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Doodle Army Boot Camp 1.4
The Doodle Army wants you!Get the full version for moremissions,boss battles and mini games!Enlist today and cut down waveafterwave of enemies in this endless shooting adventure! Hear thesweetscreams of your victims as you strafe them with submachine gunfireor explode them with grenades.Doodle Army Boot Camp containsthefirst level and mini a mini game from the Doodle Army fullversion.Getting started is easy with the Sarge's in game tutorialto guideyou through the basics. Soon you will be on your way tocreatingyour very own heaping piles of bloody bad guy parts. Seehow faryou can go before the enemies overwhelm you.-Employseveraldifferent weapons including pistols, submachine guns,sniperrifles, shot guns, grenade launchers, assault riles andmachineguns. -Play as one of 10 unlock-able characters. -Twocontrolstyles available.-Continue your progress with checkpointautosaving.More weapons, doodles and missions are available in thefullversion!THANK YOU:Thank you to the users for your supportandfeedback. We read and respond to all legitimate suggestionsandissues.
Call of Mini™ Infinity 2.6
Welcome to Call of Mini Infinity,an online third personshootinggame.The earth is on the brink of a large METEORITE IMPACT!Theburden is on you to find a new place for people to LIVE.Colonizinga planet is not that easy and DANGERS lie ahead. ► ► ► ►► 35 yearsago, humans discovered an inhabitable star known asCaron. Theyhave started to gather a vast army of star warriors inpreparationfor an expedition to that planet outside the solarsystem. Andyou're the leader of this army! Take your army safely totheplanet. When you land, build a base and set up defensesagainstincoming alien attacks. Then what's left is to conquer thisplanetcompletely! ► ► ► ► ► • Fluid 3D shooting gameplay •Thrillingbattles • Use powerful skills to fight off enemies •Upgrade armorto gain desirable buffs • Command an arsenal ofweapons • Learntalents to customize the way you fight • Cooperatewith friends todefeat epic bosses
Guide for mini militia: Doodle army 3.0.2
This is a non official guide for minimilitialearn about doodle army game.If you want to improve yourself in mini militia: Doodle army 2thisgame is this game contain cheat and code for you to improveyouskills with mini militia: Doodle army 2 game.
Multiplayer Tank Militia Games 1.0a
Experience intense multiplayer combat withupto7 players online. Train your self agains ai bots in localgamemodetry new tanks with unique skills and weapons. Getpowersinmultiplayer mode to to improve your chances ofwinningDownload now and enjoy real time tank battles with yourfriendsorwith any other persons in world playing game. youcanalsochallenge your friends and play with them or invite themingame toplayCurrent powers are1) Shield : Will protect you from all attack for 10 seconds2) Speed up turbo or nitro : Will speed up your tank by 150%for10seconds3) Sword : Will Double damage of your tank for 10 seconds4) Medical Kit : Will heal your tank fully it willbepermanentoneFeatures :1) HD Graphics2) Real time multiplayer game with random opponents3) Real time multiplayer game with your Google+ friends4) Local Mode game against AI Bots5) Cloud saving so you can play on multiple devicesimultaneouslyorMultiple people can play in same device withdifferentGoogleId6) Stunning effects7) Multiple rockets for tank8) Facebook sharing9) Tank Customization for health , damage, visual andspeedofmovement10) Great combination of racing and arcade game in whichyouarefighting and surviving at same timeUp Coming feature :1) Play on LAN or local wifi network
Army of Darkness Defense
Army of Darkness Defense will no longer be supported and willberemoved from the store beginning on April 5, 2018. We arealsodiscontinuing support for the Army of Darkness Defense app asofMay 5, 2018, which means that we will not be making any updatestothe app’s content or functionality after thatdate. outyourboomstick and rev up your chainsaw! From the makers of PAPERTOSS,STRIKE KNIGHT and NINJUMP comes the definitive Army ofDarknessgame for Android. In this tug-of-war, casual defense gamebased onthe MGM classic movie, you play Ash, thetime-traveling,evil-fighting, S-Mart sales clerk as you defend LordArthur'scastle and the Necronomicon from the oncoming hordes ofevilundead. Of course, you can't do it alone! Call upon multitudesofallies including Lord Arthur, Duke Henry the Red, the Wiseman,andmany more to help you in your quest to defend the unholy bookanduse it to return to your own time. ARMY OF DARKNESS: DEFENSEtakesthe witty charm of the cult classic movie and combines itwithgorgeous graphics and innovative casual gameplay that iscertain toentertain any mobile gamer. So, remember the magic wordsand makesure your shoelace is tied, because this is going to be anepicbattle! Features include: -Bruce Campbell as AshWilliams-Beautiful, fully animated graphics -A wide variety ofallies tosummon including swordsmen, armored knights, archers, andmore -50initial waves and an unlockable endless wave -More than100hilarious quotes from the movie -Countless hoards ofdeadites-Originally composed music score -Tons of specialabilitiesincluding the boomstick, the chainsaw, the '88deathcoaster andmany more spells -All of your favorite charactersincluding Arthur,Henry, Sheila, the Wiseman, Evil Ash, and manymore! Making fun,high quality mobile games is what we strive for atBackflipStudios. We have seen nearly 100,000,000 downloads acrossour suiteof games and we greatly value your continued support andfeedback.Also try some of our other games, including PAPER TOSS,NINJUMP,STRIKE KNIGHT or SHAPE SHIFT. Check us out onTwitter:@backflipstudios Thanks for playing! ARMY OF DARKNESS ™& ©1992 Orion Pictures Corporation. © 2012 Metro-Goldwyn-MayerStudiosInc. All Rights Reserved.
Little Gunfight:Counter-Terror 2.3
New counter-strike gun game well arrived with socutecharacter!!!fresh and distinctive painting style with a galaxyofweapons like pistol,assaultgun,shotgun,machine-gun,scoperifle,bazooka ect make this gamefulfill beautiful scene along withthrilling.Features:★Totally innovative shooting game★Consist of 16 levels with different special scenes,10 kindsofcharacter and easy-to-use interface to set off for anewadventure.★Great support of bluetooth multi-play achieved enjoying thisfunwith your friends.★Online multi-play mode can upload your scores and you canbattlewith top-ranking stars all over the world!★More than 30 kinds of weapons match with realistic soundeffectpush your hot blood boiling.★Realistic physics effects, recoil, Bleeding, explosions,machinegun fire, acceleration of gravity,Some weather effects suchassnow,All these elements to create a real gunfight scene.★Download for free with small installation package can saveyourvaluable data usage.★App2SD support★ FREE to download!! No locked function!!!★ If you like this game, please give a five-starrating,thankyou!
NinJump 3.1.1
Backflip Studios
Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-paced ninja running game, yourgoalis to climb as high as you can while avoiding evilsquirrels,dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars,exploding bombs& more! Effortlessly scale the side of buildingswith ninjaagility. Tap to jump from one wall to the other, slashingenemiesin your way. Hit three matching enemies in a row for abonuspower-up boost. Grab shields for protection. Watch outforobstacles & ledges. Stay alive! With over 100milliondownloads, NinJump is one of the most popular mobile gamesof alltime. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You reallyneed togive NinJump a try" ~ TouchArcade"NinJump is a game that'swellworth playing" ~ Gamezebo"There’s no reason not to give NinJumpago" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● Amazing power-up boosts!●Ninjas,throwing stars & bombs● Various enemies &obstacles●Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja fun>> InstallNinJumptoday. It's FREE! ______________________________NinJump isbroughtto you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobilegameslike Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of DarknessDefense& more. Search the Google Play Store for "BackflipStudios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitterfor gameannouncements and other updates.
Cartoon Wars 2 1.1.2
Cartoon Wars 2: HeroesThe most complete defense andreal-timestrategy game of the Cartoon Wars series!The best defensegame isback!After generations of war in the Cartoon Kingdom, King Kandhis army were expelled with the prominence of Captain J. Thepeoplepraised Captain J and crowned him as their new King. Theexiledtribe swore vengeance as they embarked on their journey tofind theKing of Monsters. The second chronicle begins as the battletodefend the kingdom continues!─────────────────────FEATURES•NEWLYADDED HEROES •Develop a super hero from 6 upgradablecharacters andundertake various missions in Hero Mode!• INTENSESTAT DISTRIBUTIONAND SKILL DEVELOPMENT •Upgrade your Hero and unitsand learn newskills as you level up!• ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZATION•Play with 80unique units and customize them with dozens ofdifferent skills anditems!• UPGRADABLE CASTLE SYSTEM •10-20 levelsof defensive Castleupgrades!• THREE DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY MODES •Enjoythree seamlessmodes of gameplay in Quick, Hell orSpecialMode!─────────────────────NEWS & EVENTSWebsite Facebook YouTube※Required Permission GuidelinesWhen usingthe app, we may askpermissions for access to provide the followingservices.[RequiredPermissions]- READ_PHONE_STATE: For processingin-game events andgiving rewards[Optional Permission]- CONTACTS:Used for GAMEVILLIVE login* There may be additional costs whentrying to obtaincertain items.Terms ofService:
Mr Bean™ - Around the World 8.7
Good Catch
Uh-oh, silly Mr Bean has done it again! Help Bean escape MrsWicketin his new runner game, voiced by Rowan Atkinson! FLEE MRSWICKET –Grab your suitcase and don’t forget Teddy; it’s time to runaroundthe world! TRAVEL THE WORLD – Visit Australia, India, Mexico,theUSA and more! Play through 60 checkpoints in 6 differentcountriesacross the globe!CAUSE TROUBLE – Run, jump, and collectGold Beansto advance! Cause trouble to slow Mrs Wicket down, orjump in yourcar to boost ahead! FIND TEDDY – Mr Bean has lost Teddyon histravels! Can you find him in every single country?*** OVER20MILLION DOWNLOADS! THANK YOU***It’s Mr Bean – Around the World,anofficial Mr Bean adventure! ======Brought to you by the makersofhit game Mr Bean - Flying Teddy. Follow us to stay up to date:Likeour Page our Twitter @MrBeanApp Ifyoulove our game please rate us 5*!Mr Bean™ and © TigerAspectProductions Ltd 2015. All rights reserved.
Gun Shoot War Q 1.0.5
Gun Shoot War Q, full 3D visual experience perfect portrait bigasyou offer!This is a cute the coolest and most exciting 3D FPSgame,using the joystick control, screen dazzling weaponvariety,excellent operational sense.The game has a variety ofclassicshootout mode, gorgeous exquisite images, smooth shootercombataction, intense and exciting shooting effects, stunninggameeffects!You need to be careful to avoid the enemy in fiercecombatshooting, and efforts to the fastest speed to eliminateallenemies, adhere to the last second and never give up, you'retheking of the game, is the patron saint of the whole world!Thecuteof the main game style, suitable for all types of players, canmakeyou have a feeling of being in a fairy tale atmosphere, inthefierce battle being can experience a relaxed and happyresults.Comeand try to download it, I believe will make you put itdown, neverregret a good game!Game Features:* Cute 3D FPS shooter,the gamepresents cute cartoon, which can stimulate fiercefightingexperience can enjoy the process of feeling pleasanteffect.*Perfect user interface: the first-person shooter, fulltouch screenfinger simple operation, 3D perfect visual effects,beautiful musicshock.* A variety of battle modes: zombie mode,sports mode, elitemode, sniping mode, knife fighting mode 5different modes allow youto experience a variety of super-coolsense of novelty and drippingfun shooting gameplay!* Rich weaponsystems: a sniper rifle,submachine guns, shotguns, light machineguns, pistols, weaponupgrades infinite possibilities, the power ofendless!* A varietyof map of the scene: a variety of scenariosseaside town, snowpark, space fortress, fantasy castles, desertwilderness can enjoythe unique pleasure of shooting in differentterrain and a varietyof exotic experience a sense of feeling.* Richprops system: toprovide different types of grenades, medical kits,protectivegloves, protective armor, attack bait eggs, discountpacks, andother items of props, as well as the treasure chest prizewheel soyou get!* Intelligent Systems: adjustable number ofenemies, enemyAI, game sensitivity, while statistics after eachbattle kills,headshots count, get scores and other combatinformation shows at aglance, allowing you to experience the simpleoperation wonderfulstimulus the course of the fighting.* Socialsystem: You can addfriends, invite your friends, ask presentedgold, friend rankings,world rankings, so you feel more richinteractive wonderful.* Freestand-alone game, a packet of small,high-quality visuals, precisecontrol and advanced physicalproperties, optimize resources canmake your Android device to playout its ultimate level.
Nations At War 3.7.8
The Game Boss
Nations At War is a unique, fun and addictive war themedONLINEmultiplayer game. Rise up through the ranks with guns,soldiers,medals and battles of nations. Fight other players toprogressquicker in the game! Join now to participate in this globalwar.Own buildings and dominate the game.World War has brokenoutbetween Nations. Many Countries have emerged as themajorsuperpowers in the devastating war. Command your allied forcestovictory by completing numerous dangerous missions and byexpandingyour army by building up your military base. FEATURES:Select from4 different countries :USA, UK , China, Russia Newmissions,arsenal items, Buildings, and more!Battle other playersLIVE fromCombat.Strengthen yourself with the best itemsinarsenal.Collaborate with other players to makeyourselfstrongerMeet Chief for more help. Visit Combat to set up aFightagainst your enemy. LIVE Country Leaderboard.Come on over andbe apart of this War to Save your Nation.
SWAT 1.7
FT Games
The most realistic anti-terrorist FPS game on Android !!,In the21stcentury,terrorism spreads rapidly around the whole world.Astheanti-terrorism materials show that all these terroristactivitiesare related to a dark forces.They have quite advancedmilitaryweapons in this modern war combat: unmanned fighter, newrocketlaunchers, powerful machine guns, and may even have begun totakeshape of nuclear weapons.In the face of this powerfuldardforces,all countries get together and establish a SWAT ofUnitedNations focusing on hitting dark forces all over the worldandsafeguarding world peace.Features:1 New collection andupgradesystem!2 New super weapon!3 Epic audio-visual effects!4Newlifelike scenes.5 New combinations of fights!
Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 1.5.1
Take off with your rescue helicopter, be the hero chopper pilot,andsave the life of the wounded soldiers in the battlefield.Fightagainst tanks and trucks firing their weapons at you andtransportthe friendly army back to their base.In Dustoff HeliRescue 2 youcan: Save hostages being held in Prisoner of War camps.Combat inmilitary attacks in the desert, forests, mines, swamps andfjords.Build radio towers and bridges. Protect the friendly truckand VIPconvoy before the enemies can reach and demolish them! Findandtransport the stolen trucks and cargo and take them back to theHQ!Fight against the extreme weather conditions and fly in duststorm,heavy rain and snow blizzard. Upgrade your weaponry,installvarious gun, missile and rocket weapons to protect thefriendlysoldiers.MAIN FEATURES Up to 30 unique missions 9helicopters, eachwith different characteristics 11 weapons, allwith differentcapabilities Artistic blocky 3D graphics Variousmissions like:cargo transportation, saving hostages, towerbuilding, air assault,convoy support and many more Various daytimeand weather conditionsNumerous war scenes including deserts,forests, hills, snowyfields, hidden cave and mine systems and a lotmore to explore Epicaction music and cinematic sound effects Up to30 achievements and30 leaderboardsAll in a well known blocky stylein a familyfriendly mode, where humans never die, enemies alwaysrun away.
Army vs MutantZombies
In this game you are the commander of the allied forces who trytofight against the attacking zombie hordes. Expand your basetounlock various soldier types with different weapons andbuybarracks to be able to send out more soldiers. Call for thespecialforces or for an air strike when it's available to changetheoutcome of the battle. Destroy their den to win the game.
Zombie World War 1.5
FT Games
Nobody thought it would come to this. What started with afewisolated cases has now become a fight for the survival of thehumanrace. This is Zombie World War.The virus spread like wildfireandthose infected became the walking dead. With so much panic,societyquickly crumbled and governments soon lost control . Now,survivorssuch as yourself are the last line of defence for thehuman race.This is humanity’s last stand!It’s up to you to battleyour waythrough 126 levels and 21 scenes in this worldwideadventure toreclaim our world. Use all of your skills to stem thetide ofzombies and battle your way to a final victory!Fantasticgraphicsand sound put you in the heart of the action.19 weapons atyourdisposal including AK-47, M4, RPG and Gatling Gun.Adynamiccharacter development system that allows you to enhance yourskillsin different areas. A true world war with 3 world maps, 126levelsand 21 scenes.Three difficulty settings for you to survive.Do youdare try Nightmare mode?21 different zombie enemies will testyourskills to the limit and keep you on your toes.Check out DailyTasksfor your chance to claim big rewards or try your hand atLuckySlots for bonus prizes.
Army Assault 1.1
Era Hoffman
Your mission is to shoot down as manyarmedevil guys as you can before you die! Good Luck!
3D SWAT Elite Army
You are assigned as a sniper elite on sniper team which is senttocounter terrorist attack. Attack and combined with SWAT teamoncombat.3D SWAT Elite Army is a fast-paced FPS that will testyourreflexes and skills. Experience the thrill of modernterroristwarfare as you fight as a counter-strike or aim tocausedestruction as a terrorist.Will you come out alive to savetheworld?Game play Features:. AI Terror very smart• Complexsituation,hijacked buildings, captured arenas and cross firing•Exciting Mapwith Realistic Fighting Arena Environment • Shootingall theterrorists will lead you to the next stage• Best ShootingGame•Amazing 3D Graphics
Tap Army 1.0
Elektron Games
--- INSANELY ADDICTIVE ---Fight for your army! Shoot enemysoldiers,tanks, and helicopters, before they take you down. Don'tshootbombs, unless you want to die. You are equipped with awesomeweapons(mini gun, flame thrower, laser gun, and SMG), use themquickly andwisely!Tap Army is the first lane-based shooter arcadegame - It's alot of fun, and insanely addictive!
Tower Crush 1.1.32
Impossible Apps
** One of the Best Indie Games by Google Play ** ** NewWeaponAvailable: Ice Cannon! ** Tower Crush is an epic indie gamewhereyou build 1 tower, up to 6 floors, load them with weapons,upgrade,evolve and defeat your opponents in fantastic battles.Acombination of action and strategy! Don't fear, you’llcollectMachine Guns, Cannons, Flame Guns, Bomb Launchers,Shockwaves,Rocket Launchers, Lasers, Teslas, Ice Cannons and MightyPlasmaCannons to help defend your tower. Unleash the mostdevastatingspecial powers upon your enemies in this Combat Game. Ifyou liketower defense games and shooting games, you will love TowerCrush.You can also play the PVP (Player vs Player) mode in thisreal-timemultiplayer game. Fierce Tower Warlords, time to fight!Build yourtower, arm yourself and crush your enemies! For honor andglory!FEATURES • Free to Play!! • Build a reputation forbrilliantstrategy & ruthless energy • Wield blazing weaponry •Constructthe ultimate tower in this great tower defence game! • Upto 6tower floors • 10 insane weapons of destruction • 8 braveheroes tocombat your opponents (Warrior, Paladin, Undead, Orc,Viking,Wizard, Fire Elemental and a Stone Golem). • 280 levels inthecampaign mode • 7 special powers (Ice, Shield, Healing, RainofFire, Thunder Storm, Tornado and Poison) • Ad-free play withanyin-app purchase • Unlimited battles & fun • Online 2Playergame (PvP Game) is now available ** We’d love to hear aboutit!Please take a second to leave us a review. It really helps!
Star Wars™ Pinball 7 7.0
Zen Studios
Set in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Pinball lets youinteractwith the most iconic characters, and relive the greatestmoments ofthe Star Wars universe mixed with exciting pinballaction! StarWars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star WarsEpisode VI:Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader, Starfighter Assault,Star Wars:The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett. Choose to support theGalacticEmpire or the Rebel Alliance with your high scores as theStar WarsPinball community fights for the Balance of the Force! TheinitialStar Wars Pinball download comes with the Star Wars EpisodeV: TheEmpire Strikes Back table. Other Star Wars Pinball tables canbepurchased as in-app purchases. Additional Star Wars Pinballtablesare coming soon! May the Force be with you! **For playersalreadyenjoying Star Wars™ Pinball tables in Zen Pinball HD, wewant togive you a heads up that there is no way for us totransferpurchases or make tables available in both apps. Thanks foryoursupport!** What the Press Are Saying: GamesRadar As acompletepackage, Star Wars Pinball delivers the kind of arcadeexperiencethat makes you crave just one more game, constantlychasing tosurpass your own score for the sheer satisfaction ofit.Desctructoid - 9.5/10 Each table is chock full of beautifulart,character cameos, and tracks pulled straight from thefilms'soundtracks. These first three tables are a bold andequallystellar introduction to Star Wars Pinball, and they'll keepyoumore than busy until Zen Studios drops the next batch.GameInformer - 8.5/10 You don't need to be a Star Wars fan torecognizethe creativity Zen has brought to the new tables. Thecompanycontinues to include more fantasy elements in its designs.CNET -8.9/10 The best thing about Star Wars Pinball is itsjaw-droppinggraphics. The many targets, ramps, rollovers, andkickers that makeup its pinball course are all polished withincredible detail. Eventhe pinball itself is stunning, with itsmetallic surfacerealistically reflecting the ambient lights as itspins across thetable. And the choreographed flashing of all thesetable elementsreally make you feel as though Zen Studios pulled outall the stopswhen making this game. Penny Arcade Report (BenKuchera) If you’rea fan of pinball, Star Wars, or fun things, thisis pretty much amust-purchase. ### Be sure to visit us us on Twitter at!/zen_studios or Likeus on Facebook at View gametrailers on YouTube at
Grow Castle 1.20.9
It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack.Ifgrowth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero oneachfloor. Archer of the town is becoming a lot more more powerfulthemore upgrades. More than 120 heroes can use their own skills.Someheroes are made to give a strong archers of the town, anotherherois cursed enemy. This strategy is important because only a herocanbe mounted up to nine. When you build colonies and hireworkers,you can earn more gold. Clear up to a higher level, waveand checkout your rankings. Create or join a online guild. Youcancommunicate and play with people around the world. ※FeaturesOnline guild system Real-time rankings Hero promotionsystemAddictive without reason Build your own castle
Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ 1.1.1
Cartoon Wars: Gunner+Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ is a sidescrolling,action-packed game incorporating elements from RPG andadventuregenre.───────────────────── SCENARIOIn the midst of war intheCartoon World, a king devised a deadly plan to slaythemuch-praised Captain J, as his presence was threatening theking'sposition.Chased with ferocious troops on his back, Captain Jfledinto the mountains with a serious injury.The arrogant king,whoonce hailed his troops for the victory, faces an iminent dangeryetagain with his foe, CaptainJ.─────────────────────FEATURESMULTIPLECHARACTERS FOR UNLIMITEDACTIONFight against 30 different type ofenemies- each with uniqueskill sets and attacking rangeWEAPONMASTERYChoose from 11 uniquearray of weapons and master them asyou fight against eviltroopsVENGEANCE PREVAILGain valuable skillsby upgrading weapons andgo head-to-head with the evil army tobring back the gloryUPGRADABLESKILLSBecome the ultimate hero byupgrading and activating theweapons to either active or passiveskillsBOOST EARNINGSVastlyincrease Gold and MP earnings by wiselychoosing from different typeof weapons───────────────────── NEWS& EVENTS Website Facebook Twitter* Theremay be additional costswhen trying to obtain certain items.Terms ofService:
Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 2.1.3
A sequel for the Call of Mini™ Zombies!► ► ► ► ►Secondaryweaponsand a combo system are here. Fight off hordes of zombies andtakeon powerful bosses to save the world again!► ► ► ► ►• 10deadlyweapons• 5 awesome characters with unique secondary weapons•10fearsome zombies• 8 engaging environments• Real-timelightingeffects• Monthly updates: new avatars, guns, bosses, modes,etc. ►► ► ► ►• Complete various missions in fast-paced battles•Fluidshooting gameplay with a great combo system• CompleteDailyMissions for extra rewards• Challenge new bosses: Chef andRugbyPlayer
Vector 1.2.0
Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you astheexceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system.Thegame opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedomandindividually is nothing more than a distant dream. But the heartofa freerunner is strong, and you soon break free. Run, vault,slideand climb using extraordinary techniques based on the urbanninjasport of Parkour all while being chased by “Big Brother” who’ssolepurpose is to capture you and bring you back.Inspired bythepractice and principles of Parkour, Vector’s intuitivecontrolsplease players of all levels, and sophisticated leveldesignschallenge the most demanding players with fast-paced timingpuzzlesas the traceur “flows” over the dystopian rooftops.GameFeatures:-Arcade gameplay from the makers of the hit Facebookgame-Astoundingly lifelike Parkour-inspired moves made possiblebyCascadeur animation tools- 20 challenging levels (40 in the"DeluxeVersion")- Quick to learn, challenging to masterThebestparkour-inspired action game! Vector lets you break free andrun!Don’t get caught!The Press Loves Vector:“The way Vector mimicsthemovements of real-life parkour practitioners is quiteimpressive...I can’t wait to be entrapped in Vector’s promising mixof directionand magnitude.” ( “Vector is thrilling,rich invariety and it reminds us of Stick Run, but offers muchmoreelaborate animations.” ("The only cool way to runfromall your problems." ( “The game looks smashing …”(
Cartoon Wars 1.1.7
Cartoon Wars is an arcade war game which combines the formulasofdefense and real-time strategy games.─────────────────────SCENARIO Two tribes existed in the CartoonWorld; the vicious ColorTribe and their slaves, the Black and WhiteCartoon Tribe.Forgenerations the Black and White Cartoon Tribe weretreated asproperty, and forced into slavery.Fortunately... somewith biggerideas existed amongst them.They gathered and began arevolt to freethemselves, taking the battle to the Color Tribe. Theinevitablewar has begun... become the hero of the Black and WhiteCartoonsand set your people free. ───────────────────── FEATURESALL-OUTACTION STICK FIGURE GAMEProduce your unit, aim your bow anddestroythe enemy's castle UPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR TROOPSOver 20typesof units and 16 different upgrades for troops, castle, weaponandproductivity items COMPETE AGAINST MILITANTS FROM AROUNDTHEWORLDKeep track of your ranking and see how you compare againsttherest of world STRATEGIZE PERFECTLY COORDINATED ATTACKSDeterminethedispatchment of your troops and help them to become veteranunitsUNLIMITED NUMBER OF STAGESPlay through an infinite number ofstagesslaughtering endless number of enemiesNEWS & EVENTSWebsite Facebook YouTube※Required Permission GuidelinesWhen usingthe app, we may askpermissions for access to provide the followingservices.[RequiredPermissions]- READ_PHONE_STATE: For processingin-game events andgiving rewards* There may be additional costswhen trying to obtaincertain items.Terms ofService:
iGun Pro -The Original Gun App 5.26
Downloaded over 55 Million times worldwide, iGun Pro is one oftop500 downloaded game apps of all time. With 390+ weaponsavailableand more added weekly, the best gun simulation app justkeepsgetting better!!!Features: Fire - Ultra-Realistic gunsimulationincluding both motion blur and smoke with an easy tolearninterface let use quickly begin using your collection. Collect-The largest library available on any mobile platform with over390guns just a tap away!Learn - iGun Pro has a massive libraryofspecs, history, usage and statistics of all the firearmsfeaturedin the app. Customize - Gun Wall - Display your guns toyour way,Determine your shooting experience with adjustable recoil,motionblur, and slow motion Make your weapons your own withskinpackagesAccurate, high-resolution reproductions of a wide rangeofweapons including assault rifles, shotguns, handguns,sniperrifles, rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), machine guns,mini-gun andolder antique guns. We have a HUGE selection of over390 guns,including:- The Minigun- The Gatling Gun- RPG- AK-47- M16-Glock17- MK-19Don't see a gun from your favorite game? Developerswhoare always listening for what you want next! Give us feedbackonour Facebook page at iGun Pro isaregistered trademark of Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC. TheiGunPro logo, Crimson Moon Entertainment, and the CrimsonMoonEntertainment logo are all trademarks of Crimson MoonEntertainmentLLC and may not be used without explicit writtenpermission.
Cartoon Wars: Blade 1.1.0
Get a Slice of the Action! 10 years after the history makingCartoonWars, a brave warrior of the kingdom seeks distant lands insearchof adventure. He bids his old leisurely life farewell andembarksinto unknown territories… Challenge yourself as theadventurecontinues in this addicting and immensely fun actionadventure! Ifyou liked the other hit Cartoon Wars series, or arenew to the game,Cartoon Wars Blade won’t disappoint! FEATURESUNLIMITEDACTION-PACKED LEVELS Play again and again and again withnew levelsand monsters as you unlock new stages and weapons!SIMPLE SMARTCONTROL Simplicity at its finest! One directionalcontrol and oneattack control creates a game that’s easy to pickup, hard to masterand even harder to put down! NEW WEAPONS ANDHELMETS Deck yourwarrior in a wide variety of short swords, longswords and wacky(yet functional) helmets! AWESOME SOUNDTRACKRemember that upbeattune that helped you destroy your enemies?It’s back! Get in thefighting mood as you stab, slice and shootmonsters to this hipbeat!※ Required Permission GuidelinesWhenusing the app, we may askpermissions for access to provide thefollowing services.[OptionalPermission]- CONTACTS: Used forGAMEVIL LIVE login* There may beadditional costs when trying toobtain certain items.Terms ofService:
Friendly Fire! 2.14
ShortRound Games
Defend your nation and destroy yourrivals!Build an army, fortify your base, and conquer theworld!Welcome to Friendly Fire! As Commander, it's your job to buildaformidable army and become a force to be reckoned with.Yoursuccess will secure your position as the world'sgreatestsuperpower - become the envy of your friends and the baneof yourenemies. Unleash tanks, artillery, and airborne assaults tocrushall those who stand in your way.Build up your base and defend it from other players with alethalrange of defensive capabilities. Fight your way up theleaderboard;become the best in your city, nation, and eventuallytheworld!Your army is strong but it needs a great leader. Your armyneedsyou!- Real-world places: The game is truly global. Friendly Fire!usesyour precise location (GPS or network network-based) to allowyouto build your headquarters right in your own hometown!- Weapons of destruction: Build tanks, scouts, artillery,andaircraft to defeat your rivals.- Power-ups: Earn power-ups in battle to increase damage,hitpoints, and much more!- Friendly Fire works on tablets!
NinJump DLX: Endless Ninja Fun 3.1.1
Backflip Studios
NinJump Deluxe, the hit sequel to the wildly popular NinJumpgame,includes all the same ninja climbing fun in entirelynew,heart-pounding settings with all new enemies and power-ups.NinJumpis now 100% more deluxe! Jump your way past sea monsters,witchdoctors, snakes, monkeys, fire-breathing dragons and enemyninjas.Collect shields and amazing new power-ups along the way. Hitthreematching enemies in a row for a bonus power-up boost. How farcanyou get? Stay alive! With over 100 million downloads,NinJumpDeluxe is one of the most popular mobile games of all time.Acceptno substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"App of the Week" ~ AppleAppStore"It's a fast-paced game with great graphics""These enhanced levels are a lot of fun"~SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● New Pirate, Jungle & Castlelevels●Simple, single-tap gameplay● Sea Monsters, Ogres, Dragons&more● Awesome power-ups & shields>> InstallNinJumpDeluxe today. It's FREE!______________________________NinJumpDeluxe is brought to you byBackflip Studios, makers of absurdlyfun mobile games like PaperToss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army ofDarkness Defense & more.Search the Google Play Store for"Backflip Studios" to see all ourgames. Follow @BackflipStudios onTwitter for game announcements andother updates.
Iron Avenger - No Limits 1.601
Bad Wolf Games
Iron Avenger - No Limits, is back, in 2017, more powerful thanever,explore the city seen as never before, unlock new armorclasses, andupgrade them to help you escape. This awesome yet freegame is theultimate combination between addictive game play,lovely graphicsand the obviously the most awesome character in amobile game, evenIron Man feels ashamed of himself when comparedto the Iron Avenger.Features: - infinite non repetitive stages(every time you play thelevel is different, you have to thinkfast) - rhythm game play thatkeeps you entertained for hours -multiple character classes andskins - level up your armors -multiple stages with differentscenery and new game play mechanics- awesome 3D mobile graphics(obviously) Upcoming - multiplecharacters with different specialpowers -even more complex stages-achievement system -optimizationfor older devices ( nobody getsleft behind ! )Story : The story ofour hero is not a love story ora sad story, maybe not even fit fora hero, he is nothing more thana simple soldier, who else but themilitary would have funding forsuch an expensive suit of armor, butthe people....they needed ahero, not a soldier. So, what did thepeople do, they turned a meresoldier in a suit, not even made ofiron in an Iron Man, theycalled him Iron Avenger thinking he wassome kind of man of steel,little did they know who hid in that suitand what was goingon....... Who is Iron Avenger is he a hero or asimple soldier,maybe you can find out.....
Mini-Games Arcade by Jinx 7
ASAB Mobile, LLC
YouTube Star Jinx presents Jinx Arcade!Two fun and addictinggamesin one app. More to be added!Tweet us your High [email protected]
Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox 2.103
Gaming App of The Day -"[Payback 2] manages to createasense of overblown fun that permeates everythingfromstraightforward races to capture the flag-inspired heists ...animmensely entertaining experience" - Featuredasone of the best games of the week by The Guardian"There’s a tonofstuff to do which is what gives Payback 2 such aninterestingatmosphere" - Super Game DroidAndroid Authority's IndieApp of theDayDESCRIPTION:Payback 2 includes everything from tankbattles tohigh speed helicopter races to huge gang battles - butyou reallyhave to try it get a feel for how much variety there is,and we'readding more all the time!FEATURES: • VARIED CAMPAIGN.Fiftycampaign events featuring massive street brawls, rocket carracesand much, much more! • TAKE ON THE WORLD. Battle your friendsorover a million other players online with the game'sextensivemultiplayer, leaderboard and Google Play support. •HOURLY, DAILYAND WEEKLY CHALLENGES. Try to beat the rest of theworld in thelatest new events! • ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY. Make yourown events in"custom mode" using any combination of the game'sseven cities,nine game modes, varied weaponry and dozens ofvehicles.
SWAT and Zombies - Defense & Battle 2.1.14
- The defense game with over 11 million downloads is back withmoreadvanced graphics and systems!- Kill or be killed! It’s one ortheother! It's the breathtaking confrontation for mankind'ssurvival!-Stay frosty! The tension never lets up as you move to thesecondhalf of the stage! Feel the intensity!- Join the andkill all the zombies. You must protect Perfectville, thelastremaining safe zone.- Shoot all the guns at an endlesszombiehorde! Use bombs too!- A new defense game that offers FPSsnipermechanics with strong addictive authentic defense elements!Go andimmerse yourself in this fun game!■ Game Features ■-CollectWeapons: Collect around 50 different types of weapons.Improve yourFPS skills with them!- Bizarre Zombies: Skateboarding,bowling,spear-wielding, fat, pink-wearing, and even dog zombies!Face allkinds of zombies!- Challenge Hell Mode! Hell Mode Stagesstimulatethe desire to fight, but will be tough without upgrades!If youhave the skills and confidence, try it!- Challenge InfiniteMode!Eliminate endless zombies and challenge the world rankings!Savehumanity with your friends.- Experience our concept of areal-timebattle mode! Compete with S.W.A.T. teams around the world!Checkyour skills through the real-time network battle!- WorldCleanupDay! Let's clean up constantly appearing zombies! Sweep awayallthe zombies that have conquered the planet with players aroundtheworld!- Ultimate Weapon System: Drag your finger on the screentotarget zombies with the best weapon, the sniper!- CreatetheStrongest S.W.A.T. Team: You can make your S.W.A.T. more andmorepowerful with
Tank Hero 1.5.11
Clapfoot Inc.
Fast paced 3D tank action on your Android phone. Take outyourenemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers. Battleagainstcunning enemies and become the Tank Hero!"Tank Hero is afun,simple game that evolves the concept" - Slide ToPlayFEATURES:*Battle tanks in over 120 levels* Engage in tank warsover 3 uniqueenvironments* Campaign and Survival game modes* 5weapons to choosefrom* 5 types of AI tanks to fight against*Support for HD devicesand tablets* Small download size* PlayableofflineGame iscompletely FREE with no consumables, time, orupgrades to purchase.
Gun Fu: Stickman 2 1.21.4
Dobsoft Studios
Blast away endless hordes of enemies in the fastest game on thePlayStore. Put your reflexes to the test, unlock weapons andequipmentand climb the leaderboards for global domination! *****FEATURES***** CUSTOMISE YOUR STICKMAN! - Express yourself with ahuge arrayof wardrobe options. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! - Take onfriend or foe inrealtime multiplayer competition. SHINY STICKMANVISUALS! - vibrantcartoon graphics and silky smooth animationUNLOCK AN ARSENAL! - Armyourself with pistols, shotgun, uzis,lazorz, rockets, or even apaintball gun. (AK-47 coming soon!)CLIMB THE RANKS! - Play Gamesleaderboards track your worldranking, and a host of achievementsare waiting to be unlocked.Download for FREE today! *We make use ofthe EXTERNAL_STORAGEpermissions to provide you with 'score card'graphics at the end ofyour game rounds, and READ_PHONE_STATE tocorrectly pause adsduring phone calls
Aircarft shooting combat 1.0.4
what shooting game will you play in thecoming2017? Aircraft Shooting Combat a classic Raiden Barrageshootinggame with Innovative gameplay and stunning raiden barrage.Join theleague of Galaxy , become the sky force commander toprotect theearth. Drive the most stunning aircraft in hangar tocombat withthe evil empire. lead your Squadron to join blitzbarrage and winthis space battle.Aircraft Shooting Combat is The cool & exciting shootinggame,and has powerful barrage effect with diverse missions tocomplete,To be a hero pilot to save the world, fire and shootmissiles toprotect the galaxy in peace. Memorable battles withenormous bosseswill make you highly addicted to. Still, this gamecontinues theclassic of fighter plane game and filled with funny,which bringsmuch flight shooting experience to players!Of course, it is hard live in this “bullets hell”,the evilgalacticempire maybe much stronger than your imagine,but the 7coolestfighters is your backing.the justice alliance will alsoprovidehightech to help you!control your fighter,Travel throughthebullets in space battle. and feel the bullets whizzing by.helpus,please!The Earth Federal Organization is the highestclandestineorganization responsible for protecting people’s lifeand securingall kinds of information of the earth. One day, amysteriousorganization from outer space carried out a terroristattack on theEarth Federal Organization. Luke, the Ace pilot andAnna theoutstanding analyst know that this is not just a terroristattack.As expected, the mysterious organization stolen a secretfile fromthe federal institute in the chaos. The Ace pilot Luketogetherwith the New Holzer Army is asked to fight against theenemy andfind back the secret file. They are trying their best tostop thesecret file from being leaked. But the thing is the actionis wellprepared and well planned for quite long time. When trackingdownthe enemy, Luke and the New Holzer Army encounter all kindsoftraps. The enemy set traps like Gravity Ambush, Puppet Armytoextend the time for the reason of being caught up by the AcepilotLuke. After overtaking so much troubles, across throughBergenGalaxy, arriving at the Ruf Planet, Luke finally detectthepowerful mysterious organization called Red Snake. Then Lukefind amysterious crystal. What is crystal used for? Why they stealthesecret file and what they are gonna do?May be you have tried other STG shooting games, butAircraftShooting Combat, the latest STG flagship version, can offeryoureal shooting experience that you never had before. So what dowehave?● Rampage aircraft● Sophisticated HD graphics and thrilling shooting effects● PVP system offers real experience to fight with players● Unique upgrade system● Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, Basaltic, Blade of Hell,Milanoadvanced fighter and so on.● Full voiceover & incredible electronic soundtrack.● Endless fight mode, fight with the palyer all over the wordGet ready for your device getting hot and your fingergettingsore!
The Archers 2 1.3.3
Destroy the enemies with your bow before they kill you.The enemyiskilled by a hit in the head or two hits in the torso, an arm oraleg.There is simple intuitive game control - aim and shot.Thenewversion has improved mechanics of the player and opponents.Nowthey are funny pulling their arms and legs, of course, if youhityour aim.Otherwise, you will be funny writhing in agony aftertheheadshot from your enemy)The first version of multiplayer isalsoadded, which let you to compete in accuracy with friends andotherplayers around the world.We are Working on the update. E-mailusyour suggestions to improve the gameplay, we read allyourcomments.Have a good game!
Stickman Archer 2.4
Stickman Indie
Destroy enemies and stay alive!!Aiming and shooting inenemystickman. Drag and drop your finger for targetingandfiring.Simulator shooting with bow.The enemy is killed by a hitinthe head or two hits in the torso, an arm or a leg.Play withpeoplein Multiplayer mode!!!Have a good game!
Call of Mini: Zombies 4.3.4
The Smash-Hit #1 Action Game in the App Store is now on Android!ASMALL TOWN INFECTED… UNDEAD ROAM the STREETS…LOCK 'n' LOAD andcomeout GUNS BLAZING in HD GLORY!A strange virus has taken hold inasmall town; one after another, the town's people havesuccumbed,losing their appetite for food and gaining one forBRAINS. A fewbrave men hold out against all hope, machine guns androcketlaunchers their only aid. Will they survive another day?That's upto YOU.• Amazing 3D VISUALS• Fast & furiousRUN-AND-GUN ACTION•Awesome WEAPONS in the ARMORY
Sniper Shooter Stickman 2 Fury: Gun Shooting Games 5.7
Welcome to Sniper Shooter Stickman 2 Fury - Now Kill Shot Bravo-The best action games for Android mobile - The fastest gameonGoogle Play ! If you like Gun Shooter games, this is ashootingoffline game Fit for you. Not Sniper 3D , this is a eliteshooterAmerican stickman 2D. Do you want to test your reaction withKillShot ? Use Kung Fu with gun be like Japanese Ninja WarriorsorChina martial-art Master, Thai Fighter. Pick up a gun andcounterstrike a hundred , a thousand stickmen hunter, a millionSWATenemy, stickman Zombie (These stickman was evolute from blackfromred) . Let attack all striker to defend. Fast, faster , fastest!Don't need be a sniper, a gunner, a gun shooter , and have nottorun, you only need tap tap and tap to destroy all enemiesinstickman war. Play game and join in endless cartoon warsbecauseenemies will revenge you anytime . *********NewEvent********Halloween season with new gun, new arena (scenario),New Enemies.********* How to play ************* - You must destroykillerstickmen from Top, Middle , Bottom at screen. - Contract :100point = 10 coins. - Kill a thief ( ninja stickman )you earn5coins. - Use coins to buy modern weapons in the shop (Arsenal).****** Weapon System ************* Many guns in CS and CF!!! -Pistol ( Desert Eagle) - Colt - AK-47 - Laser - M60 (machine60) -M4A1 ( The gun is used in most United States Army). - ShotGun(Hunting gun) - Sniper Rifle - Paintball ( Now free) - Uzi-Minigun (NEW). - Energy Blast (NEW). ****** Feature ****** -Youcan choose so many weapon to destroy enemy. - You cancustomiseyour stickman with thousand of costume ( Stickman SoccerSuperStars, Rambo, Soldier, Goku, Cowboy, the Ghost...) - Comparescorewith all people on the world. - Share your high score withallSocial Friend be like Facebook, Twitter, Zalo, MySpace,Instagram... - Reach top of the world with world ranking system. -Play gameanywhere and anytime ! Because Sniper Shooter Stickman 2Furydoesn't require you always online. You can play it on thestreet,in the plane, in the subway, in the car on the road, even inatemple. OK ? Just simply is offline game!*************************************************************Comingsoon******************* - Multiplayer online! ( It will have aleague for all stickman).***************************************************************NOTE*************************** * This game isso amazing so youshouldn't play game 2 or 3 hours / day to keepyour health. * Ingame , have a blood scenes and violence. You maywant to keep awayit from your kids , younger boys and girls. Evenanger men shouldn'talso play it .********************************************* Letchoose thecoolest costume , the strongest weapon and show yourfriend ! Let'sdownload game and start combat, join the battle withSniper ShooterStickman 2 Edition FuryNOW!************************************CONTACTUS****************************************We always try to perfectour product for our user. We want moreideas from you. Pleasecontact us : Visit our Offical site at:http://www.onegame.mobiFollow us on Facebook at: Policy : Top Action Game: Top AdventureGame: Top ArcadeGame: Top PuzzleGame: Top StrategyGame: Top RacingGame: Top SportGame: Top RPGGame: Email contact:[email protected]:
Stick Run Mobile
Over 40 Million likes and 6 Million frequent users on Facebook!Theworld's most successful endless runner – now available foryourAndroid device!" -> What is Stick Run? Stick Runchallengesplayers to run as far as possible through a randomlygeneratedside-scrolling level filled with deadly obstacles. StickRun wascreated by 16-year-old student Manuel Otto from Germany andbecamea smash hit on Facebook. The game counts over 6 millionmonthlyactive users! -> How does it work? Obstacles range fromsinglecrates to stacks of them, panes of glass and rotating sawblades.Running headlong into walls of crates or any saw blade endsthegame, at which point players can restart and tryagain.Achievements can be unlocked for meeting certainperformancecriteria. Stick Run Mobile takes only a minute to learn,but a lifeto master! -> Game Features • Android version of theFacebooksmash hit! • New intuitive „2-thumbs control“ • Collectingamecurrency and items • Cool power-ups • Internationalleaderboards •Dozens of challenging achievements
Sniper Hero - Death War
City has been occupied by terrorists. You need to kill alltheterrorists and save the city, as a true hero! ! !New power-upsandweapons! ! !Vivid background sound and lifelike game graphics!!!More realistic and thorough game experience! ! !Come on andplaythis game! ! !Sniper Hero - Death War is a simplefirst-personshooting game. The battle style of the game is good.The sound ofsniper rifles and bullets let you feel real.Let’sstart!Features★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Vivid backgroundmusicis in harmony with the game!★★★★★ Add different game scenesandpower-ups!★★★★★ Special character growing system and achievement
Stickman Archery: Arrow Battle 1.1
Welcome to the exciting journey of the Stickman Archery ArrowBattleShoot! It’s one of those unique and amazingly thrilling bowandarrow games that will impress you from the very start. Joinanunforgettable stickman fight and become the archery master.Howlong can you dominate this archery shooting game?! One thingissure, the cartoon graphics will help you enjoy the gameevenmore!🎯SHOW GREAT PRECISENESS🎯You need to show great precisenessinevery stickman archery battle. Don’t stop, or lose focus, asinevery battle you need to kill all stickman. There are otherenemiestoo as witch, dragons, wolves and balloons. Be fast and killasmany, before they kill you!🏹 POWERFUL BOW & ARROW🏹Use thebowand arrow to shot the torso, arm and legs of stick and masterthisfree archery shooting game. The Stickman Battle will hook youfromthe very first moment, and don’t despair. If you think the gameistough, just think of your powerful bow & arrow. They candomiracles and destroy anything!🎯 AMAZING SHOTS, WEAPONS&UPGRADES🎯Be precise to be effective! Note that hits with aheadshotstick help you kill the stickman quickly.There will beotherweapons too, so use bombs to destroy more stickmen. As youprogressin the stickman archery game, you can upgrade and useskills tohelp stickman win every battle.🖼️BEAUTIFUL ONE-OF-A-KINDCARTOONGRAPHICS 🎯We took amazing care and most talented artists tocreatethis stunning war cartoon graphics. The impressive art isjustaccompanied with simple gameplay. It looks and feels amazingand itwill make you addicted to Stickman Archery battles. 🎯StickmanArchery, Arrow Battle FEATURES:🎯✅ stunning war cartoonartwork andHD graphics✅ highly-enjoyable archery games gameplay✅simplecontrols✅ crazy fun enemies✅ great shooting game effects(evenheadshot is included)✅ tons of additional weaponsandupgrades-----------------------------Join the stickman battlenowfor FREEEnjoy one of the best free archery games this year!
Winter Craft 3: Mine Build 1.4.5
SandStorm Earl
A new game in the series: Winter Craft 3 -giveplayers updated sandbox in "create and build" style. The newcraftsystem of game resources, armor, items, single player mode isaClassic and Survival.Discover the dangerous cave valuable resources that protecttheancient guard skeleton and poisonous spiders. Mysterioussnowyforest with dangerous enemies: swordsman, bandits, archers,andwild animals: bears, wolves.Create whatever you want with the new system of craft itemsfromblocks, ores, and other resources that you can find in thevastnessof the game world. The crafting system simple and adaptedformobile devices.Features Unlike other series:- Completely new system for creating objects.- New blocks and items in the game in a medieval style.- Many variation of armor and weapons for your player.- A special shop with unique weapons and elite armor.- Bed for sleep, day/night cycle, weather, player inventoryandstats.- Daily bonuses.- And that's not all!Build shelter, fight, grow, the only limit isyourimagination!
Neon Shadow 1.40
Celebrating the launch on Steam withcross-platformmultiplayer! isa fast paced Cyber Punk FPS inspired by classic shooters.Suit upand grab your shotgun. Your mission: Save humanity from thedarkmechanoids who have taken control of your space station andsoonthe rest of the galaxy!Note: After going free, the newestversiondoes contain ads - if you've already paid for the game andhave itinstalled - you will not be shown any ads.Features:•Multiplayer.•Old school first person shooter game-play.• Singleplayercampaign.• Online multiplayer death-match mode.• LANmultiplayerdeath-match.• Cyber Punk soundtrack from Abducted bySharks.(• Google Play GameServices.•Controller support for Moga controllers• Support forNVIDIA SHIELD•Controller support for Game Stop Red SamuraiWhenplaying with acontroller: (Android + controller setup)- Support formultiplecontrol layouts: South paw and legacyBe sure to vote forNeonShadow on Steam Greenlight if you'd like to see itonPC! the latest info and gamenews!•••
Pro Sniper Stickman War 2.3.27
Pubnative GmbH
*** TOP SNIPER ACTION! ****** ALL ITEMS UNLOCKED ***You are thetopprofessional contract marksman in the stick industry. Theagencyhas contracted you for special assignments, to eliminate keystickman targets. Do not fail, lives are at stake!* Vivid stickman3Denvironments!* Scope zooming, kill shots in slow motion andbullettime!Grab your rifle and download TODAY!On the stickshooterbattlefield you'll find the good vs bad nations fighting forglobalutopia supremecy. Your stick agency have trained killersready topull the trigger against the fist nation. This combat isthe moderncontract battle you've been trained for. Show your sniperskills.Be the top killer!
Super Stickman Survival 2 2.7
Super Stickman Survival 2 is coming! More superweapons!SuperStickman Survival is a Free Stickman war game. Alone... Surroundedby hundreds of stickman enemies! How long can youresist?Enlisttoday and cut down wave after wave of enemies in thisendlessshooting adventure!Super Stickman Survival is a game thatwill testyour survival skills. You are about to find out if youwould beable to survive a stickman outbreak... Shoot down enemiesandcarefully utilize weapons in order to ensure yourcontinuedsurvival.Super Stickman Survival is a real shooting actiongame.The Controls are simple and easy. Move stickman hero with leftorright button and shoot other stickman with trigger button. Howlongcan you hold out against powerful stickman enemies?