to learn about their strengths andweaknesses.You should always read and/or watch the videoexplanations for eachanswer, even if you got the question right.They will give you tips& tricks for approach GRE questions morestrategically. Next,fill in your knowledge gaps by watchingrelevant video lessons.Then, go back and do more GRE practiceproblems to solidify whatyou have just learned. The GRE Prep Courseis designed so that youcan study GRE concepts at your own pace andlevel. It has helpedover a 100,000 GRE students improve theirscores on the ETSofficial GRE exam. About Magoosh ===== Magoosh isan industryleader in test prep. We offer many full prep courses onour websiteincluding for the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT and ACT. We alsohave otherfree apps to study GRE including: Vocabulary Builder,EnglishGrammar, Calculus Lessons, GMAT Math Flashcards, whichinclude GREmath too. Have any questions? Please ask! ===== Studenthappinessis incredibly important to us. If you have any questionsorcomments, please send us an email at orcall1-855-MAGOOSH. You can also message us directly from the app.Happystudying!
English Vocabulary Builder for GRE® & all exams 0.7.8
⏩ With a 4.8 rating from thousands of learners (woohoo!)theGalvanize English Vocabulary Builder app continues tohelpcountless students improve vocabulary in NO TIME. Want to benext?⏪ The English Vocabulary Builder app from Galvanize Test Prepis aunique learning tool: why study a long and boring list ofEnglishwords when you can experience a gamified vocabulary journey- onethat is bound to be thoughtful, exciting and fun! WARNING:Somestudents actually found this Vocabulary app to be addictive.Try itand let us know how you feel :-) 5 reasons why everyone is sodamncrazy about our vocab app: ★ Fun and easy way to learn: “Earn”gamecurrency whenever you master words. The more game-money youmake,the better. This is a fun way to learn new Vocab words andbuildyour GRE vocabulary. ★ Confidence booster: Gain confidence asthewords on the vocab app increase in difficulty. Have funwithflashcards by implementing these English words into yourday-to-dayvocabulary! ★ Addictive: With a pictorialrepresentationaccompanying words, examples of the words as used insentences andmany other features you’ll soon be addicted to thisvocab builderapp. ★ Prep for all Tests: This app is the perfect aidto preparefor any competitive exam that include verbal sectionslike theGRE®, SAT®, GMAT®, CAT®, UPSC®, SSC®, IBPS®, Bank PO, BankClerk,MAT®, MBA, IAS®, NDA, AFCAT®, TOEFL®, IELTS®, ESL and allothercampus recruitment tests, placement exams, aptitudetests,standardized tests, and competitive exams. ★ Best experienceever:With a simple-to-use interface, you’ll feel like never leavingthisapp. And another bunch of cool features you'll go head overheelsfor: ★ Save time by studying only words you don't already know★1800 must-know GRE words to improve English Vocabulary★Context-based word learning with real-life and fictitiousexamples★ Understand the Nuances of wordlist - something veryimportant forGRE® English ★ Long term retention with pictures andflashcards. ★Learn complex GRE®, SAT®, GMAT®, TOEFL®, IELTS® wordswith crystalclear definitions ★ Get examples of the common wordsused insentences ★ Learn advanced synonyms and antonyms, etymologyandperfect pronunciation ★ Bookmark difficult words and themostconfusing GRE® words to refer to easily anytime ★ Get insightsintoyour vocabulary skill-level ★ Get notified as to how quicklyyou’relearning with this wordbot app ★ Test your grasp overthevocabulary you learned newly ★ With the flashcards on thisGREvocab app, it is easy to build your GRE vocabulary ★ The bestpartis that this wordbot app WORKS OFFLINE! About Galvanize TestPrep:At Galvanize Test Prep, we focus on delivering the world’sbestlearning solutions for Standardized tests like GRE®, TOEFL®,andCompetitive exams, as well as Global AdmissionsCounselling.Thousands of students from 190+ countries, each withtheir ownunique story. Our free Android apps for English Vocabulary(4.8/5stars), GRE® Prep (4.7/5 stars) & SAT Prep (4.7/5 stars)arethe highest rated worldwide in their respective categories.Anyquestions? Please email us at if you haveanyquestions or concerns. Note: 1) For Android versions 4.1 - 4.4,theapp download size is around 25 MB. 2) To motivate users tolearnEnglish vocabulary words, the app awards points in the formofdollars ($). However, this is just play money, i.e., there isnoreal monetary value for any "money" earned in this vocabgame!Disclaimer: GRE®, TOEFL®, IELTS® are registered trademarks oftheEducational Testing Service (ETS). GMAT® is a registeredtrademarkof the GMAC. SAT® is a registered trademark of The CollegeBoard.ETS, GMAC and College Board do not endorse, nor areaffiliated inany way with this application.
FreezingBlue Flashcards
Create your flashcards and carry them around in convenientdigitalformat. Perfect for studying on the go! SHARE your flashcards andstudy with friends! Please visithttp://flashcards.freezingblue.comfor screenshots, tutorials, andmore.
Chegg Study - Homework Help
Chegg, Inc.
Stuck on a difficult homework problem? Studying for a testorgetting prepped for a final exam? Get real help, real fast withtheChegg Study® app. The homework help used by millions ofstudentslet’s you: • Conquer your homework Tap into our massivelibrary ofmillions of fully explained step-by-step TextbookSolutions. Wecover subjects as diverse as math, business, physics,engineering,chemistry & more. Get homework help for over 80subjects, &hundreds of courses. Chegg Study has you covered foryour toughestclasses and assignments. • Get expert help 24/7 Snap aquickpicture of any homework question, and submit it to ourCheggexperts to get help. You’ll get a detailed answer back in aslittleas 30 minutes*. • Find the answers you need now The rightanswer,right away. Search our library of over 26 million fullysolvedhomework questions. We’ll show you step-by-step how to solvethem.• Learn with guided video explanations New! View videowalkthroughsfor thousands of problems. Watch video explanations forsome of themost popular problems on Chegg Study** From Business,Accounting,Chemistry, and Calculus, the Chegg Study app will helpyou learnhow to solve tough homework questions. Why Chegg Study isthe bestway to study See what our students say when they leave5-starreviews: This is one of the best apps I’ve ever used forhomework…it gives you direct answers this is awesome!!!! Best aidever. Ireally like having this as a way to check the process of mywork.If I go about it incorrectly or make a mistake, Chegg is heretoguide me in the right direction. Best app for learning Thefineprint: * Expert’s response time varies by question andsubjects.Our average response time is 46 mins. ** Available forselectproblems Chegg Study subscriptions will be charged to yourcreditcard through your Google Play account. Subscriptionautomaticallyrenews unless auto-renew is turned off at least24-hours before theend of the current period. Account will becharged for renewalwithin 24-hours prior to the end of the currentperiod, andidentify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may bemanaged bythe user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going tothe user’sAccount Settings after purchase. For bug reports orgeneralfeedback, email us to ortweet@Chegg #Androidapp Privacy Policy- Terms of Use-
Canvas Student 6.6.6
Access your Canvas courses on the go with the Canvas Studentmobileapp! From any device, students can now: • View grades andcoursecontent • Submit assignments • Keep track of course work withto dolist and calendar • Send and receive messages • Post todiscussions• Watch videos • Take quizzes • Receive pushnotifications for newgrades and course updates, and much more!
com.magoosh.ielts.flashcards.vocabulary 3.4.2
Prep for the IELTS exam with Magoosh! Learn the 600 mostimportantIELTS English vocabulary words with our easy to useflashcards andmaster your vocab with full definitions, examplesentences andmore! Best of all, you can study using our flashcardsforfree!----------------------------------------------------------------MASTERYOUR IELTS VOCAB - STUDY WITHMAGOOSH-----------------------------------------------------------------Practice & learn 600 English vocab words picked by anexpertIELTS exam tutor - Complete definitions & examplesentences foreach word - Decks of flashcards for multipledifficulty levels;easy, intermediate and advanced - Track yourprogress, identifyyour strengths and areas for improvement - Smartalgorithmoptimizes the flashcards for accelerated learning &optimizedstudy - FREE access to all of the flashcards, just sign into yourMagoosh account! WRTTEN BY EXPERT IELTS TUTORS Everyword,definition, and example sentence in this app has beenselected,written and triple checked by our team of expert tutorsled by ledby Eliot Friesen, Lucas Fink, and Chris Lele. Eliot isthe IELTSCurriculum Manager at Magoosh and has successfullycoachedcollege-level ESL students for years. Lucas has written aneBook onTOEFL preparation and has a hugely popular YouTube seriesonEnglish vocabulary. Chris is a vocabulary master and hashelpedstudents of all backgrounds improve their language skills andtestscores. Now they’re here to help you! LEARN FASTER. LEARNSMARTER.Magoosh uses spaced repetition to make your learningsessions asstreamlined as possible! Academic studies and tests haveshown thatspaced repetition is shown to significantly increaselearningefficiency and information retention. Words and definitionsyou’relearning will reappear on flashcards to help you learn themfaster,appearing less and less frequently as you know them better.OurIELTS prep flashcards contain the 600 most important Englishvocabwords you should learn to ace the IELTS test, making sure youdon’twaste your time learning unimportant vocabulary. ABOUTMAGOOSHWe’re an online test preparation service with a passionforteaching English through video lessons and practice questions.Inaddition to our apps and courses, you can check out our activeblogfor even more IELTS tips, study guides, strategies, andotheruseful learning resources. Visit ourwebsite: GET IN TOUCH WITH US We’realwaysstriving to make our services as beneficial to you aspossible! Ifyou have any feedback, suggestions for new features oryou justwant to drop in and say hi, send us an email FOR FREE & START MASTERING YOUR IELTSVOCABULARY TODAY
Tinycards by Duolingo: Fun & Free Flashcards 1.0
Introducing a fun, new way to prepare for tests andmemorizevocabulary! Tinycards is a flashcards app made by the teambehindDuolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world.Preparefor tests effectively Tinycards uses spaced repetition andothersmart learning techniques to help you remember new material.Timeto ace your next quiz! Choose from thousands of topics or makeyourown decks. Create your own decks and share them with friends,orpick from a variety of ready-made collections. You’llfindflashcards for biology, chemistry, geography, history,language,and more! Tinycards. Big fun. Learn almost anythingwithdelightful, animated flashcards. Have fun unlocking new levelsandkeeping your memory strength bar full while you learn.Memorizeanything quickly. Tinycards uses spaced repetition andother smartlearning techniques to help you remember new material.Simple andfree. Easy to use, 100% free. Flashcards for Duolingovocabulary.Love Duolingo? Review the words you’ve learned withDuolingo courseflashcards!
PROmote - Army Study Guide 4.5
THE ESTABLISHED "GO TO" ARMY BOARD PREPARATION APP! BEFORE YOUBUYANOTHER BOARD STUDY APP ASK YOURSELF: 1. Does it offer over3,400questions? You don't have to study all 3,400+ questions buttheyare there for you if you want to. Our app contains thousandsmorethan some other apps. 2. CAN YOU GRADE YOURSELF? Seriously!Manyboard apps don't even allow you to grade yourself. You can'tlookat your test scores for each subject because they don't evenkeepscore. 3. Does it have an advanced learn engine thattracksquestions seen/unseen, answered correctly/incorrectly, andthendynamically creates your tests accordingly? 4. Does it provideBOTHa casual study mode AND a test mode? 5. Are you able to SEEyourstudy and test PROGRESS for ALL lessons at a MERE GLANCE? 6.Canyou customize your tests with adjustable question countsandsubjects? This is a comprehensive guide addressing the commonArmypromotion board topics-over 40 subjects. Information wastakendirectly from Army regulations, Army doctrinereferencepublications (ADRPs), Army doctrine publications (ADPs),fieldmanuals, technical manuals, training circulars, and pamphlets.Allthe study material is in question/ answer/ flashcardformat.Hyperlinks are used in the larger sections to helpbetterfacilitate the blocks of information. In addition, to helpsupportsome of the question/answers, notes are provided throughoutalongwith Helpful Hints to aid in memory recall. DEVICECOMPATIBILITY:If you are having problems with this app, pleasecontact us This app WILL RUN ON ANYDEVICE the Marketallows it to be installed on. There are many otherfactors that canaffect this app such as available memory, how manyapps are runningin the background, or even use of task killingapps. All we ask isthat you give us a chance to identify is not affiliated with the US Army. Wesimplysupport soldiers every way we can. keywords: army promotionboardstudy guide soldier of the month nco of the month sgt moralesaudimurphy
T-6B Study Guide 2.2.3
CONTENT: • Emergency Procedures • Operating Limits • NATOPS Brief•EICAS Videos • Contact Maneuvers • Aerobatic Maneuvers •InstrumentManeuvers • Forms Brief • Downloadable PDF PublicationsSTUDY TOOLS• Flash cards broken down by category • Reveal mode forstudyingprocedures CALCULATORS: • Temperature Conversion Tool •DistanceConversion Tool • Crosswind Calculator This app is NOTendorsed bythe US Government or any of its departments or agencies.T6 T6b t6aTexan II Beechcraft 2 Marines Flight School Aviationpilot planejet study guide.
Flashcards App - Create, Study, Learn 2.8.1
Edward Grude
The Flashcards App is a powerful tool to build your vocabulary ortomemorize and study anything. You can not only createquestion-answerflashcards, but also flashcards with pictures andeven multiplechoice flashcards. It's also very easy to share yourflashcards withyour classmates, fellow students and friends. Thisis especiallyinteresting if you are a teacher who wants to shareflashcards withyour students. And of course you can also send yourflashcards fromyour mobile phone to your tablet and vice versa.The app can alsoread out your flashcards in other languages. Thatmakes learning newlanguages like Spanish, French, German orChinese much easier. Otherfeatures include question and answerswapping, shuffled flashcardsand answers, a countdown function,different learning modes and easydrag-and-drop sorting of yourflashcards. You can even format thetext of your flashcards tohighlight important words or phrases. Thefollowing styles areavailable for that: Bold, italic, underlined,strikethrough andtext color. Detailed evaluations of your successand learningprogress will also help you achieve your learninggoals. There isalso a backup feature that let's you upload yourflashcards to ournew platform for free. That way yourflashcards aresecured even if you ever should loose your phone.From elementaryschool to high school, whether for your high schooldiploma orsimply for your homework: the Flashcards app prepares youandsupports you on your way to better grades. ---------- Youcancreate up to 50 flashcards with the free version of the app.Otherthan that there are no limitations. If more flashcards areneededyou can unlock the Pro version for a small one-time-paymentfromwithin the app. After that you can create an unlimited numberofflashcards. ---------- If you have suggestions forimprovement,please let me know so that I can work on updates. Youcan send mean email for this purpose ( Moreinformationand pictures can be found at
Kids flashcard game 3.1
Genius Games
Application created for preschool kids to learn English words.itcontains: -Alphabet learning. -Numbers -Shapes -Color-Animals-Fruits Flash card Game : -Added games of imagerecognition. -Flashcard are provided as per selection. -Select newgame and play.-Change the type with settingbutton.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ABOUTUS : Our aim to provide Educational apps for kids. We arecreatingsimple application to Preschool toddler. We always try togive goodApp to easy learning. We are in continuous progress inapp creationwith learning, innovation and implementation. inaddition to makingnew application, we are still making improvementin our existingapplications.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ImportantNote for Parents:- - With internet connection on, thisapp maydisplay third party Advertisements or social networkingwebsiteslinks. Please provide your suggestion and feedback forthis app.
Pharmacology Flashcards 1.6
This app contain pharmacoloy flashcards for quick studyfromdifferent topics which include cardiovascular system,respiratorysystem, antineoplastic etc.
Oracle SQL Certification (1Z0-071) Flashcards 3.0
Over 450 practice questions to help you study for the OracleSQLDeveloper 1Z0-017 Certification Exam.
IELTS® Test Pro 2020 1.1.9
Estudyme Studio
With IELTS® Test Pro, you can study for FREE with ourquestions,practice tests, flashcards, and score reports withdetailedanalytics. Best of all, you can access these featuresanywhere andanytime when you download our app. This app helps youlearn thecritical concepts tested on the IELTS® Test Pro withdetailedflashcards and practice questions. As you practicequestions onIELTS® Test Pro, the app tracks your performance andhighlightsyour test strengths and weaknesses, helping you zero inon what youneed to study in order to boost your IELTS® test score.MajorFeatures: - Practice with 3,000+ questions written by experttutorswhich cover all sections of the International EnglishLanguageTesting System exam: Grammar, Vocabulary. Listeningsection,Reading section, Writing section, Speaking section. - Gethighscore in IELTS® exam, it focuses on preparing the bestbackgroundfor users. - Track your strengths and weaknesses with ourin-appanalytics - Detailed statistics of your progress for everyquestion- Daily review calendar based on your study - Supportoffline mode.- Support text to speech - Support dictionary IELTS®is aregistered trademark of University of Cambridge ESOL, theBritishCouncil, and IDP Education Australia. This app is notaffiliated,approved or endorsed by the University of CambridgeESOL, theBritish Council, and IDP Education Australia.
Discover #GrowWithGera v12.5.1-2025a45da
Discover is a mobile platform for GDPL employees to undertakeshortand crisp learning sessions online. These programs willenableemployees to stay abreast with the latest happenings,events,learnings while undertaking multiple quizzes and tests.
NKBA Certification Flashcards 5.1
Newly updated! If you’re studying for your NKBA certificationexams,this app is for you! This app contains over 1,300 flashcardsto helpyou study for NKBA certification exams (AKBD, CKD, CBD,CKE, CBE).Based on the NKBA Professional Resource Library, SecondEdition,including two brand new volumes. Easily study for NKBAcertificationon your smartphone or tablet. Also a great study toolfor studentspreparing to enter the kitchen and bath industry.
WordTalk - english word study 4.6.3
Is a very good application for Koreans studying English.OrlearnKorean are also available. ■ Key Features -English-KoreanDictionary - FlashCard - Wordbook Import, Export
Super Flashcards, Learn words 3.7
Super Flashcards lets you learn languages very efficientlybyshowing them just before you would forget.Theapplication'sfeatures allow for maximum studying efficiency withminimal timeinvestment.Learn German, English or any other languageswheneveryou want.Create your own flashcards or download free deckscompiledfor many topics. ★ APP FEATURES- Track your progress as youstudy-Enhance your studying with images and audio (Text tospeech)-Create your own flashcards and share with others- Use amultiplechoice Quiz- Use a scrabble Quiz- Use hangman game tomoreeffectively learning- Test your pronunciation- Add widget tolearnthe hardest word every time when you unlock your phone- Carmode-Cloud synchronization- Manage your flashcards Whiteboard- Memory game
APT Study 1.2-rc
APT Learning
It's a learning platform which fulfills the needs of studentinterms of quality content, systematic and result orientedapproachcovering wide range of courses from competitive &professionalcourses to school level. It will give a fresh & newlearningexperience.
Flashcards - study effectively 3.3
Rolandos Flashcards – study effectively • simple and modern design•create, modify, organize and study stacks of cards – directlyinRolandos Flashcards • automatically saved progress • shareyourstacks with friends for free • create stacks on yourdesktopcomputer • no ads Learning languages made easy Learnlanguages bycreating digital flashcards. Stacks of cards arecreated andstudied directly in Rolandos Flashcards. Organize yourstacks withkeywords to find them faster. The exercises are storedin thebuilt-in card box. Effective - study on your way, whereveryou areRolandos Flashcards works without internet connection,thereforeyou are able to study everywhere at any time. Due to theeffectiveinterrogation mode and the simple navigation you stayfocused.Within a few seconds ready Rolandos Flashcards is efficientandfast - study while you are attending the bus or before you goout.Share stacks with your friends Share your stacks with friendsforfree. No charges, no advertisements – no distractionEducationshould be open to everyone, that's why we offer youRolandosFlashcards for free. Study without publicity and focus onyourobjectives. Digital flashcards – no more, no less We areactivelyworking on improvements and new features - let us know yourwishes!We appreciate your feedback. Privacy We are interested inyou andyour experience with Rolandos Flashcards - and not in yourdata. Wedon't collect personal data ( We're looking forward to having youjoinus. Rolandos
TOEFL Test Pro 2018 1.0.4
Estudyme Studio
With TOEFL Test Pro, you can study for FREE with ourquestions,practice tests, flashcards, and score reports withdetailedanalytics. Best of all, you can access these featuresanywhere andanytime when you download our app.This app helps youlearn thecritical concepts tested on the TOEFL Test Pro withdetailedflashcards and practice questions. As you practicequestions onTOEFL Test Pro, the app tracks your performance andhighlights yourtest strengths and weaknesses, helping you zero inon what you needto study in order to boost your TOEFL testscore.Major Features:-Practice with 3,000+ questions written byexpert tutors which coverall sections of the Test of English as aForeign Language exam:Listening section, Reading section; Writingsection; Speakingsection,- Get high score in TOEFL exam, it focuseson preparing thebest background for users. - Track your strengthsand weaknesseswith our in-app analytics- Detailed statistics ofyour progress forevery question- Daily review calendar based onyour study- Supportoffline mode.- Support text to speechTag: TOEFLReading, TOEFLListening, TOEFL Speaking, TOEFL Writing, TOEFL Test,TOEFL fullTest, practise TOEFL, practice TOEFL, TOEFL full Test,improveEnglish skills, TOEFL Trick, TOEFL offline, TOEFL online,onthiTOEFL, thi thu TOEFL, thi TOEFL, TOEFL vocabulary, luyen thiTOEFL,tu vung TOEFL,....
Japanese Kanji Study - 漢字学習
Chase Colburn
Kanji Study is my ongoing project that tries to be a helpfulandeasy-to-use tool for learning Japanese kanji. Studywithflashcards, customizable quizzes and writing challenges. Eachkanjihas detailed information and many examples. The app providesapowerful search tool for looking up kanji by radicals, strokecountand more. You can also make custom sets to match yourtextbooks orfocus on the kanji you struggle with the most. The appis NOTentirely free; however, the free version has no ads andoffersunlimited study for hiragana, katakana, radicals andbeginnerkanji. Kanji search and ranking features are alsocompletelyunrestricted. The one-time upgrade unlocks the remainingkanjistudy groups and allows you to create your own custom sets. Italsosupports the continued development of this project. MainFeatures ★Quick kanji lookup • Search over 6000 kanji usingreadings,radicals, stroke counts, levels and more all in one textfield. •Combine any number of radicals and see them highlighted intheresults. • Add search results to a custom group to, forexample,study multiple grade levels. ★ Detailed kanji info • Viewanimatedstrokes, readings and meanings as well as your study timeand quizstats. • See a breakdown of the radicals found within eachkanji. •Check out example words (grouped by the kanji readings),sentencesand names. • Customize to hide meanings, collapsesections, showromaji and more. • Explore the kanji used within eachof theexamples and use the breadcrumbs to navigate back. ★Flashcardstudy • Drill characters in manageable sized sets. • Viewstrokeanimations and toggle the visibility of readings andassociatedmeanings. • Tap a reading to show a list of example wordsthat usethat reading. • Swipe to quickly launch writing practiceand viewadditional information. • Assign study ratings which allowsyou tofilter kanji as you learn them. ★ Multi-choice quizzes •Customizequizzes to show either readings, associated meanings,example wordsor sentences. • Example words can be selected fromJLPT and commonvocab, as well as your favorited examples. • Quiztimer anddistractors adapt based on previous quiz results. •Furthercustomize with options to repeat wrong answers, remove thetimer,pause after answering and more. ★ Writing challenges •Improve yourkanji recognition by challenging yourself to recall anddraw thecharacters. • Learn the correct stroke order using thefinely-tunedstroke detection algorithm. • Strokes will snap intoplace whencorrectly drawn and hints will appear if you arestruggling. • Usethe self-check mode to compare your drawingattempts with thecorrect answer. Additional Features ★ Study kanjigrouped by JLPTlevels, Jouyou grades or Kanji Kentei levels. ★ Sendcustom studyreminders when you haven't studied. ★ Read Japanesetext withtext-to-speech audio support. ★ Add shortcuts to your homescreento study a particular set. ★ Use the rankings screen to makecustomsets based on study stats. ★ Favorite kanji, radicals andexamplesfor referencing later. ★ Save progress using Google Driveor localstorage. ★ Customize MANY additional settings. Permissions- In-appPurchase (purchase upgrade) - External Drive (store backupfiles) -Install Shortcuts (add home screen shortcuts) - Run atstartup(reschedule notifications) - Full network access (sendanalytics)Translations There is a volunteer translation project forthe appinterface and content. If you would like to help, pleasesend me anemail!
Universal Tutorials 1.5
Study Field
Mobile App for Students & Parents of Universal Tutorials
Texas Real Estate Flashcards 3.0.0
Texas Real Estate Exam Flashcards (National and State) make iteasyfor you to study for and PASS the State Real Estate Exam.·Designed to improve your powers of recall · Organized by topicforeasy use · Study anywhere, anytime · Use in conjunction withourExam Prep course · Increase your ability to pass the exam
Flashcards ToGo CardsPackGold 1.1
Oliver Nölle
This app extends the capacity of cards for the free"FlashcardsToGo" application to an unlimited number of cards.★★★Note: Doesnot install as a separate application, just extends thecardcapacity of the free Flashcards ToGo application(without"Flashcards ToGo" installed, buying this app does not makesense)★★★
EPPP Flash Cards 1.3
*Rated 1 of the 15 best psychology apps!*Updated with DSM-5 information!!Recentemail from a new user: "Ifeel like I was cheated by[large/expensive EPPP study materialscompany]. I spent $1500 andstudied for 6 months, only to miss apassing score by a few points.Two of my friends used only yourStudyPsych flash cards, which wasway cheaper, and both passed inthe 80% range. Time for me tofollow their lead!" Offering the mostcomprehensive mobilepsychology study materials, StudyPsych’s EPPPFlash Cards consistof over 2,500 flash cards delineated by all ofthe content areascovered on the EPPP: 01. Ethics and ProfessionalIssues 02.Diagnosis & Psychopathology 03. Clinical Psychology04.Learning Theory and Behaviorism 05.Industrial/OrganizationalPsychology 06. Lifespan DevelopmentalPsychology 07.Neuropsychology & Psychopharmacology 08. ResearchDesign andStatistics 09. Test Construction and Interpretation 10.SocialPsychology 11. Intellectual Assessment 12. CommunityPsychologyPlus 1,000 Practice Test Questions The StudyPsych flashcards weredesigned by a licensed psychologist who has helped manypass theEPPP, comprehensive exams, and other psychology tests thefirsttime. To make studying both easy and effective, users areprovidedwith multiple useful study options, including: - Two smartstudymodes that automatically focus more on the cards youmiss:Short-term Goal (Leitner) and a more advanced SpacedRepetitionmode - 3 response levels to indicate whether you don'tknow atopic, know the basics of a topic, or know a topic well.-Incredible support! I respond to all questions and feedback assoonas possible. Email me anytime for support:marshall@studypsych.netWith these flash cards, containinginformation similar to thatfound in other much more expensive studymaterials, you will bewell on your way to passing the EPPP thefirst time! Contact **FAQ** QUESTION1: Is the app contentupdated annually? ANSWER 1: We actually updatethe app’s contentmore than annually. However, it would be difficultto notice anysignificant changes, primarily because not much isadded each year.In fact, all the “big guys” only say they updatetheir materialannually as a sales gimmick. Don’t take my word forit? Compare2004 study books (usually free at your school library)to the mostrecent books and you’ll notice the information is nearlyan exactmatch. QUESTION 2: Why does this app cost more than otherEPPPapps? ANSWER 2: A lot of time and effort was put into makingthisapp, from condensing the most “need-to-know” information tolinkingthe cards to websites. Also, ours is the most comprehensivemobileEPPP app, addressing every content area covered on the actualexam.The amount, quality, and presentation of the content in theothersapps pale in comparison. QUESTION 3: Is this app all I needto passthe EPPP the first time? ANSWER 3: While we areuncomfortablemaking such assertions, many users who passed the examhavecontacted us to tell us our app is all they used to study. Withtheoption to retrieve more information about a particulartopicprovided on most cards, there really is no need to purchaseotherstudy materials! Rather, we recommend concerned users gettheirhands on an old (free) set of study books and use themalongsideour app.
MVN Sector 88 1.1.2
MVN School
Mobile Application for student studying in MVN Sector 88
PowerSchool Mobile 2.3.0
PowerSchool is the fastest growing, most widely usedstudentinformation system, serving tens of millions of studentsacross theglobe. PowerSchool Mobile improves parent engagement andstudentaccountability with easy, instant access to real-timeattendance,assignments, scores, grades, and more! Parents orguardians withmultiple students can align all students to a singleaccount,eliminating the need to remember different login accountsandpasswords to view student details! Use PowerSchool Mobile to:•Customize the dashboard view to gather your importantinformationin one location • Monitor changes to grades andattendance withpush notifications • Register to receive emailalerts for grades,attendance, or assignments • See real-timeupdates of grades andattendance • View assignment details • Reviewteacher comments •Check the school’s daily bulletin board • View afull courseschedule • Monitor meal and fee balances • View acalendar showingall assignment due dates IMPORTANT! To use thePowerSchool Mobileapp, your district must be running thePowerSchool StudentInformation System. If your district uses adifferent SIS, suggestthey switch to PowerSchool! POWERSCHOOLMOBILE REQUIREMENTS • Theschool district running the latestsupported PowerSchool SISversion • The school district has enabledmobile access • Awireless connection or mobile data plan • Usersmust consent toreceive push notifications when connecting toservers outside ofthe United States
Data Science 101 - Machine Learning Tutorials 1.2
Data Science 101 is an educational app to learn machinelearningalgorithms. Due to data science and artificialintelligence, newtechnologies are emerging and there is need formore specializationin this field.This app is a beginner guide foranyone who wants tostudy data science and make their own machinelearning models.Thisapp provides high quality resources forstudents to study datascience and machine learning algorithms andalso providesrequiredcode.------------------Features:------------------1. Learnvariousmachine learning algorithms: a. Linear Regression b.k-meansClustering c. KNN d. SVM e. Naive Bayes f. DecisionTrees2.Includes code for developing models of various machinelearningalgorithms in Python. Different datasets are used todevelop modelsso that students can understand which algorithms touse.3. Learn todevelop various data science projects. Variousprojects areincluded in the application so that students can relateconceptswith real life problems.Some projects include: a.Sentimentanalysis b. Web Scraping c. Handwritten digitrecognition4. Learnvarious scientific libraries(Numpy, Pandas,Matplotlib).There aremany references available if students wants tostudy some conceptsdeeply.Download this app and start learning forfree.If you reallylike this app then share it with your friends andgive it apositive rating.
VU LearnHub 1.1.5
VU LearnHub is an app for current first year VictoriaUniversitystudents and students who are studying in block mode.Thisapp helpsyou to find out about any essential activities that youneed tocomplete during your time at University.Note: VU studentswho arenot studying in block mode and who are in their middle orfinalyears will not be able to access the app. If you are not acurrentVU student studying via these delivery methods, VU LearnHubwillnot work for you.You can use VU LearnHub to:● Learn aboutanyessential activities that you need to complete during your timeatUniversity● Browse enhancement activities to develop yourskillsand employability● Book into activities that you are goingtoattend ● Add activities to your To-do list● Complete activities●Keep track of your completed activities● Earn official badgesforeach skill that you attainHow does it work?You will need acurrentVU student number and password to access this app. On yourfirstlogin, you will be asked to create an account using theLearningHub website. Upon successful login you will be able toselect yourCollege, Course & Units and begin browsingactivities.Support:To get assistance, email your name, studentnumber and descriptionof the problem or Bugs:For anyfeedback or supportplease email us us withscreenshots would be greatlyappreciated.
MIT AI2 Companion 2.57b
Note: The MIT AI2 Companion is not a stand-alone application. Itisintended to be used with the MIT App Inventor system, a webbasedApp Building tool which is free to use. You can learn moreaboutMIT App Inventor at
CAIIB Study Notes Pro 1.2.0
Vapari Systems
Enjoy a collection of over 4000 notes across the two compulsoryandsix elective subjects for CAIIB exam preparation, arrangedbySubjects, modules and chapters. Explore options to setreminders,Report problems, subscribe to our channel and notes.Download CAIIBStudy Notes Pro App today and jetpack your knowledgein the field.This is the Pro version of the free CAIIB Study NotesLite app; seemore details here: coveredin our CAIIB Study Notes Pro app: ■ Advanced Bankingo EconomicAnalysis o Business Mathematics o HRM in banks o CreditManagement■ Bank Financial Management o International Banking oRiskManagement o Treasury Management o Balance Sheet Management ■HumanResources Management o HRM Concepts o Building an HR strategyoMotivation, Training and Skill Development o PersonnelManagementand Industrial Relations ■ International Banking oInternationalBanking and Finance o Foreign Exchange Business oInternationalTrade o Derivatives ■ Retail Banking o Introduction oRetailProducts o Marketing / Selling of retail products, MISandAccounting o Other issues related to Retail Banking ■RiskManagement o An overview o Credit Risk Management o Market risk■Information Technology o Introduction to IT o Systems and DesignoApplications in Banking o Security, Controls and Guidelines ■RuralBanking o Rural India o Financing Rural Development oPrioritySector Financing and Govt. initiatives o Problems andprospects inRural Banking
ICOT Cork 1.0.14
The ICOT app is here to provide current students with animprovedexperience at the college. - Quickly submit requeststhrough theapp - See upcoming events at the college and save themto yourpersonal calendar - Get reminders on your phone forimportant datesand activities coming up - Information on externalexams and moreThinking about studying at ICOT? - Get a good idea ofstudent lifeat ICOT through the app - Get in contact with usthrough the app -View information on studying with us - See whatcourses we provideand how they can benefit you
FH Kufstein App 2.4.6
Die neue App der FH Kufstein. Von Studierenden fürStudierende.Features: - Infoboard - Diner Speiseplan -Notenübersicht -Klausurenplan - Beginners Guide -Benachrichtigungen bei neuer Notebzw. verschobener VorlesungAußerdem: - Login für Lehrende The newapp FH Kufstein. By studentsfor students. features: - InformationBoard - Diner menu -Transcript of - Exam schedule - BeginnersGuide - Notifications whennew note or shifted Lecture Also: -Login for teachers
Lecturio Medical Education 5.27
Lecturio GmbH
Supplement your classes and prepare for USMLE Step 1 & 2CK,COMLEX Level 1 & 2, MCAT, and MBBS with videolecturesintegrated in a powerful Qbank. Install Now! VIDEOLECTURES: Learn& Review Concepts Faster, Easier • Short,concise andeasy-to-follow video lectures by teaching award–winningprofessorsfrom 5 of the top 10 global medical schools (at HarvardMedicalSchool, Yale School of Medicine, Alpert Medical School ofBrownUniversity, UCL Medical School, & others) • All keyconceptscovered in depth, emphasizing high-yield information •Integratedquiz questions for active learning QUESTION BANK: ApplyConceptsWith Confidence • Lecturio’s USMLE Question Bank is basedon thelatest NBME standards and teaches you to effectively applywhat youhave learned • Supporting explanations and illustrationsallow youto practice multistep critical thinking • Anexam-simulatinginterface helps you become familiar with actual testsituations(USMLE) Strategies & Techniques to Study Smarter •Step-by-stepstudy schedules help you prepare for USMLE Step 1 •Access studystrategies & techniques used by experiencedupperclassmen •Understand the secret to earning high scores on medschool examsand USMLE Time-Saving and Efficient Studying •Bookmatcher: Scanany medical textbook page and get relevant videosin seconds. •Player Speed: Adjust your player speed to repeat thematerialfaster. • Offline Function: Study on the go—even offline.•Curriculum: Switch between organ systems- andsubject-basedcurriculum. Free Accounts Include: • 1,000+ videolectures • 2,000+recall questions • 1,300+ textbook articlesSubscription AccountsInclude: • 5,000+ video lectures • 17,000+recall questions •3,000+ board-style questions • 1,300+ textbookarticles LoveLecturio? Subscribe to our Youtubechannel: usonFacebook: on Twitter: LecturioPrivacyPolicy: Lecturio Terms ofUse:
com.wobblemonkey.speedygram 2.2.5
Link sentences, smash words and learn English grammar withourunique and exciting learning method! Play games with lessonsthatexpand your vocabulary and improve your listening andspeakingskills. This English grammar trainer and vocabularybuildercontains over 200 simple lessons, grammar exercises andpracticegames that are suitable for ESL beginners, basic levelstudents andintermediate level learners (A1, A2 and B1). It alsoincludes asimple color-coded grammar book, listening exercises andchallengegames, which will test your English knowledge. Learn andexpandyour British or American English vocabulary and improveyourpronunciation. It will teach you the syntax skills you needforconversation, in your ESL classes or for IELTS and TOEICtestpreparation. Use the clear and simplified book for quicktips.Learn by yourself and practice the sentence patterns andvocabularythat you need to get speaking. This learning method isfast, funand effective! Beginner, basic and elementary languagelevel (A1and A2) includes: * Present simple tense - the verb "tobe" andother verbs * Past simple tense - regular verbs andirregular verbconjugation * Articles, pronouns and possessives *Singular andplural forms * Positive and negative phrases * Questionforms andshort answers * Demonstrative pronouns * Determinersandconjunctions * Present continuous/progressive tense *Basicadjectives and adverbs * Comparatives and superlatives *Future *Imperative * Present perfect tense - regular verbs andirregularverb conjugation * Basic time words and phrases and theuse ofdifferent tenses * And more Intermediate language level(B1)includes: * Prepositions * Past continuous tense * Action verbsvsstate verbs * Conditional Tenses * The passive voice *RelativeClauses * Prefixes and suffixes * And much more Otherfeatures: *The app includes an irregular verb conjugation trainer.* A wholesection is devoted to suffixes (which is very useful forTOEIC andIELTS test preparation) to train and help you recognisenoun, verband adjective forms. * The grammar reference bookincludes a listof irregular verbs and has very simple color-codedgrammarexplanations and real world examples of that grammar in use.* Foreach learning level (A1 & A2 and B1) there are challengegameswhich test your language skills for the whole level. * Eachchapterhas listening practice (also helpful for TOEIC and IELTStestpreparation). * Choose whether you want to learn AmericanorBritish English vocabulary and pronunciation. * Play a varietyofinteractive games which are designed to program your brainquicklyand keep you motivated. * The trainer gives you tips whenyou makemistakes. the learning method fixes mistakes instantly. *This appis suitable for ESL beginners (A1), basic level students(A2) andintermediate English learners (B1). It is suitable foradults andkids. * Use it in class, school, at home, on "English asa SecondLanguage" (ESL) conversation courses, or as a supplementfor TOEICand IELTS preparation courses. * Learn the words andvocabularythat glue sentences together and are essential forspeaking andconversation. * Practice with unlimited examplequestions that showthe use of grammar structures in real worldconversations. * Thelessons are split into small bite-sized lessonsfor quick dailypractice sessions. Keep going if you wish! * Thecourse has beencarefully designed by experienced British Englishteachers. Improveyour speaking skills! We advise that you listencarefully and speakthe words as you play. It will help you expandand remembervocabulary and improve the skills you need forconversation. Ourmission is to make learning English grammar funfor everyone.Download now and learn fast with the most exciting ESLlearningmethod & vocabulary builder ever!
Brainscape Flashcards 1.0.1576560061
Find, create, and study SMART FLASHCARDS on any device. DOUBLEyourlearning speed using the most effective study system on theplanet.Keep all your content in sync across Brainscape’s websiteand yourAndroid devices. How Brainscape helps you learn fasterBrainscape'sflash card app works by personalizing the TIMING ofeach flashcardrepetition, using proven cognitive science. Whetheryou’re learninga language, studying for a test, or just acquiringsome fun trivia,Brainscape uses spaced repetition to time eachexposure withinexactly the right interval for YOUR brain. All youhave to do israte how well you know each concept, on a scale of1-5, andBrainscape determines the right time to quiz you again.Over time,you will learn at least 2x faster. It's strangelyaddicting and isscientifically proven to slash your required studytime. Where doall of Brainscape’s great flashcards come from? TheWorld's TopExperts. Brainscape partners with top publishers,schools, andeducators to create flashcards for subjects as diverseas Spanish,MCAT, Music Theory, SAT prep, GRE Prep, AP Exams, Series7 prep,Chinese, French, MBE, or just about anything else. Unlike inotherexclusively student-generated flashcard apps, you canfeelconfident that your Brainscape flashcards have been fullyvetted byexperts. Your Peers. Top students, professors, teachers,andbusinesses around the world have used our apps to create over1million subjects that are available to search on ourMarketplace.You You can easily create multimedia flashcards veryeasily both onBrainscape’s website and within the app itself. Youcan also shareyour decks with your classmates and collaborativelydevelop contenttogether. It's Free! Creating, sharing, finding, andstudying greatuser-generated flashcards is FREE. And Brainscape'snew Prosubscription option gives you access to unlimited premiumtest prepand foreign language content AND premium features suchasbookmarks, browse mode, card reversibility, an ad-freeflashcardmaker experience, and a bunch of new features coming inlaterversions. The Brainscape Pro subscription can be purchasedwithinthe app, in billing increments of Monthly ($9.99 billedmonthly),Semiannually ($41.99 billed every 6 months), and Annually($59.99billed yearly), as well as a Lifetime subscription optionfor$129.99. The three recurring subscriptions will renewautomaticallywithin 24 hours prior to the end of the currentperiod, unlessauto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before theend of theperiod. You can cancel auto-renewal any time by going toAccountSettings; the cancellation will apply after the activesubscriptionperiod is complete. Feel free to learn more about ourTerms andPrivacy Policy at In the future,Brainscapeplans to make our learning system infinitely moreefficient,convenient, fun, and social, so please be sure to give usfeedbackto help us improve the product. It is users like YOU whohavehelped us reach a community of millions of learners already.Helpus create a Brainscape community that spans the whole worldoflearners!
MCAT Prep: Practice Tests and Flashcards
*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App-2016 Appy Awards *** Varsity Tutors’ free MCAT Prep appforAndroid-based devices provides a powerful and easy-to-useinterfacefor students studying on-the-go for the updated MedicalCollegeAdmission Test. Exercise your critical thinking andproblem-solvingskills, as well as your knowledge of biological,chemical, andpsychological systems by using the app’s timed,full-lengthpractice tests, all of which feature professionallywrittenquestions to prepare you for the challenge of the seven-hourtest.Identify your problem areas with the MCAT Prep app’sdiagnosticexams, which highlight your performance in specific testconcepts.All exams provide comprehensive explanations for anyquestions youanswered incorrectly to help you better understand howyou canimprove. Moreover, students can save their results withinthe appand monitor their progress over time. The Varsity TutorsMCAT Prepapp also includes a flashcard-maker to createdigitalizedflashcards with images and text on foundational conceptsinchemistry, biology, and physics. Help is at yourfingertips.Enhance your MCAT prep with this comprehensive app,covering theupdated MCAT’s four sections: Biological andBiochemicalFoundations of Living Systems; Chemical and PhysicalFoundations ofBiological Systems; Psychological, Social, andBiologicalFoundations of Behavior; and Critical Analysis andReasoningSkills.
com.magoosh.ielts.lessons 2.0.1
Everything you need to prep for the IELTS exam! Access over 90videolessons written by expert IELTS tutors, regularly updatedlearningresources, study guides, and more with Magoosh’s mostcomprehensiveIELTS preparation appyet!------------------------------------------- MASTER YOUR IELTSEXAM------------------------------------------- - Content developedbyIELTS expert tutors - Track your progress in real time -Identifyyour strengths and areas for improvement - Over 90 in-depthvideolessons - Plan & prep your studying with study schedules-Study IELTS skills, reading, listening, writing, grammar,andspeaking - Access our regularly updated blog, full ofusefulstrategies & learning resources WRTTEN BY EXPERT IELTSTUTORSEvery word, definition and example sentence in this app hasbeenselected, written and triple checked by our team of experttutorsled by Eliot Friesen, Lucas Fink, and Chris Lele. Eliot istheIELTS Curriculum Manager at Magoosh and has successfullycoachedcollege-level ESL students for years. Lucas has written aneBook onTOEFL preparation and has a hugely popular YouTube seriesonEnglish vocabulary. Chris is a vocabulary master and hashelpedstudents of all backgrounds improve their language skills andtestscores. Now they’re here to help you! ABOUT MAGOOSH We’re anonlinetest preparation service with a passion for teachingEnglishthrough video lessons and practice questions. In addition toourapps and courses, you can check out our active blog for evenmorestudy tips, strategies, and up-to-date learning resources.Visitour website: GET IN TOUCH WITH USWe’realways striving to make our services as beneficial to youaspossible! If you have any feedback, suggestions for new featuresoryou just want to drop in and say hi, just send us an --------------------- Whether you’re lookingfora comprehensive IELTS preparation app you can take withyouanywhere, or you’d like to study for the test usingexpertlywritten content covering speaking, listening, grammar, andmore,Magoosh provides up-to-date and in-depth IELTS resources foranystudy goal! WHY PREP WITH ANYONE ELSE? DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY!
Learn Hebrew Premium 1.35
Improved version of the Hebrew Basic Study free with noads-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You don’t need the internet to access this app. - Appcontainstranslation from Hebrew to English, English transcription,and wordin Hebrew itself. - After tapping on the word, or phrasesthere isan actual pronunciation sound of this word/s in Hebrew. -Testoption with 4 available answers. - Opportunity to contactdeveloperthrough the settings menu and write about the suggestionsand bugs.- Application works in English, Spanish and RussianLanguages.
TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards 3.5.0
Don't just stare at wordlists—master the 600 most importantTOEFLvocabulary words with the highly-rated free flashcards foryourAndroid phone or tablet. Practice every day to improve yourEnglishvocab! ☞ 600 English vocab words picked by an expert TOEFLtutor ☞Definitions and example sentences for every word ☞ Decksofflashcards for every difficulty level, includingeasy,intermediate, and advanced lists ☞ Track your progress as youstudy☞ Smart algorithm knows which cards you should see to learnvocabfaster This app gives you free access to all of Magoosh’sTOEFLflash cards. Sign in with a Magoosh account (or create a newone)to save your progress to the web. Written by TOEFL expertsAllvocabulary words, definitions, and example sentences ontheflashcards were selected and written by Magoosh’s experttutors,led by Chris Lele and Lucas Fink. Lucas has been teachingTOEFLpreparation and general English for 8 years. He has writtenanebook on TOEFL preparation, has a popular youtube series onEnglishvocabulary for the TOEFL, and has helped thousands ofstudentslearn English in preparation for their exams. Review thatreallysticks Learn English the smart way! Academic research hasfoundthat students memorize vocabulary words best withspacedrepetition, which we built into Magoosh’s flashcardapp.Definitions you are learning will reappear frequently(occurringless frequently the better you know them) and definitionsyoualready know won’t be repeated. Our TOEFL flashcards arealsoculled to only 600 so that you don't waste timelearningunimportant vocabulary. About Magoosh We're an onlinetestpreparation company with a focus on teaching TOEFL preparationinEnglish through video lessons and practice questions. Inadditionto our online course, we blog about TOEFL strategies,Englishvocabulary and grammar, and study tips at TOEFL study tools When you’re donewith our flashcards andready to practice for the full TOEFL exam,Magoosh has a completeonline video course covering everything onthe test. Learn Englishwhile you learn how to take the TOEFL! Haveany questions? Pleaseask! Customer satisfaction is incrediblyimportant to us. If youhave any questions or comments, please sendus an email Don’t wait until the last minute tostartstudying, start learning TOEFL vocabulary words today!
ACT Prep: Practice Tests, Flashcards, Quizzes
*** From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App-2016 Appy Awards *** Your ACT score has the power to changethecourse of your life – from what colleges accept yourapplication,to the scholarships you may be eligible for. You canbuild yourconfidence and prepare for success on test day withVarsity Tutors’free ACT Prep app for Android-powered smartphonesand tablets. Aimfor a 36 with our comprehensive study tool.Students can taketimed, full-length practice exams, or home in on aspecific troublearea by taking tests in ACT English, ACT Math, ACTReading, and ACTScience, all featuring professionally writtenquestions meant toreplicate the real exam. Exercise your knowledgewith a set ofpre-made flashcards covering chemistry, Earth science,physics,biology, algebraic fractions and functions, geometry,trigonometry,reading, grammatical errors, word usage, and writing.Test yourselfanytime on everything from clause and conjunctionerrors toquadratic equations and concepts in physics. Or build yourownflashcards with our easy-to-use interface, which allows you todrawfrom audio, visuals, and words, benefiting every type oflearner.If you are not quite ready to test yourself, brush up onACTsubjects with the app’s Learn by Concept feature. Answerpracticequestions for every concept that you will be tested on inthe exam,and read in-depth explanations for each answer. You cantake yourguide wherever you go – study actively, while also beingactive.Take charge of your ACT prep by downloading the VarsityTutors ACTPrep app for Android devices today.
Create your own quizzes (kahoots) in seconds, playanywhere,anytime, on your own or with friends, have fun and LEARN!Kahoot!unleashes the magic of learning for students, teachers,officesuperheroes, trivia fans and lifelong learners. Our app has awholebunch of superpowers! Here are a few of them: Quiz creationappCreativity can spark anytime! Create a game in minutes, evenifyou’re on the go. This works great for student projects andcanalso be a hot hit at parties when you want to surpriseyourfriends. Live game app Join kahoots hosted live - for example,inclassrooms - use the app as the game controller, and winmedals!Or, put your quizmaster’s hat on: host your own game forothers ona big screen, right from your phone or tablet. Trivia appFind aquiz on any topic from millions of games on our platform. Youcanplay on your own or challenge friends for a funcompetition.Homework app Instead of paper assignments, teachers cannow assignkahoots as homework using challenges. Make homeworkawesome, savetime on correcting assignments and track learningprogress. Remotetraining app Calling all corporate trainers! Maketraining reallyengaging with Kahoot! challenges, even ifparticipants are milesapart. For businesses, this feature is partof our premium plans -Kahoot! Plus or Kahoot! Pro. Ready to play?!
Yocket - Study in US, Canada, UK, Germany 8.1.26
Yocket is a finely crafted community of aspirants planning tostudyMS, MBA, Bachelors or PhD courses abroad - a warm andhelpfulenvironment where students help each other, engage withexperts andinteract with them over web & real-world expertevents.Everything we build on Yocket is always to make you moreconfidentin achieving your Master's or Bachelor's dream for aninternationaleducation! Reliable, useful and trusted - Yocket isthe perfectplace to start your research and understand the processforstudying in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlandsandmany more countries. Find all the information you need -Reviews,Courses offered, Application Deadlines and TrackUniversityDecisions with instant notifications. Never struggle tofindstudents going to the same University as yours. What's inYocketfor You? My Profile Every experience on Yocket begins withyourProfile! Share with the Yocket Community all your academicdetailsso that others know you well. Boast all your Scores,achievementsand skills - tell everyone your dream university - andadd yourInterested courses so that we can start running ourmagicrecommendations engine. The only way to get the most out ofYocketis to always keep your Profile Updated! We can't emphasize onthatmore. Grad School Finder Data from all previous years'admissionpatterns at various universities is used to create acustomizedlist of Safe, Moderate & Ambitious universities foryourprofile. Begin your University research with the smart&powerful Grad School Finder. GRE Flashcards PracticequintessentialGRE words every day on Yocket app. We're all great atQuants, thisis the much needed Verbal Boost you need. Our latestfeature letsyou practice & master curated GRE words in a richflashcardexperience. University Research Precise and refinedreviews /opinions about the university, much beyond just theinfrastructure.Find all necessary information like infrastructure,coursesoffered, fees, financial aid, etc. to help you make adecision.Additionally, tools like University Deadlines, UniversityComparerwill empower you at all times! Yocket Discussions Post yourdoubts,share your experiences. Experience how the community'scollectiveknowledge can be tapped to get answers of possibly anyquestion youhave about your master's prep. Start a discussion andas they say,when in doubt ASK! @Mentions and #Hashtags are alsoavailable now!Search all the past discussions to find questionsthat Yocketershave already had, you might find all your answershere already :)Student Profiles Seniors on Yocket offer you vastamounts ofinformation in the form of their profiles and applicationdetails.Access their profiles and study the trends acrossvariousuniversities & countries - to guide you throughtheshortlisting process. Events Expert events - online andofflinewith University admission officers, Counsellors, SeniorStudents& US VISA officers 😎All events are FREE to attend!PersonalMessaging / Chat Private and safe. Chat with any Yocketer.Discussyour plan. Ask for advice. (Chat feature available only ontheApp). Curated Services Along with extensive content, we'rebuildingessential services that benefit you the most! Get safe andsecureservices which the entire community trusts and uses - rightin yourapp. Currently, we are offering: ✔️ University Applications✔️Student Express Courier ✔️ Yocket Loan Assistance ✔️ ForexCards,Wire Transfer & Cash ✔️ Health & Travel Insurance Toknowhow you can make the best out of Yocket, write to - we're excited to hear from you. Yocketistrusted by thousands of aspirants every year to plan their MS /MBAapplications successfully. Build your Yocket profile now.DownloadYocket app!