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SSundee 1.0
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You will find funny Minecraftvideoshere!Subscribe if you laugh! lol I yell a lot.Minecraft Videos:- Modded Minecraft- Mod Reviews- Minecraft CompetitionsI also play random games from time to time.-SSundee
Mutant Ninja Toad 1.0
3 game modes:"Story": A new level - is a new rival!"Arcade": Fights without rules! Fight with whoever you want!"Survival": Every mission - is a battle for survival!Devastating and deadly combinations of punches!A possibility of improving your character - a toad!A struggle for a victory begin! In Mutant Ninja Toad you willfightwith manyopponents! A huge arsenal of weapons, lots of punches andtechniqueswill helpyou to defeat evil enemies.In the mode of game "Story" you are waiting for exciting battlesofa toad withthe strongest enemies with a view to improve abilities of yourhero.Next, youwill have to play in the mode "Arcade" in which you will needtofight withabsolutely random enemies. And, finally, the mode "Survival"whereyou will haveto fight to the last. Forward into a battle!
Battle Gaiden Ninja Toad 1.3
New & Super Duper Amazing - BattleGaidenNinja Toad Turbo!!!!PLOT:Lady Bird Rage has an army of mechanical birds ready to takeoverthe world. Her plan? To set free as many birds as possible tocoverthe Sun, covering the world in darkness.You are Rivera Hayamucha, feared ninja and global turbo hero,theone who will try to foil at all costs Lady Bird Rage's planbydestroying all her pet birds.Are you bad dude enough to save the global world?FAQ or Comments to : contacto@ennuistudio.comWebsite : www.EnnuStudio.comSupport this Game on :